Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back at 2014 and Forward into 2015

Wow what a year 2014 was!

We saw quite a few trends. I noticed more show offerings, lots of new dancers, but most notably the forecast trend of dancers 'performing at other venues'


 Initially it was on the onus of the performer to venue-hop, with producers standing back and taking notice. Then, slowly and cautiously with some modest pride-swallowing, it appeared as if producers became active participants in the process of dancers performing inter-venue. I would venture to say that there were some venue-to-venue agreements made on the low-low. 

On the upside, its easier to fill up a schedule of an hour show on a more regular basis if you are struggling with product-supply. On the flip-side, we start seeing the same acts way more than we ever did which has been an expressed annoyance by many...well many that I hear,often of which are the 'squeaky wheels'. So its a price you decide to pay...or not.

If you want to see more shows, then pay the price of seeing repeats...and yes I agree that it wont be a repeat for everyone in the audience, just us die-hards that go to damned-near every show there is.  It could be argued that my small circle of friends are biased towards seeing a 'lot of shows' and are more susceptible to seeing repeats because we are avid show-attendees...than say the majority of the audience for whom it may likely be a 1st time viewing.

You could argue that those willing to do repeats, are offering the newer acts a chance to be seen that wouldn't be seen because they didn't have a full 1 hr show to present. And from the repeat-performers pov, they benefit from being able to reach different audiences and time-zones and maybe gather new followers.

I am ok with seeing repeats, so far, in order to see new acts. I am sure this has a tolerance level and has a limit.

Plan to see more of this in 2015 as well as the occasional 'performer burnout'.


We also saw the wide-spread adaption of performer-movement. That of moving the animation center-point during the actual performance, providing more stage use in the x,y, and z directions. And we saw this in coordinated group movement as well. Also a popular trend is multiple group animation presentations, I call AB sequencing, but others probably know it by some other name. Having 2 (sometimes 3) different dances done at the same time by multiple groups. At 3 groups often and always with  4 groups, it becomes organized chaos to me...but I do love the direction its going and the offering of 2 different groups who branch off and do their own thing then rejoin in unison.


I am pretty sure I saw the increased offering of group-dancing. In fact some venues offer nothing but. The upside is it offers more performers the opportunity to perform and helps justify 'big'. The downside is that it de-emphasizes the importance and presence of 'the performer' as artiste-with-a-message.


There are now dedicated choreographers and dedicated ball-sitters.

Venues are adopting a vertical mode of skills...that being a move away from a performer who 'does it all' to skilled specialists who offer their skill to all performers. Dedicated set-builders who build sets for all the performers. The upside is that performers can perform more often because they have less to do in order to offer a performance as well as quality control. The downside...well it goes without I won't say it.

And I've seen a costume-schema where an ALT holds an accumulated mass of 'transfer' costumes that are checked in and checked out. The upside being that over time, the cost of costuming decreases because there is reuse. The downside is managing the check-in/ check-out process...chasing down people and their 'overdue library books'. 

Expect more specialization.

Videos of performances

Yes, its becoming the de-facto standard. Expect more of the same and improved quality for 2015 

The Star-Studded Performance

A sudden new trend is having a good live-singer as part and lead of a group-dance offering with emphasis on 'good'. The downside is that with good comes increased overhead as good wants to be paid for being good and understandably so.

If/when the issues of visible mesh are resolved, we may see multiple ward-robe changes from the 'star performer' ala Cher of Vegas fame.
"Cher and her dancers make 140 costume changes each show, and each costume is more amazing then the last."
Full-Sim Performances

Expect to see more of this fast popular trend. Expect to see a full-on underwater show where we travel around in a submarine ala '20-Thousand-Leagues Under the Sea'  or up in the air in a balloon-gondola  ala 'Around the-World-In-80-Days...where the audiences are moved en-masse from set to set.

Theatrical Performances

Expect to see more planned if not actual theatrical performances well-seated in story. These may take the form of theatrical musicals with dance or may contain no dance at all. It's ready to evolve into, something else, I think...whatever that may entail. Expect a lot of full or near misses as original writing, I think, is the hardest discipline to master.

Extended Performances

I've seen a trend of shows extending beyond the unofficially accepted maximum show-length of 1 hr. I think it will approach 2 hrs as quality and quantity of talent inreases. I think 2 hrs is how long you can 'hold your water' before needing relief. I think thats why most movies are from 90 minutes to 2-hrs 15mins. 

Rating System

Not going to happen for obvious reasons but the idea has been talked about behind the scenes. I suppose we have a de-facto standard in place. Do you know who they are on first-name basis?

