Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Crystal Edge Dancers


Date Friday April 2nd 2021

Time 1.30 pm SLT

Location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Madeira/74/224/3998.

We would all love to see you here a great show with a good variation of music and dance 

Monday, March 29, 2021






RIPA The River Island Theatre


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Noir Neverland


April 1, 8,15, 22, 29

Noir Neverland

Our Darlings and Lost Boys are here to wiggle and jiggle and have fun! Noir NeverLand where we NEVER grow up and are always JUST a lil naughty! Come enjoy burlesque presented in so many artful ways!

Special instructions/dress code if one: The only dress code is what's comfy for YOU, but please keep that script count down!


Thursday, March 25, 2021



2021-03-27         1 PM - 2 PM      

In Motion - Show @Plaza Grand Theater


The Outsiders Dance Troupe


Mon March 29th 2021

       The Outsiders salutes all Veterans of the Vietnam War and Free World !!! 
                  ***MEDAL OF HONOR -- VIETNAM WAR***
       HONORING  Freedom and the American Way through powerful Dance , Music and it's Moods! Today and Everyday we Honor our vets, active duty and first responders 
My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place - police, firefighters, and members of our armed forces.

        Today and Everyday we Honor our  Vets, active duty and first responders who risk their lives protecting our freedom.

Your Humvee Attached!

3 Debauche Shows This Weekend!

Saturday 27th March at 10am slt. Velvet Touch. Women Only

Velvet Touch is incredibly excited to bring to you the spectacular and renowned Debauche Dance Troupe.

Debauche are so pleased to be dancing at this female only venue. Yes you heard right, sorry guys but Debauche are dancing at this female only venue by special request

So come on ladies lets have a rip roaring time at a ladies only show. Debauche will really dance mega firm favourites and new routines as well

We name this show.. "Sisters are Doing it For Themselves"

Saturday 10am slt @ Velvet Touch Women Only





Saturday 27th March at 1pm slt, Debauche head to the Trophy Room

Debauche happily return to one of their favourite venues this week, The Trophy Room. A wonderful place to relax, to be intrigued, to be a tease...and who doesn't like to tease?

So come join us this Saturday in a marvellous theatre full of marvellous people for some good old fashioned teasing Debauche magic. After party also

Do not want to MISS this

Dress is formal, leave scripts at home. Enjoy

Saturday27th March at 1pm slt , The Trophy Room




Sunday 28th March,1pm slt, Debauche at Surfers Bay

Put on your swimwear and come and enjoy Debauche as we dance at the gorgeous Surfers Bay

 Dancing under the twilight twinkling stars once again.  Really is a magical sight. So come and enjoy a truly magnificent  show and after party with Debauche

New  routines as well as your firm favourites !!!

Stars, moon, sand, sea and Debauche

Sunday 28th March at 1pm SLT Debauche at Surfers Bay





Oasis Dancers


March, 28th - 12 pm SLT (noon) 21:00 MEZ

Oasis Dancers

This Sunday we return to the beautiful Theater on the Nile. We always enjoy to perform at this venue in ancient egyptian style. We put a show together with varied music and new dances never shown before at stage. We are looking forward to a special show and hope to see you all there.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Elysium Cabaret - Welcome To The Weekend!


 If it’s Friday, it’s Elysium Cabaret! Fancy some imagination in a fun social setting? In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, every Friday at 6pm SLT, the dynamic performers of Elysium Cabaret take the stage to bring you a solid hour of entertainment!

Featuring elaborate sets, stunning costumes and choreography sequenced to an eclectic genre of music, Elysium Cabaret offers something for everyone.

Grab your friends and get there early because the sim fills. Come celebrate Friday!

This weeks line up: Friday

  • Babypea
  • Taema
  • Britt
  • Mikiko
  • Bianka
  • Sarah
  • Zach
  • Bianka (crowd dance)


We also offer a ‘best of the past month’ matinèe the last Saturday of every month at 1pm SLT, for our friends who can’t make it to our Friday evening shows. See you there!

