Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Out of the Shadows

We're headed to Paris!! Join us for our Autumn in Paris show at Out of the Shadows! Thursday, Oct. 1 at 2pm SLT. Join the Out of the Shadows group to get the password to our secret little speakeasy. We'll be featuring the live song stylings of The Pink Vampire whose voice will simply enchant you and our beautiful Out of the Shadows dancers will completely charm you!

So come early, grab a seat, bring your friends, have some wine and cheese and enjoy our Parisian offerings :)

Amazon Dancers - White Wings

Due RL problems, The White Wings Show, had to be canceled...
They will give it a new chance!!!

3rd October 2015 1pmslt (5h brasil)
 Breezes theatre/ riviera island

The presentation lasts 50 minutes and is divided into five acts, where the group shows a bit of reality and history of the northeast people (northeastern).
Pursuing the group Amazon Rainforest - Amazon Dancers project,  to present  Second Life’s Brazilian culture through dance and music displays, artistic director Mcpol Kamachi brings the WHITE WINGS (ASA BRANCA) show.

Amazon Dancers invites to participate in this show
which prepared with great pride and care just for you!

JOURNEY Invite to Perform Your Spooky Acts!

JOURNEY DANCE TOURING TEAM, will be performing a show called SPOOKS on Saturday, Oct. 24th at 1pm SLT.  We are looking for a few more acts to add to this.  If you have a spooky-style dance ready and would like to perform it with us, please contact KLARK HARVY ASAP.  Thanks!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Get Your Tickets to the Interactive Production of Grease NOW!

★ ★ ★ GREASE ★ ★ ★

brought to you by 


Come check out some of the newest ideas in Dance.  Interactive dance theater!

When you join us at the theater, you wont just be watching the show,
you will be part of the show.  You will receive full instructions on what to do.
It will be easy and super fun!  What a party for you and your friends!
Guaranteed to be a great time... come be part of the cast of Grease!

★ ★ Please be sure to dress up in 1950's attire. ★ ★

In the true fashion of theatrical plays, this performance runs seamlessly from scene to scene as we all perform a wonderful rendition of GREASE.  Some of SL's Top Choreographers, BabyPea VonPhoenix, Gunner VonPhonix, Kellan Dubrovna, and In2Udeep Luv have collaborated to bring this exciting new interactive show.  We all hope to see you there.
(The show will run weekly at 7pm SLT, with the exception of opening night, Tuesday October 6, 2015, when we will add an additional show at 5pm SLT.
(So 2 shows on Oct. 6, 2015 - 5pm and 7pm).

 You can join the following Groups for the day(s) you wish to  attend the show.
 [Each show has its own group]

 **** please note  when a group nears the maximum number of guests  we can accommodate, the group will be closed, and you will need to contact In2Udeep Luv or Jill Mackenzie to be added****

Pick the show you wish to attend.  Copy/paste the group joiner key into local chat inworld and hit enter.  Click on the link that pops up in local chat and join that group.  You must be a member of that particular group to enter the sim on show night.  Seating is very limited so please do not delay.






If you need more information please contact In2Udeep Luv or Jill Mackenzie.

Seating is limited to 32 guests per show.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

ZZ & the BOYS - 007 again again

Here we go... Again Again!!!

ZZ and her 007 Boys are again moving around on the 16 different stages, with 16 different songs!!
Are you also a 007 fan, then come and join us... enjoy the great music and these sexy guys on stage!!

We got invited at the wonderful Star Trek SIM "USS Venture"

Dance Xcetera

Friday, September 25, 2015


27th september 2015 1pmslt (5h brasil)
 Breezes theatre/ riviera island

The presentation lasts 50 minutes and is divided into five acts, where the group shows a bit of reality and history of the northeast people (northeastern).
Pursuing the group Amazon Rainforest - Amazon Dancers project,  to present  Second Life’s Brazilian culture through dance and music displays, artistic director Mcpol Kamachi brings the WHITE WINGS (ASA BRANCA) show.

Amazon Dancers invites to participate in this show
which prepared with great pride and care just for you!

Anniversary Show of the Flapperettes

The long awaited 
Anniversary Show of the Flapperettes.
Sunday, September 27th, 1:00 pm slt
At the renowned Odeon Theatre in 1920s Berlin.
We are expecting you!

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Friday 25th Sept 
Time 3 pm SLT 

A dance show Chorergraphed by Diddy Hyun 
A musical experience spanning five decades from the 1950's through to 2000, the duration of the show is 30 minute

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Meet Noir NeverLand Cabaret! Hiring Dancers!!

Kyra Msarko has finally started her own dance troupe!  Here is what the Mistress of the Night has to say about her new venture:

"I started dance in Gor and moved up into Cabaret!  LOVED it, and after being here for four years, and everyone saying I should, I thought, "Ya know, why not!"  SO, on Sept 12th 2015, Noir NeverLand Cabaret was born!  And here we come to set SL on its ear!"

