Sunday, December 23, 2012

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121223

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121223

I've been in RL for a few days so there are quite a few things to show you.

With all this holiday food perhaps you can munch on something different with this dancing trip to McDonald's in maialyre's Secondlife - Just having fun @ LI

Having a birthday or anniversary is not easy close to the holidays, but all seem to having dancing fun in Marcia Carter's Aniversário de Athena Amulet - Second Life

coco bean gives us Elements - Lindsey Stirling - Secondlife Ballet  with some nice ballet moves

Hannah Mell Smiith ( Secondlife) by Hannah Mell Smith shows Hannah's love of cars with a dance.

andcalatun gives us the short and flashy Flash Second Life

Next, Nery Hax shows us how to use stands to dance to a slow song in her Família Voyager Second Life 

Orion Salvadori pesents us with a holiday greeting in Surpreendedores - Feliz Natal Second Life  

For a very different SL video take a look at Cica Ghost's Black & White World - Art - Reisetip in Second Life by ClaireDiLuna Chevalier. There is not dancing but it may give you ideas for how to mix media in your dance videos.

Another well-made video comes from Niona Wolf in her [Second Life] Good Time!

Duda Giano must have the hots for Juni Larsen in Juni Larsen - Second Life and I think you can see why. I like the mixing of still photos with video.

To celebrate our survival of the Mayan end of the world Inish Karu gives us an Irish clogging video called Second Life we are still here!

Whew! Time for some eggnog.