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Let's learn more about the people who dance and help others to dance in Second Life.

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She came across dancing in SL her first couple of weeks here and got hooked right away. She never meant to be on the stage herself because she's too much of a recluse for that by nature. But she ended up with too many ideas and just had to realize them. A friend more or less had to push her on stage.

She is involved in a couple of different groups and really enjoys the variety of expression that it allows her. She also helps organize the performance parts of One Billion Rising and Fantasy Faire. But most of all, she loves her own theater, The Night Theater. There, she has the full freedom to express whatever she wants. 
"I dance because I have to. It is a kind of obsession I guess. There are just too many things evolving in my mind that have to get out. If I didn't, I would probably be even more bonkers than I already am.
For me, this creativity, the flow of the movements, keep my mind together. It allows me to express and be so many things I otherwise would be too limited to do. It is freedom, sanity, pain-relief, joy and sadness all in one."
It takes a little more thinking and working than single acts, but I love the storytelling of full shows. 
Her current commitments are: Luxe Girls, Shadows Silhouettes, Lady Garden Cabaret's Enchantment shows, and of course, her own The Night Theater.

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Ame Starostin

She got her start with Gorean dance in 2007 and transitioned to mainstream dance in July 2015 at the illustrious Empire Room. She debuted in September 2015 and has been dancing there ever since.

She is Miss Virtual World 2021. She dances, builds, models, blogs, Dj's and creates content for her store. She spends most of her time on SL doing this or managing SkyBeam Estates.
"I dance for several reasons but mostly as a creative outlet and a way to express thoughts and feelings."
"Since I can't dance RL, dance here is very important to me.  It gives me a chance to tell stories through movement and hopefully make people think about the message being conveyed or feel the emotions behind it."
She performs with the Phoenix Dance Team, Elysium Cabaret, Mynx Ballet and A&M. Sometimes, she gets to perform at other venues.

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BabyPea Von Phoenix

She started dancing in Gor a long time ago, in January of 2012.  She did it because it was a wonderful outlet to dance her feelings for the man who is now her RL husband, her inspiration. She entered mainstream dance in July of that year because she wanted to be able to do more than she could in Gorean dance: she wanted to build sets, wear costumes, and dance to a variety of music. She wanted to dance without limiting her imagination and have total freedom to explore music in a visual context, go wherever her creativity takes her.

She responded to an advertisement in Dance Queens by Lady C (Lady Correia), advertising for burlesque dancers, and helped her get a start in mainstream dance.
"Dance is a social thing for me.  It is how I socialize with like-minded people.  I have to point and laugh at people who take the 'fame and fortune' façade of SL dance seriously.  Fame?  Is fame when a few hundred people out of the 7 billion in the world know who you are?  Really?  LOL!  Fortune?  We spend far more making dances than we ever make in tips.  Although the roleplay aspect of being a diva is fun, it really is just that: fun.  A bit of fun with friends, nothing more.  It can be art, but that depends, it is not always art.  For me, dance is social.  It is about friendship.  It is about sharing spirit with my lovlings.  I have many lovlings.  Dance means people bonding."
You can find her at Elysium Cabaret and Monarchs, plus occasional guest performances at a variety of places and events.

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Diawa Bellic

She started back in 2008, using dance animations. Her friend Trinity took her under her wing and bought her a HUDDLES. Cherry at GB put her on stage in 2010 to dance along with the live musicians, and the rest is history.
"I love to dance; it very much moves me! And I like attention... it is why i enjoy performing. I work very hard to make others happy to entertain them, because that's the reason for being on a stage. I have very little in RL, so it means a lot to me. I love the DQ community and everything associated with it. I love people, and I love to love things... it tastes better than hate."
You can see her perform at Club Image most Sunday mornings, but she dances in other places, too.

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Elayn danced in RL when she was much younger. She still has the love of music and movement, but gets way too tired to keep up. A friend showed her a Gorean dance that she'd choreographed and took her to a show. She fell in love with the art form and had to give it a shot.
"It's a means of communication for me. I can put an idea, emotion or experience out there for others to experience. Maybe they experience it much as I do, maybe they see something that has meaning to them."
You can see her perform at Luxe.
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 Fifi Oh

Graphic Designer, Photographer (RL published), SL Content Creator, Costume Designer, Animation sequencer a.k.a. choreographer, Builder, Former Hostess for Guerilla Burlesque, Former Performance Lead for BURN2, Former BURN2 Volunteer Coordinator, Former BURN2 Event coordinator, Current Hostess for TerpsiCorps ARTwerks, MetaHarper in SL, ★PixelPulseStudios★ Designer & Owner.

She began as a hostess under Franney's care at Guerilla Burlesque, invited to feature as a guest dancer for both Jess and Chewie. She was also invited to participate in group dances for BURN2 and Cirque. The high quality production of the acts at Guerilla Burlesque sparked her imagination, and she was eager to learn.

I dance because I love music and expression through movement.  It's a way for me to convey emotion and share a storyline to connect with an audience. Oh, and I'm always tempted to turn into a hamster at all the wrong times.

You can see her perform at TerpsiCorps ARTwerks and her own theater Blackhearts Theater.

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Gracie Amore

Gracie loves to SL dance, and has been passionate about it for three years. She does try to keep a balance between dance and other activities. The first show she saw was at Fantasy Faire in 2015, and she's been hooked ever since.
"It means being part of something, the SL dance community is amazing and I have made a lot of new friends."
"I just think it is wonderful that Dance Queens is back and flourishing, I started dancing as things were going quiet sadly, so am glad it has returned. The word-up challenge was so much fun. Looking forward to more challenges."
She can be found dancing at various places, Elysium Cabaret, Paramount, Phoenix, as well in some dance troupes, Harelyquin, XA dancers, Virtuoso Performing Arts, MoonStone, She will dance soon with Noir Neverland, Dance Queens Performers, Dancing Desires Dance Troupe, The Outsiders, Mynx Dance Co., Phoenix, At some of these, she's guested or danced as a backup, but she enjoys them all.

