Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Outsiders


We are the Outsiders

 Monday May 29th 6pm !!
      Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died service of the United States of America. 

      The Outsiders Dance Troupe will NEVER forget those who sacrificed their lives for our FREEDOM.    HONORING  Freedom and the American Way through powerful Dance , Music and it's Moods! Today and Everyday we Honor our Vets, active duty and first responders protecting  the free world.

      Our HEROES are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place - police, firefighters, and members of our armed forces.

ATTIRE: Casual
RATING: Mature

Friday, May 26, 2023



♥ Club IMAGE open this Sunday ♥

Come and join us!
May 28 (SUN), 2023
OPEN 6:30 AM SLT / 開場 22:30 JST
START 7:00 AM SLT / 開幕 23:00 JST

............♥* Program *♥.............
1. Setsuna Hirano "Le Cirque de Nuit" with Diawa, Xia, Sakura, Raldcat & Layra
2. SakuraSakuJP "Ride On ver2"
3. Layra "Fake Love"with Sakura, Xia, Raldcat, Oto, Cocoa& Nyoko
4. Diawa Bellic "Silent Lucidity"
5. Nyoko "Merry-Go Round S.E." with Setsuna, Sakura, Raldcat, Layra, Oto, Cocoa & Yukko ★NEW★
Team Dance: Setsuna Hirano "STAR TRAIN" 

♪DJ: Fairytale Stoop
Facelight Police: Oto & Yukko


Elysium Cabaret WelcomeTo The Weekend!!

What happens in Vegas?

What happens in Vegas?  Come find out!  This Friday is Elysium’s monthly theme show and this month’s theme is Viva Las Vegas!  Come play your bets, gamble with confidence that it is going to be a super fun show, including brand new crowd dances from Eva celebrating the theme.  Elysium Cabaret welcomes friends, both old and new!  We are very excited to invite you to another amazing show, featuring some of the most talented creators of virtual dance on the grid.  Come and see what our imaginative choreographers have to share with you this week.  Take the journey with us… come for the music and dance, stay for the friendship, smiles and laughter!  And be sure to join us on stage to dance with us in the finale.  Welcome to the weekend!

If it’s Friday, it’s Elysium Cabaret! Fancy some imagination in a fun social setting? In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, every Friday at 6pm SLT, the dynamic performers of Elysium Cabaret take the stage to bring you a solid hour of entertainment. Featuring elaborate sets, stunning costumes and choreography sequenced to an eclectic genre of music, Elysium Cabaret offers something for everyone. See old friends, make new friends… just relax, we got you… sit back and enjoy the show! Then join us on stage for the finale and let us dance you in a sequence of tightly choreographed tunes on a fabulous set!

Studies show arriving to the sim early lowers blood pressure, increases metabolism, and promotes hair growth.  It has also been recently discovered it sorts and matches your socks.  Isn’t that awesome!

We also offer a ‘best of the past month’ matinèe the last Saturday of every month at 1pm SLT, for our friends who can’t make it to our Friday evening shows. See you there!

Welcome to the Weekend!

Your escorted limo:

Thursday, May 25, 2023



Saturday 27th May, The Trophy Room, 1pm SLT

Please come and join Debauche as we visit one of our favourite venues. The Trophy Room is the location and we are so looking forward to dancing there

Sexy, Little bit naughty but always classy, that's Debauche

 After party also, please come formal wear but low scripts as possible
Saturday 27th May, The Trophy Room, 1pm SLT


 Sunday 28th May, The Erin GoBraghless Theater, 1pm SLT
 Debauche perform at their home venue , the birthplace of Debauche and one we always truly love to dance at. Always a wonderful, lively audience and a great experience, dancing in front of the people we most honour and proud to call our family
 Come share this unique experience with us
Please come dressed in smart casual and be prepared to scream, shout, to stamp your feet and clap your hands
 Sunday 28th May, The Erin GoBraghless Theater, 1pm SLT

Show & Lounge cossette'


Troupe name: Show & Lounge cossette'
Show date/ time: 29.May 2023 (Mon) 7:00 am PDT Start

Here we are cossette' is all about excellent harmony of music, stage and dance. 
Please come down to the show and enjoy our expressive performance on stage!

1. Clau
2. Rachael
3. Starlet
4. Yougao
5. Kazusa

 MC: Sarah

Wednesday, May 24, 2023



May,28th,2023     11:00 am

Souldancers @ Freedom Gospel Church

Queens of Burlesque


♛ Queens of Burlesque

Join the  SALACIOUS LADIES OF QOB  to see the performance of the most intoxicating sirens in SL. We love to bedazzle you in a little of something or sparkling outfits that will sure to bring an hour of pure enjoyment. 

JOIN US  May 28 @ 12PM   

Monday, May 22, 2023

Guerilla Burlesque


OUTPOST 2242.5 featuring Guerilla Burlesque at The Metaharpers Immersive Theater in May

Idle Rogue Productions presents "Outpost 2242.5" at the Metaharpers Immersive Theater on Friday May 26 at 10 pm and Saturday May 27 at 1pm.
The beloved sci-fi themed production, under the direction of Blaze DeVivre and now in it's fifth year, once again explores the outer reaches of dance entertainment and performance with the charm and warmth of the Guerilla Burlesque team as your guides.
It's fun and it's exciting and we present it at the Metaharpers Immersive Theater so you get the cutting edge of what is possible in entertainment in SL.

 Special instructions/dress code:
Doors open early to allow you to get set to watch the show in a stable environment. You are welcome to dress in theme but we ask you to be mindful of your impact on the region and minimise your use of huds, lights and high complexity items.


