Monday, December 3, 2012

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121203

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121203

Let's start with the Gangnam videos of the day. This one mixes RL and SL and I kind of like it. I felt the same way as the last scene. It's called The " Second Life " Gangnam and it's by TwineLightMedia.

Going down hill we have this Gangnam video called Boilicious . Slutty Style . Gangnam Style Parody . Second Life . Machinima by none other than Boilicious.

I've mentioned previously how the Microsoft Kinnect is being used to make dance animations, but here is something new for me. It shows Moving around in Second Life through Kinect by Roland Legrand. Now, if I can just get the anims in SL to move me in RL...

Here is a nice video called CHICAGO-THE MOULIN ROUGE-SECOND LIFE by ParadiseStudiosSL ... enjoy.

Now for the holiday themes, Secondlife Ice Skating: With Getaran Jiwa by Novaril shows some nice skating moves.

This next one is a really cute video by SecondLifeMMD and it's called Secondlifeでミクダンス 「Stocking Filler

Medhue of Medhue Animations made a video tutorial for making animations in SL using something called SLat. Take a look if you are interested.

Finally, some photos of dancing ...

Dancing With My Demon by Triity Aironaut.
ASLAN_005 by Aslan!

If I missed your videos or photos, send me an IM.