Friday, May 31, 2013

Abranimations NEW DANCES plus some free ones!

We have released two new dance packs today. Party Dances and Cheerleader dances. We have also set 11 new dances out for free! This is the SLURL to our store



New Funky Hot Steps from one of the most Groovy people on the Planet !
Get your dancing shoes on and check out the Clubshakes from Steven !

Thank you all for your Support
Thank you all for loving HUMANOID



Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dancing the night away! or the morning .....or the afternoon... with a worldwide group of friends!  Here is another crop of dance videos for your viewing pleasure - and as always, send me your latest or and interesting videos that you find of dance performance. 30 May 2013

yumi Fayray 【Artemis】 Second Life Dance
by LiZu Melody
21 April 2013
... greek gods and goddesses dancing regally even through tragedy (9 minutes)


Renegade: A Shadows Silhouette Dancers Production
by majenh
19 May 2013
... a western story told with dance and action

Babypea's Dance to -Wicked Game- for Elysium Cabaret

25 May 2013
.... s single dancer gracefully going through the pain expressed in the song

KPoP! Dancing Queen - Secondlife
by maialyre
16 May 2013
... group of friends having fun with some dancing (and I'm glad the fellow in the first row didn't lose his pants!)

Until next time, keep dancing!  And send me links to dance performance videos when you find them!
Skyspinner.Soulstar at

Monday, May 27, 2013

Gorean Campus Dance Competition

Date:  June 22, 2013
Time:  1 pm slt  
broadcaster:  Gorean Portal Radio

All dancers seeking to compete must fill out application (see attached) and return. Entry will be on a first come first serve basis.   First 8 applications received will guarantee a position with 2 alternates selected.  $10,000L in prizes

Chairperson reserves the right to to extend the number depending on the number of applications received

Competition is not themed, so be creative, however dances must be Gorean and new, not previously publicly performed

A panel of neutral judges will decide the winner by use of scoring cards

Dancers will be judged on:
Gorean Authenticity, Creativity, Sensuality/Beauty, Music, Animations, Descriptiveness, Spelling/Grammar

Judges decisions are final

Rules for the Competition:
1.   Dances must be new and fresh and not previously performed publicly, nor presented in any competition.

2.   Dances must be less than 10 minutes (does not include entry into pit post)

3.   Rez of Gorean props allowed (suggest minimal, as lag always an issue)  

4.   Permission from owners not required unless, your owner requires you to gain permission

5.   Contestants be on Campus, 30 minutes prior &  check in with Coordinator (Lady Hope String)

6.   To help combat lag, no meters & minimal scripty items

7.   Event is open to all kajiri (male or female) 

8.   Event is Gorean hence; Gorean dress and respectful behaviour is required and expected

9.   GPR DJ will control stream,  music and announce the event on live radio.  

1st:    $5000 L
2nd:   $3000 L
3rd:    $2000 L
(in the event of a tie prizes will be split accordingly)

All dancers MUST provide the song(s) you will dance to and if it should be repeated, as soon as possible but no later than June 15th.

Please fill out and send registration to:
Krista   ( krista1k resident ) 


Admin:    Lady janette Inglewood
Contest Coordinator:   Lady Hope String
GPR DJ :   tbd

Contest Assistant:   Krista 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pop Diva's DQ Dance Sequences 435 (Beyonce), 436 (Lady Gaga), & 437 (Shakira)

In honor of the 3 day weekend (US Memorial Day Holiday), I snatched up all the HOT new POP DIVAS inspired dance packs from Abranimations (for more info on the packs see SexyS' post).

[NAME]Single Ladies|Beyonce 10|10|Beyonce 4|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 1|10| Beyonce 6|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 5|10|Beyonce 8|10|Beyonce 4|10|Beyonce 5|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 4|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 3|10|Beyonce 10|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 1|10|Beyonce 1|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 2|20|Beyonce 5|20|Beyonce 2|10|Beyonce 8|10|Beyonce 3|10|[REPEAT]

[NAME]Bad Romance|Lady Gaga 1|18|Lady Gaga 10|28|Lady Gaga 2|28.2|Lady Gaga 3|27.6|Lady Gaga 9|29.4|Lady Gaga 4|27.2|Lady Gaga 5|26.4|Lady Gaga 6|28.4|Lady Gaga 7|26.1|Lady Gaga 8|28.8|[REPEAT]

[NAME]Hips Don't Lie|Shakira 3|10|Shakira 1|20|Shakira 2|20|Shakira 7|20|Shakira 4|20|Shakira 8|20|Shakira 5|20|Shakira 6|20|Shakira 9|20|Shakira 10|30|[REPEAT]

I had a blast making fan videos for these sequences, hope you enjoy them! <3 Marissa

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A&M Mocap Danceworks NEW DANCEs

New dance called One pound fish!!!  

