Saturday, December 15, 2012

New SL Dance Videos and Photos for 121215

New SL Dance Videos and Photos for 121215

Not too many dance videos or photos in the last few days. Here is a short one called Flash Second Life by andcalatun.

voffvonuggle gives us 30 minutes plus of hardstyle dancing with the same camera angle in Dancing to Hardstyle/bass in Second Life (12-14-12).

Duda Giano gives us a version of dancing (sometimes naked) in Sexy Life - Second Life'. I do like the overlay of video on photos.

Annomis DeVaux gives us her Ice skating with Mara at Christmas Town in Second Life. You have to be careful skating with Annomis since I see quite few skates to the head. Anyway it's a holiday skating animation.

Eight girls dancing on ice in bikinis can't be too bad and it isn't in maialyre's Secondlife - Bikini on Ice @ Liquid Ice.

That's it for today.