Monday, April 29, 2013

Akeyo New Bran Dances

Dear AKEYO Customer,

i just release a new Dance Collection called *BRAN

Brandon did some awesome and relaxed dance moves..
slightly fun and ironic but pretty cool and technicaly stunning.

if you like,

check it out on YouTube:

gift it through marketplace:

and test the animations on yourself at the mainstore:

artoo Magneto

PS:  if you dont want notes or infos, please let me know.

Friday, April 26, 2013



The Moulin Rouge is proud to present a special variety show featuring individual and group performances from its top performers.  The excitement starts at 7 PM SLT this evening, so don't miss this unique live presentation in the Main Ballroom of the Moulin Rouge. On behalf of the entire staff of this unique theater and region, we look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 NEW Dances @ A&M MoCap danceworks!!!!!

║Dear A&M Addicts!

║You probably had a question "Where is update!?"... Here it is :)

║We have important announcement today.
║As Jariah getting her vacations, Shadow will substitute her in the shop and 
║care about everything related with that.
║Please, if you had any support request within last 3 weeks - just drop IM
║with description to Shadow Farstrider (your animator) directly, and don't
║hesitate to kick him for any question.

║Two new dances have been released, and awaiting at the info-center:
║-Wobble Baby (unisex)
║-Reggae Dancehall (female)

║Next update will come shortly and promising to be cool  :))) 

Thank you!

The A&M Team


Monday, April 22, 2013

Ballet Pixelle - "En Passant"

Inarra Saarinen passed this along for everyone.....

Ballet Pixelle's last performances of "En Passant"  Wednesday at 2:00 pm and Sunday at 5:00 pm are the two last shows.  It's a beautiful performance and you don't want to miss it!

Dance Sequences from the A&M MoCap Maniacs Dance Troupe

Hi Dance Kings & Queens,
The A&M MoCap Maniacs dance troupe are geared up & ready to perform for you at their monthly Home Show entitled "HERO'S" Saturday April 27th at 9pm SLT.

*SexyS Quintessa* (A&M MoCap Maniacs Artistic Director) has generously offered to share the groups monthly Home Show sequences with the group, plus you
get an exclusive sneak peek!

Below are pics & dance sequences that will be performed at the upcoming show:

*Choreographer Jag - Warrior Military Set 
A&M MoCap Maniac Dancers - Jag36, SexyS, Lilangels, Azabella, Marcus
*Guitar Hero|39.0|
*King of Street|40.0|

*Choreographer Marissa  - XMEN Disaster Set
A&M MoCap Maniac Dancers - Marissa (Storm), DJ Gunner (Wolverine), Baby (Rogue), Chewie (Phoenix/Jean Grey)
# This dance can only be performed with the Barre V3.03 Group Hud
# Gunner (Wolverine ) mover 1 - Group 1
#  Mar (Storm) mover 2 - Group 2 & 3
# Baby (Rogue) mover 4 - Group 1& 5
# Chew (Jean Grey) mover 3- Group 2 & 4

[NAME]XMEN|[GB:1]|hero_stance|[GB:3]|*mer 7|[GB:4]|*mer g3|[GB:5]|stand2|[GG]|15|[N]
*Atlas Shrugged|28.75|
[NAME]XMEN1|[GB:1]|*Cosmic Nova|[GB:2]|* Free Spirit|[GG]|26|[N]
* Heaven and Earth|26.2|
* Perplexity|28.75|
*Spin Cycle |28.75|
*[NAME]XMEN2|[GB:1]|Reign o'er Me|[GB:2]|* Temptation|[GG]|28.75|[N]
*Bicycle Race |28.75|
*Rum and Fire |28.75|
[NAME]XMEN3|[GB:1]|*Victor/Victoria|[GB:2]|*Winding Down|[GG]|28.75|[N]
*Like a Rocket|28.75|
*Dream Weaver|20|
[NAME]Final Pose|[GB:1]|H1-2|[GB:3]|planefly|[GB:4]|jhov1|[GB:5]|Kaku2|[GG]|20|[N]

*Choreographer Tinka Bondar  - Holding Out For A Hero
A&M MoCap Maniac Dancers - Tinka & Max

