Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DB Dance System Update

DB Dance System Update 120313

Zhaza Zerbino sent this update information for the DBDance System ...


Hey there.  (please read all of this note)

For some time ago you bought the DB Dance System.
We have a new update ready for you if you like.

What to do;
*Send your "old" system return with a note card in it so we know who send it to us. (send it to Dannyboy Brenham)
We will send you the same number or "cubes" back in no copy.

*As we also can offer the DB Dance System in copyable version, it's also possible to change your system to a copyable one.
The copyable System costs 2500 L , but if you exchange with your "old" system you (of course) only pay the difference from old System to Copyable.

For the copyable version (no transfer) will of course be the same as for the no copy version, if there is a new update, we will let you know!!


As we are very interested in "how to make our dance shows a great event" , we are trying out things, find new things and try to make it all less complicated.
Until now we did sell the DB Dance System and the DB Group Dance. We also have Single Dance balls and Couple Dance balls. (visit our store)
Very soon we will bring out our DB Dance HUD.
This will be one HUD with 4 "group dance" possibilities in it.
That means that you with one HUD can do what you normally would do with 4. Make different groups dance different dances in sync, as i will call the most "easy to use" HUD there is.

will soon make a demo video for that (I will give a group message when i did) so it will be more clear.

Well...just keep an eye on the info notes, coz i will of course give a notice when there is something new ;o)


We also created a new group for our DB Products.

If you want to get our info about updates, new release or video's , then please join.
♫♪ The Dance Barn ♪♫

(copy and paste in open chat)


Danny & ZZ ;o))
(Dannyboy Brenham & Zhaza Zerbino)



I made some DEMO videos and hope they will be helpful for you.
If there is something i can help you with, just say...
You can also ask for a inworld DEMO (and try out yourself)

Demo DB Dance System  (Demo 1)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOPoD0BiG08
Demo DB Dance System  (Demo 2)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY7uBhl4xhk&feature=mfu_in_order&playnext=1&videos=GuAV0d83gYY
Pink Lady Dancers (DEMO Group Dance)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2ZSFu5p0mc&feature=channel

DB Dance System;
No copy system;
1 master, 4 slaves, hud  1500 L
1 master, 8 slaves, hud  1750 L
4 extra slaves 400 L

No transfer system but copyable 2500 L
DB Group Dance
1-ball version 300 L
2-ball version 500 L
4-ball version 850 L

DB Single dance ball
400 L
DB Couple dance ball
1500 L


Any Questions about the DB Dance System or DB Group Dance, contact;
*Dannyboy Brenham
*Zhaza Zerbino

Dance Survey Results

Dance Survey Results 120313

Twenty-three (23) people completed the March 2012 DANCE QUEENS survey. Thank you to each of you who contributed. The survey was conducted so that the input was not traceable to an individual. You can see the detailed responses here. This note summarizes the data and I have added comments.

First, the number of people completing the survey was lower than I had hoped. Right now we have 379 DANCE QUEENS members and this is about a 6% rate of return. But, this is what we have to work with so here goes:

1. How many dance HUDs are you wearing right now?

0 HUDs - 5 responses
1 HUD - 8 responses
2HUDs - 7 responses
3HUDs - 1 response
4HUDs - 1 response
5HUDs - 1 response

Comments - Wow! It seems for many of us one HUD is not sufficient to do all we want. I have commented previously on using two HUDs. If anyone who uses two HUDs wants to share more detail of how they use two or more HUDs, I would love to post it to the blog. Compared to the September 2011 survey the percentage of people wearing two or more HUDs is increasing.

2. What is the name of your main dance HUD?

Huddles - 16
Barre - 3
Animazoo - 1
MLDU - 1
TIS - 1
Vista - 1

Comments - Huddles is still the most popular dance HUD. We are still working on our analysis of Dance HUDs and should have the work finished next month.

