Thursday, August 31, 2017

We can't stop here...

It's not over yet...
Hi there.
I’m R. Crap Mariner.
(The R. stands for Robot. Read your Asimov.)
You may have seen me at a dance performance or two.
I shoot pictures. I shoot a lot of pictures.
Way too many pictures.
Now that Verizon owns Flickr, I’m sure they’ll eventually apply their rate-plan definition of “unlimited” to Flickr Pro.
(Or just kill it, like Yahoo did with Cloud Party.)

Sometimes, I write things.
Strange things.
A lot of them are about a pirate named George.
(He’s not a very good pirate.)
I used to blog about Second Life stuff.
I used to blog about a lot of things.
But I don’t anymore.
I think that’s a relief to a lot of people.
(Especially me.)

I tweet now and then.
Sometimes as me. And sometimes as someone else.
(They wear a bag over their head.)
I don’t Plurk, though. Blech.

They asked me if I wanted to blog for Dance Queens.
My initial response was “... no?”
I’m not a performer.
I’m not a choreographer. Or a director.
I’m not a costumer or set designer.
I’m not a hostess or a bouncer or a deejay.
I’m not a member of any dance troupe’s performance group.
And, most days, I’m a lousy tipper, too.
(Although, to be honest, y’all are like the musicians. The same 100L keeps getting passed back and forth, right?)

So, why blog for Dance Queens?
What the hell am I doing here?
What the hell are you doing here?
I’m not sure.
Let’s figure out why together, okay?
I’ll have some questions and thoughts about dance stuff for y’all.
Maybe even reach out in IMs now and then, if that’s okay.
Tell me what the hell is missing in your life in the comments.
I can’t solve everything, but maybe someone else can.
Who the hell knows?
Because, we can’t stop here… THIS IS BAT COUNTRY!

(More to come…)

Fear and Loathing!

A new editorial column from R.Crap Mariner is about to hit right here on Dance Queens. Crap will bring you her opinion about all things dance. Interactive, sometimes humorous, truthful and always opinionated, she will discuss her views on dance related material. Please remember everyone is entitled to their opinion, agree or disagree but let's try to remember its an editorial! Fun!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Debauche return to  Ville De Couer Performing Arts centre this Saturday, 2nd of September  at 1pm

A beautiful, old fashioned theater full of atmosphere and a wonderful venue for Debauche. We are so looking forward to playing at this wonderful place again


Sunday 3rd September 2017

1pm SLT - please arrive early, 12.30 as spaces are limited

Debauche return to the magnificent Mavenhurst Opera House with their sexy, raunchy blend of burlesque, theatrical and simply stunning dance.

Always entertaining, always thrilling, always raunchy and always classy. Debauche.

Formal attire required, thank you.

Starlite Dancers at Origin's Chinese Playhouse

Starlite Dancers - Variety Show at Origen's Chinese Playhouse -
Enjoy an evening of entertainment at 7pm SLT on Tuesday September 12th, 2017. The Starlite Dancers bring you "The Time of Your Life" Variety Show featuring acts choreographed by Goddess Shayna and Rory, accompanied by Dancers from the troupe. This show is dedicated to celebrate how much Origen's Hollywood Venues were dedicated over the years to bringing so much talent to the Second Life Grid! Please be there at least 45 minutes early to secure your seat.
Dress for this evening's performance is formal.

Questions concerning this event please contact: Shayna Paine (Goddess Shayna)

Origen's Chinese Playhouse

We Will Never Forget - Atlantis Grand Theater

Sunday, September 10th @ 1pm slt

Atlantis Grand Theater Presents
 "We Will Survive"  A Special Dance Show Event by Kellan

There are Simply Times in our Lives that we will "Never Forget".  Good Times and Bad.  
Please join us for Memorable Dances and New Ones that Ignite Us!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"The Atlantis Variety Hour" - September Show and Encore

So nice we are doing it twice!
If you missed our September Variety Show or would just love to see it again...this is your chance!
Variety is the spice of life and variety shows are one of the oldest forms of showbiz razzle dazzle.
Atlantis Grand Theatre is pleased to present  their monthly entertainment, offering something for everyone. Each month we feature a revolving door of creators and dancers showcasing their favorites.