*Floor Way
*Sweet Sugarplum 
*Crushed Velvet
 *Open Book

*Atlas Shrugged


 *Choreographer Beach - Rainbow Butterfly
A&M MoCap Maniac Dancers - Beach (atrebor.zenovka) &  Devra

*02_TribalFusion - A|64.5
*02_TribalFusion - B|64.5
*Free Spirit|64.5
#Total time 4:18

You can purchase ALL dances for the sequences @ A&M Mocap Danceworks Mainstore:

***If you or your registered dance troupe wish to share dance sequences w/the DQ group, please IM: MarissaCloud for an application. All qualified sequences will be posted on the blog***

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Moulin Rouge "Modern Divas" Dance Show

Xanthia Martian sent the following notice:


From Christina, Britney, Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga among others, the Moulin Rouge Dancers brighten the stage with their presence on this night of nights!  So take a walk down the runway of the Music Awards with us as the Moulin Rouge Presents this NEW show - Modern Divas Dance Show -- only at Moulin Rouge!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Spot-On Choreography Mover Tip!

Did you know.....

You can put your Spot-On Mover (default - purple circle/black arrow) in your set's Rezzer- Box?!?!?! :O

*Tools you will need:
-completed set (all parts MUST be mod!)
-Rez-Box w/ Rez-Tracker script (any will do, but here is a reliable freebie that I use)
 -HoverText Script (any will do, but here is an example from MP) 
 -Spot-On Mover Circles  (please ensure the Movement Card with your designed Spot on Choreography are within each Mover Circle

1) Position your set in the way you wish it to rez from the Rezzer-Box & place the NEW Rez-Box either behind the set, above, sides or below...depending the location of your venues backstage area

2) Align your Spot on Mover Circles for the start position.

Tip: If your start position is located (backstage) behind the set, You can make these "Cylinder" Circles to place immediately below your Spot on Mover Circles.     

Here is how you make the circles:
-Rez a cylinder prim (change permissions to mod/copy)
- edit the prim to these parameters & choose the color you want them to be:
   Right Click the Prim --> Edit --> Object --> Size <0.5, 0.5, 0.0275> --> Rotation <0, 0, 0>

3) Select the ready cylinder...hit the SHIFT key...and drag the arrow in the direction you want to copy to make cylinders for all your posers

4) Select parts of your set piece by piece and add the Rez-Tracker script to those linked (if linked it automatically goes to the root prim, you do not have to add to each piece) & any unlinked parts of your set (individually), including each Spot on Mover Circle.

5) Take each item individually into your inventory. 
Tip: If you lose track of an item...Hit the "Recent" tab on your Inventory window to find them.

 6) Drag each item into your Rezzer-Box. When all are added, Touch the Rezzer-Box a menu will pop-up, choose Rez.  Ensure all items have rezzed back into its original location. *see instructions for troubleshooting*

Tip: Touch the Rez-Box again, & select the Stealth button right after rezzing to make the TRACKING and white lines disappear.

  7)Test one of your mover pads to ensure they work. :)  \o/

8)  Touch the Rez-Box again, & select the De-Rez button when you are done.

9) Right click to Take the Rez-Box into your Inventory. It is now ready to be positioned at your venue.
a)If you are allowed to Restore to Last at your venue, Pre-Position it a day or two before the show....then hit Restore to Last to rez it before you take the stage.

b)If you cannot Restore to Last at your venue, copy the coordinates (note only the Position & Rotation) to a notecard and paste each into their box when you are preparing to take the stage.

10) \o\  DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!!  /o/

Marissa <3

A Very Special offer from Ministry of Motion!

BUY ALL 339 ANIMS ON SIM FOR L$2999!!! (Trans)  Should be approx. L$91,709 SAVE over 3000%
BUY ALL 339 ANIMS ON SIM FOR L$5999!!! (Copy)  Should be approx. L$183,418 SAVE over 3000%


Ministry of Motion ALL 22 GUITARS ON SIM FOR L$4000!!! (Copy)  Should be approx. L$48000 SAVE over 12000

Abranimations! More new releases!

A few more new released dances from Abranimations!

Baroque and 1920's frapper each catagory has about 30 new dance animations.   According at Abramelin, there will be much more new releases coming this year!   so head on over and check them out!