Noir NeverLand will debut soon... watch this spot to find out when!  Congratulations, Kyra!!

Noir NeverLand is also seeking choreographers!  To apply, please IM Kyra Msarko in-world.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Royal Theatre and Fantasy Dreams Present: Firebird

Sunday, September 20th at 2pm SLT
at the Royal Opera

 In the enchanted garden of Kastcheï the Immortal, the Firebird appears, chased by Prince Ivan. The Firebird tries to pluck golden apples from the magic tree, but Ivan seizes her and will not release her until she gives him one of her feathers as a pledge of help should he ever need it. She flies off.
 The darkness dissolves, and Ivan finds himself at the gate of an old castle. Seven maidens come out, led by the beautiful Tsarevna, who tells him that this is the castle of Kastcheï, a magician who attacks passing travelers by casting spells on them. The couple dance. As dawn arrives, the maidens must return to the castle.
 In spite of Tsarevna's warning, Ivan decides to follow them. As soon as he opens the gates, bells ring out and a crowd of strange figures rush from the castle, followed by Kastcheï.
 Kastchei advances on Ivan and tries to turn him to stone. But Ivan shows him the Firebird's feather. She reappears and forces the crowd to dance until they fall exhausted to the ground. Ivan steals  the great egg that contains Kastcheï's soul. He throws it to the ground. Kastcheï dies, and his spell is broken. The captives are restored to human form and everyone rejoices.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Announcing the Kat & Mouse School of Performing Arts!

That’s right – I’ve finally taken the leap and started the Kat & Mouse School of Performing Arts (SOPA).  :-D

I have long wanted to help other dancers acquire skills to allow them to advance in their performance dance careers.  Dance in SL can be extremely intimidating to new performers and often even experienced performers have difficulty finding the time or place to learn advanced skills.

Because I know that time is a precious commodity (in RL and SL), I have purposely designed my curriculum with that in mind.  Most of the courses are only one session and should last approximately one hour.  My intention is that students can come to a class, learn a skill, and then immediately apply that skill to their dancing.

I am starting out by offering some basic courses, but I will be adding intermediate and advanced courses, including some classes on using the Artiste Suite.  Initial course offerings include Basic Choreography, Basic Movers (requires the SpotOn Choreography Designer), Basic Set Building, Basic Costuming, and Basic Lighting/FX.

Classes begin on October 4, 2015.  Classes will be held at the Kat & Mouse Theater on Sundays at 2pm SLT.  You can join the Kat & Mouse group or hit up the subscriber at the theater to stay informed.  Visit the Course Listings page on my blog ( and sign up for classes.

A little background on me:
I am an educator in RL, and I have been teaching since 2004.  I have taught at both the high school and university level, so I am familiar with learners of varying abilities.  I suppose my RL occupation has led to my interest in teaching in SL. :-)

I have been dancing in SL since 2009 and have danced in many different troupes during that time.  I started out as a ball-warmer, then moved to chorus girl, and then solo performer.  I have done solo routines, routines with 20+ dancers, and everything in between. I am familiar with many different dance tools, including the SpotOn suite of products, the Barre, the HUDDLES, and the Artiste Suite.

I hope you join me on my new adventure!  I would love to help you learn the skills you need to take your performance dance to the next level.  :-D

If you have any questions, just ask.  I look forward to seeing you in class!

A star for Sebastain Bourne

Yesterday, Sebastian Bourne did earn his Star on Dance Queens "Walk of Fame" with a great performance of a mix of 5 different songs/stages, together with 
Denyaii Siamendes, Jade Currier and Dragon McMasters
Congrats Sebastain and crew!!! 
Here is your star!
Come and see it! Dance Queens INFO Island

***Do you also want your star on DQ's Walk of Fame?
Get your INFO at DQ's INFO Island!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Back this weekend only: Midsummer Mischief

See the fae of our lore up in the north come to life at twighlight on a midsummers eve.
As the sun sets over the little village, magic stirs and the spirits come out of hiding to lure those humans still awake under the midnight sun.

Saturday the  19th of September @ noon slt
Sunday the 20th September @ noon slt

Saturday, September 12, 2015

SL Got Talent

Hey all...

In 2013, while I also did the monthly Variety Shows at my place, I also arranged a few times "SL Got Talent".
Some of you probably remember, or have even been in it, back then.

There was one stage and people were supposed to use that.
You could add some props, but meaning was, to use the stage as much as possible as it was.
It was a Talent Show, to show what you can do on stage, not how to build a stage... hehe

I would like to do those shows again.

I have the rules from back then, still on my homepage (I made them visible again)
So you can have a look how it was back then...
I might change a little bit on it, but it did work well back then, so I guess I will keep it that way.
If you like, have a look for the pictures, just to get an idea...

