Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Laugher from Zed

A Laugher from Zed 120531

Zed Karas and I had this IM exchange earlier today ...

[04:51:23] Zed Karas: hi Nottoo, sorry to bother you, can you spare a moment at all?
[04:51:33] Nottoo Wise: hi zed xxx
[04:51:35] Nottoo Wise: of course
[04:51:55] Zed Karas: thought you might like a laugh, have you seen a mocap suit in sl before?
[04:52:11] Nottoo Wise: like u wear?
[04:52:14] Zed Karas: yes
[04:52:16] Nottoo Wise: hahaha
[04:52:19] Nottoo Wise: never
[04:52:23] Zed Karas: i just made one
[04:52:26] Zed Karas: want to see?
[04:52:27] Nottoo Wise: wow
[04:52:29] Nottoo Wise: yes

So, Zed TPd me.


This is what I saw ...

Zed, I love your sense of humor. HAHAHAHAHA.


After I made the pic and was home again, I started thinking about something that I had done last year. I was investigating how to make MOCAP dances and discovered that some people do it using the Kinnect gaming system from Microsoft. Google bvh from kinnect and you will see what is going on. Yes, it's possible. Last year I even bought a Kinnect system to see if I could do it. Of course, my enthusiasm got ahead of my skills and I got bogged down in connecting wires and reading detailed instructions, which I have a low tolerance for. So, my Kinnect now is a dust catcher.

It did make me think about not only making MOCAP dances, but also how RL and SL dancing can intertwine. Right now MOCAP dances in SL come from RL dancers whose skills are captured and converted to .bvh files that are imported into SL. Several of the MOCAP dance makers including MyAnimation, Henmation and HUMANOID have nice videos showing how they do it. So, now the relationship is RL to SL for dancing.

But ... have you ever danced an SL dance and found yourself behind your chair dancing away. Maybe even imitating the SL dance? This is the beginning of SL to RL. I have even used some of the SL dance moves on the RL dance floor. HAHAHAHA. People really wondered where I got those moves.

Zed's pic isn't so far from a possible reality. Why couldn't those SL dance moves be put in a Kinnect system and used to teach dancing? Why couldn't those SL sensors that Zed made be connected to software that activates a robot suit that you wear in RL? That is SL to RL ... and maybe it isn't so far away.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HUMANOID Changes Dance Priority

HUMANOID Changes Dance Priority 120530

Marcus Adkins sent this to the HUMANOID Group today ...


Wed, May 30 2012 4:42:20 AM PDT

♥ Dear Humanoid Dancers ♥

We have improved our animations!
(now with priority 4 instead of the old priority 3)


If you are unfamiliar with dance priorities, read this blog post.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eternal Bliss Photography Sells Illegal SL Dances

Eternal Bliss Photography Sells Illegal SL Dances 120529

Evildoers, you cannot escape the keen eyes of DANCE QUEENS.

I had this IM exchange with a DANCE QUEENS member. I removed her name so she can be free of harassment ...

[20:23:21] DQ Member: hello Ttoo
[20:24:34] Nottoo Wise: hey ___ xxx
[20:24:46] DQ Member: I think I found ripped off dances
[20:25:00] DQ Member: I only looked at one, black cherries for $50
[20:25:03] DQ Member: then I left

[20:25:25] Nottoo Wise: ty hahaha
[20:25:28] DQ Member: I;ll put it on and you tell me
[20:25:29] Nottoo Wise: ill check it out
[20:25:32] DQ Member: k
[20:25:50] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx

So, I put on my investigator's hat and TPd there. Hahaha. YES, another crime has been committed. I didn't even need the investigator's hat. Some of the dances still had Easy Babcock's name on them.

So, I added the place to the Illegal Dance Spreadsheet. Since Easy never seems to be online, I skipped the normal notecard to him. When he finally comes back from the dead, he will have a lot of dmca (copyright infringement) reports to write.

And, I also added to the Illegal Dance Maker list that iRAWK is no longer selling illegal dances. Hahahah.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Diesel Works - 2 New Gifts and 2 New Releases

Diesel Works - New Gifts and New Releases 120526

Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works sent us this note today ...


New Gifts and New Releases:

New Releases:


11 Gifts from the 2011-2012 period are now available at the store for a LIMITED period for those who didn't grab them.

Henmations MOCAP Creation Video

Henmations MOCAP Creation Video 120526

I often talk to different dance makers and to dance equipment makers. Today, I was talking with Hendrik Schroeder of Henmations. He was excited about the recent Henmations video that shows the MOCAP dance making process. Here it is:

Hendrik has been telling me about the equipment that Henmations uses for making MOCAP dances and in this video you can see it for the first time. He also talks a lot about the importance of not only the dancers, who must definitely be talented, but also the steps required to convert the dances from RL to SL.