More Erotica Offerings

Well I predict least attempts offerings. I had predicted more of this before and it fell way short of my predictions so now I am lowering my expectations for 2015 as it is not easy to present boldly and  convincingly to a mixed audience of gender as well as peer-non-peer. It seems as if its been hard present unabashedly...its as if our parents are in the audience. The sensuality must extend beyond the bearing of skin into the actual  animation-motion, and audience proximity, and inter-personal conviction.

Increased Audiences and Increased Waiting Times

Good news...more people in attendance is a trend, meaning more opportunities for dancers, more tips, more stuff to do and see in a slowly declining active-SL-membership. Along with this trend seems to be the requirement to come earlier, so that you get all the stuff cached for a better viewing. Also, popular shows are filling up faster.

Could we see...? "Announcing the 1st 24-hr Dance Marathon. Thats right 24-continuous hrs of shows. A 1st in SL...starting next Sunday 12:01 am to 11:59pm. We ask that you come this Satruday 12:01 am and sit for 24 hrs while we cache a days worth of animations, costumes, sets, particles and other stuff. I know its a lot to ask but we promise it will well be worth it. Be part of this history-making event. We ask that you arrive 12 hrs early as we expect the newly-expanded SL-sim size of 300 attendees to fill up fast".


Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft

Kittens N Tigers Variety Show at the Waterfront Theatre

Variety Shows are back on track as from 9th January 2015 and every 1st Friday of the month after that.  Featuring an eclectic mix of some of SL's most loved and fabulous dance talent!  Don't miss out on this fun and inspiring show!  Looking forward to seeing you, and please bring friends... enjoy the afternoon out! 

Starlite Theater Presents "AFTER DARK"

Starlite Theater Presents "AFTER DARK"
Show February 11th 2015
Wednesday 8pm SLT


This monthly HOT and STEAMY show is not to be missed!
See some of Second Life's TOP PERFORMERS as they show you their darker side.



Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Flex-Stage - Big vs Little

The topic of the big stage vs the little stage has come up again in circles. Sounds like it's on a few peoples minds.

A solution to satisfy the needs of performers and audience has been bandied about...that of modifying existing big stages so that they become flexible to handle both large and not-so-large acts. When an act does not have the need to the full dimensions of the maximum stage metrics, there would be an option to apply a framing and/or shrinking mechanism: across, up-and-down, as well as stage depth. Just how that would be accomplished will be up to each venue. 

I suspect there will be 2 preset sizes but there could just as well be 3. Performers would be provided with 2 (or 3) stage templates to choose from when creating their act as well as any sort of framing mechanism that would end up being used. 

There is also the possibility of using the stage as a camera in that you could start off big, like an opening establishing shot, and then have a dynamic set-size-change as the performers dance-areas shrinks and we are told to focus on the main dancer (or dancers). And the stage could shrink then expand again and shrink again. That might look cool and really help highlight and magnify what we are seeing, even thought the image size of the dancer is the same.

You sort of do this now when you start out with one dancer and add dancers during the routine. Here we go from small to big. Or we see black-out effects to help focus on 'just the dance'.

Then there are the pros and cons of an auto-cam system that controls what the audience sees, should they opt-in. While I am a strong proponent of at least providing the option, it could end up diluting the 'immersive' feel that is part of the SL experience. That we are ' there'... 'in it' to look around at what we want when we want. A cam-controlled event might begin to parallel tv and movies and then are we no longer immersed as in typical SL fashion,  but just watching something akin to tv thru a virtual world platform.

I do think auto-cam is an integral part of big productions where you are trying to convey intimate interactions between players akin the the 2-shot and closeups. There is no way around this if your goal is to tell a story with people-centered dilemmas, as opposed to some action-packed adventure drama spectacle where the 'whole' is always the thing to see. But sometimes we need to know where and when to look at what....without guessing, being wrong, and missing integral story parts because we guessed wrong...Looking left instead of right. 

Well prediction for SL-2015 in the realm of performance is that we see some bold avant-garde creators address the issue of 'size' and the 'when-where-what' to look an attempt is made to increase the live SL bang-for-the-buck visual.

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft

Monday, December 29, 2014

Breezes Dancers 'Excerpts from Swan Lake'

On New Year's Eve Breezes Dancers will be performing their ballet 'Excerpts from Swan Lake' at Aphrodisiac Dinner Theater on Lago de Prata on the Blake Sea. There is some free seating but you can also book a dining experience as well as watching the ballet. Free seating is limited so get there early. There are a few places left for dining and I can get  you a special price.

Tickets can be viewed on Marketplace here:
 Marketplace -
Please contact me (Venetia Cazalet) if you are interested
and I will see what discount I can get for you.

