Monday, December 24, 2012

Modifying Anims in a HUD

Modifying Anims in a HUD 121224

I was cleaning out my inventory of animations that I had not yet put in my Barre dance HUD when I came across a series of anims from Sinse that seemed to be only arm movements. I had purchased most of the Sinse AOs and in two of them, the Lovely Female and the Cheerily Female, there were these arm moving anims all with the name starting with zArm ... I used the Develop menu on my Firestorm viewer then clicked on Avatar and Animation Info to confirm that the anims are priority 4 anims. Next, I started a dance with my Barre HUD, then opened one of the zArm anims from inventory. Indeed, it changed the dance by moving just the arms.

I have talked about the concept of modifying anims previously and even made a simple modifying anim; however, this is the first time I have seen a MOCAP dance maker make modifying anims. I put on one of the HUDs from Since and looked to see how it works.

The HUD loads on the center top of the screen. In the pic I have activated only the arm feature. The HUD is the first I have seen that allows you to dance and run a modifying anim at the same time. Of course you can do this with two HUDs or just one HUD and opening a dance from your inventory, but this is an innovation.

The Sinse HUD is clearly not a category IV HUD and I do not recommend it as a replacement for any category IV HUD, but it does have this one feature that makes it unusual.

You can buy the individual anims in the HUD but the modifying anims are only available if you buy the AO. Get it and you can start modifying dances.