Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fantasya - Thousand and one nights

 Fantasya is pleased to welcome you for a dream with its  show :

       ★·.·´`·.·✰..  Thousand and one nights   ..✰·.·´`·.·★

Completely remixed ... Come discover or rediscover

  Friday 1 july 2016 at 12:30 PM SLT
▶▶    This show is limited to 20 persons

Elize Meili and Adeternam will be pleased to add  you on our guests list :-)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The New Waterfront Theatre!

FRIDAY, 1st JULY 2016 @ 2.30pm SLT - Doors open at 2pm.

We would like to open our new Waterfront Theatre with a smile on our face and welcome old and new friends.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Kittens 'n' Tigers

We are truly grateful to you all who visit and attend our shows and hope to have memorable moments throughout the years.

Our first show in the new Theatre is on Friday 1st July @ 2.30pm SLT, where the Kittens 'n' Tigers are taking to the stage.
Party afterwards outside on the terrace or chill out on the beach.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Valhalla at The Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House invitation, presenting a Valhalla contemporary ballet production, spot on, mesh sets and spinning violins. July 10 Sunday 2 pm - VALHALLA ROH

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Velvet Vixen - Around the World in 60 Minutes

The Velvet Vixen

Around the World in 60 Minutes
Monday June 27 6pm SLT

Grab your passport and jump in the jet. We are running the globe in 60 minutes or less. Join us, Monday June 27th 6PM SLT as we travel Around the World in 60 minutes!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dance Queens Benefit Show for Our Zhaza Zerbino

A huge thanks to Klark Harvy, Eva Harley, Misha (Misha6942), and Fukuju Amaterasu as well as a LOT of beautiful souls... choreographers, dancers, behind the scenes people, audience... family and friends.  So many loving people who came out to join together today and dance for Zhaza Zerbino, our ZZ... sending her loving thoughts, healing energy, and prayers for recovery and returning to us.  Below please find some pictures from those who performed to a full sim.  Klark said ZZ would feel our love and I hope it will help, it must, we need her back here with us.

Breezes Dancers


Klark Harvy

Phoenix Dance Team

Diawa Bellic

We also send comfort and love especially to the Breezes Dancers at this time, who bravely performed even though they lost one of their own team unexpectedly this week.  He was remembered during this special performance in the following manner, with a post by Venetia Cazalet before their dance:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Breezes Dancers would like to dedicate this short performance to the memory of Ralle Jonson, a member of our dance team, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday. We have left his dance spot at the table on the right empty as a mark of respect.

Dedicated to Ralle Jonson of the Breezes Dancers

It was a very emotional day, powerful energy and so uplifting.  Seeing the dance community come together in support of one another was just beautiful.  It is an honour to be a part of this community.  Thank you all, for all you give to one another.  ♥

About the Info Center

Dear Dance Queens and Kings,

A lot of people who were to be part of the Dance Queens benefit show today were shocked to find their things returned early this morning, myself included.  The entire Info Center is gone, and sadly, our goal of ZZ coming back to find her beloved Info Center as she left it is no longer an option.  No one knew this was going to happen, or at least no one in Dance Queens.

Unfortunately, the landlord whom ZZ has been renting from for a very long time is leaving Second Life.  This all came suddenly, with the only warning sent to ZZ two days ago apparently.  ZZ had a kidney transplant two weeks ago, which so far is not working.  Plus, she is mostly being kept in a medically induced coma due to pain.  She has no internet access, so of course had no way of receiving the NC regarding the sim closing (not to mention her offlines are probably capped).  Thus, she was not able to know this was going to happen, and neither were any of us.  I only found out the NC was sent to her after discussing all this with the landlord this morning.  He knows ZZ's partner has been paying the tier, he knows she is in the hospital, but did not know she currently has no internet access, as she often does have access when in hospital, and was not aware she is mostly kept in a coma at this time.

It is a bit devastating, as we did NOT want ZZ to log in to finding her Info Center in crunch boxes in her lost and found folder.  But it could not be avoided.  The landlord, MaliCure Munro, has spoken with me, and assures he had no choice in doing this because he is leaving SL.  He has no malicious intent, and did not know we were to have an event there today.