Saturday, May 20, 2023



Wednesday May 24, 2023 at 1:30PMslt

MAD about DANCE project
Reflections of my life       Janjii’s creation 
Choreography, Stage design : Janjii Rugani
Costume Design: Icy on Fire and Janjii Rugani
Cast: Icy on Fire, Mirabel, Jameelah , Artemis Collazo, Janjii Rugani
Like most of my artwork, Reflections of my life is an autobiographical show that runs through different emotional moods that I have experienced throughout my life with emphasis on the feminine aspect, my evolution as a woman.
The basis for choosing the songs is nostalgia, they are songs that I loved to dance with my students in my RL dance classes.They bring back memories of very sensitive moments that I can relive in this show alongside very dear friends from SL, Icy, Mirabel, Jameelah and Artemis
Act 1 . Reflections 
              Past and Present: a symbolic encounter.
              Farewell to beliefs that no longer serve.
Act 2.    in mood of Ilusion
                Girls' psyche structured around the princess/ballerina symbol. The meaning of life is waiting for Prince Charming.
Act 3 - in mood  of delusion
             Prince Charming does not exist.
             The princess/ballerina falls apart The woman appears ...
              self knowledge, autonomy, independence
Act 4 -    in mood of Empowerment
              The woman in the world, conquering spaces, defending her rights in society.
Act 5 -  in mood of Sisterhood
               The union of forces, friendship, the loving space of sisterhood among women.
                New ways of loving and expressing oneself
special thanks to Hermes Kondor who provided his artwork to compose the design of Reflections and In mood of Ilusion
we will have a confraternization dance after the show

Special instructions/dress code:
Dress code =casual
we will have a confraternization dance after the show


Thursday, May 18, 2023



Debauche  at Teulu Saturday 20th May at 1pm slt

Please join Debauche  in what will simply be a truly magnificent show.

 Debauche are so proud to once again dance on  stage, dancing at Teulu  home of Teulu Breedables our sponsors , simply what dreams are made of
 Come and join us as Debauche  will place a big smile upon your faces, dancing to superb tracks in amazing dance routines, new routine as well

Debauche show at Teulu Breedables, Saturday 20th May at 1pm slt


Sunday 21st May at 1pm slt @ Maui Falls with the Playdolls

Debauche are thrilled to be returning to this amazing sim, the home of naughtiness, fun and a sense of community second to none. It is also the home of Debauchery furniture so isn't that just perfect for Debauche? We think so. 

This promises to be a great show  and also great news as the Second Life Playdoll's will join us also once again. 
Always look forward to dancing at this amazing venue

See you there on Sunday 21st May at 1pm slt

Oasis Dancers


May, 20th at 12 pm (noon) or 21:00 Euro-Time

Oasis Dancers at Romantik Club Love Garden

Special instructions/dress code :  This Saturday we return to the Romantik Club Love Garden again. This is one of our long-time venues and we are thrilled and proud to be invited again. As always we´ll show dances from different music genres to entertain you with a variety of stunning dance routines. We look forward to meet you at this beautiful venue.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Paramount Players


May 20 & 27 at 7:30pm slt.

Paramount Players

Paramount Players are "Dripping in Luxury" this May. Come to Paramount Grand Theatre to see the rich surroundings and extravagant living. 

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment, as we the Paramount Players dance for you, May 20 & 27, 2023 at 7:30pm slt.

Special instructions/dress code:
Come Dressed!


Sunday, May 14, 2023

Amazon Dancers


Thursday 18th May 2023 at 5pm slt

Amazon Dancers

Good evening dear audience 
It is our great pleasure and joy, to present the show “Queen in Concert” 
by the Amazon Dancers.

Queen are a British rock band formed in London in 1970 by Freddie Mercury, Sir Brian May and Roger Taylor, later joined by John Deacon. Their earliest works were influenced by progressive rock, hard rock and heavy metal, but the band gradually ventured into more conventional and radio-friendly works by incorporating further styles, such as arena rock and pop rock.

The show lasts about 70 minutes and has 6 acts.

The Dancers:  
Mcpol, Neiva, Analoon, Bomxx,  Dani, Luciana, Luana, Eva, 
Lola, Moon, Lavínia,Zaninha, March, Monterigi 

Choreography, music and voice: mcpol   
Sceneries: Neiva and Bomxx,  
Costume Design: Neiva and mcpol  
Stage ligthing: Bomxx
Costumes manager: Lola
Stage Manager: Luana

Thank you to all of the Amazon Dancer’s group;  without them this show would not be possible. 
For best visualization I´m asking you to please switch off Tags, Aos and Scripts.  
Thank you so much for coming and enjoy the show show!

Special instructions/dress code :
Code Dress: semi-formal/ Casual

For the best viewing experience we ask you all to turn off Name Tags in Preferences and also turn off or remove your Ao's and scripts to help reduce lag. Thank you.


Just Dance!


Thursday 18th May ~ 4pm Just Dance Special instructions/dress code: come as you are

Friday, May 12, 2023



♥ Club IMAGE open this Sunday ♥

Come and join us!
May 14 (SUN), 2023
OPEN 6:30 AM SLT / 開場 22:30 JST
START 7:00 AM SLT / 開幕 23:00 JST

............♥* Program *♥.............
1. SakuraSakuJP "Treasure Key 宝の鍵"
2. Sakuya Lazuli "FREEDOM" with Raldcat, Layra and Cocoa
3. Xia Xute "大神 OOKAMi"
4. Layra Bulmer "媽祖 Mazu (Chinese sea goddess)" with Fairytail & Raldcat
5. Setsuna Hirano "My Immortal"
Team Dance: SakuraSakuJP "DON'T STOP"

♪DJ: Fairytale Stoop
Facelight Police: Oto, Nyoko and Yukko