Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Urban Motion Sells Illegal Dances

Urban Motion Sells Illegal Dances 121204

I received a notecard from a DANCE QUEENS member who said that illegal dances were being sold by Urban Motion. She gave me the LM and I went and checked it out. Urban Motion had previously sold illegal dances,  but I thought they were out of business.

Well ... Urban Motion is again selling copied Sine Wave dances.

Thank you, DQ member for finding it ... xxx to you.

I sent the info to Easy Babcock, who is alive and well and no longer living in Argentina ... hahaha ... that's a joke. Anyway, Easy is chasing these thieves and ridding SL of vermin.

The offending avatars are Ribanc Seljan and Yo Zepp.

I also updated the Illegal Dance List.