Monday, April 30, 2018

Gadget Ninja Spotlight ~ Camera Position HUDs...for more than peeking in your neighbor's window...

Confessions of a gadget addict...Yes, I love tools.  My heart races as I scour marketplace for gadgets that can be used for creations and performances.  Efficient!  New!  Different!

<breaks out singing Daft Punk with some twerkin' going on>
Work it harder, make it better!  Do it faster, makes us stronger!

Whew...forgot how tiring twerking can be...  In this series, we crack open the toolbox and explore tools available and how they can be useful - whether you are a creator, dancer, choreographer, or supporter of dance in SL.  HUDs and gadgets can help us organize, do things more efficiently, take some of the sting out of things we don't enjoy so much, or even inspire new ideas or abilities.  Having multiple tools provides options and the ability to use whatever works for a particular situation.  

The information I share is given freely, my own thoughts and experiences.  As I often say, question everything!  Use what works for you.  Maybe it would be useful to you, maybe not.  One of the amazing things in SL is the ability to do things your own way.  This could never be an all inclusive list, new gadgets are always being released and updated.  Feedback is always welcome!

No side deals, endorsements, or stock is owned for any of these products...though that would've supported my expensive animation habit...oh, well.  Ready to jump down the rabbit hole?

Camera Position/View HUDs

Ever feel like you need eight sets of eyeballs - keeping your eye on back stage, camming in on the tip jar, oh no did my set rez?  are all the dancers moving?  is everyone on their pad? and my favorite - what is the sexy DJ wearing today?  Sure, there are avatars with 16 eyes, but not quite the same is it?

Camera Position/View HUDs can make this happen (without making you wear extra eyeballs).  They let you record one or more positions that you are looking at, then with a click of a button move your view back to that spot!  No more blindly camming around, afraid you might crash, or just not able to find that darn tip jar.  It's all at your finger tips and very simple to use.  An added bonus - by changing your view, you can jump straight from your backstage pad to your mover - no walking required!  Not only is this easier for you, it also reduces lag on the sim.  Bonus!!

There are many different types of these HUDs on the marketplace, some have added features, some allow you to import camera positions so that you can share them with your dancers.  For this blog, I'll be focusing on the one I personally use as an example but highly recommend you also check others out and determine which one would work best for you!  Always consider price/usefulness/and script count.  Just like applebottom jeans...scripts should be low, low, low, low, low, low!

This is the HUD I will be demonstrating today:  

Camera View/Save Setup HUD

A basic HUD, simple to use, free, 1 script, can store up to 8 camera positions.  It is Copy, so you can have one for every venue.  In my inventory, I have a folder for each venue and a copy of the camera hud in that.  Boom, I attach the camera hud for that venue and I have my view positions ready to go!

So, the first thing you need to determine, is what camera positions you want to save.  Because this HUD uses numbers for the camera positions, I like to be consistent.  A few ideas for positions to save:
  • STAY PAD:  Good place to jump to as soon as you arrive.
  • ON STAGE BEHIND THE CURTAIN:  I click this view when I cache my set and want to make sure it rezzed, and also to make sure my dancers are moving before I open the curtain.
  • MOVERS/DANCE PADS:  It's just a jump to the left...or a step to the walking or camming!
  • TIP JAR:  I am notorious for forgetting to log in or out of the dancer tip jars.  This helps!
  • FRONT STAGE VIEW:  Watching the performance when the curtain is open.

Setup & Using - the quick and dirty

I love teaching soup to nuts, A to Z, and my newest fave ~ ab ovo usque ad mala, exactly how and why something works plus all the pieces in between.  This really is a simple HUD to use, so we can skip straight to the quick & dirty - sounds like fun doesn't it?