Thursday, September 7th @ 4:30pm slt
Thursday, September 21st @ 4:30pm slt

Hope to see you there!

Atlantis Grand Theatre

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Three Questions for YOU from Inanna Burlesque!!!

Three Questions for YOU...
Where should I be?
The Inanna Burlesque Club!
When should I be there?
Sunday, August 27th at 12.00 pm SLT
Why should I be there?
Because it's our regular monthly Burlesque Show featuring many solo dance acts from around the grid. All of our choreographers are at the top of their game with amazing sets and our guest dancers are hand-picked to ensure your maximum enjoyment!
And that's not all! Following our show at 1.00 pm SLT we have the fabulous Telima, the "lady with the silken voice" who will wow you with her sparkling personality and great voice singing from her amazing repertoire of popular numbers.
And if that wasn't enough... both shows will feature the fabulous Inanna dance troupe, a group of naughty ladies and one guy who just ooze...Burlesque!
So, what you waiting for?

See you all there!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Guerilla Burlesque @ Lovecraft

Come see us perform Saturday night August 26th at Lovefest celebrating the work of HP Lovecraft!

6 -7 pm slt - Chryblnd Scribe will be DJing and playing her best steampunk/ slinky tunes!
7 – 8 pm slt - Guerilla Burlesque (SL) is performing at Lovefest, a celebration of the work of HP Lovecraft, on Saturday, August 26.
Our show, directed by Zahra Ethaniel & Meegan Danitz , will feature some of our very best divas paying tribute to the Lovecraft mythos, and is bound to feature all the creepy-sexy-fun your heart can stand! This is closing night for this festival and you are invited to the Closing Gala – The Lovecraft Masquerade!

For details and a full schedule of the events, please take the link:

Seating is limited so you will want to make your plans to be on the sim early as we have no control over the numbers attending!
We hope to see you there!…/55/3001

Club IMAGE @ LEA-27 Sim Wide Show

IMAGE Dance performance at LEA-27

"The sacred treasure of elven"
It's our previous theatrical dance production from Fantasy Faire 2017
and we reproduce it for LEA using the whole SIM.

LEA27 Virtual theatre IMAGE 2017*SHOWTIMES*

August 25 (FRI) 11:00 PM SLT
August 27 (SUN) 7:00 AM SLT
September 2 (SAT) 7:00 AM SLT
September 2 (SAT) 11:00 PM SLT


The SIM is now ready and open for everyone !
And, we are happy to be able to share this fantasy world with you !
So, Please feel free to come visit us there anytime and feel the world of elven!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

KiKi's House of Burlesque - September, 2017 - Statuesque


                Sunday Sept 10th ~ 7pm Slt   -  Grand Opening Show in our all new Playhouse.
              Sunday Sept 17th ~  Noon Slt
                Sunday Sept 24th ~ 5pm Slt

KiKi's House of Burlesque

The Minxettes @ 1001 Nights

Ladies & Gents, we're just a few days away from our "1001 Nights"
show at The Lady Garden Cabaret. Come join the Minxettes for an
magical good time THIS FRIDAY at 3pm slt! Please see invitation
attached and spread the word :)

Lady Garden Cabaret

Misfit Dance & Performance Art - September 2017

Wed Sept 6th       7 pm SL
Wed Sept 20th     7 pm SL
Fri Sept  22nd     10 AM SL

    Misfit Dance and Performance Art presents:
    "Misfit Follies -   A Showcase of Theater Dance Art"
    Come join The Misfits this week ~ Not just a dance show, it's an experience!
    As always, We have a fun filled & action packed performance for you.
    Each show includes 8 dance art pieces from our portfolio of over 50 (and
    growing!) to choose from so always full of surprises & smiles!

   Broadway Tunes pre-show music starting 1/2 hour before curtain time.
    Prepare to be delighted & expect the unexpected!