3. Approximately how many animations do you own?


Comments - Another WOW! No wonder the world economy is in the doldrums ... all the money is going into dances. The median number from the September survey was 300 and now it is 800. Maybe it is the small sample size, but maybe we are dramatically increasing our purchases. If you are new to dancing, be aware that this addiction is expensive ... hahahaha.

4. Approximately how many animations did you buy in the last month?

One answer I couldn't understand

Comments - The median is about the same as in the September survey. One characteristic of the DANCE QUEENS membership is that the age of members seems to be relatively high. When we add new members, I always look at the profile and see that many new members have 2 to 5 years in SL. Being here that long means that these members probably have accumulated a lot of dances. Younger members generally have not had the time to do so.

5. What methods of dancing have you used in the last week?

Individual Dancing using your own Dance HUD - 17
Indivdual Dancing using a Dance Ball - 3
Couples Dancing using a Dance System (e.g. INTAN, TIS Pro) - 14
Couples Dancing using a HUD - 6
Group Dancing with you leading - 14
Group Dancing with someone else leading - 16
Show Dancing in a performance or practice for a performance - 12
Other - 1
I did not dance last week - 1

Comments - Well, it seems that we do everything except much dancing in clubs with the club dance ball. I am a little surprised that we do so much couples dancing with a HUD and will have more posts on this subject.

6. What is your favorite MOCAP Dance Maker and say why.

First is a listing of the frequency of mentions that each MOCAP maker received, followed by some key words:
MyAnimation - 5 - variety, store organization, owner responsiveness, quality, range
A&M - 7 - quality, usefulness, price, quality, variety, range, owner responsiveness, new dances
Henmation - 4 - price, quality, store organization, variety, range, new dances
Studio4D - 1.33 - price, quality
Animazoo - 1 -
TIS - 1 - quality, owner responsiveness

Comments - A&M and MyAnimation were first and second in the September survey. The big change this time is the improvement in Henmations' ratings. It is beginning to look like the 22 MOCAP dance makers in SL are separating into the top 3 and the 19 also rans. The reasons why the top three are successful are very similar.

7. What is your LEAST favorite MOCAP Dance Maker and say why.

Comments - Rather than repeat the remarks from the survey, I will let you read them. It seems that almost every MOCAP maker has made this list and one does not stand out. This might be good reading for the MOCAP dance makers to learn what people do not like.

8. What is your favorite non-MOCAP Dance/Animation Maker and say why.

Comments - Most people answered that they do not use non-MOCAP dances or did not answer. The few who did mentioned KUSO and Kamala.

9. What is the most useful part of DANCE QUEENS and please say why?

Here are the key words - Well run and organized; dance database; group chat; the blog; interaction with other dancers; all the information; show information; a place for answers; dance central

Comments - The blog came about in part because of the last survey. It seems that this has been a useful way to get information to people. All of the areas mentioned take effort to keep going and I am glad that people are finding them useful.

10. What is the LEAST useful part of DANCE QUEENS and please say why?

Two items were mentioned:
1. Dance sequences
2. Spam in chat

Comments - Dance sequences were cited in the September survey also as not being useful. I do not get much feedback on them and would like to know if I should stop sending them. The reasons I send them out are several:
1. To help beginners learn about sequencing
2. To show the different ways that dances can be used
3. To show the variety of dances (categories and styles)
4. To show the variety of dance makers
5. It's fun for me

As  far as the spam in  chat is concerned, we have pretty well stopped non-dance chat and eliminated those who send non-dance advertisements to the group. I realize that sometimes a subject in chat will get off topic, but I am willing to have a little useless chat to keep this means of communication open to all members.