  • Add your HUD  (that's always very helpful!)
  • Cam around until the view you want to save is in focus (like your mover pad)
  • To save the position:  press one of the green numbers on the bottom row of the hud
  • You can save up to 8 positions, so rinse and repeat however many times you need (or umm..8)
  • Press one of the top numbers to change your camera view to one of the saved positions.
  • If you've cammed around, just press your Escape key to reset your camera.
  • Press the yellow number on the top row if you want to 'release' your camera view from the active saved position.
Getting chill understage before the show!
Caching time!  Yep - it's there!
Umm...backstage...ready to go on...where are my dancers????

It's showtime!

That's it!

Have any great gadgets that have made your SL soooo much easier or that you couldn't live without?  I'd love to hear about it!

~ Eva

Harleyquin Workshops

Harleyquin Workshops - May 1st through May 6th

Instructor:  Eva Harley
All Workshops are held in voice, no fee to attend
No registration required, please arrive early

There will be several Harleyquin workshops this week - all are welcome, and no registration is required!  Whether brand new to dance, dipping in your toes, or pushing the limits of your dance tools - there is a workshop for you!  If you have any questions, please contact EvaHarley Resident in-world.  Hope to see you there!

Please arrive early!  To make the most of our time I will be closing the sim *five* minutes after the scheduled workshop start time.  Thank you!

Tues May 1st – 5 pm slt, 1 hour
The Smooth Dancer HUD – Focus on Foundation & Putting it to Work
Smooth Dancer is an amazing animation tool for creating choreography, freestyling, and even performing!  First in the series, in this workshop we focus on preparing your HUD, loading animations, and becoming comfortable with it!  Be ready to invite others, and what to do when they aren’t moving!  A hands on workshop, make sure to wear your dancing shoes!
** Requires the Smooth Dancer HUD, no experience necessary.

Wed May 2nd – 4 pm slt, 1 hour
An Introduction to Dance & Choreography in SL
Have the passion and desire to create your own dance, want to unveil the magic of how a choreographer creates, but not sure where to begin?  Together we cover those first steps, considerations, and building a strong foundation.

Sat May 5th – 12 pm slt, 1 hour
Spot On Synchronization – Using the Tools for Multiple Routines & Starting Your Dancers Backstage
** Requires the Spot on Performance Director, Stage Manager, Choreo Designer and experience in creating a full PD routine.

Sun May 6th – 12 pm slt, 1 hour
Performance Director – Buttons, Emotes, and Triggers
We’re all ears as we explore how the Performance Director can activate other objects for your performance!  Particles, sets, curtains, costume changes, scripts and more! We’ll explore shout, region say, emotes, private messages, and the hot key button features in depth during this workshop.  New ways you can use them to enhance and streamline your performance!
** Requires basic experience using the Performance Director

RIPA: After Dark Theatre Cabaret

River Island Performing Art presents:
Saturday 5th May 4:30pm
Saturday 19th May 4:30pm
Saturday 26th May 4:30pm

*ADULT CONTENT WARNING* Full Nudity forms part of this production 18+ ONLY. *
Produced by Red & Steve of The River Island Theatre, and Performed by the sexy men and women of The Hot Knights & The Boudoir Dance Troupes
@ Les Âmes Sauvages, Cabaret Méchant We Present The Steamiest Cabaret Show In SL.
Please arrive early, spaces are limited, entrance is free.

STRICTLY ADULT, as there is nudity.

Come see the show!

Inanna Burlesque

Inanna Burlesque Show
May 27, 2018 12:00 Noon slt
June 24  , 2018 12:00 Noon slt

Inanna Burlesque  provides a monthly show of sexy ladies that have intoxicating dance moves that will  ensure an hour  of  entertainment. We show a variety of  well choreographed dance movements  that will keep you enthralled  and wanting more. 

Come up and see us!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Monarchs Superheroes... EXTRA SHOWINGS!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO!
It's additional dates and times for The Monarchs' sim-wide production of SUPERHEROES, due to popular demand!  We thank you for your love and support!

Friday, May 11th 9pm
Saturday, May 12th 3pm


Come be heroic with us!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

A few more handy tricks for the new calendar...

A few more tips...


