Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New SL Dance Videos and Photos for 121205

New SL Dance Videos and Photos for 121205

Club dancing is an important part of SL dancing and this video, Jingle Rock, by Bracio shows it well.

I have a soft spot for cute videos and the short Cartoon Cat by Osprey Therian hits that spot.

Animations other than dancing are important if you do shows. machinima game life by wzisml shows a pretty good use of animated poses.

Now, let's look at the SL dance photos for today ...

Solitary Dance by VictoriaLenoirre.
Ambrosia Dance Club by Venus Petrov
Dani Riaxik has several dance photos
Last is a set of five videos that Riddebox Ribble just posted of the play BUZZ that he, Zeg Spear and I did in 2011 for the DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival IV. The play was done with the XPOSE as the controller of position and dances. No HUDs were used. Each video represents an Act.

If I missed your videos or photos, please IM me.