Matinee Performers:

  • Melvis
  • Britt
  • Ness
  • Soul Dancers
  • Oasis
  • Nadi
  • Babypea

Welcome to the Weekend!

Your escorted limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Copperhead%20Road/74/64/2754



Tuesday, March 23, 2021

VIRTUOSO Presents Beatrix Potter Tales


VIRTUOSO presents a unique interpretation of some of the classic  Tales of Beatrix Potter, the famous Author, known and loved by children and adults world wide.

In a fabulous spectacle combining Narrative, Music, Movement, Dance and Light, Virtuoso will take you on another magical journey, this time right into the World of Beatrix Potter! We hope you enjoy the stories, written by this amazing author, adapted for this show by VIRTUOSO Director, Klark Harvy, and read to you by the wonderfully expressive voices of our storytellers.

The dance creations, from our talented Choreographers, will bring to you a unique interpretation of some of these famous Tales.

After the show please feel welcome to stay and explore the new Virtuoso Fountain Theatre. Visit the Hall of Fame, the Life of Beatrix Potter, her house and garden, with an insight into how her environment for writing and painting may have looked.

There is also a Tea Garden, and a Memorial Garden either side of the Theatre.
We hope you enjoy the show!



Friday, March 19, 2021



Club IMAGE open this Sunday 
♥MAR 21th(SUN)♥

♥**♥ CLUB IMAGE ♥**♥

OPEN: 6:30 AM SLT (PDT) 

22:30 開場、23:00 開幕 JST

...... ♥ * Line up for this Sunday*♥....... 

1 Setsuna Hirano "Any girl" with Sakura, Raldcat, & Layra
2 Diawa Bellic "Good Vibe" with Yougao
3 Setsuna Hirano "Fairy Garden" with fairytale, Diawa, Yougao, Sakura, & Raldcat
4 Sakura "炎上 Flaming" 
5 Yougao Destiny "ダイナミック琉球 Dynamic Ryu-Kyu" with Setsuna, Sakura, fairytale, & Raldcat

◇ Team Dance ◇
 Diawa Bellic "All about that shake"
🎤DJ:fairytale Stoop

👞Floor staff:HANKU babii


taxi 🚖 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laem%20Singh/196/30/2021

BLOG for IMAGE  http://image.slmame.com/

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Elysium Cabaret - Welcome To The Weekend!


 If it’s Friday, it’s Elysium Cabaret! Fancy some imagination in a fun social setting? In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, every Friday at 6pm SLT, the dynamic performers of Elysium Cabaret take the stage to bring you a solid hour of entertainment!

Featuring elaborate sets, stunning costumes and choreography sequenced to an eclectic genre of music, Elysium Cabaret offers something for everyone.

Grab your friends and get there early because the sim fills. Come celebrate Friday!

This weeks line up:

  • Diawa
  • Dear
  • Imogen
  • Corri
  • Bianka
  • Jo
  • Sarah
  • Eva (crowd)

We also offer a ‘best of the past month’ matinèe the last Saturday of every month at 1pm SLT, for our friends who can’t make it to our Friday evening shows. See you there!

Welcome to the Weekend!

Your escorted limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Copperhead%20Road/74/64/2754


Show & Lounge cossette'

Troupe name: Show & Lounge cossette'
Show date/ time: 22.Mar 2021 (Mon) 7:00 PDT Start
SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laem%20Singh/170/188/706

Here we are cossette' is all about excellent harmony of music, stage and dance. 
Please come down to the show and enjoy our expressive performance on stage!






Saturday 20th March, 1pm slt VIlle De Coeur

Debauche are so pleased to visit  the most beautiful theatre at beautiful VIlle de Coeur. We always look forward to coming to this wonderful theatre,our longest running engagement. The people are all so friendly, so welcoming, so very enthusiastic and that makes it's a great show for us all.

