Sunday, December 9, 2012

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121209

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121209

Let's start today with Dance Photos.

Here is one by kailistodestiny called The First Dance.
Bunnies by Jadelyn McAuley-Flanagan is next.
Me and Ren was taken by Jamie Marie Blanchard.
Casey Pausch made this one called Snapshot with the comment 'Checking the dance pole.'
120512_060 Dulcis & billie was made by Elberoth Exonar.

Meow, meow, meow is all I can say about the first video of the day. It's called Cats Second Life - BaBaBa and it's by andcalatun.

Keeping with the animal theme, next we have Second Life She Wolf (The Remake) by sonisbroll.

Now for some mythical animals doing ... what else ... Gangnam Style in theSavageDoktor's SecondLife Shenanigans: Gangnam Style.

Enough animals ... now here is Tekila Vella using my three basic colors of red, black and white in her video Second Life: Free Humanoid Dances, Lingerie and More!

milobubble made this next one. It's a  bit unusual and is called Alien World Is Ending 2012 - Second Life 

The Holiday theme is carried by Kiara Jillybean in Merry Christmas - Second Life - Mr. Santa.

Regents Park Festival in Second Life  by SecondLifeFun shows a variety of dancing from conga line skating to back-up dancers to just hanging out and having fun.

eugrena does something really unusual in this next video called Cantarella at Second Life. Watch it carefully and you will see sometimes the two dancers are dancing the same dance in sync and sometimes they are dancing mirror images of the same dance. The video also features the dancers changing positions.

If I missed your videos or photos, send me the URL.