Friday, November 30, 2012

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121130

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121130
It seems that Gangnam videos are almost as numerous as Gangnam animations. Here is a video by Ester Auroline. I do like the use of a stop when the video view changes.
Even the furries are doing it Gangnam Style in this video by Kurokyuuketsuki D.

I'm about Gangnamed out, but here is one more by satirotaru. At least at the end of the video is how I feel about seeing another Gangnam Style video.

Here is a combo ballet and cheerleading dance practice by Stacey Zirgar called Alisa Zirgar's Dance Practice. I particularly like the sunglasses on a ballet dancer.
Next is a video by maialyre with hot dancing, hot cars and racing. It's called Second Life - LI Drift.

As I watch all these videos I begin to think about the use of camera angles inluding close ups and distance shots. I also think about movement around the stage. What are the things that make a video really good? Of course, the dancing has to fit the music and be technically proficient, but for a video and a show there is more. Hmmm. I guess that's what makes us creative.

Of course as soon as I start thinking about camera angles along comes a weird video like Dangdut Remix - Second Life by Anita Yustisia. I think the music is Indonesian. The in and out camera effect is unusual for me.

If you really want to think outside the box, take a look at the camera work in this video entitled 'Me' by BOTDFlover5. The choreography needs work but the video idea is different.

Psyche Lunasea posted her MaHal Burlesque I video ... it's 45 minutes long, but features Psyche's usual first-class choreography.

yumixland made this next video and added some special split screen effects. It's called Sexy Girl Dancing.

Henmations put out a Zumba Dance video and a LA Dance video

If I missed your videos or photos, IM me.



Thursday, November 29, 2012

SL Dance Videos and Photos for 121129

SL Dance Videos and Photos for 121129

Psyche Lunasea posted several yummy burlesque videos by Florine Writer of the recent Burlesque II show by MaHal.
Marilyn Monroe - My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby (Chair Dance), Michael Buble - Cry Me a River (Pole Dance)
Sissy - Fever (Pole Dance), Sinead O'Connor - The House of the Rising Sun
Bart Simpson and Buster Poindexter - School Day, Superstarz Kids - Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polkadot Bikini, Superstarz Kids - Splish Splash, Cab Calloway - Minnie the Moocher

Katie Melua - A Moment of Madness, Tina Karol - Nochenka (Couple Dance)

Liza Minnelli - Bye Bye Blackbird (Line Dance), Sarah Brightman -
Phantom of the Opera (Couple Dance)

Big Spender

Sine Wave is releasing videos of their most recent dances on on Vimeo under the name Rohan Freeman.



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MyAnim Releases Gangnam Style Dances

MyAnim Releases Gangnam Style Dances 121128

Ramona Criss sent this notice to the MyAnimation Group today ...


YOU wanted YOU have it GANGNAM STYLE
Wed, Nov 28 2012 7:18:53 AM PST
                       Watch Video PROMO
▀▀▀▀    GANGNAM Style  DANCES   ▀▀▀▀


SL Dance Videos for 121128

SL Dance Videos for 121128

Here are the La Oro High Schoolers giving us some hiphop breaking in a video by Foxie Dinzeo.

Foxie has a second video. This one is also by the La Oro gents and is called 'Wed the Bed.'

This is Draven Darkshadow's romantic couples dance 'Our Time'

MyAnimation has released a new promo video of their Gangnam Style dances. Of course the anims are good and I like the popping of the video matching the music

Check out Babypea von Phoenix' Gorean dance 'Garden of Shadows.' I particularly like the costume change at about 3 minutes. This dance features emoting which you can read if you click the lower right button on the video window to make it full screen.

It's fun to see how different video makers interpret the same dance perfromance. A few days ago Danse Macrabre by Cherry Manga was featured in a video by Cherry. Here is the same performance in a video by dahir Sapphire.

If I missed your SL dance video, send me a note or IM with the URL.



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New SL Dance Videos

New SL Dance Videos 121127

Here is a fun video called 'BEYONCE' - DANCE FOR YOU' by JailHarlemPhresh. I like the movement in the video and the use of black and white.