Come along and feel it for yourself as Debauche dance and give you full on West End and Broadway to Second Life

Ville de Coeur, Saturday 20th March, 1pm slt



Sunday 21st March at 1pm slt @ Maui Falls 

Debauche are thrilled to be returning to this amazing sim, the home of naughtiness, fun and a sense of community second to none. It is also the home of Debauchery furniture so isn't that just perfect for Debauche? We think so.

This promises to be a great show, and also great news as the Second Life Playdolls are joining us again also. Really will be sensational and  a new routine as well

See you there on Sunday 21st March, 1pm SLT



Wednesday, March 17, 2021

More Than a Decade of Getting Mooned


I have a deep appreciation and respect for the pioneers of Second Life dance... the people who, as far as I know, where the first to put together a troupe and present stage shows for the entertainment of their fellow residents of this limitless virtual world.  I am so impressed that one of my all-time favourite pioneer troupes is still performing.  If you have not heard of The Blue Moon Cabaret Theatre or seen one of their shows, you really should schedule a visit.  They are, to my knowledge, the only true cabaret troupe in Second Life.  And they have been doing shows since before I knew stage shows existed.  Many well-known dancers got their start at Blue Moons.

Cabaret is defined as: a form of theatrical entertainment featuring music, song, dance, recitation, or drama.

It is not limited to dance, and the most satisfying cabaret incorporates a variety of mediums through which performers offer entertainment.  That is what Blue Moons offers... a true variety show, with dance routines, comedy skits, acting and recitations.  This takes guts, talent, and a heap of courage!  I am loathe to even imagine the pressure of writing a comedy skit and then having to be live on voice, reciting it, hoping to maintain composure and make people LAUGH.  But Blue Moons does it so well.  I don't know how they keep straight voices and not burst into laughter themselves during the delivery of some of their lines.

I know there are a lot of people new to SL dance.  Thus, I wanted to introduce Blue Moons to them, and share some SL performance history.  The following was written by Beth Quander in response to my request for an interview.  I thank her and Tabby Claws for organizing this for me, so that I can share The Blue Moon Cabaret Theatre with the rest of the dance community.  If you want to see a truly fun show that will leave you in tears from laughter, this is not to be missed.  Dress how you please, have voice turned on, and don't hesitate to join in the fun in local chat... they welcome hecklers!  Bring your sense of humour and prepare to have a totally irreverent, laid-back fantastic time that will leave you wanting MORE!

Moons shows are quarterly at the moment.  Meanwhile, everyone must meet Beth!  She has more energy in her pinky than I have in my entire body.  She exudes warmth, joy, and FUN.  She has that positive, uplifting vitality that makes her highly intoxicating and addictive, which seems to be a common thread amongst the crew at the Moons and permeates the atmosphere at their shows.  Everybody must get Mooned!  Read on to learn more.  Even the read is totally entertaining.

Cheers, Babypea Von Phoenix

The Blue Moon Cabaret Theatre

– by Beth Quander

“If you wanted a professional show, with elegant dances and incredible attention to detail, you visited Ellies Burlesque. If you wanted to watch a set collapse on the front row of punters, you went to Moons.” Reala is explaining the way The Blue Moon Cabaret Theatre started out. And we can happily report that this grand tradition still continues – over ten years later. “Honestly, we tried doing proper burlesque dancing in the early days. It became very clear, very quickly, we were too casual about it to be in the same league as Ellies or Naughty Box,” says Reala. “We were a scruffy bunch of misfits that enjoyed dossing about on stage. So we put our humour and creative energy into other things. With comedy sketches and stand up mixed between dances.” 

“I fell into a natural MC role with my ability to rabbit on with puns, while chaos and anarchy were breaking out backstage, and sets and props were breaking,” she says. “Nobody knew what was going on, but I think that gave us a rough and bawdy charm…”

“You don't know what life is until you've been Mooned.”
- Reala

Which definitely appealed, as there’s never been a shortage of performers. “Jaida Bayn, SexyS and Kat Feldragonne started out at Moons. And Katherine Rossini of ‘No Label’, I believe,” says Reala. Vicki Eriksen, Nikki Arentire and SisterMoon have all done interesting experiments on the stage there. And ComCat Fenstalker (she of the famous Blue Moon Intermission), Winnifred (staunch supporter of cancer research and annual fundraiser) and Cordie Cerise (of Whymsee fame) were all regular performers.