12. What is one idea you have for making dancing in SL better or more fun?

Some of the ideas are:
1. I would love if there were stores in SL specifically devoted to dancers besides the dance maker's stores such as ones that might offer props, stages, clothes, accessories and other such useful things ....just for dancers.
2. I wish there was a way to use only part of an animation - sometimes an anim will have the perfect move I want for a particular routine, but it's 20s into the loop, and the beginning of the loop sucks.  :/
3. Even though there are tons of dances I would like to see more expressive slow, non sensual dances.  I dnot knnow if tha would make it more "fun" because dancing in sl is already such a treat for me.
4. I wish Linden was more careful about IP replacements. I'm sure I've had dances I GOT FROM THE MAKER replaced, and when they replace I wish they'd make sure to tell me the name of what they replaced every time. Also, I'd prefer that they address the problem with the person who sold the ripped dances instead of wasting my money.
5. For groups too see other groups and show an interest in each other more. I still find when I see something advertised in DQ at a time I can get to it is often the same couple of people visiting shows.
6. Group involvment!
7. hmmm... anyway to cut down on the lag during performances :)
8. Less lag would be nice, audiences that remove resizers in hair, shoes & jewellery and that don't wear massively primmed flexi attachments or poofters.
9. I miss your classes.  I liked getting together with folks who dance all types of dance and learning from all of them.  It's fascinating.  I also loved the choreography shows.  I would love to have a regular gathering of the minds:)
10. that a monthly meeting is held for social reasons at dance queens central so we can all get to know each other better
11. For dancers to chill out and stop taking it all so seriously.  Lag and the need for more imagination in dancing

Comments - On item 1 I will add a section to the Dance makers page with a listing of stores that sell props, equipemnt and costumes.

On item 2, I think I have a way to do this and need to test it. It will be laborious but possible.

On item 3, Dance Makers, listen up. hahahaha

On item 4, this has been the subject of some recent posts on illegal dances.

On item 5, I wish more people used the calendar for entering their shows. It is a bit of an effort to set up your group's calendar, but once done it is available for all to see. Contact me to learn how.

On items 6 and 10, We have had two choreography shows and I am planning more events like that. I did try to have weekly get togethers, but the attendance was very poor. If you have specific ideas, let me know.

On items 7 and 8, I am exploring using two sims for the next DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival in July. We have identified things you can do to reduce lag, but at this point I am afraid its a part of our life.

On item 9, I will schedule more classes not only for beginners, but advanced classes. I will also invite members to teach subjects that I can see they excel at.

On item 11, hahahah. I think we all can agree that dancing is for fun.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Repeating a Dance in Huddles

Repeating a Dance in Huddles 120312

Here is a little problem that you may have with Huddles and probably any other HUD that uses notecards. I removed the name of the person and put in ABC in the conversation about it:

[09:46:31] ABC: Hey Lady... I"ve got a problem, maybe you can help me with?
[09:46:46] Nottoo Wise: hi ABC xxx
[09:46:47] Nottoo Wise: sure
[09:46:58] ABC: Hi xo
[09:47:19] ABC: I am trying to have one section of a sequence play twice... and it won't do it consistently
[09:47:49] ABC: when u put the same anim in a sequence
[09:47:58] Nottoo Wise: it continues the anim
[09:48:01] Nottoo Wise: to solve it
[09:48:07] Nottoo Wise: put another anim in between
[09:48:11] Nottoo Wise: with a very short time
[09:48:16] Nottoo Wise: like 0.1 sec
[09:48:27] ABC: ah... ok
[09:48:47] ABC: I tried making a split in the sequence using the go command but that didn't even help
[09:49:09] Nottoo Wise: it just continues it
[09:49:15] ABC: yes
[09:49:27] ABC: and leaves out the second run of the dance in the sequence
[09:49:49] Nottoo Wise: well it continues for the entire time but does not restart the dance
[09:49:50] ABC: whew... I knew you would know what to do... ;)
[09:50:19] ABC: in my case it didn't even do that... it ran it once... and then I just stood there for the duration of the second run... until the end anim
[09:50:44] Nottoo Wise: hmm
[09:50:52] Nottoo Wise: well try the 0.1 sec idea
[09:51:07] ABC: I will... thank you so much xxx
[09:51:48] Nottoo Wise: let me know if it does not work
[09:51:56] ABC: kk.. trying it now
[10:01:07] ABC: works perfectly :)
[10:01:12] ABC: thanks sweets
[10:01:46] Nottoo Wise: were u trying to restart the dance at the beginning
[10:02:13] ABC: yes... I wanted it to play twice at the end... and then go into the end pose
[10:02:27] Nottoo Wise: but not let it loop?
[10:03:07] ABC: no because it left a funny gap... and cutting it short left me in the wrong position
[10:03:24] Nottoo Wise: ok
[10:03:34] ABC: i will put something on the blog about this
[10:03:39] Nottoo Wise: but not mention ur name
[10:03:58] ABC: oh no problem... I'm just glad you knew what to do...
[10:04:05] Nottoo Wise: good me too
[10:04:06] Nottoo Wise: hahahah