Did you know that if you use Gmail, you can keep the Dance Queens calendar right there on the side of the mail window?

First, you need to add the Dance Queens calendar to your Google Calendar list:

  • Click the + Google Calendar button in the lower-right corner of the full page calendar.
  • Or, if you're already in Google Calendar, enter into Add a friend's calendar.

Then, go to your Gmail account.

There will be a cute gear icon in the upper-right corner of the window. Click that, and then click Try the new Gmail.

You'll be presented with some formatting choices... and then the new Gmail will appear.

In the right sidebar, there will be a calendar icon... click that, and today's Google Calendar items will appear in the sidebar:

Because you've added the Dance Queens calendar to your Google Calendar list, you'll get all of the events we have on the calendar. Use the navigation controls at the top of the Google Calendar sidebar to check out the upcoming schedule.

Now, I know... not everyone uses Google. Some people use Hotmail or Yahoo or the Windows or OSX calendar applications. If your calendar application supports iCal format, just copy-paste the following URL into the appropriate menu option:

Chrome Web Browser

You can get calendar alerts in most web browsers, too.

I use Google Chrome Web Browser for a lot, and I've added the Google Calendar Extension to it.

Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the browser's toolbar:

Then click More Tools and then Extensions. The Extensions window will appear.

Click the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner of the window, and then click Open Chrome Web Store in the lower-left corner. The Chrome Web Store window will appear.

Then, search for Calendar. Google Calendar's app will appear. (I mean, it's their store. Of course, it will be listed first.)

Click the Add To Chrome button, follow the instructions, and you'll begin to get alerts for upcoming shows.

Now, if you're getting multiple alert popups per show and it's driving you batty, just turn off alerts for all but one of the applications or plugins and you'll be fine.

You can do this for other browsers, too... Firefox and Microsoft Edge and other browsers also support various apps.

Don't like the colors?

You can change the colors of a calendar's events easily.

Go to your Google Calendar.

Then, point to the Dance Queens calendar ( and click on the three dots. A menu pad will appear.

Select the color you want to use.

Yay, it's pretty now!

It works for other groups too...

A lot of dance groups and events publish their own shared Google Calendars, such as Lighting The Way. From the snapshot above, you see that I've got The Listening Room SL, Idle Rogue, Seanchai Library, and the Houston Astros, too. If you have a Google Calendar address and can add them to your Google Calendar list, you can track their events, too.

What groups out there share their own event calendars? Share them in the comments.

Guerilla Burlesque Pit Show


Guerilla Burlesque dance revues show what a great way to kick-start your weekend fun!

This week we are heating up the Pit for more of your favorite dance performances in the round!

Chrissy is on board directing this show and promises to bring you our best Pit acts! 

Each dancer brings her own unique style of dancing with intricate sets, evolving before your eyes!

Let the music bring you in and raise your spirits because we are going to make sure you have a great time!

This is our late show revue so grab a snack, put your feet up and meet us in world for a spectacular night of dancing in the round!

10 PM SHOW with early seating at 9 pm!

Head on down to the pit!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company present "Burlesque With Attitude"

Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company present  "Burlesque With Attitude"

     "Burlesque With Attitude"

It's an experience you won't want to miss - we have amazing sets, sumptuous outfits, cool music, mouth watering dancing - and real eye candy for everyone!

The next performance will be on Tuesday 1 May  starting at 1:30 pm slt

You really need to arrive earlier to secure a seat and to allow time for things to rezz that will increase your viewing pleasure ;)

Dress code is smart - it's a classy show ;) Plus you will be filmed
and will want to look your best in our video ;)

[and without spoiling your fun - it really helps us to give you a good show if you can keep
your scripts and complexity down a bit please ;) ]

This is our second performance at our brand new venue so make sure to use the correct limo

Your Limo to the Show!

Two Debauche shows this weekend!

Saturday 28th April, 1pm SLT

Debauche perform for the very first time at The Trophy Room, an amazing place that is somehow relaxing, lovely and thrilling all at the same time.

