Thursday, August 30, 2012

VIRTUAL FEELING Video by Florine Writer

VIRTUAL FEELING Video by Florine Writer 120830

Florine Writer has released a new video called VIRTUAL FEELING. Florine makes a lot of dance videos, particularly of MaHal. More of Florine's videos are at


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Making a Dance Sequence with the Barre HUD

Making a Dance Sequence with the Barre HUD 120829

One of the features of the Barre HUD is recording dance sequences. I've written before about how to do sequenced choreography and making sequences from the database. I could have made the sequence described in this blog post by selecting the dances, then timing them to the desired transition point and assembling and testing the sequence. However, the sequence I wanted to make included some dances that start off the center point and would switch at a point other than the loop point. I thought that the Barre recording feature would be an ideal solution to making a reasonably good sequence and I would learn how sequence making works with the Barre,


The sequence I was working on is Dance Sequence 392 and features six dances that are in the Ministry of Motion (MoM) Kama Sutra HUD. These are the only female solo dances in the HUD and I thought it would be fun to make a sequence from these dances. The six dances are
  • Burlesque 1(f)
  • Burlesque 2(f)
  • Baby Cakes (f)
  • Daisy Duke (f)
  • Dancing Queen (f)
  • Butter Babe (f)
Two of the dances, Burlesque 1(f) and Burlesque 2(f), begin at the center point facing forward. The other four begin off the center point as shown in Pictures 1 through 4. Each of these pictures was taken with me on a choreography grid that faces north at the very start of the dance.

Picture 01 - Baby Cakes_(f)

Picture 02 - Butter Babe_(f)

Picture 03 - Daisy Duke_(f)

Picture 04 - Dancing Queen_(f)
I wanted to start the sequence at the center point so that meant the first dance had to be one of the two Burlesque Dances. Next, I ran the two Burlesque dances to see if there are places in either of the dances that are close to the starting points in any of the off-starting point dances. Burlesque_1(f) has a position part way through the dance that is close to the starting point of Baby Cakes_(f). This looked like a good transition point. I repeated the process and found transition points for all of the dances that made a dance sequence like this:

Baby Cakes_(f)
Daisy Duke_(f)
Dancing Queen_(f)
Butter Babe_(f)

Of course, in almost all of the cases, the transition point was not at the looping point. This meant that I had either to shorten each dance and transition before one loop was completed or let a dance loop then continue to the transition point. I decided to let each dance loop at least once.


Since I had never used the Barre HUD for recording a dance sequence, I decided to read the help pages on the Barre website about recording. Once I knew how to start recording and stop recording plus recover the sequence information, I felt ready to develop the sequence.

I put the dances in my Barre HUD and added them to one of my notecards in the order I wanted to play them. Then, all I did was work with the dances until I could freestyle the sequence with transitions at the right points. I used the choreography grid looking from above to do this. After I felt good about the freestyle sequence and felt confident that I could switch dances at the right point, I was ready to record.

My first attempt gave me this sequence from the Barre HUD:

Baby Cakes_(f)|40.1
Daisy Duke_(f)|27.4
Dancing Queen_(f)|53.7
Butter Babe_(f)|36.0

I converted it to one line and added a name and a repeat:

Burlesque_1(f)|28.8|Baby Cakes_(f)|40.1|Daisy Duke_(f)|27.4|Dancing Queen_(f)|53.7|Butter Babe_(f)|36.0|Burlesque_2(f)|45.9|[REPEAT]

and I put it in a Barre notecard.


It is particularly difficult to do a sequence with dances that start off the center point, but the initial recorded sequence looked pretty good. Most of the transitions had slight jumps, which I had expected and knew I could not overcome because the match up of positions was not perfect. I decided to leave the sequence as it was. I did add the NAME to it for publication ...

[NAME]Kama Mama|Burlesque_1(f)|28.8|Baby Cakes_(f)|40.1|Daisy Duke_(f)|27.4|Dancing Queen_(f)|53.7|Butter Babe_(f)|36.0|Burlesque_2(f)|45.9|[REPEAT]

Monday, August 27, 2012



Marcus Adkins sent this to the HUMANOID Group today ...


Mon, Aug 27 2012 3:33:19 PM PDT

 The Time has come !  CATHY is out NOW !

Awaited by many HUMANOID Fans and Dancers all around SL.

Really cute and self-confident moves.

Don`t miss the Video Teaser :

   Unisex Shuffle - Experimental Techno - Club Tested
Marcus Adkins ♥

Mr Timeless & The Pale Hypnotic - Show

Mr Timeless & The Pale Hypnotic - Show 120827

cherryblonde (Chryblnd Scribe) sent us this invitation ...


Idle Rogue and Guerilla Burlesque present a fully-realised stage production this Sunday at 7pm. Mr Timeless & The Pale Hypnotic is the multimedia project of DeepSky Timeless, whose original prog-rock and metal tunes are written as additional chapters for his collection of post-apocalyptic stories.

This week's production sees input from the Guerilla Burlesque team who are reviving from their summer break, and following popular appearances in the Dance Queens Festival V and Sydney Fashion Week.

Diawa Bellic's hand-picked team of dancers will be choreographed to within an inch of their lives by the superbrat of virtual dance. Chewie Quixote's set design and Shippy Creations lighting effects, along with custom-designed costumes from Sho Kyong of *SK Designs* combine to bring you an absolutely original, only-in-Second-Life experience. If you like your rock hard and your rock concerts dazzling, join us on Sunday night at Idle Rogue.

Idle Rogue slurl:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Coming Soon from HUMANOID - CATHY !

Coming Soon from HUMANOID - CATHY ! (120825)

Marcus Adkins sent this notice to the HUMANOID Group today ...


Coming Soon from HUMANOID - CATHY !
Sat, Aug 25 2012 9:16:13 AM PDT

HUMANOID "Cathy" Teaser Video !