Starting life in May 2009 as a mature hangout on Freshenko, Moons has moved location, building type and performance style as moods and times changed. Its various incarnations have included a surf shop, a church, a strip club and an owl café. “We shuffled off to Zindra when it arrived, but unfortunately most people there reduced you to one thing. Which we’re not and never have been,” says Reala. 

Moons eventually returned to its original Freshenko location, stayed strictly M-rated, and shifted focus to comedy and performing burlesque skits that told a story. “We taught ourselves how to do it,” says Tabby Claws, a mere 5-month-old SL baby when she joined the crew. “And I created and performed about a dozen skits there. Creating a skit took hours to do and were nerve-wracking to perform. But I loved it!” Tabby moved on to become a full-time roller derby player, and then took a few years off from SL. “When I got back, I was delighted to see Blue Moon was still active!” she says. “I had so many firsts there. And now I’ve had another! I’ve started DJ-ing.” ‘TabbyTunes at Moons’ is now a regular monthly event supplying klassy klubbin’ for kool kats.

“It's the scrappy little underdog that continues to have grand performances.”
– Tabby Claws

“I honestly don’t know how Moons gets away with it. It’s a barely-upright Health & Safety violation with a stage, in a total backwater in SL, but somehow the place just won’t die!” says Beth Quander, one of the small group of bewildered regulars who recently found they’d become the new owners. “Seriously,” adds Cara Massimina, Massi Mega Mix DJ and now regular stage performer, “anybody who stays more than five minutes tends to keep coming back forever. That's how long it takes for the subliminal coding to take effect, I think...” And it’s true that expressing even a mild interest in being part of the show means you’re snapped up immediately. “The initiation may or may not involve paddles…” says Cara, archly. 
“The owls are not what they seem…”
– Cara Massimina

Music gigs, cabaret shows and special events have audience participation, heckling and general all-round cheekiness built in. Which may account for the general blurriness between ‘performers’ and ‘audience’ that is particular to Moons. “I think they put something in the rum,” says now MC and stand up comic Beth. “A bunch of us had been coming to Moons for years as audience members and somehow ended up on stage ourselves. And then one night Reala got us drunk and the next thing we knew, we'd somehow agreed to take over the running of the place."

"It just bloody refuses to die!"
– Beth Quander

Reala sniggers, congratulating herself on her craftiness… “But honestly, the atmosphere and vibe are still there because it's the same people running shows,” she says. “The only thing they changed was the build.” Regular Moons punters and performers are only too familiar with the build changing more often than some people change their underwear. The landmark that took you to the front door last week and now lands you in the toilet is just accepted as ‘a Moons thing’… “It's a cool new build as well,” continues Reala. “We used to keep a vintage and esoteric vibe, every single time. The new one (by the talented Sath Gandt) has a more indie feel. If you've ever listened to one of their DJ sets, you'll know why it's an awesome reflection of the new owners. Also, they kept on the owls.”

General Moons malarky

Sath is another of the regular DJs, with his ‘Danceteria’ and stints as the Devil DJ at Monsters Balls, and as the Hogfather at the annual Hogswatch Party. He also creates the sets for the music gigs and is chief technician for the irregular Cabarets and themed events (“Sath’s erections never cease to leave me breathless,” says Beth). Performances might involve laserbeam-touting flying sharks, explosions (planned and otherwise), Communist revolutions, Alien invasions, or any combination of the above.

The Devil DJ on stage with the Monsters of Mayhem

"We’re just well-meaning, collaborative folk who’re definitely in it to have fun,” says Sath. “It's basic punk. It's DIY. Very comfortably anarchic and incredibly creative.” Sath finds SL performance spaces easier in many ways than ones he encountered during his bouts of ‘amateur theatrics’ in real life. While wholly accepting that online performances throw up a whole mess of unique challenges in themselves. “I have nothing but respect for the SL dancers who get good at it. I’ve done a little choreography for Moons shows myself, and it’s not easy! It takes lot of hard work to dance in SL.”

