Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Foxy Ladies Present.....the Love Show....

Ahh June....the month of weddings and love.......Let the Foxy Ladies get you in that loving spirit! Wednesday, June 26th @ 5pm slt! 

(P.S......the date on the poster is wrong....it REALLY is on the 26th!  hehe)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dance Education Video Tutorial #1 - Loading animations into a dance HUD

Greetings, Dance Queens (and Kings)!

After surveying the results of the education poll, many of you were interested in tutorial videos on various aspects of dancing in SL.  To kick off the video tutorials, here is a video showing how to load animations into a dance HUD.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. 

Thank you and Happy Dancing!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Foxy Ladies Present: GREASE

Please join us for a special event at Dunes Beach Resort as the Foxy Ladies of The Velvet Vixen bring Grease to SL.  Sunday, June 23 at 3pm slt!  See you there!  :)


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dance Curriculum - What Is Lag?

We have all encountered the dreaded lag monster.  You’re walking slower than molasses and then suddenly shoot through the wall 200m ahead.  Your clothes won’t rezz and you can’t even move your camera!

As a dancer/performer, lag is always a threat, with the potential to ruin many hours’ worth of work in mere seconds.  But what, exactly, is lag?  I am no expert, and I am by no means a techie person.  But after doing a bit of research, I thought I would share the information that I found. 

There are 3 types of lag: server, network, and client (or viewer) lag.

*Server lag refers to the servers that contain the information for all the sims.  The LL servers have to both keep track of everything happening in a region, and send that information to all the users who can see the region. If they have too much to do, they will slow down so as to not lose data. If too much communication is required to fetch data about objects and send them to all the users, it can become backlogged.  Things that can make the server busier include: 

    Many physical (physics-enabled) objects in the region

    Many users are in or can see the region

    Many object-embedded software scripts running in the region

    Lots of changing textures

When avatars move (especially with an AO that keeps it in constant motion), the server must make continual calculations and send information to you and every other avatar in the region.  Perhaps you want to go see a dance show, and you know there will be many other people there.  Once you teleport in (and can see), SIT somewhere.  Once an avatar sits, the server no longer has to keep track of where that avatar is, freeing up the server for other things. 

Scripts are the other usual culprit in server lag.  I’m sure you’ve all been to shows where you are asked to remove AO’s, poofers, and any other lag-causing device.  Some shows have even begun placing script counters at the entrance and restricting the show to avatars with a certain script count (generally 100 or below).  I heartily recommend purchasing a script counter (you can find some nice free ones on Marketplace) and finding out just how many scripts you are wearing without even realizing it.  Most hair, shoes, and other clothing attachments come with resizer scripts.  Once you have fitted your hair/clothes/shoes properly, you can delete the resizer scripts.  As for AO’s, most third-party viewers come with built-in AO’s that do not contribute to server lag. 

*Network lag refers to the connection between your computer and the computers at LL.  Whether or not you experience network lag depends on your internet connection. A connection speed of at least 500 kilobits per seconds (kbps) is needed to run Second Life adequately.  If you are on a wireless router, or entirely wireless connection you may not be getting these speeds.

Paradoxically, a connection speed that is too high can cause problems. Your computer has to do something with the new data as it comes in. If it is too busy, it can miss data packets, which then get re-sent. This makes the problem worse. You can adjust the bandwidth in your viewer, but there is not much else you can do to combat network lag, short of changing to a better/faster ISP.  For many people, this is not an option. 

*The last type of lag is client (or viewer) lag.  A major factor in client/viewer lag is hardware.  Having the newest, most up-to-date computer, with a good graphics card and fast processor will go a long way towards reducing lag.  However, since most of us probably can’t afford to buy a new computer, there are other things you can do to help combat lag on YOUR computer. 

Many of these options are found in your viewer’s advanced menu.  I use Firestorm, so the instructions are based on those menus.  If you use another viewer, you may need to do some research to figure out where these options are on that particular viewer. 