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Kerri Sanchez

She's wanted to dance for a long time, She even took the Burlesque Bootcamp from Vivienne Dufaux. A couple years ago, she met an experienced SL Choreographer and danced with her group, learning to create her own dances.

Why do I dance? Because I must. (Actually, I love dancing in SL as I did as a girl dancing in RL)

She's a featured dancer at The Art Factory, and has her own company, Cabaret Provocateur, which performs on an irregular schedule right now.

Kris Carnell

"I started as a dancer at Virtuoso, then I took classes to learn how to make choreography, then sets. This was an incredible human experience, I learned a lot and I'm still learning. Now I run my own dance company. I dance because I like to create sets, choreos, to work in a team and to share it with the public. It means organization, patience and work."
If you run a dance group, what is its name? Les Boys en Folie

Ten hot boys. Seven sexy songs. Clothes flying, people cheering, air getting denser. Who are they? They are LES BOYS EN FOLIE! A male burlesque revue supporting the LGBTQ community through dance. 
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Kyra Msarko

Kyra started dancing in Gor almost 5 years ago, and at first she hated it, but now she's a self-proclaimed stage whore. All it took was seeing a friend doing a "mainstream" dance, and found it all so much cooler! So, she talked to the owner, did a little tweaking, and got hired and never looked back  Well, okay, maybe not never, because she still gets hired to go back now and then.
"Music and dance are my life and have been since i was 6. When i had 2 daughters, I put them in dance and did the show mom thing (Ok, i wasn't as crazy as some lol). So when i found it in SL, it was like a calling all over again.
I love it! I love the music and the show and the lights and how I can just explode and do things i can't in RL. I have amazing ideas in my head, but in RL they dont come out AT ALL! So in here, I can be amazing! I love that I can show what and how music means to me and show others. "
Kyra owns and performs at Noir Neverland, MoonShadow.

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Lotta Difference

Lotta has been performing and dancing since October 2012. It all started out when she helped out an establishment in Chicago, but ended up owning and operating her own venue, Paramount Grand Theatre, with her Second Life husband, Pathmaker. She dances to all kinds of music, and tries to push herself to do better and better each time, mixing things up and trying new music and dances and acts. She loves to poke fun and laugh when creating an act more than anything with emotes.
"I enjoy creating, and dance is one way I can be creative in Second Life. It's an outlet for my creativeness!"
You can find her at Paramount Grand Theatre and Desire Art Gallery & Theatre.

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Luella is from Germany, and she has been in SL for more than 11 years. She's tried several things in SL to find something she likes.. building, rent land, to run shops, Roleplay etc. Then she met a woman in SL who was recruiting girls for her belly dance group. So, Luella joined her group "Flowers of the Desert" and how to use the Spot On Tools and the basics of dancing in SL. When she became sick, she left SL, but Luella started her own group. Now, she's the leader of the Oasis Dancers and finally found what she really likes - to choreo dances and to perform at stage together with her group
"Music I like becomes movement in my head. And I want to get it out of my head and dance - alone or much better with others together. When I dance, I can show my emotions. I must be a kind of dance addict."
"Dance means to be creative, each new routine is a challenge, and I learn more with every new dance routine I finished. It means to interact with other people with the same passion for dance and mutual help and respect for others work and feelings. It means the challenge to lead a team and encourage my people to develop their own talents for themselves and for the whole group."
You can catch Luella with her Oasis Dancers at their home theatre or while they're out on tour.

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Meegan "Trouble" Danitz

Meegan owns After Dark, a live music venue. She also books for PT Beardmore. When she's not hosting shows or working for Guerilla Burlesque, she likes to check out live music, hang out with her friends, and take pictures of her own butt. She got her start in dancing when she answered a call in the Guerilla Burlesque fan group to stand on a mover, and she got paired with Diawa Bellic and her temper, and she got hooked.
"It gives me a creative outlet I never knew I needed until I started doing it. It's my art. My muse. My inspiration. My creative outlet. My favorite form of expression."
You can find her performing at Guerilla Burlesque.

LINKS: FacebookAfter DarkSL, Discord: Meegan#0194

Monia Schumann

I am Monia and with Lady Tiara ( TiaraCarina Resident) we are CEOs of the Allegro dance company. Tiara is my real daughter and the DJane of Allegro. She is fluent in English, German and Spanish.
I am a friendly person as long as someone don´t tickles the dragon in me. I give a lot of respect to other dance groups and for sure I like to get the same respect of them. I Love dancing and creating dances with Tiara.

How did you get your start dancing?
About three years ago a friend asked me to dance in the troupe where she has been and I thought...yes ok it is maybe a bit more fun as every time being in some clubs to dance.

Why do you dance?

The reason to dance I chose because of, I will entertain people around the world with something that makes a smile on their lips and pleases all people.
I like to spread comfort and strength when humans are sad or disoriented. It is my inspiration to make all humans happy and for this I don´t know a better way as to dance for them.

What does it mean to you?
Being in this world would be kinda boring without doing something meaningful. We are here to live dreams that are denied to us in the real world and my dream is to please people.

Where can people see you perform? At Dance Queens Stage or our own theater.


She was watching a venue and saw something that pulled at her mind to create. She started off as a backup dancer, but progressed to wanting to do so much more. The person she saw first dancing professionally in SL, was, believe it or not, Diawa at Elysium Cabaret. ("I was in awe. Who would have thought I would now be her partner?")
"I dance for myself, in the hopes others will understand and enjoy my creations. It's a passion mingled with frustrations when you perceive something, but cannot translate with animations."
You can see her at Club IMAGE, Elysium, MoonShadow, Monarchs. She also guests at other places, like Phoenix.

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nene' Chrome

Prefered name: nene'

Having been in SL, for as long as I have been, I've always been in awe of how others create their worlds. Be it in prim painting the most amazing environments, to taking those on the road and putting life into the creation.

I first saw SL dance at Fantasy Faire in 2013, and I thought I had never seen anything so beautiful and so magical. I wanted to learn! I remember the first time, I watched a spliced dance transition at just that right musical note and was hooked!