Here is what Hendrik said to me, "...i could say something about cleanups and footsteps
[14:50] Hendrik Schroeder: these are the main issues on sl
[14:51] Hendrik Schroeder: most animators don't do a real cleanup here
[14:51] Hendrik Schroeder: they transfer the data to some program and edit it manually.. so the natural movement of the mocap data gets lost
[14:52] Hendrik Schroeder: with a real cleanup you reconstruct the data like it should be
[14:52] Hendrik Schroeder: its a bit technical and hard to explain, but
especially for dances like shuffles, it's important to translate the footsteps correctly, sliding feet (that you see very often) would destroy the realism of the animation"

Well, I definitely will be looking at leg movement on these kind of fast dances.

As we, the users of the animations, become more knowledgeable I think that pushes the dance makers to improve quality. This is a win for us and I thank Hendrik for helping us understand a little more about the process.

I know that other animation creators also are proud of their work and I will share more of my conversations with them in the future.


Photo and Video Archive

Photo and Video Archive 120526

Sometimes things happen quickly. After posting today about adding emphasis on pictures and video to the DANCE QUEENS site, Skyspinner Soulstar and I had a lengthy conversation about how to set up an archive. The best news is Sky has decided to manage it with me :-))
Here she is so you know what she looks like:

We are going to do two things:
  1. Provide links to the video and photo archives that now exist about SL dance and dance-related subjects. This we will do through this spreadsheet. Right now it is a very incomplete listing of current dance photos and videos. If your photos or videos are not there or there is an error, let Sky or me know.
  2. We will check the existing links once a week to see if new photos or videos have been created. If so, we will update the spreadsheet, and we will put a notice in the DANCE QUEENS blog so people will know.
This approach will give us a link to the different archives that exist on SL dancing, and will let us know when something new has been created. It is not a database of all photos and videos related to SL dancing. At this point a database would be too much effort for us to do.
To give you a little taste of what is in the spreadsheet right now, take a look at a few of the videos and photos that have been created just this month ...

chryblnd Scribe and ChewieQuixote, Guerilla Burlesque, 120525, Friday I'm in Love

darxTaurus, la Performance, 120505,

Zed Karas, MJ's Burlesque, 120526

Galilla Sinatra, 120518


Dance Pictures and Videos - Add Yours

Dance Pictures and Videos - Add Yours 120526

A few days ago I posted the DANCE QUEENS blog analysis and asked for ideas and help to make the blog and DANCE QUEENS more effective. Aeryn Brooks and chryblnd both responded with comments and JeanBaptiste Eilde sent me a touching email. More visual content is a strong message I am hearing.

I looked at chryblnd's Idle Rogue blog, Psyche Lunasea's Mahal blog and at Inarra Saarinen's Ballet Pixelle blog and WOW I do love the visuals. This got me thinking about the role of DANCE QUEENS and this blog. I think it has evolved into the source of information for serious dancers in SL. It is part a "how to" guide and source of data on what is needed for dancing, and it is part promotion of dance, almost a magazine highlighting dancing, the artistry and the fun.

So I am starting on making the blog more visual and more promotional of dancing. I do not want to lose the "how to" side of the blog or the opportunity to rant about things I don't like, such as illegal dances, but more visual and more excitement is what I want to bring.

Hmmm, how to do it?

Picking up with Aeryn's idea to use Flickr for photos I opened an account (Nottoo.Wise) and uploaded 17 pictures I had on my computer. Check them out. Here are a couple of examples from my Flickr album:

These are pictures I made as I was thinking about how to create the visual impact I wanted for the dance show and video that Riddle and I did for the DANCE QUEENS Choreography Show II

Next, I thought, well, how do we show the same thing for the many different groups and people in DANCE QUEENS. So, here is my thinking now.

I am very willing to look on a daily or frequent basis at websites, video sites (e.g. youtube) and photo sites (e.g. Flickr) for SL dance content. When I see something new, I will post it to this blog with a picture or link and put it in the Publicity section of the blog for future reference. BUT, I need to know where to look.

Some sites I already know about, such as the websites that many of the different dance groups in SL have, but most photos and videos I do not know about. So, tell me where to find them and we will publicize what you have done and begin to build an archive of them. I don't know exactly what the archive will look like, but it sure sounds exciting to see what we all do, to organize it in some way, and to share it.

If anyone would like to help with this on an on-going basis, let me know.


Second Life Birthday

Second Life Birthday 120526

If you are interested in performing at the Ninth Second Life birthday celebration (SL9B), you can sign up now. Details are at

Friday, May 25, 2012

DanceMaster store reopening and SALE!

DanceMaster store reopening and SALE! 120525

Bryndyn Burton sent the following to the DanceMaster Group ...


DanceMaster store reopening and SALE!Fri, May 25 2012 1:42:20 PM PDT

The DanceMaster main store has been moved and expanded, with a larger demo area for the DanceMaster Pro. In celebration, I've marked down the prices of all DanceMaster Pros in the store so they cost the same as the regular Soli and Duo DanceMaster models! This represents a 10-20% savings over the normal price for DanceMaster Pro systems, and will remain in effect through the end of May. If you or a friend have thought about getting a DanceMaster Pro, now is the time to go for it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012



Dubhna Rhiadra sent us this note ...


Saturday 26th May @ 11 am


Award-winning artist Fae Varriale has turned her hand to choreography.  With the same haunting imagery and stunning attention to detail as she shows in her art, Fae draws you into a highly personal world from the first note of the music in this 20 minute piece .