Go to Avatar --> Preferences --> Graphics.  There are a lot of options here that can help reduce lag on your computer.  Under the ‘General’ tab there is a slider for the graphics quality – lowering this will reduce the amount of work for your computer’s processor. 

Lowering the Draw distance can also improve performance.  Draw distance refers to the distance your avatar can ‘see’ around the region.  If you are inside a club (watching a dance show, for instance) you don’t need a large draw distance anyway.  I know of dancers who lower their draw distances to 64m to help combat lag. 

There are a lot of sliders and boxes you can play with on the ‘General’ tab – avatar imposters, avatar physics, LOD factors, atmospheric shaders, lighting and shadows, etc.  Move the sliders around until you find a set up that works for you. 

There are so many factors that is impossible to give you a settings list, because your computer may not work exactly as someone else’s does.  For instance, most of the research said that working from a wireless connection is not ideal.  However, because of my location, I use a wireless connection 100% of the time.  Just to give you an idea, here is a screen shot of my preferences (under the ‘General’ tab):

Even though I am on a wireless connection, I can set my performance quality to High.  However, all the various sliders have been lowered (LOD, Flexiprims, etc.), I do not use avatar impostors, and I do not generally have the advanced lighting (with shadows, etc.) enabled. 

Under the Network tab of the menu (Avatar --> Preferences --> Network and Cache) you will find the slider to adjust your bandwidth.  Again, you will have to play with the settings to find what works best for YOU. 

A few other notes – if you find your computer is running slow, make sure that any other programs are not open/running (Skype, Photoshop, etc.).  You may also find that some people discuss ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) as a cause of lag.  ARC is not generally a cause of server lag.  It can, however, be a cause of client/viewer lag.  If there is a particular avatar that is causing you problems, you can mute or block them, which will grey out their avatar (note-you will not be able to hear chat coming from a blocked/muted avatar). 

Lastly, you may have been told to ‘clear cache’ in order to fight lag.  Clearing cache does not generally reduce lag and, in fact, may actually cause lag.  When you enter a region, your computer must load all of the textures/objects in the region.  Once these are downloaded to your computer, they are held in the cache.  If you clear the cache and re-enter the region, your computer must download all that information again – causing possible lag not only to you, but to the servers as well, which must provide the information.  Clearing cache also causes your inventory to reload, which can cause lag, especially if you have a large inventory.  In addition, most dancers pre-load (cache) their dances in order to avoid pauses caused by lag.  If you clear your cache, you will then have to re-load all your dances as well. 

Unless you are missing a desperately needed inventory item, it is generally not necessary to clear cache. 

I hope you found this information useful.  Below is a list of sources, which contain additional information you might find helpful.  Some of it is a bit technical, but the more you know, the better you can plan to fight the dreaded lag monster!

(If there are any mistakes in this article, they are mine, not the sources.)

Happy Dancing!



A big thank you! to Babypea von Phoenix, who provided some additional information regarding lag.

Dance Video - "Broadway ~ Our Way" - Jungle Book

VikkiLynn Caproni sent the following note:

Hello Dance Queens!

I've been so busy both in rl and sl, I haven't had time to go to any new shows, nor learn the new Barre Hud I purchased, but our VL Mega Production of "Broadway ~ Our Way" is still going strong.  We celebrated our 6 month Anniversary on Sunday!  yay!  And as a bonus treat, the videographer, who did a video for us of one song in the show gave me the url and I wanted to share it with you.  I think the video company did a fine job.  Her name is Pamila Tiponi, and her company is Creative IT Videos. Here is her url about her company:   http://www.youtube.com/user/MissArubiana

And here is the video of one song in our show, "I Wanna Be Like You" from the Jungle Book movie.  Broadway~Our Way has been fun and we hope to continue with maybe a few changes here & there. Hope you enjoy, and hope to see you sometime at our show.  Thank you.  VikkiLynn Caproni

Video: I Wanna Be Like You

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A&M MOCAP Danceworks...NEW wedding couples dance!!

