Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Treats on the Barre Sim!

Hi DQ Members!!

Barre Classes will start up again April 7th, we might sneak in a few before then.

As a thank you to all our friends and the RR group we are having a small Easter Egg Hunt on the Barre Sim!

There are a total of 6 eggs with goodies (including skins for your Barre Hud!!!) for everyone! Get them before they *poof*!

Clues for the Eggs:
Egg 1 - I'm wishing.....for the one ...wait .. I'm egg 1!
Egg 2- Murky water and lily pads lays number 2 ...
Egg 3- Behind a hud, down at the school  you see...I'm the egg called number 3.
Egg 4- I'm on a boaaaaaatttttt ....down by the shore...see now see...I'm number 4!
Egg 5- This is where you get your jump and jive....come find me...I'm number 5!
Egg 6- Down at the dock, I stare at some sticks....cause you see I am number 6!

Enjoy!  =)

4 AKEYO Club Dances for 30L @ - Pose Fair 2013 Store

AKEYO animation is offering: BRAN01, BRAN02, BRAN03, & BRAN04 (club dances) for 30L @ The Pose Fair 2013!!!!
Grab it while you is the slurl:

Friday, March 29, 2013

DANCE QUEENS - The Future Begins Now

DANCE QUEENS - The Future Begins Now 130329

Have you noticed?? 

DANCE QUEENS is alive and well. The new leadership is in place and tomorrow, Saturday, they are in charge. The Managers are having fun and you can see their excitement in their posts.

Now, my time is up. Thanks to all of you for being a part of DANCE QUEENS and all of your support. Since it's my last post, let me exit with kisses (xxx three of course) and one final thought ...



Humanoid Kevin Dances Pre-Release @ Pose Fair 2013

Humanoid Animations

HUMANOID at PoseFair 2013 with the exclusive KEVIN Preview RELEASE of 4 Brand new Dances !
The main-pack of Kevin will be released to the public after the PoseFair ends.

 Marcus Adkins

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spot-On meets Barre!

Spot-On meets Barre!

*Did you know you can merge technology of the Barre Hud with your Spot On Choreography Mover?

Say you are doing a group performance with two groups: Group 1
(3 girls) & Group 2 (2 guys).

Here are the steps to add the Barre Inviter script to your Spot-On Mover pads.

I. Rez a Group Barre Inviter poseball & remove the script

-Rez a Group Barre Inviter poseball from your Barre hud or from the Barre Pose Ball Pak for 3.03G included with the hud package contents folder

<===In the picture I rezzed a Group 1 - Barre PoseBall V3.03

Note: it does not matter what group number poseball you choose to rez.

- Right click & open the ball then drag the script (Barre_Invite 1.1 30.01g) from the ball to your inventory Scripts folder

- You can delete the ball or take it back into your inventory (the ball is copy modify)

II. Rez your Spot On Mover pads & transfer the Barre Inviter script

- Rez your Spot On Choreography Mover circles (default - purple color) containing your "pre-designed" Movement Card.

  - Right click and open the mover pad. 

- Transfer the script (Barre_Invite 1.1 30.01g) from your inventory into each Spot On Mover pad
-Go to the General tab in the edit menu and write the Group # ONLY (ex/ 1 or 2) in the description area (you should only see the group # when finished)
Tip: I recolor my pads for the different groups to make it easy to distinguish who sits where. As shown in the picture...girls are in Group#1 so they are colored pink; guys are in Group #2 so they are colored blue.

III. Ask your posers/dancers to sit & accept invite

- The Spot On Mover pads will now invite the dancer to their assigned groups when they sit

- Start the groups sequence on your Barre Hud & hit the Play button on your Spot On Hud (or if you have already added the chat commands to your groups sequence nc, you can just hit start on your Barre Hud. Full details on how to do that are located here:, at the very bottom under Optional and Advanced Features - Using your System with a Dance Hud)

DANCE move DANCE...and have fun! woot \o/

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Spring/Autumn everyone!  Hope you are enjoying this milder time of year! Do you feel like dancing?  (of course you do!)

Discovered on YouTube lately....

Lady Gaga - Telephone Second Life Dance
by mokaLmon
... a story of a telephone call....will she answer?