The next stunning Dance Release here at HUMANOID Animations !
Unisex Shuffle - Smooth Girly Femme  Moves -

♥HUMANOID Loves You♥

Diesel Works Offers Destiny Set and Gift

Diesel Works Offers Destiny Set and Gift 120825

Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works sent us this note today...

*New release*

Standard group discount applies on the pack. Wear your tag and select the lower price on the vendor.

----------- AUGUST GIFT -------------

There's a beautiful new FREE couple pose at the store as the August gift. Come grab your copy before I remove it.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Henmations Announces New Couples Dances

Henmations Announces New Couples Dances 120824

Hendrik Schroeder of Henmations announced the following in his Group today ...


New Couples Dances & Packs
Fri, Aug 24 2012 3:35:42 PM PDT

Visit our re-organized Couples Dance Section now, with lots of new Dances & Packs  released today!

Monday, August 20, 2012

MyAnimation Offers Beyonce Dances

MyAnimation Offers Beyonce Dances 120820

Ramona Criss sent this announcement to the MyAnimation Group today ...


Mon, Aug 20 2012 1:58:35 PM PDT

 We are very proud to announce
 ▀▀▀▀    NEWEST RELEASE   ▀▀▀▀
ENJOY and have FUN .

New Illegal Dance Seller on Marketplace

New Illegal Dance Seller on Marketplace 120820

A DANCE QUEENS member and I had a conversation about a new illegal dance seller on SL Marketplace. I have withheld her name by her request.

Here is the conversation:

[07:37:03] DQ Member: Hi Nottoo.......I have a notecard I am going to drop on you....I am not sure that listing this on your pirated anims site might be wise yet - I have already notified Live Gears

[07:38:33] Nottoo Wise: hi DQ Member xxx
[07:38:42] Nottoo Wise: wow good detective work
[07:38:56] Nottoo Wise: live gears seems to be away from SL
[07:39:06] Nottoo Wise: so there may be a slow response
[07:39:24] DQ Member: Easy Babcock seems to have given up as well.....
[07:39:30] Nottoo Wise: yes a long time ago
[07:39:34] Nottoo Wise: and wild moo too
[07:39:39] DQ Member: and only the creators can raise a DMCA for this
[07:39:41] Nottoo Wise: can i put this on the blog
[07:39:43] Nottoo Wise: yes
[07:39:47] Nottoo Wise: but when they finally do
[07:39:54] Nottoo Wise: the people who have bought the dances lose
[07:40:15] DQ Member: my only concern about blogging might lead some into temptation so to speak
[07:40:33] Nottoo Wise: maybe but i think most people understand the risks
[07:40:40] Nottoo Wise: and oppose illegal dances
[07:41:23] DQ Member: ok... I will leave it to is by far the biggest collection I have come across
[07:41:36] Nottoo Wise: do u want me to remove ur name from this
[07:41:40] DQ Member: or can i say u found it
[07:42:46] DQ Member: I would leave my name out of it....I will be more effecient as a detective if I am undercover so to speak
[07:42:53] Nottoo Wise: ok
[07:43:04] Nottoo Wise: may i put this converstaion on the blog without ur name
[07:43:58] DQ Member: of course......:)
[07:44:04] Nottoo Wise: :-)
[07:44:07] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx
[07:48:13] DQ Member: ouch...I just calculated the cost if these were bought at L$250 each - L$ 50,750 - no wonder Easy and Live Gears have given up
[07:49:01] Nottoo Wise: yes it is a strong disincentive for dance makers


Here is the Notecard:

Hi Live - found the following:     L$370    L$0          L$0

I think you might want to get this item pulled asap - I have listed your animations below.
The pack also contains a whole lot of Easy Babcock dances and some others from various sources.
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_basicstep_14
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Funky_116_japan02
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Funky_123_japan01
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Funky_125_japan03
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_izmturn_15
Live Gears,S4D_Jazz_84
Live Gears,S4D_pop_128
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step01_24
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step02_25
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step03_26
Live Gears,S4D_Step04_27
Live Gears,S4D_Step05_28
Live Gears,S4D_Step06_29
Live Gears,S4D_Step07_11
Live Gears,S4D_Step_08_98
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step_09_98
Live Gears,S4D_Step_09_99
Live Gears,S4D_Step_10_100
Live Gears,S4D_Step_12_102
Live Gears,S4D_Step_201
Live Gears,S4D_Step_202
Live Gears,S4D_Step_203
Live Gears,S4D_Step_204
Live Gears,S4D_Step_206
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Street_153
Live Gears,S4D_Street_154
Live Gears,S4D_Street_155
Live Gears,S4D_Street_156
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Street_157
Live Gears,S4D_Street_158
Live Gears,S4D_Street_163
Live Gears,S4D_Street_167
Live Gears,S4D_Street_169
Live Gears,S4D_Street_170
Live Gears,S4D_Street_171
Live Gears,S4D_Street_172
Live Gears,S4D_Street_173
Live Gears,S4D_Street_174
Live Gears,S4D_Street_178
Live Gears,S4D_Street_179
Live Gears,S4D_Street_180
Live Gears,S4D_Street_181
Live Gears,S4D_Street_182
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_215
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_216
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_217
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_218
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_219
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_220
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_222
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_223
Live Gears,S4D_Styling_02_136
Live Gears,S4D_Styling_08_142
Live Gears,S4D_urban_183
Live Gears,S4D_urban_184
Live Gears,S4D_urban_185
Live Gears,S4D_urban_186
Live Gears,S4D_urban_187
Live Gears,S4D_urban_189
Live Gears,S4D_urban_190
Live Gears,S4D_urban_191
Live Gears,S4D_urban_192
Live Gears,S4D_urban_193
Live Gears,S4D_urban_197
Live Gears,S4D_urban_198
Live Gears,S4D_Wakking_18
Debug Count: 69

