Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Night Theater presents: Midsummer Mischief

The Night Theater presents: 
       @~`~,~ Midsummer Mischief~,~´~@

Join us for a trip into the magic of a midsummers night. When the creatures of the wild come out to play in the twilight. Meet some of the fae of the North and share the magic they bring, but beware, for what comes of the wild, will not be tamed....


Sat 30 August 11.59 slt till about 1 am slt.
Sunday 31 August noon slt
Wednesday 3 September 1 pm slt

Please arrive at least 30 min prior to show in order for animations prims to load and help us reduce lag by cutting down the scripts you bring as much as possible.

Ride below:
For any questions, please im Aelva Resident

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kittens N Tigers "MAKE IT HAPPEN"


MAKE IT HAPPEN.................. is the uplifting story of how hard work and determination can make any dream come true.

 This is a stage performance, with lots of dancing and a great story line. The show last for a hour but will keep you amused till the end, it is based on the 2008 movie Make it Happen.

We hope you can all be here to share a hour of great entertainment with us, be here early to grab the best seats in the house.

Choreography by Diddy Hyun
Performed by the Kittens N Tigers


BALLET PIXELLE CALL FOR DANCERS AND CREW.  Ballet Pixelle will be holding auditions for dancers on Sunday, August 31 at 5:00 pm SLT and Wednesday, September 3 at 5:00 pm SLT in the Ballet Pixelle Theatre.  Applications are required and should be submitted by August 30; applications and information are available from the kiosk in the Theatre.  Crew interviews will also take place at this time; applications are also requested.

Sunday, August 31 at 5:00 pm
Wednesday, September 3 at 5:00 pm
(Applications deadline is August 30.)

“If you have the chance to sit it out or dance . . .Dance!”

Ballet Pixelle® has opportunities for dancers and crew to join this dedicated company of professional artists.  This is a unique opportunity to blend the best of artistic and technical worlds, creating performances that stretch dance and storytelling possibilities within the ballet tradition.

Ballet Pixelle® performs original ballets to music created for each ballet by professional First Life composers.  Performances are one or two  times a week at Ballet Pixelle’s Theatre. In addition to the performance schedule, each ballet requires several weeks of rehearsal.  For example, a typical rehearsal period during creation of a new ballet is 3 to 4 months with two or more rehearsals a week each lasting approximately two hours.

Ballet Pixelle is also now performing at international professional venues in Real World in art festivals, conferences, workshops, and seminars.  See information on our performances in New York City, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Berlin, Melbourne, Yokohama, and others at our web site

Poseballs, scripted animations, or synchronization devices are not used in Ballet Pixelle® performances.  Dancers move independently, enacting steps and gestures coordinated with the rest of the cast and to the music.

Our crew work collaboratively to design, build, and script sets, props, and costumes.  Ushers greet the audience, answer questions, point out the "donation jar" and help some audience members with basic skills such as getting sound, using the avatar camera on the stage, and environmental settings.  Ushers also serve as security/advisors/consultants to reduce disruptions during performances.  Our Master of Ceremonies also greets the audience, makes comments concerning the progress of the performance, ad libs, introduces acts, dancers, and crew as well as operate sets, curtains, lights, and props.

We all have First Lives, but to be fair to the Company and the collaborative nature of our work, Ballet Pixelle® must be considered a priority.  Professionalism and serious commitment are required; a sense of humor is appreciated :-)


Ability to commit, be on time, take direction, and work seriously.

Applicants should be mature in First Life and have at least six months experience in Second Life.

It is preferred that dancers know some basic ballet and theater terminology.

In addition, participants should have Second Life skills including how to change clothing and skin, transform shape including gender, move fluidly and use camera in three dimensional space and rez basic objects.

At the audition:

Come dressed in something simple such as a leotard (dancers) or a simple pants suit/dress (crew), preferably in a solid single color.  Do not wear shoes with heels.  Do not wear anything with bling.  Do not wear tutus or dress as a character.

We will audition dancers and interview crew individually, but other auditioners may sit in the audience.  Please note that auditions and interviews are not open to the general public.

You will be given animations at the audition. You do not need animations, gestures, or a HUD.  All HUDs and AOs should be removed ahead of time.

We welcome all interested dancers and crew for consideration.  Our cast and crew enjoy this tremendously satisfying and exciting creative process.

Register your interest by completing a Dancer Audition Card which can be found in the kiosk in the Ballet Pixelle® Theatre.  Crew applicants should place their crew interest(s) under "other information" on the audition card.  Place the completed Audition Cards in the other designated mailbox box, also located at the Ballet Pixelle® Theatre.

There is no pay.  There is camaraderie, applause, and the delight in making magic.