Mr. Munro meant no harm on anyone and said, in part:
[08:56] MaliCure Munro: no problem. I have a lot of tenants that are sick, I have to disappoint them all. This decision was not made lightly, I really have no other options at this point. I feel bad about the fact that you guys wanted to keep it up for her, and now lost all your work

Meanwhile, ZZ's partner had used donations to pay Dance Queens Info Center tier up into July.  MaliCure Munro had refunded 3600 lindens to ZZ, which was the 20 days still left on the tier that was already paid.  Of course there is no way to access that money.  So, he and I agreed to split that cost between us, to refund those who donated that money for the tier.

Meanwhile, the rest of the money is safe in the 'bank' avatar, including the Men In Motion fundraiser money, and all will be returned to the donors today.  I am very very sorry and deeply saddened that this happened.  I need a little time to recover from all of this, then will meet with the other DQs Managers, CherriBanks and Fukuju Amaterasu, to discuss a new Info Center.  For now, there is no Info Center.  Some of the people who planned to perform at the Dance Queens benefit still want to dance today, so there will still be a show at 2pm SLT with whoever still wants to participate, but it will not be a fundraiser, as funds are no longer needed to pay the tier.  The show will be held at Klark Harvy's Journey Sim.  If we determine we need fundraisers to pay tier on a future Info Center, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Thank you all for your love and support for ZZ and Dance Queens through all this.  Anyone who wishes to see the transaction history from the bank avatar (Treasured Galaxy) please IM me, and I will pass it to you.  Screen shots also available.

We will recover from this, and everything will be alright.  Let us continue to pray and send healing energy to ZZ, and hope for her soon return to us.



Please find below the SL URL and LM to the show today at 2pm SLT:


I decided to return all donations that have not yet been used for tier, and the refunded part of the tier from what was due when the landlord took the sim back.  Some suggested keeping that money to go towards a new parcel for a new Info Center, but since that money was not donated for that specific purpose, I decided it was best to refund it.  We will hold a new fundraiser if needed for a new Info Center.

At this time, all refunds have been made except the big one from the Men In Motion show.  I will wait until Sebastain is online to refund that one.  Just makes me nervous, an amount that big!  So would rather he be online when it happens.

Today's show will be dedicated to sending healing and loving energy to ZZ.  Best put by Klark:

[11:15] Klark Harvy: ok so now we must focus the energy of this show for her healing all these people  bring this for her, she will feel it

So hope to see you there, for ZZ!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kai Wirsing - Japonica Japanese Event

I am participating in a show for the Japonica Japanese merchandise event . The show is scheduled a night before the event starts. All Japanese themed performances.

★ OPEN ★
Sunday June 26th.2016 am06:30(SLT)


[Please note]
Avatar counts on the SIM is 60 Max.
Please no facelights - reduce your scripts as following.

Max script count : 30. Max script memory : 1M.
Please remove your scripts before you arrive.
There is a script-gate at the entrance.

・Our show uses light effects extensively to make our
performance enjoyable to everyone.
Please remove face lights or any items that use light resources.

Kai Wirsing's performance at this show uses Subtitle HUD (for English speakers).
Looking forward to see you all.


✰ •━━━━━━━━GUERILLA BURLESQUE━━━━━━━•✰

Guerilla Burlesques brings you a weekly Revue every Friday night at 7 pm and midnight!

We are back this week with two shows, so tighten up your corsets, pull up your stockings and get ready for an amazing line up of fun, creative and all original performances!
Guerilla Burlesque dance troupe features gorgeous avatars, intricate sets and choreographed dance routines that are all presented live to a fantastic audience. It's a fun, fantastic show, and a great way to spend your SL Friday night!

Grab your friends and make your plans to come early and let’s kicks start the weekend!
Doors open at 6 PM for the 7 pm show and 11:00 pm for a midnight show!

Photo by Chryblnd Scribe
Model – Maar

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Out of the Shadows Dancers and The Pink Vampire!

We’re causing mischief one more time at Out of the Shadows!! Join us on Sunday, June 19th at 1pm SLT as the Pink Vampire captivates you with that incredible voice of hers and the Out of the Shadows dancers cavort in the forest at their mischievous best!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Starlite Dancers "Something's Rotten" show

Starlite Dancers  "Something's Rotten" show

A Night of Musical Mayhem, Puns and Overall Silliness

Thursday, June 16th 7:00 PM SLT

Save the date! The Starlite dancers will be taking the stage to perform "Something Rotten," a Broadway musical extravaganza.