Easy Babcock,adoration
Easy Babcock,all about me
Wild Moo,be cool
Wild Moo,beat one nr 1
Wild Moo,beatless nr 2
Easy Babcock,black cherries
Wild Moo,break down
Easy Babcock,butterscotch
Easy Babcock,candy whistle
Longranger Roeth,caramel
Easy Babcock,center of the universe
Easy Babcock,cherry pips
Easy Babcock,chewing gum
Easy Babcock,chicago
Easy Babcock,chick habit
Abramelin Wolfe,Chill Out Style
Easy Babcock,closer
Easy Babcock,crimson breeze
Easy Babcock,crystal roses
Abramelin Wolfe,Dancefloor Enticement
Easy Babcock,delicious hips
Easy Babcock,down and around
Easy Babcock,firefly
Easy Babcock,fizz
Easy Babcock,fizzy pop
Easy Babcock,flaming sambuca
Easy Babcock,flapper
Wild Moo,flip like this nr 3
Easy Babcock,foot loose
Easy Babcock,freezer
Easy Babcock,full of it
Easy Babcock,funkcicle
Easy Babcock,funky dubious
Easy Babcock,g t eye
Easy Babcock,galvanize
Easy Babcock,gimme gimme gimme
Abramelin Wolfe,Give it Up
Easy Babcock,glass eye
Easy Babcock,glitterbug
Easy Babcock,going nuts
Dave Bellman,Groove Avenger
Easy Babcock,here we go
Dave Bellman,HH freestyle  42
Easy Babcock,hola
Easy Babcock,hopscotch
Easy Babcock,hot seat
Easy Babcock,hydrogen
Easy Babcock,hyperteck
Easy Babcock,I am on fire
Easy Babcock,i feel dizzy
Easy Babcock,ice age
Easy Babcock,jack It
Easy Babcock,jammy dodger
Wild Moo,jump the riddle nr 6 ??
Wild Moo,jumping vibes
Dave Bellman,Just Arrived
ANUKIS Nagy,keep on moving
Easy Babcock,kiss my buttons
Easy Babcock,lava palaver nr 7
Wild Moo,let me think about it
ANUKIS Nagy,lets dance
DancingRobot Crosby,liquid persia
Easy Babcock,live forever
Easy Babcock,lollipop
Easy Babcock,look at me
ANUKIS Nagy,loopy
ANUKIS Nagy,lost
Easy Babcock,maple syrup
ANUKIS Nagy,May01
Easy Babcock,merry go
Easy Babcock,monty
Easy Babcock,never gonna stop
ANUKIS Nagy,no name
Easy Babcock,no way
ANUKIS Nagy,not know dance
Easy Babcock,omg
Easy Babcock,one way or another
Easy Babcock,orange squash
Easy Babcock,peaches
Easy Babcock,pendulem
Easy Babcock,peppermint
Easy Babcock,pippapot
Easy Babcock,precious morning
Easy Babcock,prowling
Wild Moo,pump the jump
Easy Babcock,red chilli sheen
Easy Babcock,release
Easy Babcock,release nr 12
Easy Babcock,rock steady
Wild Moo,rocking rio
Easy Babcock,rubber ball
Abramelin Wolfe,Seductive Twirl  - Abranimations
Easy Babcock,shake and bake
Easy Babcock,shake the maracas
Easy Babcock,shaken and stirred
Easy Babcock,shamo
Dave Bellman,Sharking
Easy Babcock,shock therapy
Easy Babcock,smashing
Easy Babcock,snake hips
Easy Babcock,sophisticat
Easy Babcock,space hopper
Easy Babcock,spellbound
Easy Babcock,spring loaded
ANUKIS Nagy,steet
Dave Bellman,Stepping Out
Easy Babcock,strawberrys and cream
Easy Babcock,sync
Easy Babcock,tap dance
Easy Babcock,technologic
Easy Babcock,techtonic
Easy Babcock,techtronic
Easy Babcock,tecktronique
Easy Babcock,this joint is jumpin
Easy Babcock,THRASH
Easy Babcock,throbing
Easy Babcock,tick tock
Easy Babcock,too much fun
Easy Babcock,tornado
Abramelin Wolfe,Touch Me -
Dave Bellman,Two and Switch
Easy Babcock,uprockin
Easy Babcock,want some
Easy Babcock,wasabi
Easy Babcock,washing machine
Easy Babcock,wavy gravy
Easy Babcock,way on high
Easy Babcock,weaving dreams
Abramelin Wolfe,wiggle dancing 1 -
Easy Babcock,windmill
Easy Babcock,wired
Easy Babcock,yeah and
Easy Babcock,Yipeeeeeeeee
Easy Babcock,zucchini
Debug Count: 134


The name of the new seller is ALOT and is run by Alotafagina Asbrink. I have included this store in the illegal dance seller list. I also forwarded the notecard to Wild Moo, Dave Bellman and Abramelin Wolfe.


Friday, August 17, 2012

New Couples Dances from Henmations

New Couples Dances from Henmations 120817

Hendrik Schroeder sent this notice to the Henmations Group today ...


New Couples Dances: Salsa, Jive & Slow Waltz out now!
Fri, Aug 17 2012 3:57:06 PM PDT

We just released lots of new Couples Dances: Salsa, Jive, Slow Waltz & more Bachata Animations...  now even available as Intan & Club Control Autoloader Packs...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

MalWare Warning on This Site

MalWare Warning on This Site 120816

Some of you may have received a warning when visiting the DANCE QUEENS blog like this:

" contains content from ___, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site."

The identified site I replaced with ___ since it is one run by a DANCE QUEENS member. I sent a note to her to alert her to the problem. As a precaution I removed the link to the site until she can figure out the source of the warning.

The DANCE QUEENS site is safe to visit. I don't support any type of malware, advertising or anything but having fun with dancing in SL.




Lady Vida (Lady Correia) sent us this invitation ...