I love to be challenged, I strive to leave an impression, express a multitude of emotions in a performance. I long to leave what I am feeling, with the audience. It can be any range of emotion, from raw vulnerability, deep binding love, or sultry whoah mama naughtyness. If it's been felt, I consider that the greatest gift.

Dance is cathartic for me, what I cannot say in words, the movements entwined with the melodies speak. It's how I work through the hard times, and the good times.

Which groups do you perform with:
X-A Dancers primarily.  I do aspire to dance elsewhere as I learn more skills and have more to offer.

Flickr :



Pathmaker Campbell-MacGregor

When Path came to SL he had intentions of role-playing as a Barbarian Character based upon "Conan the Barbarian" That never came to fruition. But he did "RP" for a while as a Gangster in a 1920's Chicago Gangster Sim - That Sim has a theater called the "Empire Burlesque" and that was where he first began dancing on stage as an entertainer in SL.

For various reasons, his family (Lotta Difference and another sl Wife) branched off and started their own theater, the Paramount, in November of 2012. At that tim, they were totally ignorant of the SL Dance community - they did things as they had been taught "in Chicago" - . By the winter of 2013 they performed our version of the Rocky Horror Show (not the "Picture Show" the Play) and by word of mouth they were joined in the production by BabyPea and Gunner VonPhoenix and some others affiliated with Guirella Burlesque. That December, The Paramount "Made enough money" to pay the rent - first and only time that has ever happened.
"I was a "born performer" - when I was a child i was somewhat shy - until i got on a stage or other opportunity to perform at which time I would lose all shyness and . . . just "Perform." Singing, acting in plays, making presentations to senior navy staff, giving speeches representing the Navy at various events including Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, etc."
"I don't consider everything I do to be "Art.." Some things I definitely do consider to be Art - - not for me to say whether they are Good Art, or Mediocre Art, or Bad Art. Some things are intended to be for Entertainment from the germ of an idea - but. NOTHING that I have done, am doing , intending to do fits the definition of Pornography. Neither the accepted "legal" definition of Porn nor my own."
You can see him at Paramount Grand Theatre, Desire, and guesting at other performance venues.

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Phizz Puchkina

She is a long-term lover of dance in Second Life & Real Life. She studied different aspects of dance many years ago and performed on stage, in dance productions and a couple of musicals. She was delighted to discover dance when she joined SL in January 2008.

She became a New Brighton Belle in September 2008., and had a lot of fun performing in their regular shows. After some time, she became their director, working closely with the owner, Bernard Herzog. When she left The New Brighton Belles, she was persuaded to start a new company ..which became the Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company, and opened in April 2014. It's a close and fun group, more like a family who work hard and play hard. They meet every week to practice or just have fun together.

She loves the creative process involved in producing their shows, and loves learning new things, and likes to add an element realism into her work.

“I love dance in all its forms.  I love watching it in RL, and in SL.

We are a close knit group who all do this for fun. It’s a fabulous feeling when it all works in spite of the lag monsters. It's having fun with people I love, doing something I love. I enjoy creating sets and dance routines, finding costumes & music & then  performing is the ‘icing on the cake’. For us it’s a social, fun thing to do together.”

She leads and performs with the Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company

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R. looks good in black.
"I see someone not daaaaaaaaancing. You know the rules, testing is not an excuse for not dancing. Don't make me call the dance police." - Cave Johnson, Portal 2 Expansion Pack
You can find R on Debauche's stage, in the audience of most dance shows, or skulking about the Bad Luck Streak Dancing School Art Gallery on Edloe.

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Ryan Sawyer

Ryan's an enigma... you never know, Most folks say he lives in a bubble where everything is calm and peaceful and stress-free. They may be right, but he loves that bubble. He went straight from dance school into Musical theatre. He enjoyed several years of performing in venues around the world, including The West End and Broadway. Eventually, he changed direction to become a full Choreographer of Musical Theatre. In SL, he started my dance career 4 years ago when a friend asked him to stand in at a Michael Jackson tribute concert. It was great fun. From there, he began dabbling with dance animations. He joined a SL theatre and became its Principle Choreographer and one of the producers. He eventually went on to open his own SL Theatre which ran for almost 3 years before closing in the Summer of 2017.
"I love to dance. I have to lol. Dance has been such a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Dancing, for me, is like breathing. it is something I just have to do. I love to build and to Choreograph in SL. My SL partner is also my RL partner. I don't do drama and I am the quintessential optimist :) Dance is about inspiring people. It is not about fame and glory, it is not based on a subconscious need to be praised or admired. The world is filled with lost souls, people who feel they do not fit in, people on the fringe so to speak. These people are invariably drawn to the Theatre where they find a family of like minded misfits, where they can feel accepted, complete and part of something that makes a difference in the lives of others. As performers, we invite people on a journey with us, we sweep them up into a world of wonder and imagination and hopefully, if we have done our job properly, we will leave them feeling uplifted, inspired and eager to experience more aspects of performing arts."
He performs with Men In Motion, Dance Queens and Phoenix Dance Company.

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Red Queen

Once upon a time, a new avi in SL met up with some cool club owners and decided to join them. She danced in several clubs (managed a few as well) for a few years, until one day, she met an owner of a Burlesque Theater. She went to see a show and, as they say, the rest is history. She was hooked and had to be part of that community. Queenie loves long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.... and puppies, She also dances. If not dancing, she's building. If not working on a set, she's shopping for a dance...
"The ability to create in SL is addicting. To express myself through a set and dance is, at times, thrilling, other times I think I lose some hair. I am not a dancer in RL. I was into theater and music in high school so I do think I have a bit of an artistic side. I love when an idea comes to be while Im listening to a song. I have notes all over the place from when I think of a set idea. Dancing is not cheap and you don't tend to consistently make a lot of L doing it."
"You have to love the creativity and expression or you will not do this for long. The *family* of dancers is why I return to SL every day, there is nothing else keeping me here and I know if I had not discovered dance in SL I would have left by now. Dancing in SL *is* my SL."
She performs weekly at Paramount Grand Theatre & Desire Arts Theatre & Gallery. She also dances every other week at Moonshadow Dancers. And when TerpsiCorps ARTWerks has a show (usually several times a year). Finally, she occasionally helps other dancers in their sets at various shows around the grid.