We will be performing in a purpose-built theater at this wonderful venue and we are all SO looking forward to it.

It will be a great show so come on and join us at The Trophy Room - And why not take a look around the place and see just why we love it so much?

THE SIM IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL ONE HOUR BEFORE THE SHOW - though remains open for members and those wishing to join.

Come experience the classy magic!


Sunday 29th April 12pm SLT

Debauche once again join forces with the amazing Oasis Dancers this time playing host in our own lovely home theater.

This promises to be another amazing, magical show with two great dance troupes sharing a stage together.

We LOVE it. Oasis LOVE it. You will too.

Join us on Sunday 29th April at  TWELVE PM SLT

Come experience the magical classiness!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dancing Desires Dance Troupe!

Dancing Desires Dance Troupe
Sunday April 29th - 2:00PM

Please join us, as Dancing Desires Dance Troupe takes to the stage in their beautiful home theater.  A variety of dances that will showcase everything from fun and exciting to emotional and loving as some of the best choreographers across the grid bring their slice of dancing to the stage! We have a very special finale to share with you this month. We look forward to seeing you in our audience.

Come be in our audience and enjoy!

The New Dance Queens Calendar

Hi there,

In order to serve you even better, we're working on migrating from the old calendar system to a nice new calendar system.

You can find the new calendar on the blog at:

If you look up at the header of this page, the Dance Queens Calendar link points to that page.

If the calendar on that page is too scrunched up for you, the full page version is at:

Please update your bookmarks to the new location.

Both of these pages force the time zone to Pacific Time/Los Angeles Time, which is Second Life Time (SLT).

Thoughts? Let us know.


PS: Okay, here's some ADVANCED stuff you can do with the calendar.

  1. Want to add the calendar to your Google Calendar? Click the + Google Calendar in the lower-right corner of the full page calendar. It'll display events in your Google Calendar's timezone, but you can set it for alerts so you don't miss events.
  2. Want to display that calendar in-world as a poster? Use Shared Media to embed the full page calendar's URL on a prim. (For more information about shared media, read
  3. Want to display that calendar in-world as a living breathing calendar? There are a lot of Google Calendar-compatible items on SL Marketplace. Just use the Google Calendar ID (I use for my gallery, but there are others.) NOTE: Nobody reads that mailbox. It should reply with a vacation notice telling you the right way to submit events for the calendar.

Monday, April 23, 2018

TIP: Arrive early, and arrive ready

So, every now and then, we get suggestions for articles from you.

Today's helpful tip is from our friend Usher Piers. I know I have a photo of him. One moment...

Club Image Audience Shots

(I think that's Usher. I suck at labeling photos.)

Okay, his tip: when you can, please arrive as early as possible to shows.

Yes, arriving early allows you to load up textures and get a good seat and maybe dance along with the people in the Winds of the Sahara pit, but there's more to it than that.

Winds of the Sahara - April 22 2018

(But some days, I just keep the camera on Eva for the whole show. No, not creepy at all.)

If you arrive late, each person has to load your avatar and appearance and textures and telemetry, which can overload a person on a slow or limited connection, or on a slow computer. This sometimes disrupts their connection to the music stream, disrupts their ability to load textures and other resources for the act, and causes other issues.

It's like being out on the water in a little boat, and a bunch of ships pass by quickly, and you swamp out from their combined wake. It takes a while to recover from that.

If you arrive at a reasonably early, it gives them time to load all of that... or derender you after you drop into the lobby.

Happy little ships out at sea. Yay.

Yes, I know, sometimes the calendar is packed tighter than a can of sardines in a hydraulic press (MY GOD THIS WEEKEND AUUUUUGH!), but when you can, please arrive early.

And, I suppose, cutting down on your scripts and textures and rendering cost before you teleport in is also a good thing. I mean, who doesn't already know about the "Please remove any unnecessary scripted items, facelights, attachments, or HUDs" speech by now, right? It's like the seatbelt speech before an airplane flight. We all could recite it by heart, but... do we really take it to heart?