When: Wednesday 31st December 2014
Time: 12 noon slt (approx 40 minute performance)
Where: Aphrodisiac Dinner Theater on Lago de Prata

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lady Garden Cabaret "Best of 2014"

Don't miss out on the very best of Lady Garden Cabaret from 2014!!
Friday, January 2nd at 3pm SLT
See you there!!

"Sorry, But We're Having Technical Difficulties..."

" know how SL can be...please be patient with us and we return as soon as possible. Thank you"

So lets talk about them. Is it possible we can help each other with solutions we've found? What kind of difficulties have you had? You can speak on the low-low and stay anonymous.

If there something that would help, what would it be, other than SL performing better and more reliably cause...not much we can do about that.

Yes, this is an open biatch-session, so biatch-on. (Where is The Guinness Book of Records?...this is my shortest post ever)

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft

Starlite Dancers Present "Cabaret Spectacular"

See Blog Calendar for More Show Dates!

Starlite Dancers Present "Cabaret Spectacular"
December 29th

Starlite Theater proudly present you with an evening of entertainment sure to be a crowd pleaser! Featuring a rotating cast of Amazing artists performing everything from creative solo dances to large high energy routines. You don't want to miss it! Doors open at 6:30 PM SLT.

This will be a Pre-New Years Show with music and dancing afterwards!


Video Channel

Blue Velvet Dance Company "Indigo"

                                                                 ● 4th January 2pm●
                                                              ●Royal Opera House ●

A lot has been written over the last few years about "Indigo" generations,
told as a jump on the evolution chain, reason why few generations of adults and children was born with special treats , art, creativity, passion, and a special empathy and sensibility. 

Described sometimes as the person with a blue aura around them , with supernatural talent like mind reader or telepathy..

The Blue velvet dance company wanted to pay a tribute with this special show, Ballet, Geisha´s, and a variety of cultural acts.

Please Bring friends and family to this first time show at The Royal Opera House .

Dance Xcetera Encore Christmas Show

Christmas with Dance Xcetera
Sunday, Dec. 28th at 4pm SLT

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Guerilla Burlesque Holiday Performances

Special Ops for Guerilla Burlesque Exclusives
Midnight December 24th - Recommend Early Arrival (by 11:30pm)
at the GBE Theatre on Idle Rogue
We invite you to join Guerilla Burlesque Exclusives so that you can attend this and other special shows, as well as receive Exclusive gifts and other benefits.  To join, copy/paste this key into local chat, press Enter, and click the link that appears in your local chat bar: 

Guerilla Burlesque Holiday Revue
Midnight December 26th
at the Acuo Theatre on Idle Rogue
The sim will fill quickly, thus we recommend arriving at 11:00pm

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Breezes Dancers Christmas Show

Breezes Dancers will be performing their Christmas Show for the last time on Sunday 21 December at Breezes Winter Venue. 

When: Sunday 21 December 2014
Time: 12noon slt (show takes approx 45 minutes and will be followed by a party)
Where: Breezes Winter Venue


Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday the Dec. 19th Dance Shows

I reposted todays events with LMs at the request of a DQ member. Please test the LMs and let me know as to their authenticity.

It's the Friday before Christmas and wow a full day we have for you.

12.30pm SLT - Le Jardin de Paris - Reservation Only! - Le Jardin de Paris

3pm SLT - WaterFront Theater - The Full Monty - Waterfront Theater

6pm SLT - Elysium Cabaret - Elysium Cabaret

8pm SLT - Starlite Dancers - Frank's Elite

9pm SLT - Christmas !* ExtravaDanza *! - Christmas Extravadanza

The Full Monty

The Full Monty ..........Is a stage show of the movie, full of great fun and YES the guys do end up by doing THE FULL MONTY 


DATE -------Saturday 20th December
LOCATION-------- Waterfront
TIME--------------3.00 PM SLT

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Starlite Dancers "Michael Buble' Christmas Special LIVE!!!"


This is a great 2 hour holiday concert event!
Bring your friends and dance to all your favorite Michael Buble performances LIVE!
Frank's Elite is an amazing Members Only venue.
Don't miss one of the BIGGEST Holiday Christmas Shows in Second Life!


See Blog Calendar for More Show Dates!

Video Channel

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

La Oro Unleashed Christmas Show

December 20th at 5pm SLT
We are unleashing the coolest Christmas ever!

*Put On Your Ice Skates
*Unleashed Nutcracker Suites
*Santa Grinch Visits Cindy Lou's Home
*Carol of the Bells Music Box
*Santa's Elves and Their Version of the Nutcracker Suites

Special guest performances from Babypea and Dance Xcetera

Blue Velvet Christmas Special

Due to the important date of the year, Blue velvet theatre is opening with a variety dance show including acts never seen before.
Join us Thursday 18 dec - 5PM SLT

Breezes Dancers Christmas Show

Breezes Dancers will be performing their Christmas Show on
Thursday 18 December at Christmas Fair in Mawaii. 