When you make a sequence with the XPOSE or DanceMaster this feature of SL becomes important. Often with these dance management programs you are working with several dancers at once. You may want dancer 1 to continue dancing Dance A while dancer 2 switches dances from Dance B to Dance C. Repeating Dance A for dancer 1 means that Dance A continues without interruption.

The solution provided in the conversation above forces the HUD to switch dances. Since most dances have an ease in time of 0.3 seconds, putting a second dance in for only 0.1 seconds is not noticeable. Then again entering the first dance starts the first dance at the beginning.

Here is an example with Dance A having a loop time of 10.0 seconds and Dance B having a loop time of 5.0 seconds. You want to have Dance A repeat after 8.0 seconds. If you use:

Dance A|8.0|Dance A

the result will be Dance A looping at 10 seconds. To make it loop at 8.0 seconds you have to insert another dance for 0.1 seconds:

Dance A|8.0|Dance B|0.1|Dance A


Q&A Illegal Dances

Q&A Illegal Dances 120312

A group of questions were asked on the comments on the most recent Illegal Dances post. Here is the comment:

"As far I read you stop creating Dances and share informations about dances. So I have some questions. 1st Do you trust linden and if you trust her , what is this post ? 2nd If they are stolen or not why you do not left to Linden to solve it? 3nd What make you a Police officer to im to this ppl and talk with this behavour. I believe that you loose it , in somewhere that you loose it and first that linden must have is to penalty you , behavour like this must be forbidden in sl. I am telling this because to put talks without their permission and tell that you threaten ppl it makes you dangerous as a behavour"

The above comment raises valid questions on the role of DANCE QUEENS and my role as the founder of DANCE QUEENS in dealing with illegal dances. First, let me explain what the issue is with illegal dances.

Illegal dances are animations that are copied without permission and then offered for sale inworld or through SL marketplace. The person(s) who copies the dances receives payment for intellectual property that they do not own and the creator of the dances receives nothing. Further, the purchasers of the dances are at risk. If the creator of the dances files a report with Linden Lab (LL) and LL closes down the illegal dances, the illegal animations are replaced with Replacement Anims. This has two very negative impacts on the people who have purchased the illegal dances: 1. the money spent on the dances is lost, 2. the dances may be in the person's HUD and cause choreography or shows that have been made to stop working properly.

Most dance creators respond quickly when illegal dances are found. Unfortunately, some do not. The current Linden policy on intellectual property requires that the owner file the report.This puts anyone who buys dances expecting them to be legal at risk of losing their money and messing up their dance HUD.

I do not think the person who made the comment in any way supports illegal dances. Rather I see this as a question of how we should deal with the issue.

I have taken an aggressive stance on trying to eliminate illegal dances. I have done this for two reasons. First, I have previously had replacement dances put in my HUD and had to deal with the surprise of it and had to find all the replacement dances. Since I personally have suffered from illegal dances, the fact that they exist is upsetting to me. Second, the closest group that represents the buyers of dances is DANCE QUEENS. As leader of DANCE QUEENS I feel a responsibility to help make dancing fun and better. Illegal dances do the opposite.

I believe the Linden policy on intellectual property is flawed. We in the dance community are the ones who suffer. I accept the criticism of the methods I have used to stop illegal dances. I am open to ideas from DANCE QUEENS members on how to deal with illegal dances. Please add your ideas or thoughts as comments to this note.