Ballet Pixelle - "Olmannen"

-- a ballet in three acts

September, 2017
Sundays 5:00PM SLT
Wednesdays 5:00PM SLT

Olmannen is the story of souls fighting for love.  Centuries ago, Namon agreed to become a Devang to save his one true love, Seraphette, from evil.  Namon has waited centuries for her soul to be reborn to reclaim their love.  But now that she is reincarnated, Seraphette has changed.  Can Namon still love the new Seraphette?  Can Seraphette possibly accept the love of Namon, now a creature of the Overworld?


Seraphette:  A beautiful dancer who has been recently reincarnated and now performs in public alleys.  She had a lover, Namon, in the past.

Namon:  Seraphette's true love; he agreed  to become a Devang to save her from evil.


Evil beings (Devangs), who live in the Overworld
Tarts in the Public Alley
Sprites in the Mystical Garden

(The past) The Ice Garden

Namon and Seraphette are happy and together as lovers, bound together by idealized love.  However, they become threatened by evil.  In order to save Seraphette from this evil, Namon battles the Devangs and agrees to join them.  Seraphette eventually dies a broken-hearted old woman.

(The present) The Public Alley

Seraphette, dispirited and despairing, has been reincarnated as a dancer who performs with tarts in public alleys.  Namon has waited for Seraphette's soul to be reincarnated and he returns to find her again.  However, Seraphette has only a vague memory of him and Namon has to fight to remind her of their love.  Finally, he reveals himself to her and she falls in love with him again.

(The future) The Mystical Garden

Their true love allows Namon to be released from evil and Seraphette to return from her despairing life.  Sprites herald their return.  They reunite forever in the mystical garden and ascend into "Olmannen", happy in their realized and true love.

Ballet Pixelle Theater

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Elysium Road Show @ Lovefest

Come join us at the Regent Theatre at the Lovecraft Festival as ELYSIUM takes to the festival stage to present DISTURBING ENCOUNTERS: A NIGHT OF DARK BURLESQUE CELEBRATING THE LIFE AND WORKS OF HP LOVECRAFT!!

August 23rd 2017 at 6PM

Lovefest Stage

The Elysiums are pleased to present to you their theme night - I WANT MY MTV BACK - Music Of The 80s.  Bring back the memories of the 80s with some great songs and amazing routines and sets.
We hope to see you there, at The Empire Room ...... Welcome to the Weekend!
The Empire Room 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Desire Arts Theatre & Gallery

The Paramount Players do a monthly "after hours" show. Starting at 7pm slt... (date is on the poster) we bring bring you the same performance quality we do at our Saturday shows, maybe a little more skin... little less costume. Some acts do contain adult content.

As an "Arts" theater (and gallery) Desire Arts will be a venue perfectly suited for SL Performers wishing to express themselves through live performances, through Dance, Art Exhibits, Performance Art as well as Dramatic Presentations.

Also, Presentations of a controversial nature (including those involving sex, politics and/or religion) will be presented separately from the Dance Program.

Desire Arts Theatre & Gallery

A New System for Submissions

Hiya Dance Queens and Kings!

Some change is good, let's try and embrace this one :)
There is a new calendar note card system. Hopefully this system makes things easier on all of us. Here's how it works, it's a little similar to what DQ used to have but more efficient. If you want to be listed on the calendar, you need a note card with a description of your event(s) and date(s) and time(s) along with a valid slurl for your venue. If you want a blog posting of your event then include an image, simple as that. If there is no note card submission, it will not be on the calendar. Please submit at least 48 hours prior to your event to allow us at DQ to get the post up, we are busy folks as well. We are trying to be fair to all and this is how it's more fair.

Ok here's the change...we will not be accepting note cards directly passed anymore. There is a bright yellow post box in the Info Center  right by the interactive calendar. Hold control and drag your notecard to the box, when you do that, all 5 managers will be notified that there are cards to be picked up. When the cards are picked up the cards will then be transferred to the DQ bot for safe keeping should any problems arise.