Get out those pens and mark your calendars: August 22nd starting at 6pm SLT is the premiere show at Follies Cabaret.  The Follies Dolls will be burning up the stage at our upscale custom-designed Follies Cabaret club.  If you are a lover of quality live dance entertainment, this is the place you will want to be!  There is also a special treat in store for you with our unique and exciting audience participation number where *you* become the star.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nossa-Mania ... A Stunning Video by Pia Klaar

Nossa-Mania ... A Stunning Video by Pia Klaar 120815

Dear Nottoo,

After I bought the Nossa animations from MyANIMATION, I dusted off my HUDDLES EZ  Animator Deluxe, cut and pasted the animation sequence that you had created, and started to film. Here is what I ended up with. Thanks again for all of your help.

I hope you do not mind that I gave credit to you for the sequence of the animations. I have no knowledge of how to do that.


Pia Klaar



Double WOW ... I love those outfits

Stunning video

Here is the sequence ...



WOW WOW ... need a Nossa lesson? Check out, Now, you can dance the same sexy Brazilian way with the Nossa dances from MyAnim. Good for NOSSA NOSSA Ai se eu te pego. I'd say it's hot.



My-NOSSA-01 to My-NOSSA-10



For Barre


For Huddles and Fleursoft




Cut and paste the dance sequences into your notecard in your HUD. The dance will appear as Nossa-mania but will be sequenced.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DanceMaster Pro update P2.8 available!

DanceMaster Pro update P2.8 available! 120814

Bryndyn Burton sent the following note to the DanceMaster Group today ...


DanceMaster Pro update P2.8 available!
Tue, Aug 14 2012 7:41:09 AM PDT

The latest DanceMaster Pro free update is here. Changes include a new "cue" command to help closely synchronize animations at different formation positions, elimination of the limit of 12 dances per dance group, significantly revised documentation, and several bug fixes. See the release notes for full details. Get your update at the DanceMaster Pro update kiosk on the right as you enter the store.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Henmations Release Dances and HUD Improvements

Henmations Release Dances and HUD Improvements 120813

Hendrik Schroeder made two announcements in the Henmations Group today ...


We just deployed a improvement to the Web-Config Pages for Dance Control.  The Security Login, the web-pages and the dance lists are loading "much faster" now. Enjoy!


we just released a few more Bachata Dances...  Enjoy!

MyAnimation Couple Pose Contests Continue

MyAnimation Couple Pose Contests Continue 120813

MyAnimation has been running couple pose contests for quite a while. Here is the latest announcement ...


Mon, Aug 13 2012 7:11:19 AM PDT

▶ WEEK 10 CONTEST--- STARTED ( last week)  <- Click For INFO

MLDU 5.5+ Released

MLDU 5.5+ Released 123

Snuma Whitfield, the creator of the couples dance HUD the MLDU, told me today about the release of the MLDU 5.5+. She has rewritten the READ ME and Start for the HUD on her blog. The MLDU 5.5+ is available on SL Marketplace. Here are some of the details ...


*** README FIRST - mldu5.5+ Introduction- ****
multi motion mldu5.5+ English
August 12, 2012
Snuma Whitfield

Thank you for your purchase of multi motion mldu5.5 + (mldu5 +).
mldu5 + provides the following functions as a base MLDU4.

● Synchronized dancing

● Dance the time difference between the play (only single motion)

● Dance shuffle in the  playlist (only single motion)

● By the note card macro, Dance couple dance, group dance (position adjustment function with Sit ball)

● Hybrid dance machine (Can be used in both automatic deformation and dance ball HUD)

The major difference between the mldu5.0 + released in July 2012 is as follows.

● The edit function note card remote, without having to open the content folder of mldu5 +,
was to be overwritten is transferred to the mldu5 + to rez from mldu5 the EditBox.
Edit the note card in it, and you want to save. Is it okay to wait until you open the folder,
rather than endlessly anymore!

● Automatic allocation feature dance groups. If the dance ball mode, guests simply touch the ball, with assignments from the detection simply by selecting the [Auto], mldu5+ have to use to allocate the best dance group has become less effective at that time.

MLDU since 2007 is continuing to evolve. Because there is a lot of features,
to learn they do not may take a long time.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

YUMMY- #6 - Making a Production Out Of It


Ok so the secret of what's coming next doesn't seem to be a secret anymore. At least a half dozen  people have whispered of the desire and intentions to put on a "production" in the coming months, most targeting this fall.

So just what is a "production"?

When pinned down, it seems we all have the same idea. I had someone enunciate it to me their definition just so I wasn't out of touch with reality.


Ok so bigger is implying, more performers/dancers/actors possibly over a larger timespan. At least an hour...maybe longer... and most definitely playing several/mulitple runs over time.

Expect to see larger and more lavish sets. This years festival seems to have raised the bar for what is a "good" set with some intentional or unitentional one-upsmanship.  Having sets next to each other seemed to imply competition as it is unavoidable ot to compare, even though that was never the intention


It seems 1 hour is still the target but as time marches on and the "outdo-ness prevails" don't be surprised to see 2 hr shows. That's how long we can sit before building up enough urine (16 to 24 ounces and a  10 ml/min if you drink during a movie lets say) that we have to go relieve ourselves. I heard thats how they came up with the time of the 1st movie "intermission".


The biggest and most noticeable difference will be an overall "theme" that ties the acts together.

The other will be the concept of "story" which means one or more performers will be seen as characters with a will to be motivated to do or try to do something. There is a direction or purpose to this 'production' within a theme that is supplanted by music, costume, sets, text, dance, all working in concert.


So expect to see these 'productions' with hard-defined segments termed "acts". An act seems to define a marked change in time and locale (sometimes just one). Same time, different locale or same locale, different time.

So expect to see a set-change, costume change, new music, a different set of performers, and a pause not unlike a period used to end a sentence or blank line to delineate a paragraph.