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Shadow Tarber

Shadow saw a cabaret show on the 1920's sim and was fascinated. Although, she does admit to being an accomplished pain in the ass and allergic to stupid.
"I've always loved to entertain, I want to put smiles on people's faces, make them glad they spent the time. I guess it's validation. Validation that what I do actually makes the audience's life just a little nicer for that short time that they're watching."
Shadow has sadly passed but will be missed by all.

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Winnie is a former figure skater IRL and has ballet training. She was a choreographer for years as she aged out of falling on her butt learning triple jumps.

She got her start in SL dancing at Blue Moon by Naiki, who and his wife Ailsa owned the theater. It was a lot of burlesque with emotes in local. She was terrified of stripping, so most of her sets involved some humor so she wouldn't blush and laugh and accidentally log herself out.
"I dance because I miss the feeling of flying when I skated. I loved picking a song and seeing what I could do with it. Figure skating has changed so much since I did everyone has to do the same elements and it's lost a lot of the individuality that it used to have.

It's a chance to express my feelings through each set....I dance from a very emotional my sets are often solo sets or duets although I do have fun doing a bigger production when a song or mood hits me in the right place."
Winnie has sadly passed but will be missed by all.

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The Hall of Fame

Okay, so while updating the biographies, I didn't want to get rid of the old ones, so let's call the legacy list "The Hall of Fame" and make everyone happy. These will not be updated.

Babypea Von Phoenix (BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl) - Babypea dances for two reasons.  One is her love of music.  She can't sing or play any musical instruments in real life, so, through SL dance she is afforded the opportunity to express music with movement and visuals.  The second reason she dances is friendship and the fellowship of like-minded people who are passionate about SL dance.  She started dancing in SL Gor, in January 2012.  In July of that same year, longing to allow her imagination to expand in the possibilities of musical expression, she entered mainstream SL dance.  She co-owns Elysium Cabaret, a troupe she started in December of 2012 with her partner Gunner and friends Paul Woodrunner and Jilley.  She also dances for the Monarchs, Lady C's Burlesque Dolls of Main Event, and does guest appearances in a many other troupes.  She believes dance should be mostly fun first and foremost.

Bernard Herzog - "Founder of the fabulous NEW BRIGHTON BELLES female dance troupe based in the SEAGULLTENT in New Brighton. First established in 2008, we specialise in ambitious productions featuring our own dance and stage management system, special effects and lighting."
Caryl Meredith - "Caryl Meredith is a former a dancer in RL, retired dance teacher and artist. She is the co-founder and director of the SL Spirit Dance Company. She is also founder of the Luna Mar Spiritual Sanctuary in SL where she teaches personal empowerment and a wide range of spiritual topics. She is a certified hypnotherapist with a specialty in regression therapy. Her passion has always been dancing, and now with the help of a great team, brings her years of RL dance experience to SL."
Catalina Staheli - Catalina Staheli stumbled into dance almost 2 years ago and since then, has found home. Just about every weekend for the past 2 years, she's been dancing in both competitions and exhibitions, dancing for the pure joy and delight of a few moments taken away upon journeys of amazing stories and glorious emotion. With the encouragement of a friend, she has also branched out to enjoy dancing for burlesque and cabaret clubs across SL, though Gorean dance will always be her core and focus.

Currently, Catalina, affectionately known as 'da kitten', is the Caretaker of the Dance Gardens of Gor, a manager of the Golden Gate Theatre, co-founder of the Taharian Temptresses, and a dancer in the Ko-RO-Ba Dance Troupe. You can find her most SL evenings and weekends and 9 times out of 10, she's in a dance pit somewhere.

Her other passion is photography, Owner of her own studio, Gorean Spice Photography, as well as photographer for A Touch of Glamour. Between her work in photography and dancing, this little kitten couldn't be happier.  

Chryblnd Scribe - in March 2009, chryblnd Scribe was scouring the grid for a travelling burlesque troupe who would play at her fledgling venue, Idle Rogue. She walked into the brand new Ellie's Burlesque Club, and walked out with a job. Over the next eighteen months, chryblnd (it's pronounced cherryblonde) became an influential member of the Ellie's team as they developed their highly successful formula of dance entertainment shows. In September 2010, chry announced her retirement from burlesque, intending to focus on her beloved Idle Rogue, and her committments to live music and stage management. A loose collaborative, calling itself Guerilla Burlesque, formed around her work with singer Bowie Bravin, and the Guerilla Burlesque dancers became a well-loved feature of Bowie's performances. In February of 2011, Idle Rogue was offered the opportunity to form it's own community on a sim sponsored by the Joy Of Steampunk, and in April Guerilla Burlesque opened to an audience of 45. The troupe has not looked back, with their weekly show  gaining in popularity at the same rate as it acquires skill. chryblnd Scribe dances with Guerilla Burlesque and produces the weekly show, in addition to her work in stage production and talent management in SL.
Cilla (Cilly) Teebrook - This California girl joined SL Nov 5, 2007 and what a journey it has been. Dancing was always a part of my RL, so why not here too. The excitement of new dances 4 years ago still happens today. Dance choreographing is a great challenge that I love doing with The Kittens & Tigers. Diddy is always coming up with fun productions. Lead dancing wasn’t easy at first but has become a lot of fun for me. There are many of you out there who inspire, teach, share, and support me.
Bless you all...