Here is a video by ParadiseStudiosSL called 'A Night at Orchids Theater' and features some DQ members ... nice

This is another video from ParadisestudiosSL and features Aralyn Noel doing ABC by the Jackson 5

If you have a video that you want on the DANCE QUEENS blog. send me (Nottoo Wise) an IM with the URL.

DANCE QUEENS - Dance Wheel

DANCE QUEENS - Dance Wheel 121127

A few years ago I made something called a Dance Wheel. It allowed four dancers to dance together while positioned on a rotating wheel. This morning I woke up thinking about it and decided to update the wheel using the Hironics MPC positioning system.

I made one that positions up to four dancers around the wheel. It is only a positioning device and you need to use your dance HUD to get the avatars to dance in sync. Of course, it is possible to put dances in the wheel so the dancers can dance in sync or separately without a HUD, and I will leave it to you to do that if you wish.

Here is how you use it:

1. Each dancer sits on the device. You can change to an available seat if you want.

2. One person acts as the leader and controls the dancers with her/his Dance HUD

I added a color changing capability also. Just click within the wheel for a color menu.

I put the DANCE QUEENS - Dance Wheel in the Free Stuff Box at Dance Central.


P.S. the sheel is for only one orientation. If you want to orient it 90 degrees you have to change the 'slow rotation script' line that reads:



 llTargetOmega(<0 .1=".1">,PI,1.0);

Monday, November 26, 2012

Three Dimensional Object Video

Three Dimensional Object Video 121126

Here is a SL dance video by Joseph Nussbaum featuring some unusual visual effects ...


It's Not Goodbye Video

It's Not Goodbye Video 121126

This video has only a little dancing in it, but I think you will see the use of animated poses in the story that the video tells. Maple Sonata is the female lead and the video is by Porcorosso Ackmanm.


Only Women Bleed Video

Only Women Bleed Video 121126

Here is a video of  Aralyn Noel dancing to Alice Copper's Only Women Bleed made by ParadiseStudiosSL. Of course, I always love the pop that a black background gives ...


Copybotted Dances Investigated by Tiviyah Resident

Copybotted Dances Investigated by Tiviyah Resident 121126

Tiviyah copied me on the note below and agreed to have her name appear in this post ...


To: Jariah Yuhara, A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop; Ramona Criss, MyAnimation; Live Gears, Studio4D; Easy Babcock/Sinewave Gears, Sinewave; Marcus Adkins, Humanoid Animations; Dancing Lemon, There in Spirit; Hendrik Schroeder, Henmations; Abramelin Wolfe, Abranimations; Nomasha Syaka, Ministry of Motion; Wild Moo, 3FX

From: Tiviyah Resident, Manager of A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop & Concerned Dancer/Shopper

Greetings ~

I really wish I were writing under better circumstances, but unfortuantely this needs to be put out there in the open.  Due to the prompting of a friend of mine, I have been doing some investigating into a copybotter.  At the time, it was just suspected... now, I have confirmation that there are MANY copybotted animations.  I'm going to try my damnedest to stay concise, and give you the information you need in an organized fashion, if I can.

..:: The Avatars ::..

So far, these are the confirmed avatar names involved in this issue:
--- Billie Solari (Owner of both the store and the dance club)
--- Dirtypop Resident (store alt)
--- ANUKIS Nagy (listed creator of one of the animtions)
--- Cubanbee Resident (listed creator of some of the animations)
--- Emlyn Serenity (listed creator of some of the animations)
--- maridyth Resident (listed creator of some of the animtions)
--- Ever Bluestar (listed creator of some of the animations)

..:: The Stolen Items ::..

Obviously since I'm notecard dance creators, these people have stolen dance animations from you.

..:: The Locations ::..

Here are the two landmarks for the places these animations were found:
--- Dirty POP Store (located on the 2nd floor)
--- Sk8d Dance Club
--- Keep in mind there are only 37 demos in the Dirty POP store.  If you visit her marketplace store and filter to Animations, there are 340 animations there.
Store Link:

..:: What Items Does She Have? ::..