Dancing is for fun. I hate having to deal with these issues, but it is a part of SL.


Vista Announces "Urban Sexy Chic"

Vista Announces "Urban Sexy Chic" 120312

Vista Barnes made the following announcement in the Vista Group today ...


Dear customers,

I am pleased to present to you, our latest AO the "Urban Sexy Chic" with breathing effect.
A new Motion Capture with breathing Ao Natural series.

We tried to make a really realistic Ao, with a strong self confidence attitude, sexy, but not teasing or coquette. The result is a really versatile Ao, quite relaxed an really natural.
As usuall we have added our bretahing effect, this time not only to the stands, also to the sits and grounds giving an extra realism.

The animations included are (new) 19 stands, 6 sits, 4 grounds, 6 walks,1 run, 1 jump cicle  (pre, jump and landing), 2 hovers, 1 crouch and 5 DANCES!

It is asembled on the Vista 3.X HUD with all the extras. Dances, face expresion, force arms etc.

Notecard options "CHANGE ATTITUDE MODES" : (use LOAD button, the diskette from vertical menu) *********************************************************
*-VISTA AO: This will load all the stands (19) from the Ao
*-RELAX It will only load the not moved stands (11), it will not play the stands that walk arround etc.
*-FORMAL: Only the more formal stands (7), ideal for work or serious situations.


Fell free to coma and test it!
Best regards!

----------------------------------What is included in your folder-------------------------------------

*-1 standard AO
*-1 AO edited with sitgrounds for short avis
*-1 superflight invisible prim. This is optional.  If you wear this, you can use the Super Flight menu from your AO. (flight faster, higher etc).  Works better than a flight feather!
*-information notecards

VISTA Animations HUD 3.x AO **


NEW FEATURES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vamzI6Maqpo&feature=related

Hope you like it!
Best regards.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

WANT AD: Spotlight Elegancia Casting Call!!

WANT AD: Spotlight Elegancia Casting Call!! 120311

Annalise Cyberstar sent this annuncement ...


Spotlight Elegancia Casting Call!!

Spotlight is the new Dance Troupe of the Elegancia Fashion Agency. Is Holding a open casting for  new dancers  Don't miss your chance to dance with the most elite group of models and dancers in Second Life, at some of the grids hottest events!