Also,  Africa Tribal Circle dance....device control buttons and Adjustable poseballs.

Abranimations...more new dances

We have just released 3 new mocap dance packs in SL. These 'Pop Diva' range of dances includes dances in the styles of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Shakira. They are available individually in our store for 150L or you can purchase them in packs giving an amazing discount (working out at about 80L a dance)

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Take a tour around the world with us this evening as the Moulin Rouge Revue dancers present a feast of international delights... dances from all around the world!  We have Russian, French, Spanish, Gypsy, Japanese, Old West American Cowboys and Indians, Argentinan, Bollywood Eastern Indian, Egyptian numbers and more to delight our patrons!  Hope to see you all here!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fusion Dance Crew Presents:  1001 Arabian Nights

Saturday, May 25 - 1PM SLT
         The Fusion Performing Arts Center

Fusion Dance Crew performs five dance routines that present the centuries old myths and legends that became the 1001 Arabian Nights tales of old.  Using our signature stories, sets, costumes, dancing and of course music, Fusion Dance Crew takes you back to ancient times always with a bit of "humor". Come see this fun show:))

Friday, May 17, 2013

Foxy Ladies on the road for a very special event!

Dunes Beach Resort has asked the Foxy Ladies to take part in a weekend long fundraising effort for ACT (AIDS Committee of Toronto), promoting AIDS research.  All donations made over the course of the two-day string of events will be matched up to $250,000L by Dunes Beach Resort.  There will be MANY drawings and give-aways over the course of the weekend.  The Foxy Ladies are donating 25% of total tips back to the charity, with many of the dancers contributing 100% of their tips.  Events start at 3am slt Saturday, May 18 and run thru 6pm Sunday!  Donation jars will be set-up all over the sim!  THE FOXY LADIES WILL TAKE THE STAGE AT 5PM SLT ON SUNDAY!  Be sure to watch the DQ chat for urls to the show!  It's a super-fun show for a great cause!!  All hail the Maple Leaf!  :)

Pink Ladies Variety Show!!!

Calling all Dance Queens and Kings!!  It's an all-afternoon celebration of dance and creativity!  Zhaza and the rest of the Pink Ladies are holding another variety show, and some of the most entertaining acts in SL are putting on a show that's not to miss!  


01.00 pm --> Fusion Dance Crew --> stage 1

01.30 pm --> A&M Mocap Maniacs --> stage 2

02.00 pm --> Elysium Cabaret Dancers --> stage 3

02.30 pm --> Pink Lady Dancers --> stage 4

03.00 pm --> The Kittens --> stage 5

03.30 pm -->    --> stage 6

04.00 pm --> Beth Quander --> stage 8

04.30 pm --> Foxy Ladies --> stage 7


New dances @ A&M MoCap Danceworks!!!

Hot NEW solo and couples dances @ A&M MoCap Danceworks...including a new FREE group gift! 

Grab it while you can:

Abranimations MORE new dances!!!

From Amramelin Wolfe blog on facebook....

Hi Everyone, We have just released 31 new ballet dances. These are very nice motion captured dances performed recently by a dancer in our studio. For today and this weekend you can pick up ballet dance number 31 in this set absolutely free!

We have opened our new Tinys Animation Megastore area in our main store. This has 100s of new dances for tiny avatars, tiny pole dances, and tiny Tai Chi. More coming very soon too!   On Tuesday there was free dance pole animations..not sure if its still up but woulnt hurt to check

And lastly   Slow and Sensual Dances are out as well. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

New Group Gift at MyAnimation

~*  M A Y    GIFT *~  arrived  DANCE ANIMATION

MAY GIFT --->   IS in SHOP ...bring your friends with You
EXCLUSIVE DANCE Animation ( will NEVER be for SALE )


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Humanoid---New FREE Dance!

Come around and check out Kevin`s latest unreleased Dance for FREE !
Also do NOT miss Kevin`s amazing RL/SL Video !

you can see here on youtube. 

URL for the store:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spot On....UPDATE

Some great new features for your sexy moves now being distributed to you!  If you don't receive your update, please stop by our in-world store and click the sign to receive your update.  Whether you bought on marketplace, in world, or got it as a gift, you should automatically receive the update!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spot On Just Got Better Again!