Here is a notecard of the documented source of everything available in world.  I put this notecard together myself, personally demo-ing each of the 37 gestures and then going through the 84 dances in her club's dance floor.  The sources are accurate as far as I know.

((Things that are located in the Dirty POP store are notated as DP.  Things in the Sk8d dance club are notated as SK.  The number refers to the number on the notecard underneath that category.  So DP1 would be the first animation listed from the Dirty POP store.))
--- Live Gears (Studio4D): DP1, DP3 - 7, DP11, DP14 - 19, DP28, DP30 - 31, DP34, DP36 - 37; SK11 - 13, SK32 - 74
Total Animations Stolen: 64

--- Jariah Yuhara (A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop): DP2, DP8, DP12 - 13, DP26, DP32 - 33, DP35, SK1 - 2, SK4, SK10, SK29
Total Animations Stolen: 13

--- Easy Babcock/Sinewave Gears (Sinewave): DP9 - 10, DP21, DP23 - 25, DP27, SK9, SK78 - 84
Total Animations Stolen: 15

--- Ramona Criss (MyAnimation): DP20, SK14 - 28
Total Animations Stolen: 16
*** Also: The building the Dirty POP store is in, has your name listed as the creator.  If you didn't give her the building, I'd check into that too. ***

--- Marcus Adkins (Humanoid Animations): SK5, SK75 - 77
Total Animations Stolen: 4

--- Hendrik Schroeder (Henmations): SK 8 (not certain, but going off the HM in her naming of it.)
Total Animations Stolen: 1

--- Abramelin Wolfe (Abranimations): This was not listed on mine, but a friend told me that the Dougie gesture dancer that Billie sells, has you listed as the creator.
Total Animations Stolen: 1

--- Unknown/Unidentified: DP22, DP29, SK3, SK6 - 7, SK30 - 31
Total Animations Stolen: 7

---Grand Total Animations Stolen: 121 + non-duplicates on the Marketplace

..:: What Do I Do Now? ::..

I would HIGHLY encourage EACH of you to report each of those avatars involved in the stealing of animations from you and your fellow content creators.  DMCA reports are, from what I'm told, extremely important in cases like this.  Creators that are lax about reporting only make it harder for the original content creators in SL who are protective of their original work... so please do no just disregard your stolen property.  Take action to be sure that this theif/these theives are stopped!  There are plenty of other copybotters out there, but this will at least make one less stealing from those of you who work hard to do what you do... ESPECIALLY for you mocap animators for which this is tied to an RL company.  People are stealing from you.  Please don't take this lightly.
..:: Questions? ::..
Help each other!  If you've never filed anything related to DMCA before, please ask someone who has... and those of you who have, please use this opportuntiy to come together to help your fellow content creators protect their intellectual property.

If you have any questions about the information that I've personally provided, feel free to notecard me and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Kindest Regards,
Tivi Shenzhou (Tiviyah Resident)
Manager, A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop
Concerned Dancer & Shopper


By the time I got to the offending locations the dances had already been removed ... good work Tiviyah. I added the locations with the names of the thieves to the Illegal Dance Sellers List. We are making progress on stopping illegal dance sellers, but one improvement I would like to see is that Linden Labs bans the sellers of illegal dances. Some of these stores no longer sell the illegal dances, but the owners are still in businesss ... they should be gone from SL.

Hahahaha, anyway, that's it for illegal dances for today.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gangnam Style SL Video

You cannot escape it ... Gangnam Style SL Video

This one is by SrtaDoraResident ...


Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre 121125

I think you will enjoy this different dance video by Cherry Manga ... DANSE MACABRE


DreamWeaver Video

DreamWeaver Video 121125

Check out this new video posted by Chewie Quixote at Guerilla Burlesque ... DreamWeaver

Learning to Dance in Second Life (SL)

Learning to Dance in Second Life (SL) (121125)

About a year ago I posted about learning to dance in SL. A year is a long time in SL and now this post is an update on the subject.