Especially those of you who are performers out there in the audience. You know the mushy hell that is lag and slow rezzing and slow-loading sets and messed-up movers. You hate it. Don't you think your fellow performer up there on stage hates it too?

You love to perform and perform well. They love to perform and perform well. C'mon, people. You, them, and performance. Share the love, make it a threesome, and drop the load. (Feel free to shout PHRASING! in the comments.)

I have an outfit pre-prepared for going to dance things. It's not completely stripped-down, but it's a balance between looking good and "EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME, NOT THE STAGE!" diva-mode.


EXCEPTION: If I am on stage, it's okay for everybody to look at me. You can aim the rotten tomatoes better that way.

Debauche - April 22 2018
(Hit me with your best shot. Fire Away.)

If you have tips on how best to enjoy a dance performance or want to share some thoughts you want amplified out to the dance world, hey, just drop me a line. My display name is "R." and my username is "crap.mariner" - I probably have photos of you. No, you can't have the negatives.

The Cabaret Provocateur presents "Fab 4 You"

The Cabaret Provocateur will present it's encore performances of the program "Fab 4 You"  at Jefferson Opera House on Saturday April 28, 2018 at noon SLT

Jefferson Opera House is part of the Mysterium's Mansion Adult sim. and Fab 4 You does feature female nudity.

Fab 4 You is a program in 6 acts feature music performed by Elton John, Robin Williams and Bobby McFerrin, Lisa Lauren, Eddie Izzard, Goldie Hawn, and Phil Collins all originally written and performed by the Fab Four, (The Beatles).  The dances will take you on an journey from Manhattan rooftops through Arabian Nights, to  Broadway, back stage and in front.

The cast consists of 6 dancers, all of whom are relative new comers to SL Dance, but are enthusiastic performers.
  • Choreographer Kerri Sanchez has been performing and creating her own dance routines in Second Life for about 4 years. This is the first complete show Kerri has written and produced on her own. Her creativity and imagination has contributed to her extraordinary work and in a short time has become one of the best choreographers in Second Life.
  • Dancer Brooke has been creating her own performances for about 2 years, along with owning and hosting events at the CMNF Lounge.
  • Anneke Sanchez has been a builder in SL all her life and a dancer for the past 3 years. She's also had experience choreographing her own dances.
  • Sami Jo Chauveau has danced and hosted events at various outlets all over the grid, most prominently at the House of the Rising Sun Blues Club.
  • Gloria G is the member of the group newest to SL dance. She began her performing career as a synchronized swimmer with the touring ensemble "The Water Lillies". She also found a passion for synchronized dancing and frequently does so for recreation. She's now pleased to perform with Cabaret Provocateur.
  • Chagen Sanchez is a performer with the Lightning Productions Tribute Band, His 3 years of experience in those shows has lead directly to his being dragged into dance with his wives' dance group.

Our MC and DJ will be Sara Cao Rang whose musical interests are both wide and deep, has been sharing them via deejay shows for nearly 10 years.

The Art Factory's Dance Classes

Hello everyone! The Art Factory has big news to share!

Beginning in May, we will be offering FREE dance classes. These classes will cover everything you need to know to produce your own performance. We will teach how to choreograph, program movers, build a set, special effects, and how to change costumes on stage!

The class is free, but there are only a few spots open. So if you are interested, please send Sarebear68 a NOTECARD (IMs get capped) with your name and dance classes in the title.