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuty's Offers New Poses and Couples Anims

Tuty's Offers New Poses and Couples Anims 120523

Su Voir of Tuty's sent the following notice to her group today ...


Wed, May 23 2012 6:47:20 AM PDT

Dear Friends,

Tutys and Su Voir are pleased to present 2 new items.

-TuTy's - FASHION LOOKBOOK 40 still poses + Posing hud
The new set of female poses are for cover girls-sophisticated and glamorous

-TuTy's - DREAM LOVE couple animation_01 for your loving moments.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vista Survey

Vista Survey 120522

Dolce Enderfield sent this to the Vista Group today ...


Hello everyone!  I have devised and attached below a short, 10 question survey that I would love for you all to take a moment to answer and then send back to me.  You don't have to include your name and your answers will be seen only by VISTA staff and used to improve our overall customer satisfaction!


Hello all you VISTA addicts! 

This is Dolce Enderfield of VISTA Animations here to get your input on everything VISTA.  This is very important and will help us improve and enhance VA for your overall customer satisfaction.

Please provide your answers under each matching question.

Try to be as complete and clear as possible.


QUESTION 1: What type of animation or product(s), related to a HUD, dances or animations, would you like to see sold at VA?
QUESTION 2: If VA were to have classes in the near future (and we most likely will!), what sort of classes would you be interested in attending?
QUESTION 3: What could we do to improve your overall customer experience here at VISTA?
QUESTION 4: What do you like best about VISTA?  What is the worst? (please answer both, separately)
QUESTION 5: What do you buy the most at VISTA?
QUESTION 6: Compared to other animation creators/businesses here in SL, how would you rate VISTA among them?
QUESTION 7: Do you ever use the secondary VISTA store on the Laila sim to shop?
QUESTION 8: What could VISTA have more of in the store, that you would possibly buy?
QUESTION 9: How would you rate our customer service and what could we improve on?
QUESTION 10: Do you have any additional comments, questions, suggestions?  Please tell us if you do!


Monday, May 21, 2012

New Sits and Ground Sits at Henmations 120521

New Sits and Ground Sits at Henmations 120521

Hendrik Schoeder sent this to the Henmations Group today ...


Mon, May 21 2012 4:43:38 AM PDT

we just released lots of new Sit and Groundsit Animations, rl performed by DITA, a professional Model and Movie Actor. ENJOY.

Sunday, May 20, 2012



Pet Karu sent us this information ...


May 20th @ NOON

Prisoner: The Man in the Dark
A performance based on the life of John the Baptist and concludes with Salome's lament after the "dance of the 7 veils).

You can see us around the grid at events in France, The Duche de Coeur Sim.  The Duche is a 18th Century region of 10 sims (period attire optional).

UP invades REAL LIFE -
Every weekend in June, "PRISONER" will be performed on our home stage. 
This play will be filmed and shown in a local movie cinema in the Cincinnati, Ohio, USA area in July.  Be part of history in the making as UP takes SL and invades RL.

Friday @ 6 PM, Saturday @ 2 PM and Sunday @ 4 PM


What Next?  UP is working on several projects for future performances.  All original works, written by UP.
1] Peace written by Shon Charisma
2] "Co-Mission" written by Lukes Lionheart
The life of Paul as he was traveling from Jerusalem to Rome.

3] An un-named project of selfless love written by PsyLynn Quartz
4] "This is how we do it" written by SoulQueen Resident
5] "HOME" written by Pet Karu
 Unity Productions Adds New Initiatives to Its Website
the faith-based organization Unity Productions 
will be adding several new components to its site. From monthly posts/podcasts on prayer and faith to monthly music selections, UP wants to make its site a place for people to be entertained, educated, and enlightened.

Dance Ratings

Dance Ratings 120520

You may have noticed the Dance Ratings page on the upper right of this blog. For about a year and a half (2009/2010) we did dance rating sessions to place dances on a scale of 1 to 10. At that time I gave the following note to each person who attended a session:


SL has over 3000 dances. With so many choices it is hard to know what to add to your collection and what to reject. Dance Ratings offer a way to identify those dances that experienced and dedicated dancers think are the best. As a member of DANCE QUEENS that means people like you.

This note explains how to rate dances.

On a frequent basis DANCE QUEEN organizes a rating session. These are announced in the DANCE QUEEN Daily Notices and usually are on a Saturday to gain maximum attendance.


Each DANCE QUEEN member who attends selects a spot on the floor to stand. We don't use pose balls because some dances are affected by the original pose in a pose ball. Standing at an easily recognized spot is important so you can see if the dance returns to the original position when looping.

Nottoo or the leader will annouce the dance name and show it. Several repeats of the dance may be necessary to be able to rate it. Rating is described below. Each member then votes using a voting board on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 is lowest and 10 is highest. Nottoo or the leader records the results and the process is repeated with the next dance.
At each session there will be a brief rating training session at the beginning.
After the session a summary of the results will be sent to all DANCE QUEEN members.
A session lasts 1 to 1.5 hours. You can attend as much or as little as you want.