“We’re a bunch of weirdos, but we’re fun weirdos (as long as you like that sort of thing).”
– Sath Gandt

Moons definitely attracts performers happy to work with a shoestring of available SL materials and tangle it into some sort of show. “We proudly do what we can do, when we can do it, and it's only worth doing if everyone is having a good time," beams Sath. And pulling in a large audience has never been the point. “Obviously, we’d welcome a bigger audience if we got one. But we’re clearly not in it for the money!” he points out. “It’s really about making people laugh. And the camaraderie of the Blue Moon Crew has become an incredibly strong support structure for me, personally,” he says. Tabby agrees that this attitude is at the centre of the Theatre’s personality. “We may never be as grandiose as those well-polished dance-troupes you can see at flashier venues, but it has true heart and humour unlike anywhere else.”

The Blue Moon Crew

“Moons is like that little gap between your cooker and the kitchen cabinets. It's often quiet but occasionally weird things scuttle out,” says Prue Memo, eclectic DJ, stage manager and musical director for shows. “It’s been my SL home from home for years,” she says. “Mooners are like an online cartoon family to me (close, warm, and sometimes dysfunctional…)” Like it says in the brochure: everyone’s welcome at Moons – newbies, oldbies, humans, non-humans, gendered, non-gendered, whoever, whatever. It’s nothing fancy, the rum flows free and every stain tells a story. "What's our dress code?” Beth raises an eyebrow. “Um... space pirate, monster from the abyss, 1950s cheescake.  We don't care!  If you wanna wear it, you can rock it at Moons!"  

 “Exactly. And if you’ve ever want to do some weird performance in SL, and it just doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ anywhere – then come to Moons!” says Prue. “I think we hate the idea of being formulaic or repetitive, which means we always leap at the chance to do something new or different.” Indeed, the calendar for 2021 includes cats, pirates, Doctor Who, eggs and spaceships. "Oh yes, we’re absolutely serious about bringing a true and authentic experience of Burlesque to Second Life,” say Beth. “Bwahahahahaha!  Who are we kidding? We're just a motley bunch of amateurs with far more enthusiasm than talent. If that’s the kind of place you’d like to call home, come along and join in!”

“I stepped in something sticky in 2009 and I haven’t been able to leave since.”
– Autumn Teardrop.

    You can visit Blue Moon Comedy & Cabaret Theatre Here

Idle Rogue Productions - La Cirque de la Nuit TICKET BOOKING!


Friday March 26th 10 pm
Saturday March 27th 1 pm
Sunday March 28th 7 pm
Friday April 2nd 7pm
Saturday April 3rd 10pm
Sunday April 4th 3pm

Le Cirque de la Nuit is Idle Rogue Productions penultimate annual dance entertainment - a steampunk circus, based very loosely on The Night Circus, a novel of magic and fantasy by Erin Morgenstern - from the team that bring you Guerilla Burlesque.
Our show returns for 2021 with beautiful new acts to make your heart soar! This is a PG event
You MUST reserve a seat to be able to see this show. Seats are limited to 40 per night and they book out quickly. We reserve seats for this show so we can prepare the sim for each audience, and bookings are now open. Contact SATURDAY MELODY inworld to book for all 6 shows

Special instructions/dress code if one:

 We encourage steampunk, circus and Victorian dress, but plead that you will wear low complexity and forego HUDS, lighting and particles, as these slow the sim.


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Misfit Dance & Performance Art


 Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents:
"Misfit Follies - A Showcase of Theater Dance Art "
We are excited to share our super fun March 2021 Show with 2 Performance Dates!

Seats are limited at each show so DO arrive early to guarantee yours
Come join the fun!