Where: Christmas Fair in Mawaii
When: Thursday 18 December 2014
Time: 12 noon slt

The Christmas Show is a fun and happy performance of 5 Acts of different styles of wonderful Christmas holiday music that has been mixed specially for this show with dance choreography and scenery to match each Act.  This will probably be the last public performance of this show so do not miss it!!

If you are still not feeling Christmassy come and watch this show to help get you in the mood!!

The Polar Express - Toys for Tots Fundraiser

1st Annual Toys for Tots Dance Show
Featuring a timeless tribute to The Polar Express
Presented by Velvet Vixens, Neverland Kids Clothing, and Shooters Saloon
All proceeds donated to Toys for Tots

Wednesday Dec. 17th at 6pm SLT
Saturday Dec. 20th at 3pm SLT

Intellectual Property Replacement

I was asked to blog on this pressing matter. It is in the public interest to do so mainly so we have a central repository of information and experiences to share with each other, so please comment of your experiences and add to my list, any vendors not listed, that you've experienced IP replacements for.

IP Replacement

If you search your inventory using "IP Replacement" as a search criteria, you may find many of your animations replaced with what you see above.

IP stands for "Intellectual Property". So when an item in your inventory is replaced, it is because someone felt that their creation was "stolen by another, in essence". Linden Lab follows the procedures described in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) . 

If a legally sufficient DMCA notice is submitted, Linden Lab will then remove the identified materials as appropriate. Repeated copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property violations by a Resident may result in their accounts being suspended or terminated.

Here is a link to Linden Labs policy on the IP complaint process.


This means the that someone filed the equivalent of a web-centric DMCA Takedown. 

According to LL, the process for correcting a wrongful IP takes about 10 days. It has to go thru legal channels. 

The following vendors appear to have had IP's filed against them in recent days. Well to be more clear, these are the vendors who people have reported to have had items they bought, replaced in their inventory.

Vista, Akeyo, 4DStudio, Henmations, SineWave

Replacement Behaviors

Animations that are boxed will work when you replace them into your inventory but only until they do another IP run, which appears they do nightly??. I am only speculating.

Also, it appears that animations redelivered by vendors in good conscious were again IPed last night. I can attest to the fact that I had Akeyo animations re-IPed last night.

What can you do?

You are supposed to be notified by email as to which animations were IPed. So far I have not received any emails associated with this latest wave of IPs. So, playing by the rules and acting in good faith and conscious, I feel you would be within your rights to unpack animations you have boxed up and put them back in your inventory. Just know that they will be good only until there is another "animation raid" later that night.

It appears that animations in HUDs still work and were not affected by the mass IP run. That maybe an alternative to safeguard against inflammatory IP filings, as we can act with an "innocent until proven guilty" in parallel with the DMCA process which seems to warrant a take-action-based-on "guilty until proven innocent"

Filings in Error

It appears that there has been either an error or an intent to defraud by someone real or by someone falsely represented. Here is a recent statement  found and posted from Linden Lab.


Due to a recent internal error, some Residents may have noticed a few items were recently replaced within their inventories. We are working to reverse the process and hope to have the original items restored quickly. 

If you believe that your items were affected, please keep an eye on your inventory - you should see the original items restored soon.

In addition to restoring the original items as quickly as possible, we are also taking steps to resolve the issue that caused the error so that we can avoid repeating it in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

How to handle erroneosly filed IPs

An IP complaint was submitted about my content, and I believe that the complaint was in error. What can I do? 
If you've been notified of a copyright complaint about your content, and you believe in good faith that your content is not copyright infringing, or that its removal was by mistake or misidentification, you may have the content reinstated by submitting a sworn counter-notification. To be effective, a counter-notification must be in writing and contain the information identified in our DMCA Policy under the heading “To File A Counter-Notification”.

Please be aware that this is a legal process, and if you submit a valid counter-notification, the law provides that a copy of your counter-notification, including the real world contact information you provide, is to be forwarded to the person who submitted the copyright complaint. Your removed content may then be reinstated in ten (10) business days unless we receive notice that the complaining party has filed a court action seeking an order to restrain you from engaging in infringing activity related to the content."


"When content is removed from a website at the request of the owner of the content or the owner of the copyright of the content"
Note: although the DMCA is part of US Copyright law, a DMCA Takedown does not require the content to be copyrighted in order to process the takedown OR for the request to have the content taken down acted upon by the website owner or ISP.

In other words the fact the content is yours, or in the case of a photo or video the subject is you can be sufficient enough to request a takedown.