When you see a dance it is easy to tell whether you like it or not, but it is more difficult to determine a ranking for all the dances in a group of dances. The DANCE QUEEN Rating System helps put some criteria into the process so ratings are more uniform.
We are using a scale of 1 to 10 because most people use this type of scale. 1 is low and 10 is high.

There are three things that you should consider in rating a dance. First is the technical aspect. Is it looped well? Is it jerky? is it made with motion capture? This should comprise about 3 possible points with poorly looped, jerky dances scoring 0 and very well looped, smooth dances made with motion capture getting 3 points.

Second, what is the utility of the dance? In other words, how useful is it? Is it one that can be used in a wide variety of songs? Is it too specialized? Does it offer some unique features that make it special? Again allocate 3 points to this area. 0 points means that it is very, very specialized with no unique features. 3 points means it has wide use and lots of unique features.

Third, how much do you like the dance? This is your opinion about how the dance makes you feel. 0 points means you hate it. 4 points means you love it.

Adding the three rating parts (technical, usefulness and like) gives a total posible maximum score of 10 (3 + 3 + 4). So it takes some time to determine the score you assign. At each session, Nottoo or the leader will give a brief rating practice session.

By averaging the voting of the group (hopefully of at least ten members voting) we can come up with a DANCE QUEEN rating.


By rating dances using specified criteria we can identify the great dances in SL and you and others can choose what you want to acquire wisely. Ratings will be available to all DANCE QUEEN members and eventually sent to Dance Creators so they can see how their work ranks and improve.



We stopped the sessions for two reasons. First, there was not much interest in frequent ratings sessions. The membership of the DANCE QUEENS group was about a third of what it is now and people didn't want to do so many ratings sessions to cover all the dances in SL. Second, some people didn't like the ratings system. Two dance makers expressed negative opinions. One said that it doesn't account properly for specialty dances and another said that ratings are meaningless.

So, through this note I am asking for ideas of how we could do dance ratings. Or, are they even useful? If we do them, they need to be meaningful and not open to bias by one maker. Any system needs to consider specialty dances. The system has to be easy and fun to do and not too complex to understand.

I have some ideas of how to do this, but I really would like to hear from DANCE QUEENS members about how to do this. You can comment on this blog post or send me your ideas and feelings.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diesel Works Offers Spartan Poses

Diesel Works Offers Spartan Poses 120519

Rogan Diesel sent us this message from the Diesel Works Group




Thaladar Borgin sent us this invitation today ...


Hi Friends,

Saturday we will take our smaller dance troupe, "WAIT UNTIL DARK",  to dance in a festival.  We would so love you to join us at Blue Lagoon Ranch.

Here is the exact landmark to our stage.

The dances begin at 12:00 (noon) SLT.  Our dance is at 1:00 SLT. We''ll be looking for your faces to have some sexy fun and a good laugh with us.  These boys are so naughty!
Come see for yourself.


Remember: Saturday, May 9th at 1:00pm slt

Friday, May 18, 2012

Petah and the Wolf

Petah and the Wolf

Arabella Luminos sent us this invitation ...


Presenting a new dance by Independent Ballet: PETAH AND THE WOLF,
a musical story of a small and fearless child who plays in the woods and is more than a match for the Big Bad Wolf.

Saturday at 2 pm.

Music by Prokofiev
Directed by Dubhna Rhiadra
Choreography by Dubhna Rhiadra, Deyna Broek and Annamaria Manatiso

Henmations Offers More Burlesque Dances and Gift

Henmations Offers More Burlesque Dances and Gift

Hendrik Schroder of Henmations announced the following in his Group today ...


Fri, May 18 2012 1:27:22 PM PDT

We just added lots of new Burlesque Dances from our new Series.... Enjoy another Set of super realistic Showdances...  even a FREE Group Gift Dance is available at the Landing Point of the Mainstore :)

Setting Up a Stage for a Major Festival

Setting Up a Stage for a Major Festival 120518

Dubhna Rhiadra is going to participate in the Second Life birthday event (SL9B) and has been communicating with the organizers about stages. She copied her note to me and has given me permission to print it. Here it is with slight editing ...


hi KT

I didn't send you notes coz I thought I should make contact first.

It's not hard to build a stage for performing arts- basically less is more.

1) Last year we were offered 2 possible stages- one had 4 simlines going through the middle of it and one had 2 sims joining in the middle.  If you have a dance or theatre group you need to be able to move around on the stage not just stand in one spot on a poseball which is what musicians do. So- no sim lines right through the middle- I expect you really already know this :) Maybe have a sim line between the stage and the audience, to reduce lag from audience - lots of companies do this, for example Ballet Pixelle. But that can cause problems if the company is using voice - which we did last year.

2) Most dance companies will bring their own set, which they need to rezz. We have a whole stage really, so there is no need to have an elaborate stage. The simpler the space the fewer problems there will be.  Plus simple low-prim seating with only one pose. 