 Also expect to see the additon of 'text' in some form to help move the story along, insure everyone is on the same page as to how to interpret what is going on, and fill in any needed blanks that are not being answered by what is being seen (and possibly heard).  This may be in the form of an intellibook or text presented on a big board, static or dynamic. Expect to see openchat text take a back seat to other forms of more easily identifiable text presentations like a one-source delivery system such that the audience can follow just one IM box that identifies the speaker at the beginning of the chat-line. Productions will honor the mantra of "...doesn't follow local chat..", respecting it and finding ways to keep the open chat free for audience exclamations and provide a more integral form of delivering story-text that doesnt detract from the performance. Text might be used creatively to denote time and or locale when deemed helpful.


Expect to see the additon of voiceo  accomplish the same task as text, used in place of or in addition to forms of text as noted above. This may be live or pre-recorded and mixed in with the music. It will be used to deliver character lines, a form of narration, or as an MC, to name just a few.



Expect to see more us (for better or worse) of more special dazzling particle effects since they seemed to bedazzle us and win our favor (yes, to the consternation of some butt still..). They will now be used more to help tell the story and become an integral part as opposed to effects for effects-sake.



Expect "programs"  to help jumpstart the story providing background as well as aiding in bridging the gap between acts,  forming a glue, summarizing whats been while setting the scene for whats coming.


Expect to see dance more closely matched to theme and used to help underscore the point of an "act". It will be more lyrical and stylized. We may have to accept a more broadened defintion of "dance" to include "out-of-the-ordinary" human body movement that conveys meaning or feeling with or without music, with special emphasis on "without music". It could just to melody or just to rhythm or even just to silence.

We will probably see more couples dancing as a metaphor to express interpersonal adoration, turmoil, conflict, and resolve to name a few. I suspect that the strip-tease, now prevalent in the occasional show-dance will find it challenging to stake a claim in this new "musical production" format. And it appears that those productions that don't take themselves as sersious as others will find broader audicence appeal.



Expect to see the songs tied more closely to a theme and more recognizable in terms of lyric and/or melody. The challenge will be in finding songs that are both popular, as in recognizable, and significant, as in relates lyrically to the scene. It has usually been only one or the other. Songs that will work best are those that are significant, with catchy hooks.


While I had forseen last year, when I 1st learned of this cabaret/burlesque form entetainment, that it would become more of a production, I didnt foresee the "size" as in... becoming so large.  Personally I have found, and have had my suspicions collaborated by a fellow peer, that with immense size comes immense responsibilites....that being of matching the extravagence with audience experience.

 Extreme stage width and depth can work against an audience member who tries to take in the whole, meaning seeing all the avatars on stage at once,  that the most distant avatars can seem to do the jiggy-super-fast-cartoon dance.  And zooming back to get everyone into the picture often makes the performers seem smaller than might be desired as well as less significant, not to mention a loss of synchronization.

When I see extra deep stage or extra wide clubs I look for a reason. Is the extra wall-space used for art? Is this new and ever-popular gap between seats used for dancing after the show? ..or maybe as room for the performers to interact with the audience? Or maybe you have discovered that separation by space seems to reduce lag. Well....then those seem to be decent reasons. But if the extra space is NOT used or qualified, then it taxes the audience needlessly by making the performers smaller than need be and causes extra camming which seems to so often cause a loss of sync. And many people fear the bane of crashing to due camming when in moderately crowded and laggy venues, myself included at times.

What would be ideal?

Well in my mind the more square the seating, the more optimal. The closer the length of seats to the depth of seats the better. So if you have 36 seats then a 6 rows by 6 columns seating arrangement would seem optimal. And minimize the space between the front row and the stage. If you have a runway, be sure to use it or remove it during acts when it won't be in play  as it needlessly distances the audience further from the stage than they need to be.

I know that it seems intuitive to marry the solo act to the wonderous set but the purpose of the set is to establish a time and place, a setting to deliver from. After we have seen taken it in, then the focuse should be on the performer(s). In the case of a solo act we will zoom in closer to aquire more screen movement and will lose much of the set detail. So if the dancer moves closer to the audience, especially when a runway is in play, then the audience gets more of the dancer AND set due to the relationship between them. Of course if you want to find a nice mix of front and back stage usage. And please note I am speaking from my experience as an audience member.  You could argue you are not there for the audience but for yourself and the other performers and enjoy being immersed deep into the set. I have no argument there as that is just as valid since the performances are free.

I will add that the proof of the importance of "larger avatar in proportion to visible area" is reaffirmed by the fact that when people record and display videos of performances...they always edit such that they rely heavily on the closer-up framings. I've yet to see a video shot and edited all wide angle.

And a final thought:...

Does the mere fact of working hard and long on a project shield it from criticism? Is working hard and long on a project. indicator of success? Is it possible to work hard and long and produce something bad.? or 'not as good as'?  Does working 'long' on something also imply working 'hard'? If everyone works 'hard', does it negate the value of 'hard'?  

My co-worker and I had a sarcastic bent about the societal rat-race. "It's not enough just for me to succeed. I also need others to fail".

Would you feel better taking a class and being the only person to get an A, knowing everyone did their  best? Or would you feel better if everyone got an A, also knowing everyone did their best? Are you saying the final test or course could have been too easy? Then are you agreeing that you/we need others to fail (well thats extreme but ..'not do as well as'...'perform inferior to')?

We do fairly judge those who've been doing it 'longer', different than we do the newcomers. We expect more from them. That seems just.  And unlike school where its A,B,C,D, or F, I think we tend to give a simple thumbs up or thumbs down to an artistic performance. And we WANT to like what we see and hear. And unlike in sports, we don't need to have a winner and a loser. 

And that's Yummy's taste of things.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

HUMANOID Announces Markus Dance Series

HUMANOID Announces Markus Dance Series 120811

Marcus Adkins announced the following to the HUMANOID Group ...


HUMANOID - NEW Dances Released  " Markus "
♥ Dances for Humans from Humans ♥

"Markus" the name of the next Dancer at Humanoid Animations.