Derrick Stewart - I love all types of music. Jazz, Blues, R&B, Motown sound; doesn’t matter, I like it all. It’s a natural part of my personality that I get to express being a DJ in Second Life. My dJ career didn’t start second life.   I’ve actually been DJing for a very long time. My first on air presence occurred in The Sims Online for Maxed Out Radio. Bennie gave me my first job back in 2003. I’ve been with a radio station most of my career; first with Maxed Out, then South I Radio and currently I’m with WKSK Internet Radio Station.
My interests are wide and varied but mostly centered around entertainment aspects in Second Life. I’ve owned and operated Oasis Island where my wife, Constance Stewart, and I operate The Oasis Ballroom, Connie’s Place, The Courtyard, and Big D Beach. Rozzilee Cassidy was able to take our vision and create the beautiful Oasis Island. Oasis has been in operation continuously since August 2005 and has the distinction of being one of the oldest venues in Second Life. I am proud that many, many DJs have gotten their start at Oasis under my tutelage. In addition to the business I own, I also DJ for other venues among them is Frank’s Elite. I just celebrated my one year anniversary with them. It’s an excellent fit for me because I explore other genres that I don’t always get to play at my other engagements. My other passion is gadgets. My inventory is bursting with planes and boats. It’s a challenge to try and fly and sail around Second Life. It isn’t as easy as it looks and the more complicated it is, the better I like it. One of my most satisfying moments was organizing and producing a dynamic dance troupe, who are affectionately known as the “D-Team Dance Troupe.  The ladies are respectfully known as the D-Team Divas.  We have 15 members and we perform all over Second Life as support where I DJ, at exhibits and competition as time permits. Finally and most importantly, I’m a teacher and minister of God. My activities in Second Life are all tempered and in harmony with my faith. I’ve been blessed by being chosen to deliver weekly messages in the River of Life Church. It was originally located at South I, but recently moved to Oasis Island. We currently hold Sunday services at 5:30 am in Second Life. I also have conducted over 100 weddings in Second Life. 
Deyna Huet - "Deyna Broek, California Native, and loving wife to Vaughan Huet. Proud GM of the popular jazz club… Frank's Place & Frank's Elite jazz. Deyna has danced with Pixelle Ballet for 4 years loving each arabesque.  Deyna and her best friend Liv Watkins only just merged their dance groups to create Lady Angels Entertainment, a dance group that hopes to break the mold and share their love of dance. She was a member of Dazzlers where she danced, choreographed along side of the most talented dancers in SL. She recently became cheer co-coach of SFL Broncos Babes & VSF Yellow Jackettes. She is currently working on I.B Independent Ballet with Dubhna Rhiadra , a Dancing & Storytelling Troupe on a new production.
Deyna has always been a lover of dance & music. She started ballet at 4 years old and was devastated at 6 when her family couldn't afford classes anymore. She didn't let that stop her desire to dance. She continued to dance/perform with her family or in talent shows until she was old enough to seek other avenues, drill team, cheer, etc. Nothing made Deyna happier than performing in dance troupes and choreographing, jazz, pop, hip-hop, swing, and interpretive dance. She'd combined her love for teaching and the need to dance as a teacher, encouraging her students to express themselves through dance and music.
 Deyna became a dancer because she had the support of her RL Family SL Family,  Frank's family, and her LAE family.  Dancing, cheering, & performing is something that touches her heart and makes her heart sing.  She has been and is blessed..."
Diawa Bellic - "RL is a struggle for someone who suffers from disabilities, in SL you can rise to heights normally unattainable...  July 2008 in a bright shiny nooby skin Diawa Bellic rezzed into existence in SL. Her early years were common as most go in the virtual world. But her light would soon start to burn bright. Evolving into a tribute band performer was natural. (Full Throttle,High Voltage,and filled spots for many of the other popular tribute production Co. in SL  )  Her talents in relaying the feel of the dramatic in her theatric endeavors was only starting to blossom in those early years.  Always striving to push farther she moved on to join chryblnd Scribe (Owner of Idle Rogue ,and Manager of Live SL Musicians) where she started dancing in there shows. Then Chry formed Gorilla Burlesque. Where she continued to push the envelope in her theme driven dance experiences. During this time she partnered in the development of a dance tool designed by dancers for dances. As Marketing Director of Rachael Rockers she continues in the push to bring better tools to SL dancers.
Choreography is difficult in SL. Freestyle choreography during a dance show is almost impossible to most. But Diawa does it as if it is second nature.  Her knowledge of animation movements and genre is truly uncanny. Her skills using her conceptually designed dance tools is truly inspiring. 
“I wish you would just let me be the boss of you.” Her push for excellence is reflected in that quote. Words I detested when I met her, but have come to fully understand."

Diddy Hyun - "I have been playing sl now for almost 5 years, my main interest here is dancing which i spend most of my time here doing and spend most of all my lindens on lol
I have my own dance troup called The Kittens and Their Tigers which was formed 4 years ago most of the dance team are the orginals we all just love to have fun with dancing"
Dubhna Rhiadra - Dubhna Rhiadra is a community dance practitioner and storyteller in RL as well as having degrees in theology and celtic languages. Her interest in dance developed through working with disabled adults in the 90s when she co-founded and co-directed an integrated dance company as part of a local community dance project in Wales.  From there she moved on to doing her own productions working independently in West Wales.  She began live storytelling, when she was involved in running a Women's Music Festival in West Wales for several years, creating multi-media projects with composers and musicians and dancers.   She has brought these skills into SL where her first major multi- media project was Blue Rose with Myth Systers which she choreographed entirely. 
In 2010 she set up Independent Ballet with Deyna Huet as a company that works in collaboration, creating new work in a variety of dance styles, encouraging new choreographers to show their work, working with artists and musicians to create unique pieces. so far we have done New work is in the pipeline

In 2013 Dubhna's latest venture is a tiny ballet company Pitter Patter Dance company, set up in collaboration with aminata Potez.  Watch dis space!!!!