3) For myself I would prefer to use my own music stream and not have to change all the settings in Nullsoft to use someone else's stream. The information I was given last year in order to use the SLB stream was wrong anyway, so that caused a lot more stress when I was trying to set up the stage in minimum time. I would imagine everyone else would feel the same and it is less expense for the SLB team not to have to use their own streams.  Just have someone on hand to paste up the stream when it's needed. This works everywhere else we tour our shows.

Doc Gascoine told me SLB is no longer being run by LL but is now a community project, so maybe there will be more flexibility around these matters.  I am sure anyone who has genuine experience inworld of any kind of performance will already know these things :)

Another point: Storytelling is now a very big scene in SL- a small storytelling area would mean this important SL art could be represented.  All it needs is a small area with seating and voice activated. Caledonia Skytower and Derry McMahon from Seanchia Library Group are the best contacts for that.


For the DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival I will provide more information to the performing groups about the arrangement of the stages and seating. Since each group will make their own performance and audience area except those choosing to perform with the square area mentioned in Update 1 of the dance festival, I recommend the single pose seating.



Dance Props - Dancer's Particles

Dance Props - Dancer's Particles (120518)

Yukiko Magic was visiting Dance Central today and, since I had not met Yukiko, I read her nice profile. Inside I found that she is a member of a place called Dance Particles, a group I had not heard of. So, of course, I followed that lead and ended up at the Dance Particles store.


A store devoted solely to using particles for dancers.

I bought some, red of course, and opened the instructions. Since they are in Japanese I went to Google translate and read them ... basically you just wear them.


If you don't see particles, set your Preferences Graphics render quality higher.

Thanks to Yukiko xxx.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Variety Show 19th May

Variety Show 19th May (120516)

Zhaza Zerbino sent us this update on the May 19th variety Show ...


Hejsa great performers ;o)

Not many days left till we can present another great Variety Show!!

Most of you already did rez their stages, and im sure you know, that if you need help with anything, you know where to find me ;o)

Practical info;
If you want us to do a presentation for your group, please send me a note with the info,
It would also be a good idea to send me a note with the info of your stream and who to contact for that.
(on Saturday it will be Shasa who will take care of that)

We will put this variety Show in events and it would be great if you could do a little commercial for our Variety Show in your own group.

Please look at the new updated note card "Variety Show ....Info & Invitation"

If you know someone who could be interested, please hand it over!

Then the performers for this Variety Show;
12.00 pm The Full Package
12.30 pm Blue Moon Bar
1.00 pm Wait until Dark
1.30 pm The Kittens
2.00 pm Pink Lady Dancers
2.30 pm  It Girlz Specialty Dance Group
3.00 pm Marry The Night Burlesque

Anyone who needs to rez,  needs a group tag to REZ on our land.

There are signs you can click on to get a tag.

If you have any question, Please give me a shout ;o)

****LETS PARTY****
Knuzzer ZZ ;o))



Hey ;o)

This is an Info/Invitation to our Variety Shows.

We will have about 6 to 8 slots from ½ hour each (but of course your show can be shorter or longer as well)
The time will be between 11.30 am - 4.30 pm

Let me explain to all who may be interested what the Variety Show  is all about and may be interested in joining one of the next times we will be holding the Variety  Show.

What's it all about?
You are a dancer or Variety artist who would like to show your performance on stage?
Well, then you are here at the right place!!

It can be;
*A solo dance act
*A Dance Group performance
*A live Music/Sing performance
*Some act you would like to show others (can be anything)

It has to be on stage and you have to entertain the audience.

Are you interested or want some more information, feel free to contact me.

Next dates in 2012 are planned but NOT definite.

19th May (definitive)
(July Dance Queen Festival)
22th September
17th November

**Between the Variety shows, we also arrange other Shows where we invite others to perform...

Those events will be in our Saloon or Dance Barn.

Most likely on next dates;
23th June
25th August
20th October

Keep an eye on the group notes!!

These are some dates you can book. If there are too many groups apply we can split the show and have two shows in that month. (obvious the second show will be the Sunday after)

Please send this note to anyone that you think could be interested.

We have a special Variety show Field where you can "book" your own spot. Prim limit to use is 100 prims (when needed more then that, please talk to me first) and of course I will kindly ask to be gentle with the rough scripts.

I will not pay you for perform here, but of course you can put up your Tip jars and the info you will send out.

If you need more info, just ask!

☺Lets Party☺
ZZ ;o))

(Zhaza Zerbino)


Monday, May 14, 2012

MyAnimation Announces May Gift

MyAnimation Announces May Gift 120514

Ramona Criss of MyAnimation sent the following to her Group today ...


~~~ MAY  GIFT ~~~ Come and GET IT !!!
Mon, May 14 2012 4:56:57 AM PDT

~~~~~~~  MAY   GIFT  ~~~~~~~
      EXCLUSIVE Dance Animation.
Is waiting for you and your friends in our shop.
We Released PACKS with our Latest Dances
Happy Mothers DAY :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Using Multiple INTANs

Using Multiple INTANs 120513

A question came up on the DANCE QUEENS Group IM today about using multiple INTANs on the same parcel or sim. The specific question was:

"The place I am at has two other intan balls, and mine keeps interfering with them when I try to use the menu. I'm not sure what to do"

After a bit of talking I found an old note on the subject from the INTAN creator, Cecilia Zheng. Here is what she says to do:

"if you have 2 or more of Intan Couple Dance Ball in a sim, you have to change some configuration in the second Couple Dance Ball and Couple Dance Anyplace that you want to point to the second.