This note is for people just beginning to dance in SL using a HUD. It is a step-by-step guide. It takes effort and money to become a really good dancer in SL, but WOW!!! it is so much fun.


STEP 1 - GET A GOOD DANCE HUD (Heads Up Display)

Buy a good dance HUD. This a really important decision because different HUDs have different capabilities. Once you use a dance HUD and become familiar with it, changing to another dance HUD is difficult. The most recent comparison of Dance HUDs discusses this subject. If you really love dancing and want to become very proficient in most situations, I recommend the Barre HUD. If you are focusing on specialty dancing such as couples dancing, consider the MLDU5.



All dance HUDs come with instructions. Sometimes the instructions are online and other times they are in notecards. Read the instructions. You may not understand everything at first, but you will over time. I will help you if you need it for the Barre, Huddles and Fleursoft HUDs.



HUDs usually have no dances or a few lousy dances inside. Using the instructions that come with the HUD you can see what is inside the HUD using edit and you can see what a notecard looks like. The HUD instructions tell you how to load dances. You can buy dances at Dance Makers. Start with Motion Capture (MOCAP) dances since these are the best quality.

Also you can find free dances using this notecard. There are also free dances in the DANCE QUEENS Freebie Dance pack that is updated occasionally for DANCE QUEENS members.

Money is always an issue so here is a list of good first dances to get. Also make a decision about buying copy or transfer dances.



At first you will probably want to dance individually using your dances. After you become confident about your HUD and begin to learn your dances, you will start to invite others to dance with you. This is the time to learn Freestyle choreography or attend a class that I give occasionally. This is important so you look good while dancing and others enjoy dancing with you.



There are a lot of good dancers in SL. They are in clubs, in shows and on videos. Watch them and learn from them. Focus your attention on the dancing and look at things like transitions between dances, how well the dances match the music, movement of dancers ... are the dancers really life like? Most dancers, particularly DANCE QUEENS members will share how they do things, so ask when you see something you like.

Many dancers will stop at this point and become excellent freestyle dancers and have lots of SL fun. Some will want to learn more.



If you decide to learn more, joining a dance group even for a short time is a good way to learn. Usually, the leaders of dance groups are very experienced dancers and you can learn from them.

Even if you don't join a dance group, this is a good time to think about Sequenced Choreography and navigating in your HUD.



Once you start using notecards, you can benefit from what others have done. I send out a lot of dance sequences. One reason for this is to help you learn about how to make dance sequences.



This website has a lot of information about dancing. Read it. Once you are familiar with the above, you will find that your dancing will draw attention to you. People will start to ask you for advice and help. You have arrived as a DANCE QUEEN OR KING ... congratulations!



DANCE QUEENS is a group that is for learning about dancing and sharing so we all become better and have more fun. Almost every day dance information is added to this blog and sent out in daily notices. As you learn things new, contact me and I will include it in a Daily Notice to share with all.



THE CHANGE Rock Opera 121125

Medora Chevalier sent us this invitation ...


Shows are 1 pm on Sundays


SEA'S HYMN Mer Ballet

SEA'S HYMN Mer Ballet 121125

Prissy Solvang sent us this invitation ...


Sweet candle glows above Beach under sound of a is a joy of Christmas that we are presenting a Mer ballet,


Dec. 7, 2012
1 pm SLT
It's a cancer fundraising event and the donations will go to Relay for Life but also spirits as well. Come and enjoy!
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Prissy Solvang(Prissy206 Hammand)

Studio4D is Back

Studio4D is Back 121125

Peco Whiteberry sent this notice to the Studio4D Group ...


What's up?  Does anything special? us? Yes! We put a gift for everybody on our new release section. Find big panel "what's up?" and get free dance!  Hope you all enjoy it<3 font="font">


The dance is in the new dance section and up about 5 meters ...


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Urban Aly Designs Sells Illegal Dances

Urban Aly Designs Sells Illegal Dances

Today, I got this note from a DANCE QUEENS member ...