Show Details 
Wed    3/17           5 PM             Misfit Dance Theater
Wed    3/24           5 PM             Misfit Dance Theater 

❉❊ ❉❊ ❉
The Visit
Spy vs Spy
Cinco de Julio
Eggs in One Basket
Food Fight
The Lobster Quadrille

Come experience our Misfit Dance Cam HUD -  where you  wear a little HUD button  and WE - control what you see!   It's like a video LIVE on stage -  so amazing    =)

Misfit Dance & Performance Art  ~  a theater art dance troupe like no other - Think Broadway in SL
Come join us and as always ---  eXpect the uneXpected!


Royale Cabaret Entertainers


March 20th 4 pm SLT

Royale Cabaret Entertainers with Noir Neverland present charity show "FUN AND FANTASY IN A BIG KID'S WORLD"  for Wounded Warriors.

Special instructions/dress code if one:

casual dress


Monday, March 15, 2021

Crystal Edge Dancers


We Would  like to invite you to our fortnightly dance show, a fun filled show with a lot of variation in music.

Date of Show is Friday 19th March 

Time 1.30 SLT  (please be aware of the time change in SL)

Location  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Madeira/74/224/3998

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Just Dance!


Date(s) and Time(s) of your Show: Thursday 18th March @ 4.30pm 

Just Dance!! New fun and happening troupe with our fun show at our very own theatre.  We hope you come along and enjoy the great acts our choreographers have worked hard on.


Thursday, March 11, 2021

Elysium Cabaret - Welcome To The Weekend!


 If it’s Friday, it’s Elysium Cabaret! Fancy some imagination in a fun social setting? In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, every Friday at 6pm SLT, the dynamic performers of Elysium Cabaret take the stage to bring you a solid hour of entertainment!

Featuring elaborate sets, stunning costumes and choreography sequenced to an eclectic genre of music, Elysium Cabaret offers something for everyone.

Grab your friends and get there early because the sim fills. Come celebrate Friday!

This weeks line up:

  • Melli
  • Ness
  • Taema
  • Ariel
  • Bianka
  • Sarah
  • Babypea
  • Britt (crowd)

We also offer a ‘best of the past month’ matinèe the last Saturday of every month at 1pm SLT, for our friends who can’t make it to our Friday evening shows. See you there!

Welcome to the Weekend!

Your escorted limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Copperhead%20Road/74/64/2754




Saturday 13th March at 1pm slt, Jane Bond comes to Sounds and Sins

A very special show danced by  quite special dance troupe

Especially requested for Sounds and Sins. James Bond returns with spectacular effects and Choreography that will blow you away, Debauche are proud to bring James Bond, sorry Jane Bond to this new venue by special request

Please come dressed in style. Tuxe's or similar for guys, lovely, sexy  gowns for the ladies, please with low scripts but come in style. A special pool party afterwards so please change into swinwear 

 Jane Bond 007 comes to Sins and Sounds

Saturday 13th March, 1pm slt James Bond at Sounds & Sins


Sunday 14th March at 1pm slt, Debauche at Tuscany

Debauche are pleased to once again dance at this wonderful theatre in this very Picturesque location of Tuscany.

 Debauche will be dancing firm favourite classics as well as new premiers .  Always stunningly spectacular Choreographed routines 

 It's always a pleasure to dance here for Karel and his wonderful people at Tuscany, they treat Debauche so well, 


Sunday 14th March @ 1pm slt Debauche visit Tuscany

Come see the show!!



Club IMAGE open this Sunday 
♥MAR 14th(SUN)♥

♥**♥ CLUB IMAGE ♥**♥

OPEN: 6:30 AM SLT (PDT) 

22:30 開場、23:00 開幕 JST

...... ♥ * Line up for this Sunday*♥....... 