The classes will be on Sundays at 7 pm SLT for this round. If you don't get in this time, don't worry! Once this course finishes, we will begin another one (maybe with earlier time zones.). I'm excited for your notecards!
Sunday May 6th~ 7pmSLT- Choreography designer and animations

Sunday May 13th~ 7pmSLT- Movers and Way points

Sunday May 20th~ 7pmSLT- Linking Choreo and movers

Sunday May 27th~ 7pmSLT- Building and Linking a set

Sunday June 3rd~ 7pmSLT- Stage Manager

Sunday June 10th~ 7pmSLT- Multi Scene Rezzer and faders

Sunday June 17th~ 7pmSLT- Costume Assistant

Sunday June 24th~ 7pmSLT- Particles and effects and LAG 101 with Elayn

Final performance will be Sunday July 1st ~ 7pmSLT

Have a good day!

Your magic school bus to the classroom.

Grand Opening of The Dream Time Theatre

Saturday 28th April 2018
5PM Showtime.
Dream Time Theatre Grand Opening
Guest Entrance click here!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

FlyGearz at Fantasy Faire

April 23rd @ 7pm SLT
April 28th @ 4pm SLT
FlyGearz will be performing two shows at this year's Fantasy Faire.  This is an interactive dance show that includes the audience as the stars of the show!  Our theme is the Fae meets Steampunk and is a mix of fantasy and the long forgotten age of the machine.  What makes us different is it's two choreographers (Jenna Dirval and Kiran Sporg), two dance huds and shared movers - you won't know who's dancing you 'till we tell you! Fantasy and/or Steampunk attire is encouraged but not required! 

Your Ride to the Show!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Inanna Burlesque

Inanna Burlesque
APRIL 29 , 2018
12:00 Noon SLT

The event is hosted in voice and takes place at the Inanna Burlesque Club in Somerton featuring the Inanna Angels Dance Troupe, seven ladies and three very happy guys! The event also features a number of solo dancers/choreographers from across the grid all performing in the spirit of Burlesque.

Smart casual and Human avatars only

Come see the show!

Phoenix Dance Team @ Lighting the Way - 4/21/18

It is said, that 1 out of 68 children born are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To be more specific, it is estimated that 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism in the US. More than 3.5 million Americans live with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Most children on the spectrum can only be educated and assisted until the age of 21 years old where they will "Max" out of benefits. After that, it's up to the parents on where and what to do to help their child. It's every parent's biggest fear on what happens when their child turns 21 and where they can go to get the best quality of life possible.

Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S. More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined.

With that being said, The Phoenix Dance Team would like to invite you to their performance on Saturday, April 21st at 5pm. The entire team will come together as one to Light The Way for anyone who is currently on the Autism Spectrum and for those who care daily for anyone on the spectrum. Together, through dance an music, they will shine their beacon to those in need.

Your ride!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Dance Xcetera This Weekend!

April 21 & 22@ 7 pm Dance Xcetera !!! 

 Since this month is known for it's "April Showers," we decided to bring to the stage performances inspired by nothing but good old H20!  It's not just raining at our theater this weekend, it's an all out Wet Fest!  Join us in your best beach wear and make us your date destination this weekend!  Hosted by Ms Aryanna Draken.  Program information and SLurl to our theater is below, we  hope to see you there!

Nothing says wet like April Showers and we're all about honoring water!

Here's your taxi to the show!


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Atlantis Grand Theater - Shows for May

"The Atlantis Variety Hour" May 3rd @ 5pm

Variety is the spice of life and variety shows are one of the oldest forms of showbiz razzle dazzle.
Atlantis Grand Theatre is pleased to present  their monthly entertainment, offering something for everyone. Each month we feature a revolving door of creators and dancers showcasing their favorites.

Hope to see you there !


"The Atlantis Variety Hour" May Encore ~ May 17th @ 5pm.

So nice, we're doing it twice!

We are pleased to present an encore of May's "Atlantis Variety Hour"!
 Variety is the spice of life and variety shows are one of the oldest forms of showbiz razzle dazzle.
Atlantis Grand Theatre is pleased to present  their monthly entertainment, offering something for everyone. Each month we feature a revolving door of creators and dancers showcasing their favorites.

Hope to see you there !

