Saturday, December 29, 2012

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121229

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121229

If you have never danced in a circle with a group of people, you are missing some fun. Федя Форточкин  made this circle dancing video called secondlife dance " Lindsey Stirling -- Shadows "

Dancing in SL comes in many ways including tribute bands like TheSisterofJoy's Sisters Of Joy - Second Life Blondie Tribute Band Concert

When you search for SL dance videos, you find a lot of non-dance videos. Normally I pass these by, but this one is both funny and sad ...

Robert Robillard gives us minimalist dancing in his SecondLife Toto Ysabel.

Apparently cannedheatmomolulu had a similar idea with her SECOND LIFE/Dance Animation Review - STUDIO 4D DANCE ANIMATIONS/221F #221F

I think you will like this one called "Dancing Queen" Second Life K-Pop Tribute  by InkuSoonkyu.

Another well-made video is JazEx SL's Second Life Tribute to Oh by Ciara.

Normally, I don't show slide show videos, but this one is pretty well done: Second Life - Dancing at Pacifique's Winter Wonderland by Eclair Martinek.

Send me the URLs of your videos and photos.