Emyly Beaumont - Emyly Beaumont has been a free-style choreographer in SL since January 2008 when a friend of hers talked her into dancing his fans on her HUDDLES.   Her repertoire is varied, encompassing Belly Dance,  Blues, Celtic, Broadway, Latin, Reggae, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Swamp Pop, Swing, Zydeco as well as contemporary rock.  She has presented Fantasy Dances such as Faery, Mermaid, and Maypole in the Fantasy Realms. 
Emy has performed with La Performance as a dancer and with Bohemian Queens as both a sequence choreographer and a dancer.  She has trained others in use of the HUDDLES for dance.  Emy can lead a group of couples in dance using the Intan Couples Dance Ball.   And she has also prepared sequenced couples and singles dances for her own enjoyment and upon request of others. Emy believes that dance should be total immersion; that is, the music, animations and atmosphere should all support and enhance the experience regardless of whether that dance is presented in a club or in a private venue.  Her favorite compliment is from Creag Emmons: "As far as I'm concerned, YOU are what makes the difference between a real event and just a bunch of avatars moving while someone plays music."
Felicia "Feli" Ibanez - "My RL mother tells me that my love for dance began before I was born, LOL. So it isn't  a surprise to her that dance has been my passion since I was a little girl because dancing is freedom. It is movement through space and time freeing the soul to express its self in all its purity.   In RL, I performed for a community dance company and continue today in RL performing free style dancing. Two years ago, I discovered dance in SL and my life’s journey through dance continues. Last year, my partner, Ric Lyle & I formed our own dance company called Fusion Dance Crew with a number of very dedicated and talented dance professionals. Fusion Dance Crew’s vision is to create routines using dance art forms such as contemporary, jazz, street, and burlesque.  Additionally, I belong to La Performance and Soul Awakening dance companies and for a short time Knocker's Up. The true beauty of SL is that it affords all of us opportunities to pursue dreams that otherwise may not be possible in RL.  For me it is dance!"
Flori - Flori Pooley (Resident) started dancing in SL when he joined the LP Ballet Academy in December 2010.  As a beginner at LPBA, Flori took his first part as Jester in Swan Lake Ballet performance.  Following months of hard work at the studio, Flori was given his first main role in a new ballet, La Chatte et La Fee.  After acquiring experience as a dance, he tried his abilities as a choreographer.  The first dance he created was Sabre Dance to the Ballet Gayane, composed by Aram Khachaturian.  Flori continued to create dances and performed his first solo shows at Stardream and Phantom Rose before opening his own stage Faun's Garden in June 2011. With the opening of Faun's Garden, Flori began performing weekly shows for his guests.   In July 2011 Faun's Garden became part of Bright Moon Performing Arts Center of which Flori is half owner.  Flori contunues to perform at venues such as: Faun's Garden Ballet Stage, Equinox Theatre, Phantom Rose, Languedoc Opera House,  is still part of the LP Ballet Academy and was very pleased to dance at the Dance Festival IV.   Nottoo Wise, the festival organiser has been very nice and helpful to Flori and all the dancing community.  Flori is co-owner of Bright Moon Performing Arts Center which includes: Equinox Theatre, Faun's Garden Ballet Stage and the LP Ballet Academy (Owned by Guy Wardell).  Flori contiunes to use his latest tools to bring the most realistic ballet dancing to SL
Galilla Sinatra - I've been dancing in Sl since my first few days in SL, as a noob I was always asking someone in a club "how do you do that" or "where did you get that dance." I had the good fortune of asking the right person back in early 2007.  That person, of course, was Nottoo Wise.  I've been a proud member of Dance Queens since it's inception and even helped run the group for a time along with two others.

After enjoying a stint as manager of a live musician (Kelvinblue Oh) and owner of of a live music venue, Knuckleheads on the Beach, I've now teamed up with two friends, Martin Yeats and Rug Halberd, to create Spot On Choreography Tools.  We are continually striving to bring new, unique, low lag, easy-to-use exceptional products for dancers.  We take pride in our level of support and very much enjoy seeing what Dance Queen members have created with our products.

I also enjoy photography in SL and working on those photos in Photoshop.  I especially enjoy photographing dancers.  

Iliandra Allen - "SL has been my alternative reality since March of ’07.  Before that, I had never seen a computer “game.”  I was told it was some sort of app for business and I stayed on Help Island for about 2 weeks trying to figure out what was going on.  My first day in the real SL environment, I was approached by a naked Santa and I stayed offline for another 2 weeks!  Lots and lots has happened since that time. Dancing was always the most fascinating thing I could imagine happening here.  Thanks to the patience & kindness of those I was most fortunate to meet up and friend with early on, like Diddy Hyun and Nottoo, I got the choreography virus and soon took my medicine.  After Ridds and Ttoo left Not Too Hot, Thaladar and I ran the club.
I have been a member of the Sexy Slinkers where I was taught by all those good members.  I founded Wait Until Dark and an international group, Hot Pepper Steppers.
We normally do a show at several venues every month.
I am also the choreographer for the Italian SL singer, Amleth McCallen for the past year and a half.
Here is a
link to our very first official videoed performance. Twenty avatars were used in this performance.
I must emphasize that, unlike so many of you, I would have never in my life been able to figure any of this out by myself. Thal and I have even had to anchor our home so I would be less likely to keep deleting it.  Just imagine how badly I can screw up a Huddles.
Kat Feldragonne - I've been dancing in SL since early 2009.  I love anything to do with dance, in RL and SL.  I've worked in SL as a hostess, a dancer, a DJ, and a club manager.  I love learning new things, especially when they involve dance!!  I joined Dance Queens at the recommendation of a friend, and I will be eternally grateful to her.  I have been inspired to grow, learn, and stretch the limits of who I am, both in SL and RL. 
Kiriam MacIntyre - "As an artist in RL and SL, I enjoy every kind of artistic endeavor.  Each one has its own kind of magic and allows me to go beyond words to express what I am feeling.  Growing up, my home was filled with music.  My mother's beautiful voice or my father's eclectic taste in various artists could always be heard through our open windows.  I was trained in classical piano and later taught myself to play the flute, however... it was not making the music that stole my heart... but dancing to it.  "Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made. " ~Ted Shawn
Like a familiar scent in the air that instantly takes us on a journey through time, the music we hear grabs us deep inside.  For me, dance is a form of wordless communication that expresses how the music makes me feel.  Dancers have a somewhat symbiotic relationship with music in that each benefits and defines the other.  There is no limit to what can be expressed through dance; from a celebration of life to the sorrow of heartbreak and everything in between.  Dance comes from the depth of our being and frees us of our limitations.  "Dance is the hidden language of the soul."  ~Martha Graham
Having the benefit of knowing and working with some of the best dancers in SL, I am happy to continue my education and journey of dance with my current dance family; the Guerilla Burlesque Troupe at Idle Rogue.  Working with these talented people is always a learning experience as we continue to raise the bar each week.  I have the opportunity to not only dance, but build my sets, design my costumes, choreograph all my dances and create animations.  SL is an artists paradise, and a dancer's dream.  And I'm very excited to be a part of it.  With special thanks to those who showed me the way... you know who you are...
Love you all... ~Kiri"