Atlantis Grand Theater - Dancing For Autism Encore

Thursday, April 26th @ 4pm
Atlantis Grand Theater ~ Dancing For Autism Encore.
The Atlantis Grand Theater  will be doing an encore of their  Dancing For Autism Performance to held at their own theater. We were new to this years event and were honored to be a part of it!. To be able to help reach so many on the spectrum by either Dancing or Raising Awareness, that is what its 
all about.


Burlesque Dolls at the Jefferson Opera House!

Burlesque Dolls at the Jefferson Opera House

April 21th 3PM SLT

Join us at the Jefferson Opera House for a day of teasing and tantalizing by some of the most talented dancers on the grid. Burlesque at it's best. Now under the direction of Melina Aurotharius (semi-formal or formal dress please)

Come see the show!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Harleyquin Workshop – Performance Director 3

TWO DATES Available:
Saturday, Apr 21st - 3 pm slt
Sunday, Apr 29th - 9 am slt

Harleyquin Workshop – Performance Director 3

Instructor:  Eva Harley
Workshop length:  1.5 hours


You’ve used your Performance Director on stage, know what groups are, and feel comfortable creating routines.  You want to do MORE with it, but what can you do?  That’s what we’re exploring during this workshop!

We’re taking it to the next level, more complicated routines, incorporating special effects, triggers, private IMs, multiple routines, layering, autoloading, debugging, and more!  A mix of demonstration and open forum sharing.

Workshop will be presented in VOICE.  Please have voice enabled before arriving.
REQUIREMENTS:   Please bring a fully loaded and prepared Performance Director with a routine you can “play” with.  You will also need a “clean” Spot On mover to stand on.  Mover notecards will be provided.

Be prepared to really work, play, and learn!  This will be a very in-depth workshop.

* No registration required, but PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY to prepare.  The sim will be closed 5 minutes before the workshop start time and re-open after the workshop ends.

There are no costs to attend Harleyquin Workshops.  Contributions always appreciated.

Two Exciting Debauche Shows This Weekend!

Debauche and Oasis
Saturday 21st April, 12pm SLT

Not one but TWO great dance troupes join forces to create a truly magical experience.  Always great to share the stage with such brilliant performers and always a fantastic show for the audience to be a part of.

You do NOT want to miss this great show. Oasis and Debauche light up the stage together.

But wait... there's more!

Sunday 22nd April, 1pm SLT

Debauche return once more to the House Of Jana. New location, new theater, same wonderful dance show.
It is always such a pleasure to perform here, always such a great crowd and a great atmosphere. Why don't you come join us and see for yourself?

Debauche. A little naughty, a lot sexy and......ALWAYS CLASSY!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fantasy Faire 2018

The Fantasy Faire 2018 opens its doors on April the 19th, in just a few days and this year the Faire turns 10 years!

To celebrate, we have the biggest performance program the faire has seen so far and we hope you will come and let us entertain you. 10 days of dance, theater, particle and music performances, on 2 different stages.

A total of 17 groups perform this year so there is sure to be something for every taste. Have a look at our blog for more info on our RFL mission this year, the full program and information about all the performers and much more:

All the performances will be on one of our two stages, either in The Story Well or Astrid’s Nemeton.

Thursday April 19th
12 PM SLT: The Night Theater at Astrid’s Nemeton

Friday April 20th
9 AM SLT: SLCS at The Story Well
12 PM SLT: Nouvelle Folies at Astrid’s Nemeton
2 PM SLT: A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Astrid’s Nemeton
6 PM SLT: Misfit Dance and Performance Art at The Story Well

Saturday April 21st
9 AM SLT: Misfit Dance and Performance Art at The Story Well
12 PM-Noon SLT: The Night Theater at Astrid’s Nemeton
2 PM SLT: Much Ado About Nothing at The Story Well
5 PM SLT: The Avilion Mer Ballet at The Story Well

Sunday April 22nd
10 AM SLT: The Luxe Girls at The Story Well
1 PM SLT: Red Hot Chilli Pipers at Astrid’s Nemeton
1 PM SLT: Sky Fire at The Story Well
3 PM SLT: DRUM at The Story Well