You will open notecard named "Setting" in both Couple Dance Ball and Couple Dance Anyplace and find line that start with"network:". Replace the value with your preferred name and make it match between Couple Dance Ball And Couple Dance Anyplace

You may need Intan Couple Dance Anyplace with mod permission to able do this. You can contact us (Cecilia Zheng) to get modifiable Intan Couple Dance Anyplace."

This solved the problem.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

iRAWK Hits the Rocks

iRAWK Hits the Rocks 120512

I had this conversation earlier today with a DANCE QUEENS member. I have removed her name ...

[04:59:25] DQ Member: hi Nottoo, i'm sorry to bother you, do you happen to know if S4D offers full perm dances?
[04:59:39] Nottoo Wise: hi ___ xxx
[04:59:43] Nottoo Wise: not that i know of
[04:59:53] Nottoo Wise: i dont know any MOCAP maker who does
[05:00:19] DQ Member hmm, i just got a free iRawk dance thingy and inside is 2 full perm S4D dances, amongst others of varying perms
[05:00:34] Nottoo Wise: really
[05:00:40] Nottoo Wise: it may be illlegal
[05:00:46] DQ Member: that was my thoughts
[05:00:56] Nottoo Wise: where did u get it
[05:01:06] DQ Member: market place, let me find the link for you
[05:01:09] Nottoo Wise: ok
[05:01:17] DQ Member:
[05:02:21] DQ Member: there's a couple of sine wave a d a couple of ones i've not heard of in there too, not all full perm though
[05:02:24] DQ Member: and*
[05:03:26] Nottoo Wise: i will check it out
[05:03:29] Nottoo Wise: and let u know
[05:03:34] DQ Member: thank you
[05:03:52] DQ Member: if it has free S4D dances in it it is probably illegal
[05:03:56] DQ Member: ty xxx

I had not heard of the iRAWK and went on SL Marketplace to see it. I found that there is a store in SL, so I went there. It's not a big place and you can easily find and get a free version. I have to say the iRAWK seems to be a fun HUD. It lets you invite anyone within chat range (20 m) to dance and provides music. You buy single songs with dances or packs that are automatically added to the iRAWK when you buy them. The current version is 4.3 and there are a lot of songs with dances that you can get. It works with a HUD and a part that you wear.

So, I went home and tried it. WOW, it works and, hmmm, the dances did look familiar. I looked in the HUD and there were no dances inside. Then, I decided to rezz the part you wear. I rezzed it or thought I did and it wasn't there. Weird. I tried it three times. Fortunately it is copyable. It never seemed to rezz. This is something I had not seen before ... an object that you cannot rezz but you can wear. So, I changed the attachment point to my hand and used ctrl-alt-T to see it. There it was as a small box.

Once I could see it, it was just a few seconds before I found inside the small box a tiny set of boxes each containing scripts and dances. WOW. Sine Wave dances and full-perm Studio4D dances. A bad sign.

I sent a note to Live Gears asking him if he ever allowed others to sell his dances full perm. Before I got an answer from Live Gears I was talking with Hendrik Schroeder of Henmations and mentioned the iRAWK to him. He decided to buy a full version with some of the associated songs and dances. He found copied dances from MyAnimation, AKEYO and Henmations. Well, that means a bunch of dmca reports (copyright infringement) on the iRAWK. BOOOM ... iRAWK Hits the Rocks.

Thanks DANCE QUEENS for helping stop dance piracy :-)

This got me excited again about illegal dances, so I decided to update the illegal dance list. I went to all of the current illegal dance sellers. A couple have banned me for my reports on their illegal activity, but a willing friend did the investigative work for me. I updated the illegal dance seller list and made a small spreadsheet.

Picture This Dance

Picture This Dance 120512

Galilla Sinatra sent this picture she made of her dancing with the comment "Hi TToo, I spent about 9 hours on this, just uploaded it and then don't know what to do with it.  Since it's a dancer, I thought you might like it.  :)"

I do like it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Henmations Offers Burlesque Series III

Henmations Offers Burlesque Series III (120511)

Hendrik Schroeder made the following announcement in the Henmations Group today ...


NEW:  Burlesque SERIES III

Fri, May 11 2012 12:15:29 PM PDT
We just released the first part of our Burlesque Series 3...  extreme sexy Burlesque Showdance, performed by another professional Dancer...  

HUMANOID Releases More Sven Dances

HUMANOID Releases More Sven Dances 120511

Marcus Adkins announced the following in the HUMANOID Group today ...