As allways its a plesure for the Humanoid Team to present a new friend and real clubhead for Humanoid and it`s SL Fans.

A fine mixture of fast foodwork, turns, smooth shuffles and techmoves will keep you sweating !

See the next amazing VideoCut from Humanoid`s "Markus"  :



Watch us on YouTube:

Henmations Offers New Couples Dances

Henmations Offers New Couples Dances 120811

Hendrik Schroeder sent this to the Henmations Group


Dear Customers,

we just released the second Part of our new Couples Dance Series.
BACHATA...  smooth & sexy Couples Dance Animations...

Watch the Promo Video:

Each Animation is compatible to common couples dance systems like Club Control & Intan.
Enjoy this wonderful Animations with your Partner or in your Club now.


As well there is a new Group Gift available.. (a cute couples dance..)

Have a nice Weekend!


PS.  May follow us on Facebook now and receive the latest News about Animations around the Metaverse


***DANCE FOR CHANGE*** Show 120811

Medora Chevalier sent us this invitation ...


~The important things are not those we buy, but those we create and give~
Interpretive dance show and ballet to the music of Jana Kyomoon and Junivers Stockholm in the beautiful staging by Trill Zapatero.  Choreographed by Medora Chevalier.

Dance for Change takes us to a posssible time after the collapse of this exploitative system.  People will be living simply and creatively turning the debris of the past into beauty - dancing, painting, growing, living in harmony. The clothes are simple, made even from recycled things, dancers wear flowers, feathers and plants for decoration.

This performance shows the power of virtual worlds to support international collaboration.  Music a joint composition of Jana Kyomoon (USA/UK) and junivers Stockholm (Sweden). Staging adapted by Trill Zapatero (Canada) from her impressive work "The Apocalypse will not be Televised". Trill also created the costumes in the unique style of her shop Boho Hobo.

The Imaginal dance group is led by Medora Chevalier (UK) with Angelique Menoptra (USA), Sofia Ishelwood (Portugal), Szavanna Resident (South Africa) and Southern Riptide (USA). Previous shows have included Follow the Light, Alien Bolero and Dance for Life.

The Imaginals are affiliated to CARP - the Cybernetic Arts Research Project.
Music by Jana Kyomoon and Junivers Stockholm can be found on CD Baby, Spotify and  ITunes

We express our hope that even in the depths of the worst crisis our planet and people have ever faced we can use our creativity and our love across the world to pull through and live a better life in harmony.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Humanoid`s Dance Release Party

Humanoid`s Dance Release Party 120808

Marcus Adkins sent the following to the HUMANOID Group today ...


Invitation to Humanoid`s Dance Release Party

♥ Dances for Humans from Humans ♥

"Markus" the name of the next Dancer at Humanoid Animations.

As allways its a plesure for the Humanoid Team to present a new friend and real clubhead for Humanoid and it`s SL Fans. A fine mixture of fast foodwork, turns, smooth shuffles and techmoves will keep you sweating !

So come around on Friday  DANCE - LISTEN - GRAB A PRESENT :)

♥♥ Release Party on Humanoid SIM ♥♥
♥ 2012-08-10
♥ 10:00 am SLT
♥ HUMANOID Mainstore

Vote to Improve Dancing in SL

Vote to Improve Dancing in SL 120808

You have a chance to affect the improvement of dancing in SL. This note explains the details. Please vote (follow each link, select 'More Actions' and click 'Add Vote' - NOTE: you may have to log in) as Racheal recommends and ask your friends to do so also. I will soon send an in-world notice with all this for you to send to your friends.



Racheal Young sent the following note to members of her group today ...


Hi I'm Racheal Young. I developed the Barre Dance HUD. I would like to ask you, the dance community for your help. If we band together we can influence the direction of development to benefit our community and SL. I urge you and your friends to visit the following links and vote. This will help in making them a priority and gain the attention of Linden Labs.


I followed the links and read what was there, but I still had some questions as to what this was all about, so I asked Rach. She was kind enough to reply quickly and and here is what she said:

1. I am unfamiliar with this system. Is it for identifying script capabilities that are desirable in SL and helping LL set priorities for improvements?

A) The vote allows us as a community to place a priority on improvements or fixes to our SL.

2. Who manages this board?

A) The Lindens manage this system to help us report bugs or issues. It is used to help in prioritizing the direction of development.

3. How did you decide on the five proposals that you identified?

A) After careful review... With the thought of how this will affect, how it will help dancers, and how it will help scriptwriters. While we have had forward movement and improvement in script functions, some focus seems have been lost at a core need in SL, that being animations. These issues as a whole are directed at the needs of a HUGE community in SL.

4. Can you BRIEFLY explain why each is important. I can get most of that from reading about them, but I want your opinion. Asks for the development of a llPreloadAnimation() scripting function. This would allow script writers to preload animations without the script user needing to dance them before hand. This would give us an instant start and not have a delayed start, as it is currently for animations that are not cached on a region.  is requesting the llStartAnimationSynced command be added to the function library. Although in its current requested state, it would be difficult to implement. The effort would be directed at finding a method that would work. In theory, this would give script writers the ability to sync animations at the same time. Currently a command is sent to multiple scripts and you hope that execution is triggered at the same time. Further more, changes in the server software have decayed the ability to sync a group as accurately as we would like to see. Currently scripters have to go through a process of checking if the avatar is there before issuing a stop or start command for animations. This process eats up script memory and precious cycles. What is being proposed here is an event that is triggered when a change in the condition of the avatar has taken place. This one has a fix pending, however I want to draw interest to it. It is important because it affects how a HUD is treated. Currently this causes HUD lag and this fix will reduce that. Here we are looking at a generalized request. It supports other issues and in voting for it you are promoting the development of a better animation engine.