Couples Wedding Dance is now out!  This dance is longer then 30 seconds.  It means, that in very old versions of SL Client viewers this Dance will not play.  Please note that before buying!

Free Couples Dance this weekend only

Abranimations has new couples dances out.  Along with this release is a free one...  Drop by before Monday before you have to pay for it!!   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Animations/43/52/22

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pink Lady Dancers June Variety Show

The Pink Lady Dancers are hosting their June Variety show on 6/22/2013 @ 12:30PM SLT. 

Time slots are 30 minutes from 12:30PM until 4:30PM - slots are still available, so contact Zhaza Zerbino in-world or check out the Pink Lady Dancers blog here.

What's it all about?
You are a dancer or Variety artist who would like to show your performance on stage?
Well, then you are at the right place!!

It can be:

*A solo dance act
*A Dance Group performance
*A live Music/Sing performance
*Some act you would like to show others (can be anything)

It has to be on stage and you have to entertain the audience.

If you are interested or want some more information, feel free to contact Zhaza. 

See you there!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A&M MOCAP Danceworks NEW DAnces!!!

A&M MOCAP Danceworks has some new dances out....

Lets Have A Kiki Dance... there is a trio out as well as a solo.  The Solo is marked down to $120L for copy!     http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mocap%20Dancer/128/128/506

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lotsa newness at MyAnimation!

>< The newest release HIP HOP Lyrical! Now in video! ><
Check it out, and have fun!


>< MyANIMATION looking for BLOGGERS! ><


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moulin Rouge presents - Colors of Burlesque 

 Saturday 6/8/2013 7PM SLT

The Moulin Rouge presents a special new show with a colorful variety of solos, duets and group acts.  We have chosen some of our favorites for your viewing and hearing pleasure this evening.  Hope you all come out and enjoy the many colors of Burlesque in this special presentation!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

 `·.,¸¸,.·´¯  Universal Dance   ¯`·.,¸¸,.·´     

  Presented by the Spirit Light Dance Company

                                           Sunday June 2nd 1pm sl
                                          Sunday june 9th at 1pm sl 

                                     "The truest expression of a people
                                        is in its dance and in its music. 
                                                 Bodies never lie"
                                               ~ Agnes de Mille ~
                               We invite you to enjoy our presentation of...

                                    `·.,¸¸,.·´¯  Universal Dance   ¯`·.,¸¸,.·´    
                      In great honour of the 5th Anniversary of the Tempura  SIM 

             A medley of beautiful movement, as expressed throughout cultures,            
             celebrating Unity and the message of  emotions shown through The Dance. 
      ╚══════.In the beginning....  ✿¸¸·´¯`·.¸¸✿  
         ╚══════.Urban  ╬╬╣▧     
             ╚══════.Celtic   ❉♧❉   ❉♧❉  
                  ╚══════.Tribal  ⊱▽⊰   ⊱△⊰  
                      ╚══════.Arabian   '*•.¸۞¸.•*´   
                          ╚══════.Latin   (¸¸.•´ ¯¨•.¸¸`•** ★ **•´¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸)
                               ╚══════.Brave     , (   , (   , (   , (   
                                                                              `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-    
                                     ╚══════.Bollywood   ¯`°.•°•.★* *★ .•°• 
                                          ╚══════.And the dance flows on..... Somewhere


Kittens and Tigers Dance Show

Diddy Hyun announces the next Kittens and Tigers Dance Show:

Sunday, 6/9/2013 @ 2PM SLT

We would like to invite you to our next dance show. "Warning!" One of dances in this show involves complete nudity (so please don't attend if this is offensive for you).

 The Show will last for round about 40 mins and is sure to be entertaining to all. Each Dance is choreographed using the Spot On Choreography Design System.

After our show we have a guest appearance  of the makers of Spot On Choreography Design System  doing two dances for us, will be a lot of fun so don't miss out.


We really hope you can join in the fun with us , look forward to seeing you all!
                                             Kittens  and Tigers