Sunday, December 9, 2012

New MOCAP Dance Maker - Sinse

New MOCAP Dance Maker - Sinse

I got an IM from Psyche Lunasea about some AOs at a place called Sinse. Psyche TPd me and WOW the anims looked pretty good. She showed me around and there are quite a few AOs there.

I remember that Sinse used to have a store in SL selling non-MOCAP anims, but I had thought they were out of business. It's unusual to see new MOCAP maker and both of us thought the dances are not copied ... WOW :-) and some of them are quite sexy.

We started looking for a group joiner and then I saw the owner, Sinse Winx, using my radar. HAHAHAHA, well I IMd him and started talking to him. Yikes, we had to do it in French to start with. Yes, these are dances and AOs that he made.

After a little while he invited us to a new store he is working on with more AOs and dances. It should open in about a week.

I will post the LM when the store opens. For now, take a look at the current store.

Many thanks to Psyche for the scouting of a new MOCAP store ... xxx


P.S. It's next to an AKEYO store ... hmmmm.