Tuesday, November 29, 2016

La Performance presents: CHEAP THRILLS!

La Performance presents: CHEAP THRILLS!
Jie Loon's La Performance presents CHEAP THRILLS a modern virtual dance show directed by Aspen Wrigglesworth, premiering this coming Sunday, December 4th @ 2:30PM SLT. This show will be repeated on the following Sundays @ 2:30PM SLT: December 11 also at Tai; December 18, 2016, January 15, 2017 and January 22 in Mediteraneo, with our final performance on January 29, at Tai.

Come see nine dance routines to music by Demi Lovato, Barei, The Weekend, Saint Motel, ZZ Ward, Sergio Mendez, Sia, Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga and Giacinto Sclesi.  We are sure you will enjoy this show! 

Monday, November 28, 2016

LEA Core Grants Information

Would you like the use of a region for three months to run an arts-focused community outreach project? The LEA is looking to support more projects that involve the wider community as audience and/or participants. If YOU have a concept that is based around community engagement, whether in visual arts, theatre, machinima, dance or writing, we'd like to hear from you.

Please contact JMB Balogh or make an application for a grant at :

The Winds of the Sahara is Back!!

After taking an Autumn hiatus, Rebecca and the talented dancers at The Winds are back in their 5:00PM slot Sunday evenings!

                                                          **WELCOME BACK**

    The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret is the home of some of the best burlesque Performers you will find in Second Life. Every Sunday at 5 PM SLT, we open the curtains for another show filled with wonderful music, breathtaking sets, amazing dance routines and costumes that will tickle your wildest imagination! Whether you’re just curious to see what it’s all about or a seasoned burlesque fan, The Winds is the place to be! And now you can keep up to date on the Cabaret and our other events by following this blog right here by Bookmarking this site. The Seating is limited and does fill up quickly. Best to arrive before show time to be sure you will get in the sim.

Immediately after the show we host a after party with music and dancing, plan some free time to hang out on the rooftop with the Performers & Staff.

Show times and days:
 5pm slt on Sundays
 1pm on the 3rd sat of each month.

Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Elysium Cabaret Thanksgiving Show - Thanks and Turkey!

Music - Movement - Creation - Joy - Friendship

Elysium Cabaret takes you there every Friday at 6pm.  Let your imagination come out to play!  In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, we strive to bring you an eclectic mix of music genres, dance styles, elaborate staging and dazzling costumes.  At the end of our shows, we invite you on stage to dance with us and celebrate the simple joy of dance!  Welcome to the weekend!

This Friday includes dances that celebrate giving thanks and TURKEY!

Tonight's show features special guest Misse Tigerpaw!

Friday, November 25th at 6pm SLT


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Paramount Players Celebrates the Life of Leonard COhen

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, the Paramount Players dance for you November 26th at 7pm slt, in our new show, Celebration of Life - Leonard Cohen Tribute Show.

Leonard Norman Cohen, was a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet and novelist. His work explored religion, politics, isolation, sexuality, and personal relationships. Cohen was inducted into both the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Cohen pursued a career as a poet and novelist during the 1950s and early 1960s, and did not launch a music career until 1967, at the age of 33. His first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967), was followed by three more albums of folk music: Songs from a Room (1969), Songs of Love and Hate (1971) and New Skin for the Old Ceremony (1974). His 1977 record Death of a Ladies' Man was a move away from Cohen's previous minimalist sound. In 1979 Cohen returned with the more traditional Recent Songs, which blended his acoustic style with jazz and Oriental and Mediterranean influences. "Hallelujah" was first released on Cohen's studio album Various Positions in 1984. I'm Your Man in 1988 marked Cohen's turn to synthesized productions and remains his most popular album. In 1992 Cohen released its follow-up, The Future, which had dark lyrics and references to political and social unrest.

Paramount Grand Theatre


Ballet Pixelle® will present its special "The Nut" ballet opening on Sunday, December 4, 2016.

Ballet Pixelle performs its version of the Nutcracker ("The Nut") for the TENTH! year this holiday season. "The Nut" is Ballet Pixelle's essence of The Nutcracker so you can see just the wonderful, and our truly original, dances.