Cyber Thunder Cider - Nea Hybrid Avatar in Second Life
.. dancing in a futuristic setting - techno and hypnotizing

Kat Graham - Graffiti (Secondlife: VanityDameZ Preview)
by MynxMotionProduction
... watch those ponytails fly!

Happy dancing!  Send me links to your videos or other good ones that you find. Thanks for reading!


To new dance sequences...and beyond! *Cheers*

Hi DQ members! *taps the mic nervously...yikes, feed-back* lol >.<

I am the new sequence manager...and I hope to NOT let you all down. :)

I have some ideas for collecting new dance sequences (mainly from the group at large), very open to everyone's participation and/or feedback about them.

I. New Quarterly SL DQ Dance Event - "So you Think you Can Choreo?"...
- This event will be similar to the previous "DANCE QUEENS Choreography Shows". It is a more formal process for acquiring stellar dance sequences...allowing for participation from the entire SL dance community.
 - The event will be solely centered on dance technique, inspiration, & creativity.  (no sets or emoting...costumes are optional) It will be judged by a group of experienced dance peers & leaders.
- "Optimistically" anticipating a large group of members wanting to we will have to isolate only a select few for actual posting on the DQ blog, based on a fair judging system. There will not be a single winner, but several winners (actual # TBD - based on available prizes, judges, etc). Everyone and anyone will have a fair chance at winning. The winners must agree to have their sequences posted on the DQ blog (along with pictures or video) to share with the SL dance community.
 - I plan to reach out to heads of various dance troupes registered with DQ very soon to gather a list of potential "recommended" rotating judges for this talent event. They will be chosen based on experience and availability for judging events.
 - I have already reached out to most of the major SL dance animation stores for assistance in supporting this event. So far I am getting very positive feedback. (Thank you!)

II. On continuing Nottoo's regular "informal" postings of dance sequences...
- DQ members, as you well know...our Nottoo was a "superwoman"...and Marissa, well...she is more human than super. *LOL* As of today, Nottoo has collected 432 dance sequences in total. (WOW WOW WOW)
- I will need your help to continue this Dance Queens tradition. If you have sequences you wish to share with the group, please send them to me via nc with corresponding pics or video. (Thank you in advance)

III. Whats new & HOT in SL Dance....
- I look forward to getting news on the latest dance animations, tools, and equipment to you asap.
- I would ask the Animation store owners to please be in contact with me if you need your information posted to the DQ blog. I am in majority of your groups, but due to group limitations, capped notifications, etc....I do not wish to intentionally overlook anyone. :)

 p.s. whew...first post out, takes in a deep breath. :)

Foxy Ladies - A Trip Through Time

Are you ready to go back in time?  The Foxy Ladies and Ladies Men are ready to take you on a little trip through the past!  Get ready to Charleston while saluting the sexy ladies, adore the leader of the pack...he's Hot Stuff..Soar far away while dreaming of sunny Cali.  This show is Too Legit!  YO!  See you there Wednesday, March 27, at 5pm slt!


Hey everyone!  Just a quick note to let everyone know...if you'd like your show advertised on the blog, please send a notecard to ME!  LilAngels Resident....include any publicity poster, times, dates, url's, lm's....all of it!

Thanks Everyone!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fusion Dance Crew Presents OUTER LIMITS

OUTER LIMITS at Fusion Performing Arts Center  130325

Felicia Ibanez of Fusion Dance Crew sent the following invitation.....


Saturday, March 30, 1PM SLT @ The Fusion Performing Arts Center

Fusion Dance Crew takes you to the outer reaches of the universe where no one has danced before, we think, LOL!

Science fiction is an interesting genre, as we all have seen in movies, TV series, and of course, books. This genre communicates "truths" and "messages" about the human condition in a very entertaining way.  Fusion Dance Crew with its ability and talent of pushing the boundaries of SL dance productions created this show using stories, music, props, costumes, jaw-breaking special effects & sets, and of course, dance animations! 

Come see: Global, Starman, Avatar, Home, Robot Escape, Men In Black, Venus In the Morning, and the grand finale: Twilight Zone.

Here is your LM. Hope to see you there this Saturday.  Arrive early. Take a seat & enjoy the show.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

MACHO Male AO at Tuty's

MACHO Male AO at Tuty's 130323

Tuty's sent this message to their group today ...