Mily Sandalwood - "I am mily and I have been dancing in SL since March 2009. I am gorean and as such my dance experience is mainly from gorean outputs, but I do at times go other places to observe and participate. Upon the rl passing of my late Master Samos Madrigal I have took over writing the dance reviews for gorean dance events for Voice of gor where I also wrote a weekly column on gorean dance. The Voice of Gor has since closed down and I no longer write reviews.  These days I do dance lectures on faction style of dancing and speak of Master Samos' vission for dance. Addtionally I write a monthly dance article for Gorean Times. In gorean dancing emotes are added along side the animation sequences. I have been emoting like this since November 2009. Prior to finding Sl and discovering my passion for sequencing (and a rather expensive dance animation addiction)"
Naiki Muliaina - "Hello! I am Naiki, and I have fleas. I don't dance. I only have a cheap HUD. 4 dance animations. I am not model Dance Queen member. But I do own a theatre called the Blue Moon which has lotsa dancey stuff, theatrical stuffs, comedy stuffs, and other stuffs. The stage is there to be used and I welcome all acts there. The Mooneys theatre group travel about the grid and put on shows for other people too. Sent a few comedy dance stories / scripts out to Dance Queens for anyone to use. Errr... More about me... This sounds like a walkin advert.... I am a dog in second life and real life. I like Owls. I break spell checkers. I smell a bit funny. I can bend my pinkie on my front right paw double backwards, and I can lick my nose. Annnnnnnnnd im done.."

 Nancy Toocool -  Nancy is a Second Life theatrical burlesque dancer, who always tries to find new ways to express herself. She's not afraid to create dramatic show numbers with strange atmosphere or unique humour involved. Nancy's passion towards all things SL, hunger to learn new things and the obsession to always have full control over her own work forces her to create her dance numbers completely by herself and from a scratch - be it building sets, compiling dance routines, or writing emotes.
Nancy has been a Second Life dancer since late 2011. She's been a proud member of a very unique dance group MJ's Burlesque Review since early 2012. Nancy has had the privilege to be a part of the now vanished burlesque houses The Wiggle Room and The Haus of Hanky Panky. Aside from dancing, Nancy is a passionate SL photographer, writer and a huge fan of the 1920s, 1930s and the 1940s. You can usually find Nancy from either the dance clubs of SL, the retro sims, or some well-made and usually weird-looking random sims.

Nottoo Wise - Nottoo has been dancing since January 2007. She is founder of DANCE QUEENS. She has owned three clubs (Not Too Hot, Not2z Dance Club, # TTOO Bar) with Riddlebox Ribble, founded two dance groups (Sexy Slinkers, # TTOO Bar Dancers) and has had five SL stores (Dance Queen, Cutesy, BlackLine Clothing, NailD, Carnaval).

pet Karu - "In SL -  as CEO and Founder of Unity Productions, I've added producting, directing and choreography to my long list; bringing biblical stories to the virtual stage in SL.  We've completed the first production of  "Come Away My Beloved - a musical adaptation inspired by  the Song of Solomon.  It premiered July 31, 2010 5 PM SLT.  We, Unity (cast and crew) have decided to share our donation gifts with The Roc Foundation. In SL, I am a teacher, facilitator, counselor and pastor, journalist for ICON and the Christian Ezine Magazines.  My profile has a listing of my workshop, small group meeting schedule.
Currently on staff with Jesus House as associate pastor in SL and as  a counselor."
Priscilla Solvang - Hello or Tala, means hi in mermish language, everyone!  My name is Prissy, short for Priscilla, I am not sure where to begin to tell about me but I know how much I love dance as it is other beauitful art that expressed through teamwork and heart. I have produced many mer dance shows since I first arrive SL, My inspiration came from a mermaid dancer, Elleon Bergamasco,  who was running her show for cancer fundraising and once I was in her show as a dancer, I knew from that day I instantly fell in love with beautiful mer world and dances as well. Therefore I have decide to try produce my first one, it was not perfect but wonderful experience. The art world has been my fore, arts, crafts, and any creativity it allows to has been my practice for years even in real life, it is my coal that throw into my inspiration fire bin.  However not only art but also surrounding of country and nature has been my love  which is where I got poetry I wrote from too.  The Moon Lullaby was produced from one of my poem. I truly enjoy them all from bottom of my heart and I hope you all do too whenever you see my shows. 
Psyche Lunasea - MaHal is my unit.  We usually dance in a pair.  Some units uses bright particles and lighting.  Some gorgeous stage sets and outfits.  Some people creates special animations themselves.  Some specializes in dramatic direction.  We have none of them.  Our specialty is in dancing in two people, with different movement for each.  I love tango, salsa, mambo, chachacha, jive, rock'n'roll... all good for couples dancing.  I also love oriental music, and I make a group of three for belly dancing.  I've been dancing for three years and choreographed more than 200 sequences.  As long as I can find good music for dancing, I don't quit.  You can see the filmed performances on YouTube:
Ric Lyle - "To me SL has been a chance to do things that you didn't do, or wouldn't be able to do, in RL.  In RL I've always admired people who could  sing, dance, play musical instruments, model and generally perform in front of people.  Consequently, I've emphasized those kind of things in my SL life. I am currently performing with Fusion Dance Crew and am co-owner of Fusion Performing Arts Center with Felicia Ibanez.  I was a Lead Dancer and Choreographer with Chippendales, and have been a performer for Soul Awakenings, La Performance, The Full Package, Beautiful Freaks, and Knockers Up Diva.  In addition, I've performed at various clubs and events as myself. Generally, I prefer to do solo dance routines.  I like to think I bring the full package to my performances: 1) theme, 2) music, 3) dances, 4) costumes, 5) story, 6) flirtatious emotes, and 7) special effects/props. Most of my routines hopefully are a little bit different.  I always try to have an edge or twist in the story line.   I like pulling routines together.  It's a chance to be creative."