HUMANOID releases NEW KEVIN dances

Ohhh my GOD it`s KEVIN ! New UNISEX ClubDances !      
This Guy tells a Story in his Moves! With more than 10 Years Club Experience, Kevin visited all bigger Techno Events around Germany and is the best extension for our dance repertuar i could ever imagine ! THANK YOU MATE !                              
It`s Peak Time At HUMANOID ! DANCE !!!
Marcus Adkins

YouTube Video:
Marketplace Link :
InWorld Store :

HENMATIONS announces NEW Latest Harlem Shake Free Dance Group Gift

Come get this months FREE Dance Animation... a take of the latest Harlem Shake Dance Series. 
Group is free to join! 

we are proud to announce another great Dance Series at HENMATIONS!



Realistic Set of Dancehall Animations - even perfect for a good Reggaeton Dance  Party.
Unisex and RL performed by a professional Dancer to the best Club Sounds.

Megapack is available too now!

As usual....  flawless looped, long playtime, real life animation!



Saturday, April 13, 2013

Q&A session on the Barre dance HUD Sunday April 14th at noon (12pm SLT)

Hi Dancing Kings & Queens!!!

Azabella & Marissa (Barre HUD Instructors) along with Racheal Young (Barre CEO) are hosting a special Q&A session on the Barre dance HUD Sunday April 14th at noon (12pm SLT)

Don't miss this opportunity to get all your Barre HUD related questions answered!
Please mark your calendar and have a note-card ready with any questions you have on the Barre HUD. We look forward to seeing you there!  =)

If you are NEW to this cutting edge dance hud, please check out the following links:

 Snapshot_001.jpg Ps...Come see the newly designed Racheal Rockers store on the Barre land.
*** SLURL - ***

Here is a sneak peek:

Friday, April 12, 2013


                                             Moulin Rouge Presents: Hot Latin Nights
                                                   Saturday, 4/13/13, 7:00pm SLT 

If bodies pulsing to the thrilling, primitive, beat of Samba, Salsa, reggae, tango, latin pop, and more tantalizes your senses and sparks your romantic imagination, Then your your Second Life fantasies will come true at the Moulin Rouge. The Moulin Rouge dancers take the stage at 7 to tempt your viewing pleasure and will fill your minds and bodies with the hot latin beat!        Moulin Rouge (67,186,29)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Group Gift out for *MyANIMATION*

★=★=★ APRIL GIFT - Exclusive DANCE  ANIMATION ★=★=★

COME and GET it ... YOU have the chance to get this EXCLUSIVE DANCE ANIMATION only this month because will NEVER BE FOR SALE !!! Every month we set 1 animation for our Group members -> Don't miss it !!!

SL's Got Talent!

Zhaza Zerbino sent the following notice:

Hejsa ;o))

I have decided to hold a Talent Show!

Saturday 20th April 2013      12.30 - 4.30 pm

First of all... this is NOT a contest and you can not win anything. It's just a Talent Show, where you can show others your talent!!

Let me explain:

There will be a stage  that you have to use (like any talent show) and you are supposed to use that stage. This will make the lag less and focus on what your talent is, and not your skill of stage building.

You are supposed to choose one song (or 2 short ones) but your show may not take longer then 10 min. The Talent Show is for ANYONE who wants to show his/her/their talent. It can be dance, singing, magic, stand up comedy, or any act you could think of. The only rule is that you have to entertain people and no nudity or anything that might be considered as offensive.

You can join as a group or solo, but that same group/solo should not come on stage twice. You can "split up" your group and let people do their own thing, or make ½ groups etc. etc. 

For more info and time slots, look at our homepage:

The SL Got Talent theater will be set up in a good time, so you can see how it looks.  (Keep an eye on the homepage or join .:The Blue Lagoon:. group for updates.)

I know SL has a lot of talented people... so come and show your talent!!

If you want to join, then send a message to Zhaza Zerbino or Angel Supermarine. We will send you a note where you can fill in the INFO we need.


Knuzzer ZZ ;o)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Abranimations New Dances -- Timings

Hello!!!  I will be updating our database with the timings of all the NEW Abranimations Dances soon.  I just thought I'd let you know I got them from them today.  It is just gonna take a bit to get all that info entered in the database!  

"Shake Your Shimmy, Girl!" (my new slogan)
SexyS Quintessa