Thursday, April 1, 2010

Calling all Dance Queens! Bluzin for Dreams Benefit Concert Tonight


Come show off your dances to great live music and help support the Dreams Brain Project benefit held tonight, Thursday, April 1, at The Frontal Lobe in the Dreams Brain SIM, The Dreams Brain Project is a walk through brain to educate and demonstrate brain conditions like autism, strokes, and other disorders.  The event was organized by our good friend Thor Effingham. 

Entertainment includes:

6PM - JimmyT Dukes - amazing electric blues guitarist and singer
7PM - srv4u Conacher - the blues preacher, incredible blues
8PM - Raymond65 Docherty - renowned blues DJ of The Riverside Blues society

Please come and help out for this great cause!! It will take place at the Frontal Lobe directly beneath the giant brain.


Dreams is a support sim, it provides a home and support base for such groups as:
  • Shockproof - a group for stroke-survivors, family members, and others interested in stroke/brain attacks.
  • The Brigadoon Explorers - a group for those with Asperger Syndrome and autism, parents, and teachers.
  • ADD/ADHD Support 2.0. - a group for ADD/HDD individuals, support, and discussion

Each year, Dreams holds an enormous Health & Educational Community Fair for all Support, Health, Education, and Arts groups in SL.

One of the founders of Dreams was The Sojourner, herself a stroke survivor. She came to SL and touched many lives so deeply that they remain as caretakers of Dreams trying to keep her Dream alive. She passed away May 25, 2008. There are many. many tributes on the web to this amazing lady who gave of herself in a myriad of ways.

It was the Desire of The Sojourner, founder of Dreams and Shockproof, to create a walk-through brain to teach about strokes and other brain related issues. As many of you may know, Soj suffered many strokes in her lifetime. Sadly we lost Soj and she was not able to see the project through as she had dreamed.

The Dreams group is now working on making her vision a reality. The work has started on a new island dedicated to the project.

At ground level, a building has been constructed to house information related to the brain and offer space for events such as lectures and discussion groups. The rest of the lower land has been setup to allow for informal gathering of groups and individuals.

The main focus of the project is based in the sky, well above the cloud layer. The brain is about 100m in diameter to allow visitors to travel through the arteries as they learn about the effects of strokes, autism and other brain issues.

Various parts of the brain will be touchable to give additional information. The tour through the arteries will offer information specific to the type of tour chosen. All information will be vetted by experts in the field to assure accuracy.

Tour types will eventually include various types of strokes, autism, traumatic brain injury (TBI), transient ischemic attack (TIA), epilepsy, and the normal, uninjured brain.
Thanks so much!