I met with the creators/owners of the Spot On Choreography system to check out the cool new features of the new update release. Here is a note from them to you!  xoxo   Marissa

From left to right: Rug Halberd, Martin Yeats, and Galilla Sinatra
We’re very excited to release Spot On 1.5 with some handy new features to help you make dynamic, unique and exciting dance routines! As many of you know, Spot On is a simple-to-use, powerful, low-lag tool to create smooth movement routes while you dance on your favorite dance HUD.  Dance AROUND the stage, not just ON it! 

Not only can you move yourself and other dancers around the stage, you can move objects too!  Link an object to its own Spot On Mover and you can move it independently from yours with a simple chat command.  Even at a different time than you move.  And that chat command can even now come from the Mover you’re standing on!  

The ability to chat / emote at waypoints (a point in your route where you either pause, turn or stop) has been built into 1.5.  Have your device send a chat command to the audience or to another device to trigger an event such as a dance HUD, lights, particles, etc.  You can even have it emote at a certain point such as “ooooooo baby baby.”  Yes, I know I suck at emoting.  Perhaps I should see Baby for her class on emoting.

If you hate math as much as I do, you’ll love the new Autopause feature.  Add this feature to a waypoint and you’ll pause there until you give it the “play” command either by a HUD or chat command.  

You now have the ability to hide / show waypoints for a better view of your routine while you’re setting up.  Thanks to MarissaCloud for the great idea!

If you’re using the Barre Dance HUD auto groups joiner feature, you can now have dancers automatically join a group when they stand on a Mover.  Add the “@barre_group <number>” to your Mover’s notecard and they will get an invitation to the group and you get a notice that the invitation has gone to them. 

This next feature may not be so much for dancers but would be great for modeling or stores where they have static models.  Play-on-Sit has now been added to the Mover.  Just sit and the Mover starts going. 

Again for the models, Loop-a-Route can make the Mover start all over again when it reaches the end.  It’ll keep going until the person hops off it.  And that won’t be creepy at all for model-bots in stores to keep going around the store, around and around.  No, not at all. 

And lastly, you can make the Mover invisible.  The Mover is designed to go transparent when you sit on it but that is in a perfect world.  Most times, it does.  But sometimes in lag-infested areas, you still see it.  That’s not the Mover’s fault, that’s SL.  So just add the “@invisible” line in the Mover’s notecard to make it so.  You’ll want to do that as well with objects linked to the Mover.

Please see the Quickstart videos on our website:  Don’t be scared by the instructions!  We try to detail everything in the instructions for folks who do not know how to use the SL building tools.  That’s why we have the Quickstart instructions as well as the videos.  Watch a 6-minute video and you can change your dance routines to a Moving experience.  ;) 

Galilla Sinatra

Friday, May 3, 2013

Be BAD like Michael Jackson! Dance Sequence 434 - Smooth Criminal


Multiple DQ 2012 Cutie Award winner Babypea Von Phoenix (Elysium Cabaret) shares one of her most popular sequences with the  Dance Queens group; a super HOT version of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal!  I saw this dance performed live, its so awesome!  If you wanna impress your friends at a rez-day party, or even request this song at your favorite club & dance the will be a shining star in SL just like Babypea!
The version of Smooth Criminal this was choreographed for: 
Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) 4:56


A&M MOCAP DanceWorks:

*Spin Pop|24.5
*Smooth Criminal|29.7
*Startin' Somethin'|23
*Pop Star|24


My-M Jackson-15|22
My-M Jackson-12|23
My-M Jackson-13|24.1
My-M Jackson-09|7.5


Posepack <Hii Hi> (Michael Jackson poses)


[NAME]Smooth Criminal 1|*Spin Pop|24.5|*Francisco/Francisca|22.1|*Smooth Criminal|29.7|*Startin' Somethin'|23|My-M Jackson-15|22|[N]
[NAME]Smooth Criminal 2|My-M Jackson-12|23|*Pop Star|24|*Neverland|23.4|My-M Jackson-13|24.1|My-M Jackson-09|7.5|-D-MJ1|30|REPEAT|


Copy/paste this sequence onto a NC & load it into your dance HUD. 
Note from Choreographer: Start the sequence when music starts, not during the intro sound effects of the coin toss, etc

Dance to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal with warm regards from Babypea von Phoenix. 

***If you (DQ member) or your DQ registered dance troupe would like to share Dance Sequences with the DQ group, please IM: MarissaCloud for a brief application. All qualified sequences, video, and/or pictures will be posted on the blog. Thanks for paying it forward!***
Dancing up a storm! well, that was last month - let's hope for May flowers now.
... Culled from the new videos for your viewing pleasure....

15 April 2013
Dancing StormTroopers (Second Life)
by taka556
.... and who ever said Storm Troopers didn't have a sense of rhythm!


