Thursday, December 6, 2012


THE CHANGE Rock Opera 121206

Junivers Stockholm sent us this invitation ...


THE CHANGE, is a rock opera created for the metaverse through months of
collaboration by an international team.

Sundays at 1pm SLT at Benvolio.

The CHANGE is about the huge challenge and choice facing our world - will we continue
the way we are to one future - with the world destroyed or change direction?

The show uses symbolic imagery. The audience is led by a dark and a light
shaman into alternative futures. We voyage into other realities -
 into the distant future and into the distant past.

We face the questions - what have we done?
Is it too late?
Shall we awake or shall we die?

Answer the questions for yourself when you have seen this ambitious original creative show

The Change is part of the Intergrid Metaverse Arts Biennial
The Biennial  Website will show all the events as the full programme
develops on the different grids.

The festival celebrates the emerging fantastical and creative worlds
of virtual reality.  In the hypergridded metaverse new worlds spring
into being,  each with its creators and arts. Already avatars can
travel between some of these worlds.  The IMAB festival calls for all
grids to provide hypergrid freedom for our virtual selves to leap
world to world! Let the citizens of the metaverse explore, encounter,
create and express themselves!