1. Setsuna Hirano "Over the Clouds"
2. Yougao Destiny "或る日-光 Hikaru-kimi" with Setsuna & Sakura
3. Sakura "COLORFUL" with Setsuna, fairytale, Diawa, Yougao and Raldcat
4. Diawa Bellic "Capricorn やぎ座"
5. Sakuya Lazlui "Stamp On Ground" ★NEW★ with Diawa, Yougao, Sakura and Raldcat

◇ Team Dance ◇
Yougao Destiny "Can't stop the feeling _Spring Ver"

🎤DJ:fairytale Stoop
👞Floor staff:HANKU babii


taxi 🚖 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laem%20Singh/196/30/2021

BLOG for IMAGE  http://image.slmame.com/

Oasis Dancers


March, 13th - 12 pm SLT (noon) 21:00 MEZ

 Oasis Dancers 

This Saturday we`ll perform at the well-known Plaza Grand Theater and Ballroom again. We prepared new dances, good music and we can´t wait to see you all. So what else you need for good entertainment and an unforgettable evening. 


La Coquette Cabaret


        ❃ڿڰۣ  La Coquette Cabaret ڰۣ--❃     
       Monday, March 15th @6:00pmslt
     Sunday, March 21st @ 1:00pmslt
      Sunday, March 28th @ 6:00pmslt

        ~MOVE YOUR BODY~
Let's dance
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let's dance
To the song they're playin' on the radio
Dance is a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers within a particular culture. Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, by its repertoire of movements, or by its historical period or place of origin. Join us as we move our body! Join us as we explore our favorite genres!                   
  The show fun continues as we dance the night away at the best afterparty on the grid! When DJ Dune will continue the party in the lobby spinning great tunes while the rest of us shake our booty on La Machine!
Special instructions/dress code:
Dress to Impress !
This is an Adult sim the show does contain some nudity. No child avatars will be permitted. 


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Moonshadow Theater


Date(s) and Time(s) of your Show:
March 14 2021
March 28 2021

Show at 5pm SLT

Name of your troupe and description of event:
Every other Sunday at 5pm SLT,  the MoonShadow Theater promises you an evening of sexy dancers and hot music as we electrify your senses keeping you transfixed and wanting more. Come spend an hour with us and see some of the most talented dancers in SL bring breathtaking sets and amazing choreography to the MoonShadow stage. 

When you are there, please join our subscribo. No space needed, we won't spam you and you will get one reminder/notice about the upcoming show! Kiosks are located at the entrances or on the front of the stage. Look for the MoonShadow logo signs. 

Special instructions/dress code if one:
Possible nudity in some sets.



    FRIDAY, MARCH 19TH @ 7:00 PM

    "PRETTY in PINK" 

 Special instructions/dress code if one:




Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Audace ShowStyle


Saturday, March 13 @ 1PMslt

 Name of your troupe and description of event:
Audace ShowStyle Variety Dance Show

 Special instructions/dress code if one:
no special instructions


Paramount Players


March 13 & 27, 2021 at 7:30pm slt.

Paramount Players

Seaside, oceanside, underneath the water! Bikinis and scuba gear galore! Ocean of Wonders is the new show for March 2021 at Desire Arts Theatre. Enjoy the dancing of the Players while trying to breathe underwater! 
Starting at 7:30 pm slt, on Saturday, March 13 & 27, 2021. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Debauche/Crystal Edge


Debauche and Crystal Edge at Furbs, 6th March at 1pm slt


Please join Debauche and Crystal Edge as both troupes come together to dance in what will simply be a truly magnificent show.

It's Furbs 1st birthday and ooh wow haven't they taken the matket by storm. So it's happy birthday to all connected with Furbs

Debauche are so proud to once again join the wonderful Crystal Edge on the stage, dancing at our newest venue at Furbs also, simply what dreams are made of 

Live singers before and after show

Crystal Edge/Debauche show at Furbs Saturday 6th March at 1pm slt



Sunday 7th March  at 1pm slt , Debauche at New Berlin Berlin

Debauche are so pleased and honoured to be performing at this prestigious venue. Always a firm favourite and these shows here just seem to get better and grow bigger

 Please come and join Debauche go all out to thrill and amaze you. New routine as well as firm favourites. Little bit risque, lots of sexiness mixed with touch of naughtiness and loads of class. 

After party down below with Geordie as well!!!

1pm slt 7th March at the famous New Berlin