Monday April 23rd
1 PM SLT: Sky Alchemists at The Story Well
6 PM SLT: Misfit Dance and Performance Art at The Story Well
7 PM SLT: FlyGearz at Astrid’s Nemeton

Tuesday April 24th
1 PM SLT: Roxy Temple at The Story Well
4 PM SLT: Q&Q Fearless Theater at The Story Well
7 PM SLT: MoonBeam Dancers at The Story Well

Wednesday April 25th
1 PM SLT: Sky Alchemists at The Story Well
3 PM SLT: MoonBeam Dancers at The Story Well
6 PM SLT: Misfit Dance and Performance Art at The Story Well

Thursday April 26th
1 PM SLT: Changhigh Sisters Fireshow at The Story Well
4 PM SLT: Q & Q Fearless Theater at The Story Well
7 PM SLT: Sky Fire at The Story Well

Friday April 27th
11 AM SLT: Changhigh Sisters Fireshow at The Story Well
12 PM-Noon SLT: Nouvelle Folies at Astrid’s Nemeton
6 PM SLT: Misfit Dance and Performance Art at The Story Well
9 PM SLT: MoonBeam Dancers at The Story Well

Saturday April 28th
7 AM SLT: MaHal at The Story Well
9 AM SLT: A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Astrid’s Nemeton
10 AM SLT: MoonBeam Dancers at The Story WEll
12 PM-Noon SLT: SLCS at The Story Well
1 PM SLT: Red Hot Chilli Pipers at Astrid’s Nemeton
3 PM SLT: The Avilion Mer Ballet at The Story Well
4 PM SLT: FlyGearz at Astrid’s Nemeton

Sunday April 29th
12 AM SLT: The Night Theater at Astrid’s Nemeton
9 AM SLT: Much Ado About Nothing at The Story Well

Cossette comes to the stage on Monday!

Show & Lounge cossette'
2018.4.23 (Mon) 7:00 PDT (23:00 Japan time)

Here we are cossette' is all about excellent harmony of music, stage and dance.
Please come down to the show and enjoy our expressive performance on stage!

1. Kazusa Yoshikawa
2. Clau Dagger
3. Kazusa Yoshikawa
4. Clau Dagger

Come see the show!!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's MONARCHS!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO!
It's dates and times for The Monarchs' upcoming sim-wide production of SUPERHEROES.

Friday, April 20th 9pm
Saturday, April 21st 3pm
Friday, April 27th 9pm
Saturday, April 28th 3pm

Monarchs Landing Point!


Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Highlight Reel

(Trying something different this week. Might make a habit out of it.)

There were a lot of shows this past week. Here's some highlights from some of them.

Winds of the Sahara - April 15 2018

Winds of the Sahara - April 15 2018

Winds of the Sahara - April 15 2018

Winds of the Sahara - April 15 2018

Debauche - April 15 2018

Debauche - April 15 2018

Moonstone - April 15 2018

Club Image - April 15 2018

Club Image - April 15 2018

Debauche - April 14 2018

Debauche - April 14 2018

Nouveau Ensemble - April 14 2018

Nouveau Ensemble - April 14 2018

Nouveau Ensemble - April 14 2018

Guerilla Burlesque - April 13 2018

Guerilla Burlesque - April 13 2018

Guerilla Burlesque - April 13 2018

Guerilla Burlesque - April 13 2018

Guerilla Burlesque - April 13 2018

Elysium Cabaret - April 13 2018

Elysium Cabaret - April 13 2018

Elysium Cabaret - April 13 2018

Elysium Cabaret - April 13 2018

Elysium Cabaret - April 13 2018

That's it for this week. Now get out there and make even more awesome acts... (but it's okay to rerun some awesome acts if you're tired).

Club Image - April 15 2018

I'll bring my camera.

Who else out there's been shooting photos of dance performance this week? Share your links in the comments.