5. BRIEFLY, what are the negatives of these changes if any?

A) There are negatives... Yes, in making these requests of Linden Labs we pull them away from other projects. But in the end we, the dance community will be given some much needed attention. While other things have been improving in SL, the dance community and animations in general have fallen to the wayside. Even the abilities of some scripted dance tools have lost potency due to other projects affecting them. We need to become more of a priority. It is time for the dance community to have our "important" things addressed. It is far from my intent to stir a hornets nest, simply a nudge to get our needs addressed.

When you vote you will need to log into your Second Life account. There is a login button on the web page. Then just click "vote" on the pages listed below.


It takes about three minutes to vote on all five. Do it NOW so you won't forget.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Henmations Offers Shopping HUD

Henmations Offers Shopping HUD 120806

The problem of finding dances in stores has been with us a long time. The solutions have been things like the robot at Sine Wave, web-site links at MoM and signs with TPs (MyAnimation). Now Henmations has come up with another solution ... the shopping HUD. Hendrik Schroeder announced this in the Henmations group today ...


The new Shopping HUD V1
Mon, Aug 06 2012 1:38:02 PM PDT

please find the new Henmations Shopping HUD attached.. this gives you an Overview about our Products and you can direct TP around the categories

Dancing Experiments - Results

Dancing Experiments - Results 120806

On the Friday (27 July 2012) of the second weekend of the Dance Festival V we did several experiments to look at how different dance HUDs and dance control systems are affected by various techniques used to control dance lag.

Prior to the experiments I outlined what we were going to try to do in a blog post. Shadow Tarber and Jariah Yuhara volunteered to help and thanks go to them.

This note describes what happened.


At the scheduled time for the first experiments I invited DANCE QUEENS members to the sim to participate in the experiment. During all the experiments the number of avatars on the two sims (stage and audience) ranged from 17 to 30. Unfortunately not all the avatars on the sims were participating in the experiments since some were preparing for their dance shows.

The time available required that we change the order and number of experiments. Two sets of experiments were actually run. The first set was aimed at seeing the impact on dance lag of controlling avatar script level and avatar movement using a split sim. Six experiments were performed using the Barre, Huddles and Fleursoft HUDs. Data collected included measuring total audience sim script time (from the region controls), measuring number of avatars on the two sims, measuring performer judgment of lag, and measuring audience judgment of dance lag.

The second set of experiments was aimed at seeing the impact on dance lag of controlling avatar script level and avatar movement using a single sim. Four experiments were performed using the Barre abd Huddles HUDs. Data collected included measuring total audience sim script time (from the region controls), measuring number of avatars on the two sims, measuring performer judgment of lag, and measuring audience judgment of dance lag.

For you experimental design experts, no experiments were done to look at the confounding effects of the variables.


The results are here.


The experiments and the session for performing the experiments were done hastily and the experimental session showed it. The desired number of avatars (40+) were not on the sims, not all the avatars on the sims participated in the experiments, those who did participate were not trained on what to do prior to the experiment, and the performers were not trained prior to the experiment. The result was a relatively chaotic mess. Although many avatars did their part in terms of script levels and seating, and performers did their part, the control of the experimental conditions was very poor. The audience members and performers also were not trained on how to judge lag. Measurement of the region script time however is a good indicator of server demand from the entire audience sim and does give some insight into the server demands.


The results of the experiment are not meaningful.


Repeat the experiments with good controls by:
  • Recruiting 40 avatars for a scheduled testing session
  • Recruiting three avatars for a scheduled testing session
  • Limiting access to the sims to performers and audience members only
  • Training audience members on how to identify and quantify dance lag, and how to control avatar script levels
  • Training performers on how to identify and quantify dance lag
  • Planning each experiment

All I want to do is dance. Sometimes, I wonder if all this effort is worthwhile, but, I want to dance without lag. So, onward I trudge.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Show Problems - Planning Ahead

Show Problems - Planning Ahead 120804

I saw the LPBA performance of Peter pan today and loved it. As sometimes happens in a large show there were technical problems. The director had anticipated this and prepared in advance the following sign ...

Hahahaah. I like this idea.


DanceMaster and Lag

DanceMaster and Lag 120804

Back in February I used the DanceMaster Pro 6 to control a dance sequence for the Choreography Show II. As I reported then, I had significant problems with lag and expressed concerns over the use of the DanceMaster Pro in laggy situations. Bryndyn Burton, the creator of the DanceMaster, and I had a follow-up conversation on the danceMaster relative to lag. Following the conversation we agreed that a test of the DanceMaster Pro would be helpful to understand how it is impacted by lag.

Today Bryndyn invited me to a production of Peter Pan put on by the LPBA. I went and saw how this group used the DanceMaster. They chose to use a split sim approach to the play ... the actrors on one sim and the audience on the second sim. They had a device visible that showed the audience the script usage of each person. This helps control server demand by the audience. There were 18 actors and 23 audience members at the max. The result ... a well done play with no lag.

So, I am now convinced that under the right conditions, the Dancenmaster Pro performs as it needs to. I was already convinced of the capabilities of the DanceMaster Pro for managing movement, positioning and dancing in a show. 

It's a complex program to learn but for you really advanced show performers, I recommend that you take a look at it.


Freestyle Choreography

Freestyle Choreography 120804

Dancing in SL is fun and even more fun when the dances fit the music and the dances are sexy and fun. Choreography is a way to stitch together dances to make a Dance Sequence that really is hot.  There are two ways to do choreography. One is to do choreography by switching dances during a song (Freestyle Choreography). The other is to make Dance Sequences (Sequenced Choreography) and click at the beginning of the song. This notecard tells you how to do Freestyle Choreography.



To choreograph dances you need four things:
1. A Barre, Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe or Fleursoft HUD -  The Basic Huddles version will not do.
2. A selection of dances to choose from for the sequence. These dances need to be in your HUD.
3. Dances arranged in order by speed and style in a notecard (we will discuss this)
4. Time to learn your dances

The different HUDs handle the set up for choreography a little bit differently, but the concepts I describe today apply to all of them. For this class I will use the Huddles.