Please see attached invite for more information!!

~~~★~ Spotlight Elegancia Open Audition★ ~~~~

Spotlight is the new Dance Troupe of the Elegancia Fashion agency  The Focus of this team will be to create performances that incorporate  performing arts and fashion!
Don't miss your chance to dance with the most elite group of modes and dancers in Second Life, at some of the grids hottest events!

If you are interested please fill out the form below, and have it ready at  auditions!  If you have any questions please contact Annalise Cyberstar, Angel Zlatkes,or Kaliana Peretz)

(Contact Annalise for the application form)

Date: Saturday March 17th 2012

Time: 11am or 5pm SLT ( you are only re

Where: Elegancia

Dress Code: Please wear the enclosed practice uniform! (get this from Annalise)

Thanks so much!
Annalise Cyberstar

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Variety Show

March Variety Show 120310

Zhaza Zerbino sent us this invitation ...


Hejsa everyone ;o)

Only one week left till next variety Show.

When we moved to the other Sim (see LM below), i made a special variety Field, so everyone can have their own "aria" to set up their stage/decorations.
Each aria has its own number and i will send the number of the aria to the group/person who will use it.

You can use 100 prims (if you need more, let me know and we can find out of it)

If you send me a pict from your "logo" i will put that up as well.

You can set up your stage and use the place to rehearsals whenever you like.

More info will follow later, when not everything is set right now. We have still 1 or 2 spots left, so if you are interested, let me know ;o)



Hey ;o)

This is an Info/Invitation to our Variety Shows.

We will have about 6 to 8 slots from ½ hour each (but of course your show can be shorter or longer as well)

The time will be between 11.30 am - 4.30 pm

Let me explain to all who may be interested what the Variety Show  is all about and may be interested in joining one of the next times we will be holding the Variety  Show.

What's it all about?
You are a dancer or Variety artist who would like to show your performance on stage?
Well, then you are here at the right place!!

It can be;
*A solo dance act
*A Dance Group performance
*A live Music/Sing performance
*Some act you would like to show others (can be anything)

It has to be on stage and you have to entertain the audience.

Are you interested or want some more information, feel free to contact me.

Next dates in 2012 are planned but NOT definite.

17th March  (definitive)
19th May
14th July
15th September
17th November

These are some dates you can book. If there are too many groups apply we can split the show and have two shows in that month. (obvious the second show will be the Sunday after)

Please send this note to anyone that you think could be interested.

We have a special Variety show Field where you can "book" your own spot. Prim limit to use is 100 prims and of course I will kindly ask to be gentle with the rough scripts.

I will not pay you for perform here, but of course you can put up your Tip jars and the info you will send out.

(LM to Variety Field)

If you need more info, just ask!
☺Lets Party☺
ZZ ;o))

(Zhaza Zerbino)

Knuzzer ZZ ;o))


I am not sure what a "Knuzzer" is, but if it comes from Zhaza I want one.

Zhaza tells me she has one spot at 2:30 left for next Saturday.



Thursday, March 8, 2012

Q&A - Finding Dances

Q&A - Finding Dances 120308

This question was posted as a blog comment ...

Hiya))) Can anyone tell me how to locate a dance in the Henmations store? I cant find a reference to a dance number there )). Many Thanks Tia

ANSWER - Henmations changed the store layout several months ago to separate their dances into categories. Although this makes finding dances that fit a genre easier, the negative effect is that it can be difficult to locate a specific dance by name.

Some other stores have the same problem, for example Animazoo, MoM and 3FX. A solution to this is for the Dance Maker to provide location information either at their store or on their website. I will make sure that the dance makers know this.

Animations in Slow Motion

Animations in Slow Motion 120308

Yes, you can see yourself in slow motion on any animation you own. Open the Developers menu (Ctrl+Alt+Q) and select Avatar, then Slow Motion Animations (see more here). Although the slow motion anims are useful for animation makers, the feature can also be useful when you are making a sequence. In slow motion you can see the transitions better.

Unfortunately, when you use Slow Motion, only you see it. Everyone else sees you at normal speed.

If you are an anim maker, take a look at your dances in slow motion. Some of them look really good and woud be worth issuing as a Slow-Mo version.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MyAnimation March Gift

MyAnimation March Gift 120307

Ramona Criss sent this to the MyAnimation Group today ...


MARCH - Gift - waiting for YOU
Wed, Mar 07 2012 2:17:29 PM PST

~~~~~~~ ******* ~~~~~~~~~
MARCH -  GIFT - EXCLUSIVE Dance Animation.
Is waiting for you and your friends in our shop.
We Released PACKS with our Latest Dance


DANCE QUEENS March Survey 120307

Last September (2011) we had a survey of DANCE QUEENS members. A lot of ideas and improvements came from the survey results including the Dance Database, Dance Times added to dances, four MOCAP dance makers revising their stores, a calendar function and more.

Now it is time for another survey. Please complete the twelve questions below. If you cannot write in English, answer in your own language. You can see the raw results any time you want. I will summarize them in a few days.


Google Forms

DANCE QUEENS - March 2012 Survey

Thank you for taking time to complete the DANCE QUEENS Survey. The responses you make are tracked but your identity is not. Please say exactly what you think. See http://sldancequeens.blogspot.com/2011/10/dance-queens-member-survey-1109.html for the September 2011 Survey results. Please complete the survey only one time.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Henmations Raffle

Henmations Raffle 120301

Hendrik Schreoder posted the following in the Henmations Group today ...


Free Group Raffle..
Thu, Mar 01 2012 12:26:23 PM PST

Just 24h to go until the next drawing starts! Use the chance to win a brand new Dance Table, 24h before official Release!.. Please watch the Teaser Video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRz-91ChJ8A