Please see this link for more information on a DMCA Takedown

 DMCA Takedown


If you have more time than money, then here is some bathroom reading on the legalese with regards to DMCA.

DMCA Legislation

-Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft-

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sneak Peek! Christmas ExtravaDanza!

The first show is TONIGHT!!  No need to pout, cry or shout... Santa Claus IS coming to town AND he is taking YOU for a magical journey on his sleigh!  A sim-wide winter wonderland awaits, with reindeer stopping along the way for you to enjoy the splendor of Christmas, celebrated with music and dance!

* A sleigh ride across a winter wonderland of spectacular dances, celebrating Christmas around the world and through time!

* From the North Pole to Whoville, a lighted ice palace to Victorian charm, frozen forest fantasy to rusty Holden utes, this very special show will be a highlight of your holiday season.

* Some of SL's most dedicated dancers have been working very hard to create a Christmas ExtravaDanza for your enjoyment.

* Featuring a sim-wide venue built by RestlessSoul Blackheart!  Bring your camera and stay after the show to tour the sim, ice skate, have snow ball fights, and line up to sit on Santa's lap.  You are invited to enjoy the sim and take lots of pictures!

SexyS Quintessa
BabyP von Phoenix
Gunner von Phoenix
Chandra Meehan
Dragon McMasters
Misse Tigerpaw
Setsuna Hirano

Miss SexyS Quintessa

Dec. 17th at 9pm SLT
Dec. 19th at 9pm SLT
Dec. 20th at 1pm SLT
Dec. 21st at 1pm SLT
FINE PRINT: Not all choreographers will perform at every show

This very special holiday presentation is the final offering on LEA12, the sim granted to Euphoria by Linden Endowment for the Arts.  In its final month, it features ExtravaDanza, the new dance troupe directed by SexyS Quintessa, in a Christmas around the world and through time production!  Mark your calendars and bring your wish list, plan to stay after the show and enjoy the sim... great photo opportunities, snow ball fights, ice skating, and a chance to sit on Santa's lap!

Believing is seeing!!  We got THE GRINCH!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Winds of the Sahara Cabaret Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen Can I get your attention please!!!

This has been a stressful few weeks knowing the Winds would be closing, after just 20 months since we emerged from the sand. Since learning of the news, I have been looking at options, including the ones that came from other venues who stepped forward, to include some sim owners, friends and even friends of friends. I was, and still am,  very grateful for those people stepping forward. It gave me hope that saving the Winds would be possible. With that said thank you Paul from the Empire Room, Path from Paramount Theatre, Votarn from the I Patch,  Anekee & Family, CeasonlySu, Ally, Ashley, Cherri, Kitten, K3W, Winnie, and Cyllene AKA Chrissy.

Working with a few of the people mentioned above made it possible that the Winds was able to secure a new parcel to call our new home on the "Gateway" Sim. A very special thank you to you all for opening up your Sim to allow us to be there, and to the ones helping us to finance this parcel. As many of you know, Sims are not free in SL so always remember to tip the venues and Sims when you can as they do appreciate your help even if it is not always vocalized.

After tonights show the Winds will still close our doors, but for the holidays ONLY as we have shovels and will dig out of this sand storm coming to swallow up this cabaret soon. When we get it dug back out, and all the sand swept outside, we will open the doors and invite you all to come see what was discovered under the sand. In the meantime, we ask that you keep notices turned on and watch the blog as we will be keeping you updated with our progress. Who knows maybe I will even learn how to work the blog during this down time.

Before I finish, I want to take a moment to thank the ones who have made the Winds what we are today.  20 months ago we started out with a build this cabaret, and a handful of performers along with friends and a few curious people. Now 20 months later, we have a huge group of wonderful ladies and a few gentleman on the staff of performers, here at the Winds. Our guests have grown from those few friends and curious people to us needing to set a cap to limit the number of people on the Sim so we can still bring you the quality show you all have enjoyed to come to expect when visiting the Winds. You the guest who take the time from your busy RL & SL to sit through our show every week. A huge thank you to all of you. You are the best. In closing, Happy Holidays everyone no matter how you celebrate them.

Rebecca Dembo, Owner of Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fusion Dance Crew presents: HOLIDAY FANTASY

Fusion Dance Crew presents: HOLIDAY FANTASY at the lovely Fusion Performing Arts Center on Saturday, December 20 @ 2PM SLT.  

The Crew was asked to imagine a fantasy of theirs for the holidays and that's what they did. Come see the girls perform a Russian dance in the requisite ethnic costume, Mermaids swimming in the ocean, a Clown who wants to be free of his puppet strings, the age old Beauty & Beast waltz and of course a revamping of Santa's figure. Yep, Santa lost weight, worked on his "core" and now looks sexy! What you say? This is sacrilegious! Santa sexy??? LOL!  And if that's not enough Santa's Elf Supervisor just brought toys into the 21st Century! This is not your traditional Christmas dance show although you will hear Christmas music.  It's just another Fusion Dance Crew's attempt to bring you an enjoyable and fun holiday show with a twist!  Hope to see you there!