Other information will be presented at the audition, but further inquiries should be presented to Vivienne Darcy Ballet Mistress.  You may send email to, leave a note for her in her mailbox at the theatre, or drop a notecard on her profile.

                                                                         # # #

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Mirrored Image" Reflections of Art - Elysium and Bianca Xavorin

Bianca was inspired to create art.  The dancers of Elysium selected artworks that Bianca created, and were inspired by them to create dances.  Mirrored images of art, different mediums showing opposite imagery of the same reflection that come together in perfect unity.  Renowned SL artist Bianca Xavorin's new exhibition, Cirque de la Magie Noire, opens the last weekend of August at esteemed Paris Metro Gallery.  Elysium is honored to have been invited to dance her art in a performance that promises to pay tribute to the vision of Bianca Xavorin.  We hope you will join us.

Sunday, August 31st at 3pm SLT
Paris Couture

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Night Theater....

Another Walk of Fame Star!

Celia Moretti did a very touching performance the other day at the Dance Queens Center.
Another (little) star was born there ;o)

Have a look at the center for yourself! And maybe you are interested to earn a star as well
(you find the info there as well) 
See more pics on FaceBook

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Important news!

To all Dance Queens Members.

With this notice, I announce at Shadow Tarber did resign her position as leader from Dance Queens.
Her time to fulfill this position became rather limited, and she decided to step down.

Of course I respect her choice and would like to thank her for all the work and commitment she had towards Dance Queens.


*I would like to say a few words to Shadow as well...

Thank you Shadow, for step up, at the time no one else did!
Thank you for the time you used, and your effort to make things better!
Big Knuzzer to you ;o))

ZZ xoxo


# Please send your info for the blog ,group or calendar to, Babypea, LilAngels or Zhaza.
Or drop a note at the Info Center

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Dawn of Dance Classes

Free classes are being offered in how to create dances in Second Life.  There are six classes total, one a week for six weeks.  At the end of the classes, students will have created a dance with set and costume, and will present their creations in a welcoming debut show at Dance Queens "Dance Galaxy".  These classes are designed for people who are brand NEW to dance, to help them get started in this wonderful artistic medium.  These are NOT classes for experienced dancers.  They will not cover every possible aspect of dance creation, but will provide a solid foundation from which to begin a fulfilling venture into this inspiring art form.  No particular genre will be focused on, but rather a general approach to dance creation will be provided, and one that will assume students have never done this before.  A variety of expert teachers and guest speakers will contribute to the classes.  To register for The Dawn of Dance, please IM BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl and request a registration notecard, put your name on it, and return it to Babypea.  Or wait for the registration NC to be sent out in Dance Queens notices.  You will receive confirmation of your registration.  Then just show up for class, excited and ready to have FUN with dance creation and learn lots of new things!  Tell your friends, tell your family, drag them in here and LET'S DANCE!!  Contact Babypea with any questions.

Classes, Rehearsal and Show will be held on Saturdays at 3pm SLT

Location for classes: Dance Queens INFO Island - Class Room 1

Location for rehearsal and show: Euphoria LEA12 Sat3pmDawn

The Agenda:
September 27: Choreography - Animations - HUDs - Movers - Muisc
October 4th: Set Building
October 11th: Emoting
October 18th: Costumes - Costume Assistant - Stripping
October 25th: Effects - Particles - Fades - Animated Textures - Lighting
November 1st: Protocol - Troupes - Resources - Promotions - Networking
November 8th: Rehearse!!
November 15th: The Show!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


"Tales of the Uncanny" Cabaret  23rd August 2014  @ 3.30pm
Aura will be performing alongside Candace Bethune, Else Barnard and Yummy Lovencraft to present wierd and wonderful tales in cabaret format.  (All my donations going to the Autism Charity)

AURADACIOUS is proud to be involved with this year's Lovecraft Festival,  raising money for Autism.

Please Mark Your Calenders!! Dance Queens Festival!!

For a long while, many have expressed the desire for another Dance Queens festival.  This was not possible because we had no sim on which to hold such an event.  However, with thanks to LEA for a sim awarded to Euphoria, and Euphoria offering the use of this sim, Dance Queens is happy to announce we will be hosting a weekend-long dance festival... a chance for all the stars of Second Life dance to gather in one place and share their warmth and light with one another.  We hope you will all participate in this event!!

Dance Queens "Dance Galaxy" Festival
November 15th and 16th 2014
1pm SLT - 8pm SLT

This Showcase Festival is an opportunity for the Second Life dance community to come together in one place at one time and share their vision with their peers.  It is a chance for us all to see each other's work, to meet new people, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends.  It is a celebration of human imagination and creativity.  Let us start planning and preparing now!  Please mark your calenders.