Let them take you to the Renaissance that never was, meet the William Shakespeare as you never imagined him, and prepare to be amazed, amused, and have your socks knocked off.

Seats will be limited, so do come early.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Amazing!! Amazing!! Amazing!!

 FRIDAY 17th JUNE 2016 - 2.30pm SLT


We are  high-kicking our legs in excitement as we reveal and when we say reveal, we mean just that :)

The Kittens have locked their Tigers up for the evening and we are taking to the stage alone, Bubs, Dids, Moo and Tan.

Dancing at the Waterfront has a long-standing tradition of talented and creative dancers and there is no better way to get to know people and make new friends.

Hop along on Friday and enjoy the dances and please join us for the after party out on the Terrace.

Hugs Bubs and Dids x

Sentimental Journey - Interactive Show to Tribute Those Who Serve

An interactive show about life... honour, bravery, courage... from humour and joy to sorrow and grief, Sentimental Journey explores and pays tribute to those who serve or have served throughout history and the world, and their loved ones.  

Produced by Spotlight Productions, the team who brought you interactive Grease.

You will start in boot camp, so come in fatigues of your choice or you will be given Class As when you arrive so that you can dress to fit right into the event, if you’d like.  Then prepare to have fun, to smile and laugh, and to shed a few tears.

When you arrive, please stand on a mover, accept the invite to dance, AOs off.

Includes an amazing must-see visit from Bob Hope and his bevy of beauties!

Tuesdays at 6pm SLT through July 5th.  Tickets L$ 300.

Please contact In2Udeep Luv for tickets and location info.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Breezes Dancers "Dancing Around the World"

Breezes Dancers will be performing their show Dancing Around the World at Aveiro on Sunday 12 June. This is a show of 6 Acts and lasts about one hour. 

There will be a party after the show for everyone to enjoy some dancing fun.


Title: Breezes Dancers show Dancing Around the World
Where: Aveiro
Date: Sunday 12 June 2016
Time: 1pm  slt

Dress: Formal


Breezes Dancers "We Can Dance"

Breezes Dancers will be performing their show We Can Dance at Aveiro on Saturday 11 June. This is a show of 6 Acts and lasts about one hour.

There will be a party after the show for everyone to enjoy some dancing fun.


Title: Breezes Dancers show We Can Dance
Where: Aveiro
Date: Saturday 11 June 2016
Time: 1pm  slt

Dress: Formal


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Velvet Vixen - The Black Box Challenge

The Velvet Vixen

The Black Box Challenge
Monday June 13 6pm SLT

The ladies and gentlemen of The Foxy Dance Troupe invite you to join us for our Black Box show on June 13th 2016!  The challenge was to build a set with minimal props...just focus on the dancing! Watch the ladies and gents reach into their creative tool boxes to bring the songs alive.  The doors open at 5:30 pm SLT; the curtain goes up at 6pm SLT.  Get there early the seats fill up.



7pm and midnight every Friday night!

It’s wild, wonderful and worth it! Its Guerilla Burlesque Friday Revue!

Every week the team from Guerilla Burlesque present originally crafted dance acts built and performed by some of the best dancers on the grid! We strive to bring you our very best and keep it fresh and fun every week!  It’s going to be an exciting line up of great acts and only thing missing is you, our special guest!

So make your plans, grab a few friends and make an evening of it! Two shows every Friday night so you don’t miss a thing!

Doors open at the Ariellum Theater at 6 pm for the 7 pm show and 11 pm for the midnight show!

Photo by – Chryblnd Scribe
Model – Zahra

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


invite you to join in and become part of a unique particle/dance performance to original music.