Fri, May 11 2012 9:37:34 AM PDT


the second part of Svens awesome shuffle dance moves.
geometric footwork engineering at its best! 

check it out!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Express Your Desires to the Animation Makers

Express Your Desires to the Animation Makers 120510

Occasionally, I am asked by MOCAP dance makers what kind of dances should they make next. I thought it might be useful for the dance makers to hear from the people who buy and use their dances. So, I put together this simple survey where you can anonymously express what kind of dances you want, and everyone can see what others want ...

Express Yourself HERE

See the results HERE


Using the DANCE QUEENS Database

Using the DANCE QUEENS Database 120510

The DANCE QUEENS Database is always available through the "Dance Database" link in the upper right corner of the DANCE QUEENS Blog. The database represents one output of the Access Database that Riddle and I have developed of SL dances and animations.

When you click on the link you are taken to the database default screen. The database default lists all the dances and anims in the database in alphabetical order. If you are searching for a specific dance or animation, just find it alphabetically.

If you want to sort the data, be sure you are in List mode (look under View). In List mode you can sort the different fields. For example, if you want to know the all the dances that are the STYLE - Break, use the drop down button just below the Column E and select Break. If you just want to order by a specific column, just click on the column for an alphabetical listing. By playing with the database, you will quickly learn its capabilities. Do not worry, you cannot add or remove data or damage it.

If you  want to learn more about the Classification system see the Dance Database link in the upper right corner of the Blog.

You will find blank spaces in many places. If you know what the proper information is, let me (Nottoo) know. I will add it to the Access database and it will appear in the DANCE QUEENS Database when I update it. I will update about once per month.

Here are some more things you can do with the database:

For questions or suggestions, contact either Riddle or me.


Monday, May 7, 2012

"The Mask: a synchronicity" machinima

"The Mask: a synchronicity" machinima 120507

Bryndyn Burton mentioned this video in the DanceMaster Group and I thought you would enjoy it ...


For an exceptionally poetic and visually arresting use of a DanceMaster Pro, check out the latest machinima by Jo Ellsmere: In addition to making use of multiple overlapping avatars, this work shows some of the subtle timing effects that can be achieved.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Planning for HUD Disasters

Planning for HUD Disasters 120506

HUD disasters happen. Here are two examples I know:

In one case a very experienced dance leader rezzed her HUD and it disappeared. Linden Lab said it was a bug but the HUD was lost.

In the second, a DANCE QUEENS member logged off on one sim and simply logged on to a different sim. When she did, her HUD had no scripts in it. All the dances were there. After a day or two of panic, she found the scripts in a folder in her inventory and restored her HUD.

I know every problem has a cause, but WOW in SL you do not always know why. Imagine losing your HUD. This note is to help you avoid this event and if you do lose it, what you can do.



I will use the Huddles HUD as an example, but most of this applies to all HUDs.

The Huddles HUD is copy. When you get it, make at least one copy and keep it up to date with upgrades. You might consider making two copies, since at some time you may want to use two HUDs at one time.

If you already have your HUD filled with dances and cannot make a copy of it, make a copy of the scripts in the HUD and put them in a folder in your inventory. This would have solved the second problem described above.

A second thing you can consider is to buy only copy dances. Sometimes, these are more expensive or not available, but with copy dances you can make two identical HUDs. If one is lost you can use the second and make an additional copy. There is a trade-off with this idea. Not all good dances are copyable, so you may not be able to dance all the sexy dances you want in SL.

A third thing is to use the test grid to copy your HUD and have your inventory there available as a source for restoring your HUD. See here for how to do this.



Rezzing your HUD is the riskiest operation you can do with it. I try to do it on open land where I can rezz, where I know the owner if something happens, and with a direct not wireless connection. The contents of my HUD cost me about USD 5000 and maybe 5000 hours of work. It is really valuable to me. Yours will be too, so protect it. When you are going to rezz your HUD, plan in advance exactly what you will do.

Once you have added the notecard and/or dances to your HUD, close the editing window, take your HUD back to inventory and wear it. DO NOT WEAR YOUR HUD DIRECTLY FROM THE GROUND (see

You have to rezz your HUD to add dances, but not to make changes in your Notecards. I edit the HUD while it is on to only edit Notecards. This lets you see the contents, but you cannot add or remove items from the HUD contents. However, you can change the contents of a notecard. I keep a master copy of my HUD Notecards in my inventory. What I do is copy to the clipboard the contents of the master notecard in inventory, and replace the contents of the notecard in the HUD. You have to be careful to do this right or you will erase both notecards and be in crying mode.

Sometimes, it takes about 5 minutes for the contents to open for me since I have so many dances in the HUD.

Once you have copied the notecard contents from your inventory to your HUD, close the inventory notecard, stop editing your HUD and reload the notecard using the diskette icon.

One further thing you can do as a DANCE QUEENS member is to rezz your HUD on your own estate or region or at DANCE QUEENS - Dance Central. The reason for this is that sim owners have what is called concierge service from Linden Labs. As a sim owner I can get very quick help with problems by phone or chat. during Linden business hours. I have used chat many times to solve problems. Before I was a sim owner, I found Linden Lab technical support to be very slow and ineffective. Now I find it to be much more responsive. If you lose your HUD on my sim, for example, tell me and I will go directly to Linden Lab to try to solve the problem including asking for a rollback. I cannot promise this will solve every problem, but it will definitely be a higher level of service than most people get.