Does Clara become the Princess to her Nutcracker as he becomes the Prince of her dreams?  We see mysterious dances in the white castle.  Arabian dancers fly in on magic carpets.  A Russian cossack stamps out a dance.  Russian dolls roll and play.  Chinese empresses and emperors move on delicate feet, and Spanish senoritas and senoras throw themselves flamboyantly.  A field of flowers waltz together.  And even snowflakes dance!

Performances are Wednesdays at 5:00 pm and Sundays at 5:00 pm SLT throughout December in the Ballet Pixelle Theatre.

Join us for an evening of classic, and yet new, holiday delights.  Come early to receive your free Victorian party gown or tuxedo and dance on the luxurious set!  Chat with the performers and crew after the performance for autographs, photos, and a question & answer session.



Ballet Pixelle® is the first performing ballet company in the virtual global community Second Life®.  Says the Company's founder, Inarra Saarinen, “As artistic director of the Company since its inception, I have enormous pride in Ballet Pixelle.  Our goal is to investigate and explore the interaction and intersection of physical and virtual dance and blended realities.  We perform in the virtual reality of Second Life as well as in the physical reality of First Life (Australia, England, Germany, Japan, USA for example).  We are excited to celebrate the future of dance.  We are dancing into the digital future!”

Members of Ballet Pixelle come together from all over the world, including Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.  Animations are created by Inarra Saarinen and put into dance phrases.  There are no artificial synchronizing devices and the dancers truly perform dancing with each other and the music.  Each performance is truly live and unique, and takes advantage of the characteristics of Second Life to extend the art of the ballet in new directions.


For More Information

For more information on Ballet Pixelle®, search for the group "Ballet Pixelle" in Second Life® and join the group to receive notices of all performances, auditions, newsletters, and other news and invitations.  There is also a Subscribe Service in the theatre which allows you to receive notices without joining the group.

Our web site is:            balletpixelle.org
Our Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/balletpixelle
Our Wikipedia page:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballet_Pixelle

Machinimas (videos) and information on previous ballets, information on auditions, current Company members' bios and photos, newsletters, press and reviews, etc. are available on these sites.

For Ballet Pixelle work done under the name Second Life Ballet you can search YouTube for Second Life Ballet or see the www.balletpixelle.org website.

Or write info@balletpixelle.org


Monday, November 21, 2016

Crystal Edge Dance Show 24 November!

We would like to welcome you to our Thursday Show at the Crystal Edge Dance Club

THURSDAY 24th NOVEMBER 2016 @ 3pm SLT - doors open 2.30pm

The show consists of  30-35 minutes of fabulous dance sets, fun, laughter and friends.
Choreographed by Diddy Hyun & Bubble Roffo and danced by The Crystal Edge Dancers.

Crystal Edge Dance Club

Friday, November 18, 2016

'Christmas in New York' with La Coquette Cabaret

'Christmas in New York'
This month we take you window shopping in New York!
Who doesn't love the beautifully dressed windows during the holidays?!
Join us as we sashay down the streets of the city....Hope to see you then!
***Please take note of our new location***
Dec 5th  at 6.30pmslt
Dec. 11th at 1:00pmslt

Dec. 19th at 6.30pmslt

Thursday, November 17, 2016


In November 2015 a group of very talented choreographers and dancers came together to form what is known today as the Phoenix Dance Team. Rising from the ashes, the team as a whole made it's mark in the dancing community. We respectfully invite each of you to join us Saturday evening, November 19th at 6pm slt for our performance at the Phoenix Theater as we showcase some of our routines from this past year.After our show, we will have the the pleasure of having DJ Vlad Drakul-Dragonash spinning some great music out in our garden area from 7-9pm.


The evening's directors                             The evening's dancers
~ Sebastain Bourne                                     ~ Fukuju Amaterasu
~ Lily Pussycat                                           ~ HunterofMen Zarco
~ SouthernComfort Magic                          ~ JP Damien
~ Ame Starostin                                          ~ Sassy
~ Zach Starostin                                          ~ Troy
~ Dyhann Gibbs
~ Nadi Zsun                                               Hostess ~ Jessica Marabana
~ Jack Shepherd                                        
~ Sendar
~ Seth Oleander                                         DJ ~ Caranora Kendall
~ Adam & Muse Magic                            
~ Litz Pobieski                                           Photographer ~ Deb Destiny
~ Ray Lobo






❊ ❉    To ensure the best possible viewing during the show, it's best to position your camera in the front of the stage so it gives time for your viewer to read everything that will be there for the show.