SUNDAY June 12th, 2016 @ 1pm SLT
This performance takes the audience on a journey from the confusion and alienation of city life to awareness at the top of a mountain and the return to bring new humanity and a greening to our world

Some audience members will have the opportunity to join the dance performance. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment as sim is likely to be full


junivers Stockholm
download for free from

junivers Stockholm and Medora Chevalier

Medora Chevalier

Particle Tom
Lexi Marshdevil

Delain Canunuci - Color Alchemists
Particle Tom & Lexi Marshdevil

Zimp Rexie

Medora Chevalier
zimp Rexie

Alazi Sautereau
Angelique Menoptra
animata Potez
Delain Canucci
Falkon Wickentower
Jamael Algoma
JenniferMay Carlucci
Medora Chevalier
zimp Rexie

Jeleil Melune or Alazi Sautereau

Pia Klaar

Emme Emmons

Medora Chevalier

Vitani Jun


1.    No Red Roses - 3:56
2.    Bring It - 4:16
3.    The Brave - 4:00
4.    Mountain - 5:13
5.    Voices  - 3:30
6.    Get Real - 4:48
7.    Voli - 3:27
8.    Sing It - 2:18
9.    Going To LA - 10:02



 STORY :  The city flows around us. The traffic never ending; the pace unforgiving. Lights speeding past; elevators falling from far above; towers reaching up beyond sight; shadowy figures rushing by.   Where is the human, where does nature break through? If by a miracle a rose grew through the sidewalk it would be crushed and wither. Loneliness rules.
STORY:  We are ill at ease. Our movements jerky. We wonder what is life. How can we be part. We reach out to interact but there is no true connection, no warmth. All is very odd and cold. We dance alone. Loneliness is what we all share. Our minds are going living this life of lies and loneliness.

STORY: We hear the call. Voices call us to step up and find our courage. We must face the future of risk and act to change it. We need to commit ourselves, heads, hearts and hands.

STORY:  The majestic great beasts are coming. What a force of nature! What disruption to the way things are. We climb a spiral path out of the urban jungle and into the clear air of a mountain. Clouds surround us as we reach the peaks. Strange and beautiful things will change us.

STORY: Our life up in the clear air is full of playfulness and joy. We have so much room to breathe and leap into the sky in dance as we are freed.

STORY:  Mystical forces demand our attention. Dance through all our histories has been sacred and brought us to face deep spiritual challenges.

7.  VOLI
STORY: - As mystical forces and people join together we are freed from old bonds and, no longer earth bound, we can reach into the skies. We gather our strength in a moment of solemn love and higher purpose.

STORY: - joyfully determined and happy we move back down the mountain and embracing the move back to earth, Of course there may be shocks along the way!

STORY: We have returned to the dark urban city - the atmosphere is heavy. We walk  the city streets, among the poor and dispossessed, the division between peoples, the lost and the intoxication of despair. It is dark and damp. Rain sweeps our faces. Then the storm breaks - a clearing cleansing storm - sweeping away all the darkness and cruelty - leaving nature and green lushness to arise. The earth is resurgent. Life will return. Humanity rediscovers its connection to the rest of the universe. We are no longer alone. We are green, transcendent, whole.


by Medora Chevalier from Joanna Macey

Something important is happening
Something is shifting here
Be glad to be alive!
We are changing visions
Changing lives
It is "the greening of the self.'
Time to stand up
Time to step up
Defending our lives
Defending our Earth
 I, the forest giant,  feel the people hug my trunk,
Block the chain saws with their bodies,
Feel their fingers caress my bark
Stop the steel, let me live.
I hear the Brave in their boats
Place themselves between the harpoons and me,
I escape to the depths of the sea.
Give thanks for your life and for mine, and for life itself.
I know we have the power , the power to change
Tree and elephant, whale and bear are not "out there"; they are ourselves
Dangers threaten, overwhelming us.
Our world, as we know it, may come to an end.
It takes courage to stop denying this crisis
Courage to grieve,  a deep response, a deep grief
Courage to smell the burning of the forests
Courage to see the famines of Africa
Courage to hear the voices swept away by flood and war
Courage to see our brothers homeless in our cities
Taking courage , we are no longer puny individuals
We are part of the rainforest, we are the earth protecting itself.
We are the earth  emerged into thought and consciousness
This is the greening of the self.
This is our greening
The green mystical, the green practical,  the green transcendent
The deep interconnectedness of all life
It makes us The Brave
Don't ever apologize for crying
Don't ever apologize for sorrow, grief, the rage that you feel.
It is a measure of your humanity
It is a measure of your open heart
As your heart breaks open it makes room for the world to heal.
The Brave weave their small arcs  in the wider currents and loops of knowing that interconnect us.
Making the  'pattern that connect'
This is the greening of self

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Important Message from Klark Harvy

It is with NO regret that i wish to announce to the Dance Community, my immediate sabbatical and pre-retirement from Dance in SL.

