Monday, December 3, 2012

NEW VL MegaProductions Opening Soon!

NEW VL MegaProductions Opening Soon! 121203

VikkiLynn Caproni sent us this announcement ...


VL MegaProductions may be a new troupe, but VikkiLynn Caproni, the choreographer and producer/director, has been choreographing in SL for over 3 years.

VikkiLynn has been hard at work on this production for around 5 months.  With the help of her "Chicks Dance Troupe" and other friends, the production is finally coming together.
VL MegaProductions Present "Broadway ~ Our Way".

VikkiLynn Caproni says "This is a Dance and Musical Production with such a variety that we  hope you will come back again and again."

~~ Six fantastic stage sets by Hammerfall Neximus (Hammer's Extreme Builds).
~~ Seven female dancers, Four male dancers, and 4 Child dancers.
~~ Isabelle Mavendorf has choreographed 5 "skits" for the breaks in between the "sets" to keep everybody entertained while sets and costumes are being changed behind the curtain.
~~ Jewel Darbyshire, with the help of photographers Judy and Jen Sigall, is putting together a Program to be handed out at the performances. 
~~ Costumes have been created by VikkiLynn Caproni (White Rose) with help on a couple creations by Songdog Woolley (Wallflowers)

This will be an ongoing production.  The Grand Opening will be the complete production that lasts 1 1/2 hours.  The performances will be every other Sunday, after the Grand Opening, with a little variety each time and will be approximately 1 hour in length.

Think Broadway.. Think Broadway Dancers... Let's hope for a Long Run!