Starlite Dancers Present "Cabaret Spectacular"

See Blog Calendar for More Show Dates!

Starlite Dancers Present "Cabaret Spectacular"
December 15th, 7PM SLT

Starlite Theater proudly present you with an evening of entertainment sure to be a crowd pleaser! Featuring a rotating cast of Amazing artists performing everything from creative solo dances to large high energy routines. You don't want to miss it! Doors open at 6:30 PM SLT.


Video Channel

Friday, December 12, 2014

Guerilla Burlesque TONIGHT!

Tonight at midnight on Idle Rogue, Guerilla Burlesque present one dazzling hour of fast-paced original entertainment, the best of it's kind on the grid! Beautiful avatars tell fascinating stories using the very best animations, terrific music and enchanting stage sets. This wildly popular show fills up fast, so get there early and bring your friends for the fun!

Doors open at 11pm for a midnight start: 

Photo by Imrhien Fargis
Models: Zahra.ethaniel, Madison.pinelli, Chryblnd.scribe

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Breeze Dancers

Venetia Cazalet sent us this;

Breezes Dancers will be performing their Christmas Show on Saturday 13 December at Phat Cat's Elite Club. This is a members only Club but will be open to the public for our performance from 1pm onwards until the end of our show. So plenty of time to come and get a good seat or maybe visit the ballroom first as there is a live singer until 2pm.

Where: Phat Cat's Elite Club - outdoor performance area
When: Saturday 13 December 2014
Time: 2pm slt

The Christmas Show is a fun and happy performance of 5 Acts of different styles of Christmas holiday music with dance choreography and scenery to match each one.

When you get there click the teleporter and choose 3 then click the ball that appears.

Our show is in the outdoor performance area, where we have put our own theatre and there is plenty of seating.

Interview With a Ball-Sitter

Yes that's me. A ball-sitter cause I don't have the 'balls' to do my own routine so I use others' balls. "Grow a pair, Yummy!", shouted an angry person from the abyss.

I confess, its an easy life. Less stress-free. Less scary.  Less responsibility. No fear of failure. Oh I've heard horrid tales and been in some of them. The person asked to rehearse for 36 hrs in one particular week and their primary function was to sit on a dance-ball and press a button at the right time. The unrehearsed shows where I had no idea of which ball to sit on or even worse, how to get to my ball. "Hey, I need an invite over here. Invite, Invite!". "When do we go on?". "Oh I am supposed to wear that accessory too...with this outfit you bought me (in exchange for a share of the tips?)". Yes I know you asked for volunteers and I said 'yes'. Yes, I know the definition of 'volunteer', no need to get rude.

So what is the appeal of ball-sitting?

 It gives one something to do. I feel a part of something. I don't really create anything. Sort of like a 'club-member'. I get to play 'dress-up'. I get free (cheap?) outfits. I'm helping someone. Something to look forward to? I feel like a dancer? I will be in videos? My friends will come and love me more?

So the discussion came up...and a good one...about 'dancer'. No not the reindeer. What is a dancer? I said, " Someone who moves their body in sync with music, (or to the beat in their own head that is sometimes contra-beat to the music). It is a form of expression.

But for SL?

 The theory goes that it is someone who makes conscious decisions on what animations to execute and with an intentional order. I would say a choreographer spends extra time in the refinement of the sequence of dances. i.e., smooth transitioning primarily and dance animations whose tempo matches song tempo. Choreographers are often also tasked with the accouterments that go along with presenting a holistic form of entertainment...that being a set, emotes, a costume, and maybe some special effects.

So the argument came up? Is a ball-sitter a dancer? Food for thought. Does it matter? They are happy, the audience is happy. So the real question I've been pondering and in discussions with those attempting to address the issue of more ball-sitter involvement can ball-sitters take more of a creative role? ...those that do want to.

So it may be something on my future radar. 

One area I've seen where ball-sitters contributed is in emoting presented as ad-libbing to the audience, even interacting. Sort of star with a script and then let the interaction veer them off into adhoc expressions.

Is this the only practical area. A device was introduced years ago called DanceDiva. It had and still does allow a member of a controlled dance group to disengage and perform solo then reengage and become part of the group. Thus the 'Diva' part of the name. I'd seen this disengage-re-engage idea performed at a show that came off real well, (not using DanceDiva but another system). I felt more of a creative part of the ball-sitter process. 