Oh no. All the  preparation and risk management still may be insufficient to avoid disaster. Disasters come in three types. Here is what you do:

1. The HUD doesn't work right or doesn't work at all - This is fairly common. First, enter in chat '/99 reset' to reset the HUD while wearing it. If that doesn't work, detach the HUD and reattach it. Next, try relogging or restarting your computer. If it still doesn't work look at the Huddles help webpage at for help. Also, you can IM me or Keiki Lemieux. I like to know of problems so I can share solutions with the DANCE QUEENS group.

2. Part of the HUD contents are missing - If you copy your HUD or the scripts, this problem should be easy to fix. If you have not, contact Keiki Lemieux and request a replacement of the missing parts. The Huddles HUD is no transfer so others cannot give you the replacement scripts.

3. The HUD is gone - First look for it in your inventory:
a. Check the folder in your inventory where you normally put your Huddles.
b. Check your lost and found folder in your inventory.
c. Check your Trash folder in your inventory.
d. Search your inventory using the term 'Huddles'

Next, look for it on the sim where you were:
e. Use Ctrl-Alt-T to highlight your rezzed items at the location where you lost the HUD. This may make it visible.
f. Click on the Build capability button to open the Building Window. Click the middle button on the top of the window. Then, place your mouse cursor near the location where you think you lost the HUD, click the left mouse button and make a rectangle around the area. This highlights any itmes you own within the rectangle.
g. Talk to the sim or parcel owner and ask her/him to look at the objects on the sim. The owner can see objects owned by you and return them to your lost and found
h. Go to Linden Lab and request assistance. If you have a copy of your HUD on the test grid, ask to have it copied and placed on the SL grid for you. If not, a roll back is the ultimate option. This is an operation that restores the sim to a previous time.

A helpful Wiki article is here.


Please send any changes or additions to Nottoo Wise.


Friday, May 4, 2012

New Dances at Henmations

New Dances at Henmations 120504

Hendrik Schroeder sent this to the Henmations Group today ...


Dear Customers,

we are proud to announce the release of lots of new Dance Animations & HUDs...

SAMBA DE BRAZILEnjoy our brand new "Brazil Samba" Dance Pack, with sexy authentic Samba Animations that fit perfectly for the next Carneval or Dance Show...  Available as single Dances, DC HUD and Pack now. 

NIGHTCLUB SLOWDANCEOur recently announced "Nightclub Slowdance" Series has been finished.
The full Pack and DC HUD with 20 Dances is available now!

Enjoy your Weekend and have a nice Dance :)

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Take 2

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Take 2 120504

Cilla Teebrook sent us a revised time for the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Monday - May 7th - 2pm slt


Rocky Horror Picture Show 120425

Cilla Teebrook of The Kittens and Their Tigers sent us this invitation ...


Rocky Horror Picture Show
Presented by "some" Dance Queens.
who knows...

When -  Friday - April 27th - 2pm slt
At - Cilly's Place

PS Truth is Didds work hard, day & night to make this a reality..
Idea - Didds
stage - Didd
dances - Didds
moves - Didds
being nice - Didds

Photography by Q Media (questionz)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

MyAnimation Releases May Gift

MyAnimation Releases May Gift 120503

Ramona Criss of MyAnimation sent the following notice to the MyAnim Group today ...


Thu, May 03 2012 11:57:22 AM PDT

~~~~~~~~  MAY   GIFT  ~~~~~~~

            EXCLUSIVE Dance Animation.
Is waiting for you and your friends in our shop.
We Released PACKS with our Latest Dances

Fusion Dance Crew Presents Cinco de Mayo

Fusion Dance Crew Presents Cinco de Mayo 120502

Felicia Ibanez sent us this invitation to the Cinco de Mayo Dance Show by the Fusion Dance Crew ...


Cinco de Mayo

Saturday, May 5, 2 pm

The Fusion Performing Arts Center presents:

A CINCO DE MAYO celebration on Saturday, May 5 @ 2PM SLT with performances by FUSION DANCE CREW.  Five routines that will dazzle you with dance and set design artistry.  Music by: Antonio Aguilar, Rocio Durcal, Pitbull, Prez Prado, Arriba Brothers, Blackeyed Peas, IL Buono, Tony Renis, Elias Ocho to name a few:))

Ric Lyle-"Latin Dancer"

Felicia Ibanez- "Amor"

 "Cactus Carlos"
Divine Law, Felicia Ibanez, Kya Enoch, Peter Gartle, Ric Lyle, Tobi Magic.

Kya Enoch & Peter Gartle
"Cinco de Mayo for two"

"Ballet Folklorico"
Divine Law, Felicia Ibanez, Kya Enoch, Peter Gartle, Ric Lyle, Tobi Magic.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Latest Videos from Viva la Glam

Latest Videos from Viva la Glam 120502

Slappy Doobie and I were talking today and she showed me her most recent videos. I loved them. Good dancing, super video production and tells a story. Here they are ... run them full screen ...