What day will be good??
Well.. that's always the question.
But as we have our "Meet & Greet" hours on Wednesdays 2-4pm, I was thinking, at it might be a good ida, to have those Wednesdays as "Talent/Meet& Greet" days.
Then it is a regular day, where we can make a mix of shows and fun-time.
Doing it like this, it doesn't matter, if we have 1 or 6 shows, when the rest of the time will be "Party" time with our DQ DJ.

Read the rules and sign up when you want to be a part of these shows.
I will start them from 23th September.

Knuzzer ZZ ♥

Copy from my home page...


First of all... this is NOT a contest and you can not win anything.
It's just a Talent Show, where you can show others your talent!!

Let me explain;

There will be a stage  that you have to use (like any talent show)
and you are supposed to use that stage.
This will make the lag less and focus on what your talent is, and not your skills of stage building.

You are supposed to choose one song (or 2 short ones) but your show may not take longer then 10 min.

The Talent Show is for ANYONE who wants to show his/her/their talent.
It can be dance, singing, magic, stand up comedy, or any act you could think of.
The only rule is that you have to entertain people and no nudity or anything that might be considered as offensive.

You can join as a group or solo, but that same group/solo should not come on stage twice. You can "split up" your group and let people do their own thing, or make ½ groups etc etc.
The Music for your show, will be played by our DJ.
For more info and time slots, look at the Calendar
The SL Got Talent Stage is set up, so you can see how it looks.

I know SL has a lot of talented people... so come and show your talent!!
If you want to join, then send a message to Zhaza Zerbino. I will send you a note where you can fill in the INFO we need. Or find the info note at the Dance Queens INFO Center or Pink Lady Dancers homepage.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

TerpsiCorps ArtWerks Presents "Requiem"

An artistic remembrance of the victims, the survivors and the aftermath of 9/11

A TerpsiCorps ArtWerks Production
Thursday, September 10th at 7:00 pm SLT

TerpsiCorps ArtWerks is:
CEO - Cassie Parker
Artistic Director - Chrissy Rhiano
Assistant Production Manager - Cordie (cordelia.cerise)
Performers -  ℒιℒ (lilangels)
                     Lotta Difference
                     Zahra Ethaniel
                     Deb Heron
                     Gloriana Maertens
                      яeđ Qυєeи   (queenie.acacia)
                     Nicole  X
Gumbo Productions / Boite Carre' inc.
PetLove  / Filming / Streaming

To view the performance on the net, go to and watch the livestreamed performance courtesy of Lapiscean Liberty, proprietor of!

Blue Velvet Presents SPARTA!

Blue Velvet is proud to present SPARTA, a spectacular performance Friday, September 11th at 1pm SLT.  You are invited to step back in time in this unique event, held in the Spartan Empire.  Bring friends and enjoy this adventure!

Your chariot:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Paramount Dancers To Tickle Your "Funny Bones"

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, the Paramount dancers dance for you September 12th 19th, & 26th at 7pm slt, in our new show, Funny Bones.

Humor is the tendency to provoke laughter and provide amusement. The term derives from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks, which taught that the balance of fluids in the human body, known as humours, controlled human health and emotion.

People of all ages and cultures respond to humor. Most people are able to experience humor... i.e., to be amused, to smile or laugh at something funny... and thus are considered to have a sense of humor. Though ultimately decided by personal taste, the extent to which a person finds something humorous depends on a host of variables, including geographical location, culture, maturity, level of education, intelligence and context.

Come join us for a fun night!!!

Dance Queens Goes Country ... Meet & Greet!

Some pics from the fun!  Great tunes and super fun dancing!  Thank you ZZ for organizing this and Louisia Bakerly for the fabulous music!

Every Wednesday at 2pm SLT ... Dance Queens "Meet & Greet" at the Dance Queens Info Center

Thursday, September 3, 2015


The Paramount Players will be doing a monthly "after hours" show. We'll bring you the same performance quality we do at our Saturday shows, maybe a little more skin... little less costume. This show is more performance art.

What's the difference? You already know what we present at the Paramount; Night Players will have some acts that are similar, but it will also feature acts that are more Avant Grade... acts that stretch our creative wings and push our boundaries.

We've opened a new Theater Venue, called "Night Players," and it's right close to the Paramount (close enough to walk), but a slurl is included below for your convenience.

We hope to see you on September 8th at 6pm slt & September 25th at 8pm slt!!!

Variety Show at the Waterfront Theatre

3.15pm -  BUBS
3.30pm -  DIDDS
3.45pm -  BLUE VELVET
4.00pm  - JAICYA
4.15pm  - MEL

Hugs Kittens 'n' Tigers

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MJ's Burlesque - Is there life after death

Friday 4th September at 2pm SLT

Is there life after death? What really goes on backstage at shows? What do little people get up to when they're not being cute? These and more questions will remain unanswered at MJ's Burlesque Review but we will have an evening of adult entertainment featuring the usual smut and giggles, plus a special guest as you've probably never seen her before.