Choreography is stitching together several dances to create a pleasing dance sequence. A well choreographed dance makes the dancers look and feel like they are actually dancing to the song matching the rhythm and the feel of the song.

The Huddles EZ Animator allows this by using Notecards. Freestyle choreography is a process of selecting dances in an order and timing so that they look smooth when transitioning from one to the next and the whole matches.

Today, we will cover all of the steps necessary for you to be able to choreograph. For the class today we will use a lot of dances. I will mention them as we go along.

You do not need those dances today. Instead, I will add each of you to my HUD so you can see each step of the process. Please accept my invitation to dance. Also hop on a pose ball on the dance line to make it easier to see.



For Freestyle choreography you need to organize your dances on a notecard. Notecards are the way that the Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe lets you select dances in the order you want to see them in your HUD. Each line on a notecard represents one dance or dance sequence.
Let me give you each a notecard named 'DANCE QUEENS - Freestyle Choreography Sample Notecard' that will show you what I am talking about (find the notecard in the Free Stuff box). Open the Notecard and look at each line. Huddles lets you see 10 dances or dance sequences at a time.

When you open this notecard in your Hud, you see the first ten lines in order.

Sultry Down Body
dip me in chocolate
crimson breeze
dance 14

So with the Huddles we have a way to organize dances and now the task is to decide how to organize them. There are three types of dances that I use.

Most of my dances are the first type of dance used for dancing to songs that I hear. Generally, I have arranged the notecard in the order from slow dances to medium speed to fast. Since you can see ten dances at one time, I have arranged the notecard in groups of ten. On each page are nine dances that are similar. That means I have learned that one dance works well with another dance.

Dances that work well together may be from one Dance Maker's series, such as the Lenn series from Akeyo, or may be of the same Category and Style of dance such as Latin - Macarena.

I'll show four dances that work well together for fast songs:

double cream and
kiss my buttons

We will use these in a few minutes freestyle. Remember to organize by speed and matching.

The second type of dance is found on on each page in the top position, which is line 1, 11, 21, etc on the notecard where I have placed the same dance. This is Sultry Down Body. It is a NON-LOOPED dance of 2.0 seconds in length. I use this dance to transiton from one dance to another dance, if the two dances do not transiton well.

Let me show Sultry Down Body to you. As a DANCE QUEEN or KING you avoid jumpy or jerky motions. This transition dance helps you do that. Unfortunately, I have found it only inside the sexy dance HUD from Abranimations. So if you want this one, you have to get that HUD and take the dance from inside it. I have made a substitute for Sultry Down Body called DQ001 (in the Free Stuff box), which is also 2.0 seconds.

On page one at the bottom of the notecard (line 10) is the third type of dance, which is rythm6. This is a dance I use between songs so I look sexy while waiting. Other choices for waiting dances are AKEYO_groove2-BE_02, AKEYO_groove3-BE_01, dance 14, wiggle dancing 1 - Abranimations, wiggle dancing 2 - Abranimations, listening 1 - Abranimations, listening 2 - Abranimations, listening 3 - Abranimations. I also send out waiting sequences occasionally to Dance Queen members in the Daily Notice.

This notecard has 33 lines. All of the lines have only one dance except line 16, which has caramel|25|Sultry Down Body|2|Spirited Twirl - Abranimations. This is a dance sequence that I use in Freestyle choreography. Dance Sequences are essential to Sequenced Chroeography so I will leave that subject for another class.

Organizing your notecard is essential for good Freelance choreography.



Every good dance begins at the same place on the floor facing forward. Occasionally, you will find dances that don't start at the normal place or start facing a different direction. Here are two examples. First is red chilli sheen which jumps back when starting. Second is weloveyou-girl which starts facing right. These are much harder to use Freestyle. Also, dances that are looped but end at a different place are difficult to use freestyle. An example is 5mokolo.

The place to switch dances is at the place on the floor where dances begin or end. Sometimes in the middle of a loop the dance places you at the starting point. This can be a switching point also. Let me show you two dances switched at the wrong place, then at the right place ... hola and loopy. First wrong ... watch the jump. Now at the starting/ending point ... no jump.

As you learn your dances you see that sometimes the arms may match between dances. These make great switching points. Here is an example using dip me in chocolate and crimson breeze. See how the arm is outstretched the same way at the start/end point and the dances are similar in speed. This is a great transition point.

Sometimes dances have the same tempo and stop/end right but just don't feel right in the transition. This is where I use sultry down body. It is a 2.0 second not-looped dance. It provides that transition. Let me show you what I mean. Here is the transition from loopy to jumpin without a transition dance. See how it doesnt look so good. Now here it is with Sultry Down Body as the transition dance.

I also use Sultry Down Body at the end of a song to transition from the dances for the song to the waiting dance. Let me show you with kiss my buttons and rythm6. At the end of the song I simply hit the double arrow left to go to the first page of the notecard and click on the bottom dance for waiting (rythm6).



Now we have everything ready ... our HUD with the dances we know and the dances arranged in our notecard. So lets dance.

For this freestyle choreography I will use 6 dances: Sultry Down Body, hola, loopy, double cream, kiss my buttons, and rythm6. This is for a fast song.

Watch the transitions at the start and end of each dance. The great thing about Freestyle Choreography is that you can improvise. During a song you can move around in your HUD, so if you have your dances arranged right in the HUD you can use dances from different locations.

Let's see it now ...

The disadvantages of Freestyle Choreography compared to Sequenced Chroreography are several:

• You do a lot of clicking and you have to pay attention all the time
• As you get a lot of dances, you have to click a lot of pages to get to the medium speed dances ... this means delays at the beginning of a song
• Sometimes your timing is bad and the dance looks bad
• Dance lag can completely change where you and others see a dance making finding a good transition point really difficult


So now you are ready to start Freestyle Choreograhy with your HUD.

This ends the class. Any more questions?