Saturday, December 29, 2012

Raymations is Back in Business

Raymations is Back in Business 121229

Psyche Lunasea sent me the LM to the new Raymations store. I did not see an annoucement in the Raymation Group, so I didn't see that it's been back.

While I was there I met Jayde Enoch, the store manager. Here is our conversation:

[07:07:07] Jayde (jayde.enoch): hi notoo welcome
[07:07:20] Nottoo Wise: hi jayde :-)
[07:07:32] Jayde (jayde.enoch): if i can be of help let me know :)
[07:07:38] Nottoo Wise: are there any new dances?
[07:07:50] Jayde (jayde.enoch): not since we re opened
[07:07:56] Jayde (jayde.enoch): owain is making some in the new year
[07:08:15] Nottoo Wise: good im glad he is making more
[07:08:19] Jayde (jayde.enoch): was there anything in particular you were looking for?
[07:08:19] Nottoo Wise: when did u reopen
[07:08:30] Jayde (jayde.enoch): few days ago
[07:08:36] Jayde (jayde.enoch): so glad he decided to return
[07:08:40] Nottoo Wise: i didnt see a group announcement
[07:08:54] Jayde (jayde.enoch): we sent one out
[07:09:22] Jayde (jayde.enoch): are you a pro builder as well as a raymation member
[07:09:33] Nottoo Wise: oh i see it
[07:09:36] Nottoo Wise: sorry i missed it
[07:09:37] Jayde (jayde.enoch): smiles
[07:09:41] Jayde (jayde.enoch): its okay glad you came by
[07:09:58] Nottoo Wise: no i run a group called dance queens
[07:10:01] Nottoo Wise: all about dncing
[07:10:04] Nottoo Wise: owain is a member
[07:10:08] Jayde (jayde.enoch): oh rite
[07:10:18] Jayde (jayde.enoch): he is hoping to make some couples dances on mocap
[07:10:34] Nottoo Wise: wow thats good
[07:10:43] Nottoo Wise: may i put in our blog what u told me
[07:10:51] Jayde (jayde.enoch): yes sure
[07:10:54] Nottoo Wise: great
[07:10:56] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx
[07:11:00] Jayde (jayde.enoch): you are welcome