There will be a record of when the card was dropped, picked up and who picked them up. This ensures no favoritism, no lost cards and hopefully no issues with who to submit to anymore, no double cards or posts either. The calendar has been adjusted so that each of us will be listed as the person posting as well and Babypea will no longer be posting regularly.

So you have 4 of us on at many hours of the day posting for the community, no worries about time zones or autoresponses, busy messages and the like. And since the calendar is right there, everyone can see all events listed and maybe there will be less cross booking, no? Well one can hope right? :))

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement and if there are questions, please feel free to contact one of us...Web, Ame, Cherri, Fuki or Babypea (there are online indicators right across from the Post box for your convenience.)

Lastly, Blog changes are next. Please don't disable notices as we only send one daily digest and a few special announcements. There's not much excuse for not knowing if you have them disabled. And please remember, we provide a service for the community as volunteers not public servants, a smile goes a long way!

Thanks again, Web

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Amazon Dancers performing POETS

On Sunday 20 August Amazon Dancers will be performing their newest show POETS at Breezes

Theatre on Riviera island
The Story of the show is an introduction of some of the
great Brazilian poets.
You will hear some Music of them and our dancers will
show according dances to their music.  

Please reduce your scripts and switch off your AOs in order to avoid extensive lag which could effect the show.

Who: Amazon Dancers
Show Title: Poets
Time: 2pm slt
Where: Breezes Theatre, Riviera Island
Dress code: Casual
The show lasts about one hour
Here is the slurl:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dance Xcetera Presents After Hours

- - After Hours - Saturday 8/19 & Sunday 8/20 @ 7p SLT - - - Hello fans!  We are back from our break and kicking off this month with a hot and steamy August performance!  Check out our site for more info!

Monday, August 14, 2017

From the DQ Grand Opening Show

Some videos from the Grand Opening DQ Show. Thanks again to those who made that a fun day! Apologies for rendering issues.

And the missing Scarlet Stiletto Dancers here:



This show  covers several Dance Styles, performed by dancers who all work with a variety of Dance Troupes. Virtuoso is a collaboration of Dance Leaders and Dancers who come together to dance as guest performers for shows and events.


The show starts at 11 am slt - pre cache starts at  10.30am

All Welcome - please lower scripts to below 50.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Crystal Edge Dancers on Aug 16th 2pm SLT

The Crystal Edge Dancers are ready to shake their little butts again, to a great variety of songs Choreographed by Diddy Hyun and Bubble Roffo and performed by The Crystal Edge Dancers.

We are inviting you all to come and have a fun time with us.

After the dance show, Bubs will be playing some fun tunes and its !PARTY! time.

Hugs from us
The Crystal Edge Dancers

DATE -------16th August

TIME --------2pm SLT


La Coquette Cabaret Presents ~REWIND~

*~La Coquette Cabaret~*
Sometimes you just can't get enough of a good thing! Join us as we pull out some of our favorites....Some old ones, some new ones, surely some fabulous ones! Sometimes its even better the second time around!
Join us and see!

Friday, August 11, 2017



At 7 pm Friday we present to you, our in the round Pit show filled with brilliant made sets, stunning costumes, and engaging music all choreographed to make something wonderful happen on stage!
Each week we work hard to bring you some of the best entertainment on the grid that you come to know and expect from Guerilla Burlesque.  We invite you to spend an hour with us! It’s a great show this week directed by Chrissy Rhiano​ and we will present acts that will take you places only your dreams can do!

Be early, grab your seat and sit back for a great night of dancing!
Doors will be open at 6 pm for the 7 pm show!
Hope you will join us!

Photo by Chryblnd Scribe​
Dancer is Thea Dee

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A&M Mocap Maniacs Return!

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 9:00 PM

We welcome you to join us as we celebrate our reopening of monthly performances at the A&M Theater featuring the incredible dance animations of A&M MOCAP Dance Works.  We have 7 talented choreographers to bring you an eclectic mix of music and dance in our redesigned theater.

We look forward to seeing you!