2 April 2013
~SWAN~ "Black Nag" - a Group Dance for Second Life
by SwithTheScop
.... a wonderful period dance with dulcimer music - entrancing!

13 April 2013
VIRTUAL BURLESQUE - Oh Death - Jen Titus - Secondlife Dance ft.
by Slappy Doobie
.. another amazing dance sequence from Slappy Doobie - the theme is death

24 April 2013
+*MaHal*+ 65 Dance performance「ダンスで世界一周」 in SecondLife
by psychelunasea
... sorta Las Vegas on the beach!


Send your video links to skyspinner.soulstar at and until next time, keep dancing!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Xanthia Martian would like to share the following:


The Moulin Rouge is going to be holding a casting call for dancers for their upcoming show CHICAGO THE MUSICAL.  The performance will be on Saturday, May 18 at 7pm and on Sunday, May 19 at 12pm Noon.  We are casting for various parts.  If you are interested in dancing and can emote, please IM Xanthia Martian (xanthia.lisle) in world or drop her a notecard for an application and an audition.

We are also interested in dancers, candy girls and hosts for our Thursday Red Satin Slipper Shows (6pm slt) and Saturday shows 7pm slt.  We also do traveling shows to other locations at other dates and times.  Please contact Xanthia Lisle for an application and interview!

Thank you,
Xanthia Lisle-Martian
Sr. Theatre Director
Original Moulin Rouge in SL

Moulin Rouge Presents - A Moulin Rouge Tribute


From the original stage play Woman and Chicago to the Burlesque performances and the great revues... the concept is still the same at the Moulin Rouge: feathers, rhinestones and sequins, fabulous settings, music and of course... the most beautiful girls and guys in the virtual world.

Tonight the Moulin Rouge comes alive with a special tribute performance presenting some of the timeless acts from the Moulin Rouge Movie.  

Don't miss your chance to see the world-renown Rouge Revue dancers strut their stuff on the Moulin Rouge's well worn stage.

Thank you one and all for your continued patronage.  It is for you, our Patrons, that we keep this dream alive.

Fusion Performing Arts Center presents "Accept"

The Fusion Performing Arts Center is proud to present Independent Ballet's latest production called "ACCEPT" being performed at the center this Saturday, May 4 @ 2PM SLT.

In ACCEPT, four young women struggle with their sense of self and their place in the world around them. They are united by one thing- their love of dance. ACCEPT follows the journey of these young ladies as they are each uniquely challenged, and as they come together. They learn lessons of tolerance, compassion, empathy as they come of age as dancers and as women. Based on an original concept  with spoken word and music on stream.

Come see the beauty of dance in SL and the artistry and creativeness of this wonderful group of Independent Ballet dancers under the direction of Dubhna Rhiadra with original concept by Independent Ballet's Deyna Broek.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pretty Girl Rock - Dance Sequence (433) Video - May 2013

Starring: Dance Queens sequence manager MarissaCloud, Dance Queens Show Publicity manager Lil  & Dance Queens member Wyndy. Artistic Director/Choreographer - MarissaCloud. Videographer - Chet Silverfall.



"Abranimations" is an animation store that has been around SL for a very long time. I was totally jazzed when we found out about all the new motion capture dances recently released. While browsing the store, I stumbled upon the new Pro Club Girl Pack. Had to buy this one...hope you love it! It includes 20 sexy/sassy medium tempo club or performance dances along with a bonus of 7 Sensual Club Dances - slow tempo of deep bends & sensual lunges.



Pro Club Girl Dances {150L each (9 dances - 1350L total) or the better deal 1950L for 27 dance pack}:

Pro Club Girl 1 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 2 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 3 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 4 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 7 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 10 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 11 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 15 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 16 - Abranimations


Sequence for your Hud:

[NAME] Pretty Girl Rock 1|Pro Club Girl 10 - Abranimations|18.5|Pro Club Girl 7 - Abranimations|18.5|Pro Club Girl 2 - Abranimations|19.9|[N]
[NAME] Pretty Girl Rock 2|Pro Club Girl 4 - Abranimations|16|Pro Club Girl 1 - Abranimations|20
Pro Club Girl 3 - Abranimations|30|[N]
[NAME] Pretty Girl Rock 3|Pro Club Girl 11 - Abranimations|25|Pro Club Girl 15 - Abranimations|25|Pro Club Girl 16 - Abranimations|25|[N]



Cut and paste the dance sequence into a notecard for your HUD. The dance will appear as Pretty Girl Rock 1, 2 or 3 but will be sequenced & repeat.

*TIP : The dance titles are quite long, which may cause some problems with future macros.  You can rename them - (ex/ PCG 1 or ProClubGirl1)