"Hi Nottoo,

I was searching for dances on Marketplace and came across this vendor:  I went their shop inworld to pick up some of the $1 items to see if there were interesting dances. I rezzed one of the items to look at the dance inside and was surprised to find the creator is Easy Babcock. I checked another and found the same creator.  I am attaching the LM if you want to investigate further.

The dances I looked at were "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and "Dancing Queen" both found on the wall with the $1 items ..."

I went to the store and bought one of the items which combine music and dancing. Yes, the dance was created by Easy Babcock. Thanks to the DQ memeber who sent the note.

I followed up with a note to Easy so he can stop this illegal seller.

While at the store, I saw this sign:

I guess even thieves worry about someone stealing their goods.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Bootiful Spooks Video

Bootiful Spooks Video 121119

Halloween is over but the fun from Shadows Silhouettes' Dancers is not ...


If You Can Make It There ...

If You Can Make It There ... 121119

Diawa Bellic conquers New York in this new dance video by ninacamplin ...


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Diesel Works Offers 'Just Us' Poses

Diesel Works Offers 'Just Us' Poses 121118

Rogan Diesel sent this note to the Diesel works group today ...


Diesel Works Poses & Animations:TP
Just Us Series (NEW)

All the above items are available at the marketplace:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

MoM Offers 7 New Dances

MoM Offers 7 New Dances 121217

Nomasha Syaka sent this note to the MoM Group ...





"Club Sexy_3'" - 'Club Sexy' dances are one of our most popular - this is a great one
"Nuh Linga 2" - The first Nuh Linga was a fantastic success, try this one, you'll be pleased!
"Party Rock LMFAO 2" - Party Rock LMFAO - again a HUGE hit, now a new one with funkier moves!
"Bollywood 3" -  Bollywood dances seem to spice up everyone's moves!
"Rihanna - Rude Boy" -  Rhianna! Rhianna! Rhianna! Rhianna!
"Bad Girl" -  Bad Girl, You're a VERY Baaad Girl - now close your eyes! (Sexy dance)
"Singing Rockin'" -  A new singing animation for live performers, rock out with this one!

Gorean Dance Contest

Gorean Dance Contest 121117

Tiviyah sent this invitation and note about Gorean dancing ...


███▓▒░░.  ⊹⊱⋛ Dance Gardens of Gor Presents... ⋚⊰⊹  .░░▒▓███
×÷·.·´¯`·)» "What'd You Say?" Wordless Dance Competition «(·´¯`·.·÷×
███▓▒░░.  ⊹⊱⋛ Sunday, December 9th, 2012 10am - 12pm SLT ⋚⊰⊹  .░░▒▓███

In the Gorean community of dance, there seems to have derived two distinct 'factions' of dance.  While I personally believe that dance is dance is dance and trying to place a limited scope of what you CAN or SHOULD dance is a load of bosk dung, I've come to realize that in order to effectively communicate inside the community, we have to at least understand what these two onlineism terms have come to mean.

Dance faction dancing is a dance style that favors ONLY what can be seen through movement.  Your emotes will focus solely on what your audience members can see from the movements of your body.  Emotes would include things like: "[06:45:13]  riкi тiкi тivi şнεnzнou (tiviyah) whirls her body quickly, as if caught up in a hurricane, rapid extension and retraction of arms, the stamping of tiny feet causing the delicate slave bells about her ankles to ring out in time with the thudding of the kaska around her. She shows on her face the subservience involved in her submission, lips pursed together, eyes soft, cerulean orbs shining in the dim light of the tavern."  ((If it's not obvious, that was a challenge for me to try and write, as I do not stick to any one faction.  So forgive me if that was not perfectly dance faction.))

Story faction, on the other extreme of this, is said to be a "freer" faction of dance, in that you are free to describe those things that are not seen... feelings, etc.  You can incorporate movements as well, and it's wise to do so, but you are not limited in what you can describe.  Let me see if I can re-write the above emote in a more 'story faction' style.  "[06:48:16]  riкi тiкi тivi şнεnzнou (tiviyah) whirls her body around in a whirlwind of emotion, so caught up in her feelings of deepest submission to her Master. Her arms extend and retract, reaching for Him, to Him, calling from her heart to His own... a lifeline. Her feet stamp into the ground and the bells ring out above the kaska, that tiny voice among the crowd begging, "See me, Master!" Lips purse together in wanton desire for Him as her body writhes on the sands, helpless beast at His command."  There is still action in this emote, but also things were described that could not be directly seen... "deepest submission to her Master", "calling from her heart to His own... a lifeline".

The biggest argument that I see dance faction dancers make to those of us who blend factions, or those who dance purely story faction... is that in RL if you were to go up to do a dance, you would not stand in the pit and tell a story.  Personally, I agree with this fact.  BUT... we need to take it a step further, I believe...

If we're going to try and equate this to RL, then why are we using words at all?  You do not have words when you dance in RL.  All you have are your music, your costuming, your props, perhaps a backdrop or a set (for things like plays or recitals), and your movements.  You don't get any kind of words except for song lyrics to try and tell whatever story you want to portray.  And that, my dear Second Lifers, is what I want to portray in this next Fusion competition.  You will be allowed NO words, NO emotes.  Can your portray your story the way you would have to in RL?  Can you show us all what you want to say without actually SAYING it?

×÷·.·´¯`·)» The Basics «(·´¯`·.·÷×
·´)› 10 minute limit.  THERE WILL BE NO EMOTES. PERIOD.
·´)› Freestyle Dance Competition (Gorean dances do NOT have to be BtB, and dances do not have to be Gorean at all... diversity is encouraged.)
·´)› No duplicate song choices.  First come first serve.
·´)› 10 spots available.  2 alternates will be selected as well.
·´)› Must use NO emotes during the dance at all.  Must only use music, costumes, props, animations, etc.  Props are encouraged to aid in 'setting the scene'.
·´)› Props will obviously be allowed as long as they fit with your dances.  No more than 50 prims will be allowed per dancer, though less than 50 would be ideal.
·´)› Please keep costumes and props low-script in order to reduce the lag.  :-)

×÷·.·´¯`·)» Selection of Dancers «(·´¯`·.·÷×
·´)› Because this is a competition for BOTH Gorean and Modern dancers, the available spots will be divided evenly.
·´)› 5 spots and 1 alternate position will be available to Gorean dancers; 5 spots and 1 alternate position will also be available to modern dancers.
·´)› After the given day, any remaining spots will be open for any who want them.

×÷·.·´¯`·)» Music & Dance Order «(·´¯`·.·÷×
·´)› Dance order will be chosen "Mily-style" (I name it this because Mily Sandalwood is the first one I've seen who used this).  What Mily-style dance order means is that dancers will perform in reverse order to when they give me their music.  Meaning first to send me their music will perform last, and so on.  Encouragement to get your music in.
·´)› Email:
·´)› Skype: blaise.sparrowtree
×÷·.·´¯`·)» Selection of Judges «(·´¯`·.·÷×
·´)› Judges will be chosen AFTER applications have been received, to be sure impartiality.
·´)› ONE Gorean judge will be chosen, ONE Burlesque Performer/Modern dancer will be chosen, and ONE "Average Joe" judge will be chosen.  This ensures that each dancer will get multiple perspectives in judging and provides the fairest judging possible for the diverse types of dances involved.

×÷·.·´¯`·)» NEW RULE RE: Scoring -- For FUTURE Competitions «(·´¯`·.·÷×
·´)› Obviously this is irrelevant in this competition, as no words or emotes will be used, BUT I'm giving you AMPLE notice that this will come into effect starting with the next Fusion competition involving emotes.  :-)
·´)› One thing I'm going to try in the future is that Grammar and Spelling will be a 'bonus' category, used only in the event of a tiebreaker.  Judges will still score it, and it will still be included in your score cards after the competition, so that you know what they thought about it, but Grammar and Spelling will NOT hurt you if judges score you low.  I understand language barriers. For those, I'm trying to be more fair.  If there is a tie, then the Grammar and Spelling score will be looked at and the tie will be broken that way.  If there is still a tie after using this bonus category, a procedure will be outlined as to which category will break the tie.