❊ ❉    As always, we do ask that you remove any extra scripts that you will not be using during our show. With it being a small area, you will experience lag and we do apologize for that, however, there isn't much that we can do. We would like to have everyone script down to a maximum of 100 to help with the dancers that will be on the stage. It's also suggested that you lower your draw distance to a maximum of 100, this way your viewer won't have to work so hard reading everything past that which will also help with lag on your end.

❊ ❉    You can also remove the name tags above the dancers head if you so choose. To do that, it will be in your preferences section under the general tab for your viewer.

❊ ❉    Please remain seated during the performance. The less that everyone is moving around, the better it is for the lag situation.

❊ ❉    Music will be streamed so please make sure you have it enabled so that you can also enjoy the music as it's being played.

❊ ❉    There are 3 tips jars near the front of the stage. One is for the DJ.. one is for the Host and the other is for the directors for the show. Tipping is not mandatory to enjoy the show, but it is greatly appreciated.

Looking for Family Friendly Entertainment? Try Dance-Versity!

Join Dance-Versity for our newest performance as we look back on some of the many things we are thankful for. 7 acts showcasing a variety of styles of both dance and music as well as age groups. Doors will open an hour before the show to allow you time to be seated.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Crystal Edge Dancers! (formerly Kittens 'n' Tigers)

Due to certain circumstances The Waterfront Theatre & Kittens 'n' Tigers has closed...BUT the good news is we are not going anywhere.
We would like to welcome you all to The Crystal Edge Dance Club & meet The Crystal Edge Dancers.

Our First show will be on :-
THURSDAY 10th NOVEMBER 2016 @ 2.30pm SLT - doors open 2pm
The show consists of  30-35 minutes of fabulous dance sets, fun, laughter and friends.
Choreographed by Bubble  Roffo & Diddy Hyun, performed by The Crystal Edge Dancers
Thank you all for your continued support & welcome aboard The Crystal Edge

Crystal Edge Dance Club

Monday, November 7, 2016

Remembering the Veterans of the free world

Dance world, The Elysium Cabaret salutes Veterans of the Military.  This will be a matinee on Nov 12th at 1:00PM. We should all stand up as they pass before us. So often we forget how our freedom is protected.  All are Welcome and we hope to see you here

The Empire Room

Paramount Players "Cleo and the Czar"

The Players are putting on a satirical play. November 12th and 19th at 7pm slt at there new home. Cleo and the Czar is about Cleopatra and her many escapades of being a queen.

Cleopatra VII ruled ancient Egypt as co-regent for almost three decades. She became the last in a dynasty of Macedonian rulers founded by Ptolemy, who served as general under Alexander the Great during his conquest of Egypt in 332 B.C. Well-educated and clever, Cleopatra could speak various languages and served as the dominant ruler. Her romantic liaisons and military alliances with the Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, as well as her supposed exotic beauty and powers of seduction, earned her an enduring place in history and popular myth.

This production contains adult situations and sexual activity.


Saturday, November 5, 2016


THE BRAVE LEA29 Event  Schedule

The Brave CoLab Evolution LEA29 sim is a collaboration of many creative people in SL,  inspired by the theme of our world today, the problems we face as humanity and the changes we need to make.

We focus on the search for wise words and answers. Run the Ridge at ground level. Answer questions & find inspirations. See builds and installations LMs in section below events

The Brave LEA29 - 'not just another pretty sim'

Sunday 6th November
then aftershow party
The Story of the Challenge of Our Time
The most amazing show you will see in Second Life
"stunning" "wonderful" "sensational" "awesome"

Monday 7th November
2pm-3pm Sabreman Carter presents poetry and poetry open mic on the themes of The Brave - what is happening to our world - how do we imagine the world we want to see?

Tuesday 8th November
2pm - 3pm
THe aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD of JaNaMooN
JaNaMooN’s peaceful musical pictures are sketched with reflective piano and synths tinged with echoes of world jazz and triphop.