All dance troupes and groups are invited to participate in this event including Cabaret, Burlesque, Gorean, Ballet, Belly Dance, Native Dance, Performance Art, and more.  It is being held on the LEA12 sim awarded to Euphoria, for one weekend in November.  We hope everyone will perform in this festival.  We have time slots to allow eight troupes to perform each day.  Since you will be using your own staging, you will not need to worry about rebuilding sets to fit an 'away' stage.

You must fill out a registration card and drop it to BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl by November 1st to reserve your time slot.  Please IM Babypea for a card or watch for them to be sent out in daily notices.
Time slots are given on a first come/first served basis.  You will receive confirmation of your registration.  Please direct questions to Babypea, and if offline, it is recommended to drop her a NC.  If she does not reply in a timely manner, please contact her again, as your message may have gotten lost in cyber space.

You will be given an area for your setup and a landmark to that area.  You must provide your own setup.  Setup includes stage, audience seating, and any posters, group joiners, subscribers, and tip jars that you want to use.  Your prim limit for setup is 200 prims.  You can set up on Monday, November 3rd or any time thereafter.  You can leave your setups rezzed until midnight, Monday November 17th.  You are free to arrange your own rehearsals for your performances.  All setups must be removed by midnight of Monday, November 17th.  Any prims left on the sim will be returned on Tuesday, November 18th.

Each troupe will have up to 50 minutes for complete performance, from opening to close.  Performances must start and end on time, as other troupes will be scheduled to use the stream, so please arrive early enough to be fully prepared.  You must provide your own DJ/MC and your performance will be entirely in your own control.

Prim limit for each dance set is 1000 prims.  Dance sets of course are rezzed minutes before performance then derezzed as soon as performance is complete.  Dance sets are not allowed to remain rezzed outside of positioning, rehearsals and performances.

We hope everyone who is involved with Second Life dance will support this event... you are all stars!  So please plan to gather in the Dance Queens "Dance Galaxy" for one fabulous weekend in November!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Blue Velvet Carmen

The art company Blue Velvet with the Royal Opera is proud to invite you to  a brand new show ...

"Carmen" Flamenco-Ballet fusion, with a very realistic vision of the show, and a variety of routines along the show, mesh sets exclusively made for the place, and a tribute to Tim Burton movies, Japanese Geishas, and some other Broadway acts.  Don´t miss the step forward on Second Life theatrical shows!  Bring your friends and family, enjoy an afternoon of arts.

August 24, Sunday,  1pm SLT - ROYAL OPERA

Friday, August 15, 2014


MJ's Burlesque takes to the road again, this time appearing at Pleasure Bound. Presenting an hour of some of our most requested performances, all of which feature explicit dance and unfettered filth with a smattering of comedy. This is definitely an adult show, sorry kiddies.

FRIDAY 15th AUGUST at 2 pm SLT

Wednesday, August 13, 2014



 MAKE IT HAPPEN.................. is the uplifting story of how hard work and determination can make any dream come true

 This is a stage performance, with lots of dancing and a great story line . The show last for a hour but will keep you amused till the end, it is based on the 2008 movie Make it Happen.

We hope you can all be here to share a hour of great entertainment with us , be here early to grab the best seats in the house .

Choreography by Diddy Hyun
performed by the Kittens N Tigers

Tuesday, August 12, 2014



3 weeks and we will be holding our second Variety Show, as before the details are below for anyone wanting to join in the fun with us.

Timeslots are between 3pm slt and 4.30pm slt for a 15min spot on stage this time also includes rezzing your sets and clearing your sets.

3.00pm - Taken
3.45pm - Taken
4.30pm - Taken

  1.    Book your time slot with  Diddy Hyun or Bubble Roffo
  2.    You will see a Template at the bottom of this notecard
  3.    you decorate how you like with 100 prims allowance
  4.    You can send the template back to us and we will put it into a xpose, or you can use your own rezz box

  Any questions please IM Didds or Bubs and feel free to pop over anytime

  love and hugs
  Kittens and Tigers xx

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Paramount Players Elemental Show

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we, the Paramount dancers of the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, dance for you Saturday evenings.
7pm SLT, on August 9th, 16th, and 23rd in our new show, Elemental.  

The Players dance to the elements... Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Many philosophies have a set of classical elements believed to reflect the essential parts and principles of which anything can consist or upon which the constitution and fundamental powers of everything are based.

SLURL - Adult


Be sure to check for new Dance News (points to the right hand side of the site)!!! :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Introducing the Artiste Thrower

Yummy (Lat Lovenkraft) did sent us following link!


Then Miss M sent us following note (and as its same subject, i put it here as well)

Wrap your eyes and ears around this...

if you want to read more about the making of:

With huge thanks and kudos to Yummy and Thad..we did it!!!
The culmination of months of work..

Aura  x