I would like to thank those who have opened their doors to me and allowed me to perform in some amazing venues.

I would like to thank all those who have contributed and supported the learning for students at JAPA in the Performing Arts.

I would like to thank all those artistes who have inspired me to keep going, when times were tough.

I would like to thank Dance Queens for being the source for all event announcements and developments in Dance.

I would like to thank all the dancers i have worked with, and all the choreographers who have shared with me their unique skills.

I would like to thank all my friends for the kick in the ass when needed and the saving arms when i have fallen.

I would like to thank all the music technicians who tirelessly "make it happen" for all who perform.

I would like to thank all my students for their belief and trust, and it has been an awe inspiring Journey to see dancers develop from Novice to Competence in all Performance Foundation skills.

I would like to thank all those who have  joined me in my element meditations, and i hope  helped a few find their Peace in this crazy fast world at times.

I would like to thank the SL Stage Platform, for allowing creativity in the Performing Art forms, to become known, enjoyed and  appreciated by so many.

I will rest for a few months from July to September, and in September, after my final commitment to perform at GB is completed, I will make my decisions regarding my future participation in Performance in SL.

JOURNEY will remain, and all its facets will still remain, at this time.
My involvement may be different, and will be clearer in September.

Have a great Summer, I wish you all good health and may you have many new inspired creations.

"To Dance is to speak, when there are no words"

Klark Harvy

Saturday, June 4, 2016


_,.-:*'´ `*  DoL DANCER'S CHALLENGE  *´`'*:-.,_

Date: Sunday 10th July, 2016
Time: See Details Below
Where: DoL HQ
Spaces Available: 8

Something a little different to tickle the fancy of those game enough to step up to the plate! In July, Dancing Outside the Lines will be hosting an event with twist where choreographers will participate in a game of chance for their song and create a routine from scratch right before our very eyes. We encourage spectators who would like to wander between the builds (there will be marked pathways) to get a rare glimpse into the artistic process.



The day's schedule will run as follows;
Creating Time: 9:30am-12:30pm SLT
Bump-In to Theater: 12:30pm - 1:30pm SLT
Show Time: 2pm SLT

Here is how it works, the DoL Staff will choose an eclectic variety of songs, the names of which will be put into a game of chance (wheel, gatcha machine etc) for each dancer to click. Once they have their song, they will move to their designated build space to begin work. There will be approximately 3 hours allocated for creation of a simple set, choreography and costuming --- Anything goes!

Dancers may choose to use all of this time or only part, however they will be responsible for all expenses and pose-ball-sitters. We will have dancers from the DoL group available and many will happily double or triple up on routines, however we strongly suggest you have your own crew lined up if you intend to do a group routine.

**NOTE: Tips from the show itself will be divided amongst the dancers, host and DJ as is standard.



                                            YOU ARE INVITED!!!

                                    SPIRIT LIGHT DANCE COMPANY
                                             SHOWCASE PARTY
                                             SUNDAY JUNE 5TH
                                                12 NOON SLT
Once again it is the time of year when the members of the Spirit Light Dance Company get to express their creativity by presenting their own work.
Each member of the company is invited to present a dance number.
Some have never done this before. They are supported by the rest of the company who stands on dance position pads and assist in any other way that is needed, while the choreographer shows their work.
Each entrant is responsible for creating their set, getting that set on stage in less than 1 minute, costumes, selecting their music, special effects, animations, staging and choreography. It's going to be a fun show with 7 original numbers and a full cast Bollywood finale that I believe will have you giggling inside.

                                    ~ PERFORMED ONLY ONCE ~
                       We will likely fill the SIM. Best get here early.

                    Show starts at 12 noon SLT ~~ Dance Party follows.

