Monday, December 31, 2012

Dance Videos 31 Dec 2012

Dance Videos and Pics

Hello Dancers!  Skyspinner here, bringing you dance videos and pics to inspire you and to share some of what is posted on YouTube and other video channels. Feel free to send me your favorites. Skyspinner.soulstar @ gmail dot com. Thanks are in order for Nottoo for starting and maintaining this blog, for all the great information for dancers! and Happy New Year to you all!

by eugrena  "Breeze"
3 dancers having some fun outdoors

by Mihoro Lauria "Ha-PT Dance Performers"
3 dancers, minimal set

by ChewieQuixote "Guerilla Burlesque"
solo dance performance to the song, Dreamweaver

by Skyspinner Soulstar
... and the searching reminded me of one of my own very early videos - an impromtu dance at a place I was exploring, seemed like a good spot for an expression of joy and energy!