Could we extend ad-hoc emoting and breakaway soloing to, say, costume changes? Stripping? Set changes? Particle emissions? If I went to a show and I knew that was what was going to happen (very important that the audience know that in advance)...that being that non-leads would be creating stuff happening on the fly at random as they felt it applied to the moment and the place and time in the 'creation'...well for one thing each show would be different so i would be much more inclined to see repeat performances. Sort of like some type of avant garde, group-performance-art thingy. 

Could it wind up amazing? Yes! Could it wind up a mess? Yes! but that's the fun of going and not knowing how it will actually come together. Could be like a word-association game. I say Pluto and you, cartoon, planet. Then the next answer is based on your answer. Well extend that to a live theatrical
production. So all of a sudden, ball-sitters become more involved. The creation becomes more homogeneous and collective. 

Now there would need to be some skeleton path to go by but then each person would have an idea of what options in animation choices, (ala tempo lets say) costume accessories, set parts, particle types, emote lines, and adlibs, etc, etc. to have on hand and ready.

Its an idea. The intent is to give ball-sitters who want to be a bit more involved without the pressure of being responsible for a whole routine...a chance to do more.

And i hear the alarm-woof of that crazy sneaker-named-dog, the Anti-Yumz, saying "enough"!

The Yumster

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh my, I think, I just meshed all over myself

Ok so here's the deal. I dont understand mesh. I am mesh-challenged. I am asking for your help. Let's have an open discussion on the topic and compare notes. Dispel myths. There is no place (well that i know of) that discusses the pros and cons of the various mesh-makers. Let this be a source of combining what we all know and what we all think we know. So its more important than just giving me a link to a site that talks about mesh. Its important to know we we all feel we know.  

So yes, unless I am reprimanded by the powers that be, I am going to name names. 

UPDATE WARNING: One, maybe more, of the vendors listed below MAY have had a DCMA filed against them according to rumor. Investigate. proceed at your own risk. This can discourage clothing makers from creating clothes for them and may render your purchase at less than optimal expected value.

The Mesh Project, 
Lina Lush,

Names I've heard bandied about often. And feel free to bring up others. This is not intended to be a promotion in disguise but a forum for public discourse on the topic we are all talking about privately. I am sure we will all . And why is mesh important? Well rumor is SL2 will be all mesh. The death to prim bodies and accessories. So whether we like it or not.

I want to understand: More to the point I want to know what your understanding of these questions are? Are we all in agreement. Is what we think we know outdated? So lets play (literally) 20 questions.

  1. What are mesh feet? Resizable. Tintable?
  2. What are mesh hands? Resizable. Tintable?
  3. What is a mesh body? Who makes them with a face? Without a face?
  4. Skin? How do get them? Where? Who makes them for mesh?
  5. Mesh clothes. Hard to get? More/less expensive? How do they associate with mesh bodies and vendors?
  6. Mesh shoes? resize-able? tintable? Accessorize-able? Stockings? Nails?
  7. Appliers. What are they? Pros and cons. Who makes them?
  8. Compare pros and cons and features of the various makers
  9. Is there anything prim that i can use with mesh?
  10. Are mesh bodies adjustable?
  11. Is there such a thing as adjustable mesh shoes?
  12. Is there such a thing as adjustable mesh clothing
  13. Difference between rigged mesh and fitted mesh? Or is there one?
  14. What is materials? Wny do I care?
  15. What are my choices in matching skin tones, coloring clothes, shoes. What, if anything did/will the old fat-pack become? Same? Different?
  16. Is there such a thing as mesh hair or is this a stupid question? I am so clueless.
  17. Some makers have been pulled due to DCMA violations. How is that determined? How can I insure I won'l lose stuff i buy cause the vendor was found out to be in violation of copyright.
  18. Does mesh look good while dancing? Better or worse than prim? Will I look better nude than with prim? Does mesh clothing flow better during dancing? Worse?
  19. What existing problems does mesh address?
  20. What new problems does it create?
And on a side I the only one who buys shoes and shoes and hair and hair but end up wearing the same 2 or 3 hairs and same 1 or 2 pairs of shoes? What is this psychological disorder called?

The Yumster

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Writers Block

I heard that all the writers in the world live on one block. They call it the writers block. I want to know if any of you live there? Who are you? Come out of the closet. If you don't live on this block, do you want to? Its the one talent nobody talks about in the DQ community. We look for choreographers, ball-sitters, costumes, animations, scripters, special fx (saw a request for one), costume-creator, (saw a request for one), producers (saw a request for two), DJs, set-builders, but never a writer or am I wrong?. Isn't there a place for them now that some shows are moving in that direction? That of theatrical dance...whatever that may entail? Neo-Neo Burlesque?