                                  FEATURED CHOREOGRAHERS:
        Shambala Kimono, Kiran Sporg, Keko Heckroth, Eva Harly, Tauriel,                               Redorange Magic, Amari Di Ricchezi Thomas


********Four acts, where the group shows a bit of reality and history of the northeastern people of Brazil******

The show brings some of Brasil's culture to sl from a classical "O Guarani by Carlos Gomes  to  popular music and dances like Aquarela do Brasil.
A show with 4 acts:
- O guarani by Carlos Gomes: Ballet dance to classical Music of Brazil
- O Trenzinho Caipira by Villa Lobos:  a country train shown in a dance
- Aquarela do Brasil by Ari Barroso: dancing Samba to regional music
- Sabor Açaí  Esse é pra dar água na boca by Nilson Chaves: dance of a regional legend (Boi Bumba)

********Pursuing the group Amazon Rainforest - Amazon Dancers project, to present Second Life’s Brazilian culture through dance and music displays, artistic director Mcpol Kamachi brings the BRASIL RACE AND COLORS show*******

Who: Amazon Dancers

When: Sunday 5 June

Time: 1pm slt

Where: Galeria Movimento, Universidade de Aveiro - Portugal

DressCode: Formal

Exibition  : "Glamour Shots"

De: Paulo Fernandes/Genius Bikcin


June 14th at 6pm slt
June 24th at 8pm slt

The Paramount Players does a monthly "after hours" show. We bring bring you the same performance quality we do at our Saturday shows, maybe a little more skin... little less costume. Some acts do contain adult content.

What's the diff? You already know what we present at the Paramount; Night Players will have some acts that are similar - but it will also feature acts that are more - Avant Grade - acts that stretch our creative wings - - push our boundaries.

Paramount Players Steampunk Revolution

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, the Paramount Players dance for you June 11th, 18th, & 25th at 7pm slt, in our new show, Steampunk Revolution.

The Players bring you to the past where steam and cogs ruled the world.

Steampunk, is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Although its literary origins are sometimes associated with the cyberpunk genre, steampunk works are often set in an alternative history of the 19th century's British Victorian era or American "Wild West", in a post-apocalyptic future during which steam power has maintained mainstream usage, or in a fantasy world that similarly employs steam power.

Friday, June 3, 2016

PRESS RELEASE Dancer Auditions for Ballet Pixelle®


Dancer Auditions for Ballet Pixelle®

Sunday, June 12 at 5:00 pm SLT

“If you have the chance to sit it out or dance . . .Dance!”

Ballet Pixelle® has opportunities for dancers to join this dedicated company of artists in Second Life. This is a unique opportunity to blend the best of artistic and technical worlds, creating performances that stretch dance and storytelling possibilities within the ballet tradition.

The company performs original ballets choreographed by Inarra Saarinen to music typically composed specifically for the ballet by professional musicians and composers. Performances are twice a week at Ballet Pixelle’s Theatre in the Quat sim.  In addition to the performance schedule, each ballet requires several weeks of rehearsal.

Poseballs and automatic animations are not used in Ballet Pixelle® rehearsals or performances. Dancers move independently, enacting steps and gestures coordinated with the rest of the cast and to the music. For example, a typical rehearsal period during creation of a new ballet is 3 to 4 months with two or more rehearsals a week each lasting approximately two hours.  We all have First Lives, but to be fair to the company and the collaborative nature of our work, Ballet Pixelle® must be considered a priority. Professionalism and serious commitment are required; a sense of humor is appreciated :-)

Auditions are held at the Ballet Pixelle® Theatre:


Applicants should be mature in First Life and have at least six months experience in Second Life.

It is preferred that dancers know some basic ballet and theater terminology.

In addition, participants should have Second Life skills including how to change clothing and skin, transform shape including gender, and move fluidly in three dimensional space and rez basic objects.  Most importantly, you should be comfortable running and stopping individual animations or poses and gestures.

At the audition:

Come dressed in something simple such as a leotard, preferably in a solid single color.  Do not wear shoes with heels. Do not wear anything with bling.  Do not wear tutus or dress as a character.  Do not wear pointe shoes.

We will audition dancers individually, but other auditioners may sit in the audience.

You will be given animations at the audition. You do not need animations, gestures, or a HUD.  We do not use HUDs.

We welcome all interested dancers for consideration. Our cast and crew enjoy this tremendously satisfying and exciting creative process. Register your interest by sending a completed copy of the notecard in the box in the Ballet Pixelle Theatre or send a notecard with details to Ms. Amelie Dibou.