Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New SL Dance Videos and Photos for 121212

New SL Dance Videos and Photos for 121212

Kai Wirsing from team Ä・S・H sent their latest video called remix - Kai Wirsing. It's very creative.

bangayo gives us evil trixie anthro second life.

For a somewhat different Holiday experience, take a look at MyBrainsReBaked's Second Life - Dizzeh Dayz.

Annimus DeVaux' Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Second Life) is a more traditional Holiday dance video.

DeceptionsDigital's POL Arida - The Suicide Of Jane (SecondLife) is a pretty well-made video with some dancing in it.

For some unusual visual effects with dancing take a look at Apmel's Excerpts from Minimal Glitch

yumixland put out the Dance Control HUD V3 [GOGO] for Henmations

If I missed your videos and photos, please send me the URL.