Wednesday 9th November
Morgue McMillan presents Poetry - The Hope

Thursday 10 November
1pm-2pm Varahi Lusch - presents The Tea Ceremony

Sunday 13 November
11.30am Millay Freschi - Founder of the Four Bridges Sim talks about social change in virtual environments
1pm-2pm Klark Harvey presents class on Bigger Steps for Performance

Tuesday 15th November
2pm - 3pm
THe aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD of JaNaMooN
JaNaMooN’s peaceful musical pictures are sketched with reflective piano and synths tinged with echoes of world jazz and triphop.

Thursday 17th November
1.30pm Rage and Terra present Humanity: To Live or Not to Live

WEEK 4/5
Sunday, 20th November
2pm - 3pm
KLARK Harvy  - The HERO'S JOURNEY  (Dance)
One of SL's leading choreographers presents his original new work for The Brave. Then after show party
30 minute show - lights particles pictures and dance.
DARKNESS - THE ORDINARY WORLD - the need for change.
MOUNTAIN - THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD - the challenges of change.
RETURN - THE ORDINARY WORLD - the success and  new found strength.

Monday 21st November
Dubhna Rhidra presents her new story The Dream Factory written for the Brave. Part 1, Part 2 next week

Tuesday 22th November
2pm - 3pm
THe aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD of JaNaMooN
JaNaMooN’s peaceful musical pictures are sketched with reflective piano and synths tinged with echoes of world jazz and triphop.

Wednesday 23rd November
Varahi Lusch presents Transformation Workshop

Thursday 24 November
12 noon - 1pm
Junivers Stockholm original music concert

Monday 28th November
Dubhna Rhiadra presents her new story The Dream Factory written for the Brave. Part 2

Tuesday 29th November
2pm - 3pm
THe aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD of JaNaMooN
JaNaMooN’s peaceful musical pictures are sketched with reflective piano and synths tinged with echoes of world jazz and triphop.

'The digital boulevard' Art Installation - Betty Tureaud's captivating Installation.􀂗

Humanity: To Live or Not To Live, that is the Question
The creative and thought provoking Art and Art pieces over 3 spaces, by Rage Darkstone and TerraMerhyem
*  Do we still have time to save our ecosystem, this biosphere that allows us to live?
*  Humanity is threatened, not just in the distant future, but possibly in your lifetime.
*  Two paths are possible: either human extinction, or learning to live in harmony with Mother Nature.

Run the Ridge - a quest created by Zimp Rexie

Fundamental Questions about the way we live now, its cost and the alternatives. Run the Ridge and win prizes or face the forfeits

The Peace Tower lights at dusk each evening


Further schedules and updates of art installation openings from Igor Ballyhoo, RealityStalker Oh, JenniferMay Carlucci and others to follow!

We welcome further collaborations with Artists, Poets, Storytellers - Creatives - All!
Are you a changemaker? - If the Brave story touches you, please contact:

The Brave LEA29 - 'not just another pretty sim'

Further Schedule of Events  to be available for November and December.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Back by popular demand!!

A spectacular sim-wide show featuring the most astounding builds in the history of Second Life dance.  Prepare to be flown from planet to planet to be truly WOWed by dance performances that tribute Star Wars, the movie series and the popular online game.  Star Wars: The Untold Stories will delight and entertain you, as the creators have spared no expense in their efforts to create something that pushes the envelope of what is possible in Second Life dance.  We hope you will join us on this adventure.  A Monarch's production with support from the Linden Endowment for the Arts.  Dress in a favourite Star Wars character if you'd like, or as an alien!

December 16th at 9:00PM
December 17th at 1:00PM

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

NOVEMBER -- 'Its A Ho-down'

This month will be country music.... Warm colors of autumn....  things that make us all feel warm and free when we're in the 'country'. Skinny dipping ;P, Jumping in piles of leaves...Seducing a sexy man in our daisy dukes :P Sexy and classy as always!
And we will be moving to our new home! Please take note of our new LM.

November with Misfit Dance & Performance Art !

Misfit Dance and Performance Art will present a showcase of theater dance art throughout the month of November**Come join us for some of the most fun you can possibly have in SL which includes great sets and " Oh so fun! " theater dancing ! Please arrive a little early to be seated and to enjoy 30 minutes of our great pre-show music.  Come see what everyone is talking about! ****It's not just a show , it's an experience!******
Contact JenzZa Misfit for more information!
Misfit Forest Theater