1 - Are you a writer out of the closet?
2 - Are you a writer still in the closet?
3 - Do you write fact of fiction? 
4 - Do you have an idea for a story that you think could be told thru dance (or not?)
5 - Do you yearn to write but never have and not sure if you can?

6 - Do you have a story to tell? If so, what song or songs would best tell it, if any? 
7 - Do you write drama or comedy mainly? Or both Are your stories and/or ideas, image-able or abstract? Do you write Sci-fi? Fantasy? Mystery? Erotica? Other? 
8 - Do they involve people? Human? Non-Human?
9 - Is there a place for writers in the dance community? or not so much?
10 - Would a good writer help a solo act? A group act? Obviously it would a theatrical-dance production.

11 - Are you accessible? Are you too busy to discuss your ideas with someone who might be interested or can you find time in you schedule to sit down and discuss becoming involved in 'something' that makes use of your writing skills?

This I think is the hardest of the talents to imitate in SL without simply copying something that is already commercial and doing a parody on it. Its the hardest to do WELL and make us believe it and hold our attention. To have us truly suspend disbelief. To make us wonder, take us on a journey, as opposed to 'knowing whats coming'.

the Yumster

Saturday, December 6, 2014

How I Buy Lindens

I've run into a few people who were not aware of a method of buying lindens that can save you a few dollars. The catch is that it takes 5 to 20 minutes longer to complete your transaction. (Also this same technique works when selling lindens. You can get a few more $ for your Lindens if you are willing to wait a bit.)

In the example case of buying 20,000 L, I save $2.52, at an earlier exchange rate today. IF i am willing to wait an extra 5 to 20 minutes as opposed to having my purchase processed IMMEDIATELY

I have always been able to wait, except for one time when it was a small amount and I was in a hurry.

I want to be careful about financial advice as there is a reason that this method is NOT the DEFAULT method for buying Lindens with USD or Euros or ???. They don't want you to misunderstand and make a mistake and lose out which would happen only if you didn't understand or you accidentally entered an amount unfavorable to you and favorable to everyone else.

So I am presenting this simply as a method that I use without advising anyone to use it, as it could be easy to flub or misunderstand, I suppose. Proceed at your own risk and if you do experiment, start off with a small amount.

STEP 1) I click on Account.

STEP 2) I then click on Manage (IF this is my 1st time trying this, else I skip this step)

STEP 3) Then I press L$ Exchange Settings

STEP 4) Now I change from Basic ...

to Advanced so that I get the LimitBuy choices offered to me

STEP 5) At the top is the MarketBuy...this is similar to what I might normally  now when  buying Lindens from my viewer using BUY L$.

STEP 6) This would be a normal buy that would process immediately for when I am impatient and don't care about some slim savings...

...and so here is the top of the screen with he normal MarketBuy offerings.

Notice that for a 'right-now', I'm in a hurry to buy these to-die-for 20,000L shoes, then the buy it costs $80.95

Notice it is turns out the same price as I would normally buy lindens thru the top of myviewer window.

STEP 7) Now I scroll down to the bottom of the page where I will see the LimitBuy options

So I enter 20,000 in the Quantity and 256 in the Exchange Rate. It means I want at least 256 lindens for each USD $1.00. So it waits for someone to sell at the right price which goes into the total remaining quantity and we simply exchange buy and sell from that 256 bucket with Linden getting a small fee on both sides, from seller and buyer.

If you choose 257 you will wait for days weeks months. If you put in 255 either intentionally or buy mistake you will cheat yourself as you could have gotten a bit more and that equates to or closely to the MarketBuy. You see a 247.07 for the Instant MarketBuy but they factor in the total cost which includes 30 cents plus a percentage so that is an effective exchange rate. So you can see LL makes about 8 cents or 8/255 = .0313 which is near the 3% + 30 cents they take on both buy and sell side. I admit I may be off in fractions cause I sort of cheated as its not exactly .03 but you get the point.


The bottom line is that I save 2.52 cents on a 20k L buy order if we are willing to wait a bit. 

You will hear a ka-ching for partial and/or full order fills. It fills your order as sell transactions match yours on the other side in total or in part.

I hope this is of benefit to at least 1 person. If you find this helpful, please comment or send me an IM so I can feel good that I am doing the right thing. If you think this presentation is harmful or misleading or too erroneous, let me know and I will remove it faster than a lightning strike and make it available by 'request-only'.

My gift to you for the holidays...a gift that can keep on giving (savings).

p.s. Someone told me it wasn't worth the bother just to save a couple dollars, so i almost didn't post this figuring, probably everyone thinks that way but then someone said, "Well that's the price of a good pair of shoes or a whole costume."

Well when you put it like that....?

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft