Monday, January 30, 2017

The Crystal Edge Dancers - Wednesday Show

We would like to welcome you to our Wednesday Show at the Crystal Edge Dance Club

WEDNESDAY 1st FEBRUARY 2017 @ 2pm SLT - doors open 1.30pm

The show consists of 35 minutes of fabulous dance sets, fun, laughter and friends.

Choreographed by Bubble Roffo & Diddy Hyun, performed by The Crystal Edge Dancers.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Moonstone Calling for Easter-Themed Acts for April Show!


Dance shows will run every alternate month at the Theatre.

All dance troupes in SL are welcome to participate.

There will be 8 selected dances for each show.

You are invited to perform a dance representing your troupe, led by any one of your members.

Dances must be verified and  approved by the Troupe Leading Director, before being accepted to represent their Troupe in the show.

Next show will be  an EASTER theme and will be presented on Sunday 2nd April at 1pm slt.

Anyone wishing to present a dance please contact Klark Harvy, Moonstone Director.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Monarchs Presents Dead men's tale!

The Monarchs Presents Dead men's tale!
Another amazing Monarchs sim-wide production, from the team who brought you Imagine!, Lost Island, Imagine Too!, Star Wars: The Untold Stories, and so much more!
This time we are taking you on a pirate adventure, yarrr! Featuring an original story told in a unique manner with pirates that are not your usual scurvy hearties, this production will delve into pirates from a variety of cultures. Expect the unexpected!
Come explore the sim, see the astonishing builds by Royal Shippe and Diiar Vader-Shippe! Plus, shop for unusual items used in the show at the Monarchs exclusive giftshop.
No digging necessary, here is your treasure map:
Show Dates:
Friday, February 17th at 9pm SLT
Saturday, February 18th at 1pm SLT
Friday, February 24th at 9pm SLT
Saturday, February 25th at 3pm SLT

Reed Enterprises Presents: Anything Goes

Reed Enterprises Presents: Anything Goes
Live Dance Show
Hosted by Delaney Reed
Directed by Klark Harvy
Sunday, January 29th at 1pm SLT

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Twisted Tassel Burlesque Venue

First Show ever in SL on February 4th at 12 Noon SLT

Spirit Light Dance Company - Virtual Expressions

                                        Spirit Light Dance Company
                                                       Brings You
                                                Virtual Expressions
                                             A Choreographers Choice
                                                  Benefit show for
                                                Rockcliffe University
                                              January 29th 12 noon SLT

                                         "those who were seen dancing
                                            were thought to be insane
                                 by those who could not hear the music.”

          Dance is one of the ways of releasing emotions of the human heart.
                    Over the centuries we have perfected this movement,
       designated names for the steps and evaluated the technique of the moves.
        We use our subjective opinions to determine what is good and what is not.
                                   But is that really what dance is about?
         Is not dance the release of emotions held within the soul of the dancer?
                               I think it is. Dancers dance because we must,
                     Choreographers Create because they are moved to do so.

                                         SLDC Choreographers Bring you
                                                 Virtual Expressions

                           11 exciting numbers that will have you snapping
                                    your fingers and tapping your toes --
                                         you won't want to miss this.
                                  Please keep your script at 50 or under.
                            We often Fill the sim so plan to get there early
                        Seating is free but bring your Ls to support a worthy cause.
                                             First come first serve.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

"So You Want to be a Dancer?" Seminar/Class!

"So You Want to be a Dancer?"

                                   Feb 4th at Noon SLT

Ladies, by popular requests, but mostly because of lots of questions from our guests and group members, we will be offering an informative seminar/class giving information and a demonstration of how and what we do.

It will include a brief overview of huds, animations, and other things we do like costumes and set building, and yes, a short demonstration of a routine.

So head down to the theatre and reserve your spot! There is a mailbox outside the theatre just drop a NC with your FULL SL name to hold your spot!
Seating will be limited so don't hesitate!

We look forward to seeing you ladies and sharing the fun and creative outlet of dancing in SL!!

Questions?? Please don't hesitate to contact me.
DaniSari Resident
La Coquette Cabaret

The Paramount Players Night Players

The Paramount Players do a monthly "after hours" show. Starting at 7pm slt... we bring bring you the same performance quality we do at our Saturday shows, maybe a little more skin... little less costume. Some acts do contain adult content.

What's the diff? You already know what we present at the Paramount; Night Players will have some acts that are similar - but it will also feature acts that are more - Avant Grade - acts that stretch our creative wings - - push our boundaries.


The new JARDIN DE PARIS 1900 troupe is pleased to invite you for the show :
Friday 27th of January 2017
at 12:30 pm SLT
▶ Reservation only !! Contact : DameLessage Igaly
NEW troupe, NEW costumes, NEW choreographies, NEW FX... and a lot of novelties !
━► We strongly recommend to be there at 12:15 pm to go on board on the deadly raft under the best conditions :)
All our shows are translated in English :)

La Coquette Cabaret ~ PAINT ME BLUE

*~La Coquette Cabaret~*
FEB 13TH  at 6:00pmslt
FEB. 19TH at 1:00pmslt
FEB. 27TH at 6:00pmslt

*****NOTE TIME CHANGE*******

               ~PAINT ME BLUE~
A bit of a diversion for all the Red we see in February. You know, WE are trend setters!..Join us as we celebrate all the Blue hearts out there! Sexy and Sassy as always. We will swoon those blue hearts with our music and sensuality.
And for after the show fun we will have dancing down the street at ~La Casbah~. It all starts here.....

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fantasya presents ★·.·´`·.·✰.. CABARET ..✰·.·´`·.·★

 Fantasya is pleased to welcome you for a dream with its NEW show :

       ★·.·´`·.·✰..  CABARET  ..✰·.·´`·.·★

Friday 27 th January 2017 at 12:30 PM SLT
▶▶    This show is limited to 20 persons

Elize Meili and Adeternam will be pleased to add  you on our guests list :-)

Theatre Fantasya

Friday, January 20, 2017

Men In Motion Returns With an All-New Show!

OMGAWD!  It’s MENS!  On stage, dancing just for you.  This is a DO NOT MISS show featuring all-male choreographers.  Elaborate sets, sexy costumes, and songs that will get you bouncing in your seat.  Come out to The Empire Room at Copperhead Road and cheer for the guys as they get their groove on for your entertainment pleasure!

Saturday, January 21st at 3pm SLT
Your GPS:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Let's Dance Again Show!

Let's Dance Again Show!
Jan 21 @ 12 noon

A lot of times you want to come to many of the Dance shows in SL, but miss them due to being on the other side of the pond!

Now you have a chance to see some of those repeat shows every other Month, at OWK Empire's Let's Dance Again Show Venue!

Join us this Saturday, 21st Jan, at 12 Noon SLT.

See you there! Seating will be limited so get there early!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Season of Guerilla Burlesque

New Season of Guerilla Burlesque starts January 20th!

The first season of Guerilla Burlesque for 2017 is here and we have some exciting changes coming your way! Come show your support and welcome back your returning Guerilla’s Burlesque dancers to the stage from their holiday break!

We were honored to be nominated and then receive the AVI Choice Award for best dance troupe for 2016! Your continuous support helps push us to be better and make shows we are proud to perform for you!

If you want to find out what else we have planned for this season keep watching our Facebook page, blog and inworld group invites to get all the info you need to kick start this season with us!

There is a lot to get excited about in the next few months and we don’t want you to miss a thing!
Join us Friday January 2oth at our new performance time… 8 pm!
Hope you see you there!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Winds of the Sahara Seeking a Photographer

If you enjoy photographing dance performances and would like a permanent position with a dance troupe as part of a fun and friendly team, Winds of the Sahara is seeking a photographer.  This is a great opportunity to create some dynamic photos and get exposure for your work.  If you would like to apply, please copy/paste the following to a notecard, titled with:

Photographer Application WoS (your name here)

and drop it to Winniefred Resident in-world.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a photographer for Winds of the Sahara.  Please answer the questions below and return this notecard to winniefred resident.

SL Name:

Experience taking photos inworld:

Experience taking action photos inworld:

Do you use photoshop or gimp?

Do you have your own photo backdrops/poses (not required):

Are you available Sundays from 4:30-6:30?  (show is at 5PM)

Thank you for your interest...if you have examples of your work, please feel free to send some examples!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Join the Revolution! One Billion Rising SL

Join the Revolution!

One Billion Rising SL is looking for performers for the 24 hour manifestation on February 14th!

Come and join us and raise your voice for women´s equal value across the globe.

We will have performances of all kinds during the day, and we want YOU to be part of it.

Have a single act or a full show celebrating women? Want to be part of a bigger performance?
Send Aelva Resident a notecard with your name and sign up!

Performance times? We will do our best to accommodate you so put your preferred times on the notecard too.

See you there!

For more info on this, please check:
1 Billion Rising

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Paramount Players New Beginnings

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, the Paramount Players dance for you January 14th and 21st at 7pm slt, in our new show, New Beginnings.

Players are free to do what they want this month. New performances for the new year!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Elysium Tribute to George Michael

Friday, January 6th at 6pm SLT Elysium Cabaret will present a revue of songs by George Michael, in a heartfelt tribute to this passionate singer.  Please join us in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road.

*~La Coquette Cabaret~*

You know you wanna.....

                        ~TOUCH MY BODY~

This theme is about body parts... Our Eyes, Our Fingers, Our Thumbs, Our Teeth, Our Tush......or simply put...Our Body. Join us as the girls explore their favorite body parts! Which ones will they share?!? You will have to come to the theatre to see for yourself!!! And for after the show fun we will have dancing down the street at ~La Casbah~. It all starts here.....

Misfit Dance & Performance Art January & February 2017 News !

Misfit Dance & Performance Art  January & February 2017 News !

  " Misfit Follies  ~  a Showcase of Theater Dance Art "

We are so proud to present shows each week for our amazing audience of dance art patrons!  With over 40 (and growing!) story dance art pieces to build our weekly shows with --  You never know what you are going to get!  Dancing Giraffe?   ...Twirling Mice? ...  King Kong ??   ... Come join the fun !!

Misfit Dance is broadening out in 2017 to include shows on various days & nights of the week to bring the party to people all over the globe!
Check the Dance Queens calender or SL Event listings for dates & times  and hop on over to the Misfit Forest Theater for a show   -   YOU are why we do this!
We will usually include fun choreographed Group Dancing with the audience after our shows  -  wicked cool ....seriously!

We are also SO honored to announce that The SL Enquirer, Second Life's oldest & most followed news source ( over 10 years) and it's CEO/Editor Lanai Jarrico and staff, have made the decision to name us their  " Top Pick for Performance Art" and have generously offered to promote Misfit Dance and all we do on the website and with various wonderful inworld promotional options.  Thank you SL Enquirer !!  Unexpected Angels exist!
Misfit Dance & Performance Art.    Prepare to be delighted.

Contact JenzZa Misfit for more information.

Misfit Dance & Performance Art shows -- Jan & Feb 2017


Wed              Jan 4       7 pm show

Thursday       Jan 12    10 am show

Friday            Jan 20      7 pm show

Wednesday    Jan 25     4 pm show        NEW TIME

Monday         Jan 30      7 pm show


Friday        Feb 3      10 AM show

Monday     Feb 6      7 pm show

Wed Feb    Feb 8      4 pm Show      NEW TIME

Sunday       Feb 12    7 pm show

Wed            Feb 22      7 pm show

The Crystal Edge Dancers 2017 Kickoff!!

Hello all our lovlies, hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

The Crystal Edge Dancers cannot thank you all enough for your support, commitment and being a part of the Crystal Edge Dance Club during 2016.

We are kicking off 2017 with our first Dance Show on :-

WEDNESDAY 4th JANUARY - 2pm SLT - Doors Open 1.30pm

Choreographed by : -  DIDDY HYUN & BUBBLE ROFFO
Performed by : -          CRYSTAL EDGE DANCERS.

Looking forward to seeing you as we start a New Year.

Hugs Bubs & Dids