Riddlebox Ribble - " "Hey all im Riddle , im the coolest guy in SL, Related To DQ im not a dancer, but like to help any where i can,  Also i am the DQ database developer, creator of lots of DQ freebies and co-leader of DANCE QUEENS.
Xses Riddle"

Siani Janus - "I have always loved music, and hanging out in the various SL clubs dancing and enjoying the tunes, but I soon became tired of the random dances of other peoples dance huds and standard club dance balls. I met both Nottoo and my partner to be in 2009 and was introduced to a whole new way of dancing, with the Huddles. Which led to an extensive dance collecting habit, especially good guy dances so I could host and dance my new dj boyfriend and not have him look too 'girly', lol. I love to match dances to the music and mostly freestyle, using single dances or mixing combinations of sequences. And I love to have a whole clubful of people up and dancing with me, and enjoying themselves and the music."
SexyS Quintessa - I love dance anywhere; RL/SL - you name it!   I would dance all day if I had the time.  RL I'm a both a bellydancer and an instructor of bellydance.  SL,  I have danced in numerous places, currently Blue Moon, A&M Maniacs and Guerilla Burlesque.  In 2008, I picked up a HUDDLES and a few dances to make my avatar move better than what the clubs were offering!  I didn't know the HUD's full capability until a year later when I found the Dance Queens!  I cannot tell you enough how much I have learned from this amazing group.  I love what it is all about and I contribute as much as I can.  Dance in SL has changed since I've started.  With all the new gadgets (Barre, Spot-On) these days I will be able to create and perform my masterpiece!!!  In the mean time, my acts will be epic!   It's been an amazing journey so far and I appreciate everyone that I have had the opportunity to work with!

Thaladar Borgin - "If someone told me 15 months ago that I would be dancing I would have laughed but after I met iliandra my life in SL  changed quite a bit  and she made me enjoy dancing. We do shows now and I enjoy it immensely, trying to figure things out despite being a lazy guy and trying to help ili  for her passion. Long story short,  I learnt even the tough macho guys can love dancing hehe."
Tivi Shenzhou (Tiviyah Resident): Knowing that Tivi is a pure air element, and understanding what that means, is probably the first key to understanding Tivi.  Always multi-tasking and taking on projects that she enthusiastically completes, Tivi has learned and honed her skills in many areas of Second Life.  Her favourites, and ones she's aspired to master for the 4 years she's been on the grid, include: Dance (modern and Gorean), Dance Competition Organization, Photography, Building, Scripting, and support for the Barre Dance Hud.  Her greatest goal is to help others have fun doing what they love... because there are so many who have helped her do the same.  :-)
Winniefred (Winnie) -  In 2010 a shiny newb wandered into Blue Moon Bar and tried out the dance poster on the wall. Horrified by the breakdance I was doing and unable to figure out how to stop, I was helped by Naiki who introduced me to the world of dancing in SL (and fleas...) I still perform at Moons and I have been lucky to be in a small troupe where some of SL's best dancers (Kiri, SexyS and Em) taught me the ropes and now I dance at Winds of the Sahara regularly.  I have RL experience as a figure skater and took ballet for years.  I love to pick music and costumes and I'm learning the art of set making.  I love all genres of dance and enjoy finding new ways to express myself. I can be found flailing about building sets or scouring the grid to absorb as much dancing as I can. RL is busy for me, so I'm learning as much as possible in limited time.  Wave hi,  I love making new friends who dance and picking their brains to learn all I can and am happy to join if you're short a dancer for a group event or if you want to do a small group.....Will work for applause....or oreos... :)

Xanthia Lisle - "Xanthia Lisle comes from a background of dance and theatre in Real Life and has brought that knowledge with her into 2nd Life.  She started dancing from the age of 8 with ballet, tap, modern and jazz, transitioning naturally to latin style dancing later though the years with her love of the latin culture and language.  She has studied martial arts and theatre as well, enjoying a love of Shakespearian and Musical theatre. In 2nd Life, Xanthia Lisle has been a dancer, choreographer, hostess, director and events manager at the Moulin Rouge Theatre since August 2008, when she came into 2nd Life.  She is currently Senior Theatre Director of the Moulin Rouge Revue.  She has created several original shows for the theatre, including, but not limited to: Can Can Medley, Chicago the Musical, Moulin Rouge Tribute, Moulin Rouge Variety Show, Burlesque Francaise, La Petite Burlesque ... and many more"

Zarah Dawn - HI Hi...
Zarah Dawn here.  * sings* I ! I am a dancer!  No I don't sing but I'm all about music, passion, & things that make you move, feel or  be.  In real life I am a dancer. I was on a tanbourine/dance team for 12 years in real life & choreographed several dances & helped choreograph several others.  I still play tambourine & dance with my daughters & grand daughters. I'm off beat, eclectic, & I think funny when it comes to music & dance. Nothing is sacred. LOL   I like being different & outside what is normal.  I have choreographed several dances in SL for my own personal use. I haven't shared them because I don't think they're good enough to share but I love them.  I'm not on a team though I have considered it. I have a jewelry business in SL that keeps me busy as well as a number of live music gigs I love to go to.
Zhaza Zerbino - "Hey, my name is ZZ ;o)
Already after one month SL, I found out about dancing in a dancegroup and I knew at once at, this is what I want!. April 2009 I created the "Pink Lady dancers". We are not, as many would think, a "lady group" but the name is because I simply LOVE the color Pink...hehe.
We are still the same members as from there where i started the group and I think that makes us special. We are really good friends who love to have fun!! Together with Dannyboy Brenham, we created some "dance systems" we use to our performances.

I like everything about a dance show. From making the stages to the choreography.
I prefer freestyle dancing. Most of our shows has a funny part in it. Hey... after all this is SL and this is THE place to make unreal things real ;o))
I also arrange "Variety Shows" where different groups performs.
Knuzzer ZZ ;o)"
ZZ has passed but ran Dance Queens for awhile and will be sorely missed.