×÷·.·´¯`·)» Broadcasting «(·´¯`·.·÷×
·´)› The event will be broadcast by the Gorean Whip Radio.
×÷·.·´¯`·)» Prizes «(·´¯`·.·÷×
·´)› Prizes to be announced, but do I ever leave you girls hanging?  *Grins*
×÷·.·´¯`·)» The Application «(·´¯`·.·÷×

***Please fill out application as complete as is applicable for you and return it to Tiviyah Resident by 11/28/12.  (Any remaining spots will then be opened up to first come, first serve, regardless of dance type.)***

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Swingin' 121114

I have mentioned before that I used to make a lot of dance-related equipment for fun. I was reminded of it again today when I came across in my inventory a swing I had made long ago. Here I am in front of one of the versions.

In 2009 I still owned with Riddle our club called NOT TOO HOT and I made a lot of dance related stuff ... mostly junk. The swing kind of fits into that category. I took a swing script from a freebie swing set and made a swing with a pedestal. In the pedestal I put a few freebie dances that were okay in quality and were also copy-trans. Then, I put a script in the pedestal that activated the first animation and allowed the user to switch anims by entering Shift-Right Arrow. To use it, just sit on it and you begin dancing and swinging.


I made a lot of versions of the swing by simply changing the texture and color on the ball and pedestal. Now you can dance and swing. If you want to put in your own dances, just add or remove the animations that are in the swing's pedestal.

If you want to stop the swinging just click on the swing.

You can also modify the swing. For example, here is an old picture from NOT TOO HOT where I had put dance poles on the pedestal.

If you want one of these swings I have put it in the Free Stuff box at Dance Central.


Using Looped or non-Looped Dances in Sequences

Using Looped or non-Looped Dances in Sequences 121114

After Snuma Whitfield's video was posted a few days ago with the reference to the MLDU5, she sent me a note with a reference to her blog. The blog post describes the use of looped and non-looped dances in a sequence and how she makes multiple animation dances work with the MLDU5. Snuma also describes more on using the MLDU5 for groups as well as couples.

Snuma's approach certainly makes for very smooth transitions between animations.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DANCE QUEENS Dance Database Changes

DANCE QUEENS Dance Database Changes 121113

I have just completed updating the DANCE QUEENS Dance Database and we now have 10,165 entries. This is about 1500 more entries since the last update a month and a half ago. Many thanks to Psyche Lunasea, Beach and Barbara Collazo who sent me information on new or missing dances and animations.

I have been having difficulty uploading the database to the Google spreadsheet. In fact I have not been able to upload the updated version even though I am using exactly the same procedure as I have used previously. I have also experienced problems sorting the data that is already uploaded, so I expect that many of you may have problems also.

I decided to look at other ways to share the data and found that Microsoft has a method for doing this. It has two disadvantages, but also two advantages. The advantages are first that I can upload the entire spreadsheet and you can access it on the web, and second that you can download the spreadsheet into your own Excel program and manipulate the data as you wish. Of course, we all worry about viruses, so, if you do not want to download the spreadsheet, you can cut and paste it into an Excel or other spreadsheet. Anyway, this is a big plus for you to use the data.

The negatives are first that you have to sign up for Windows Live to see the spreadsheet. It's an easy process and I used my Nottoo Wise name instead of my real name without problems. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. The second negative is that, although you can see the data once you sign up, you cannot manipulate it unless you have Excel. To manipulate the data you need to download the spreadsheet then open it in another spreadsheet program like Google spreadsheet on your local computer.

The database is found by clicking on the link "Dance Database" in the upper right of the DANCE QUEENS blog. I have put two ways to access the database. The new way has all the updated information. The old way I will leave until the next update in about a month and a half, but it gives you only the information that was posted a month and a half ago.