A new male Animation Overrider is now available at our store! Tutys is pleased to announce: TuTy's - MACHO Male AO. 

This ao is perfect for strong, tough and casual attitude. 

It contains 50 animations (2 Huds: priority 3, 4) 
- ...walks 
- ...stands motion captured and animated
- ...animated sits 
- 4 animated ground sits 
- full fly and swim set, crouch and crouch walk, stand up and typing motion, run.
- a free style dance

 Enjoy your second life
TuTys & TuTy's team

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The "New" Four Elements

The "New" Four Elements 130119

Caryl Meredith sent us this invitation ...



The Spirit Light Dance Company are Second Life Dancers from all over the world who are interested in creating and performing meaningful, exciting and often inspirational programs in Second Life. The Spirit Light Dance Company brings to Second Life the melding of masculine and feminine energies, art and technology, movement and music and often dialogue to awaken, tickle and tantalize the human spirit.  

On March 23rd and 24th at 1 pm SL we will be performing The "New" Four Elements, in our new theatre...  "The Theatre of Light." 

The Four Elements in masculine/feminine aspects are represented and interpreted in movement, choreographic design, costume and beautiful sets. Come and be inspired by the transformation that occurs when these energies are brought together in balance.   

Monday, March 18, 2013

MystiqueStarr is looking for dancers.
This is what she wrote;

A New Club is opening very soon, and we are looking for pole dancers, who can emote too.
There is no nudity, as this is a higher class club to work for.
The club will be open 7 days a week, and all time slots are available.
Please contact me for Dancers Application, and please fill it out and submit back to me for an interview. Thank you, and I look forward to meeting with you.
If you have any questions please feel free to IM me.

MystiqueStarr, Dance Manager

HUMANOID Releases Daniel Series

HUMANOID Releases Daniel Series 130318

Marcus Adkins sent this notice to the HUMANOID Group today ...


HUMANOID - Daniel OUT ! 
Mon, Mar 18 2013 5:22:11 AM PDT

Daniel is out NOW ! - 
New Choreography,Street and Popping Dancer ! 
Check out his Video -
and come by to see one of the greatest Dancers of HUMANOID ! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

DANCE QUEENS Restructuring - Update 3

DANCE QUEENS Restructuring - Update 3 (130317)

This is the third update note about progress in the restructuring of the DANCE QUEENS Group. The initial note, update 1, update 2 and the voting results should be read first.

We are nearing the end of the restructuring process and I am pleased that soon we will have the disagreements and drama of the last three months behind us and again we will concentrate on the fun of dancing.

Diddy Hyun, Naiki Muliaina and Zhaza Zerbino (DD, Naiki and ZZ) have been working together and have shared a bit with me of their plans. I know they have been talking with many of you and I hope you are giving them your ideas and support. They certainly have mine. I suspect that we will know more of where they are leading us once the transfer of leadership is finished on March 30.

Progress is also being made on the transfer of responsibilities to the volunteer Managers. You may have noticed that the postings to the blog over the last couple of months have been lower than the months before that. As the Managers assume their responsibilities I think you will see the postings both increase and return to the same level of valuable content that you had seen previously. Of course there will be some glitches, but please give a some leeway to the Managers as they take over the various informational areas of DANCE QUEENS and begin to put their own style and emphasis in place.

I have received quite a few really kind and heartfelt notes from DQ members. It really makes me feel so good about the Group and how so many people have been helped by DANCE QUEENS. As my time of leadership draws to a close, I am feeling some loss like my baby growing up and leaving the nest,  but it is more than balanced by the thoughtfulness of so many people and the friendships I have formed here.

As I look across SL I do not know of any other Group that has successfully been run in the way that we are setting up DANCE QUEENS. Let me rephrase that. I don't know of any group that has been run successfully or not in this way. I know in RL these types of organizations work, so I have great hopes for success here. DANCE QUEENS is all about the fun of dancing in SL. I think we all know that dancing is both broad and deep here and DQ helps make dancing more of a pleasure.

I expect one more post on March 30 on this subject and then 'the fun begins' again.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Diesel Works March Gift

Diesel Works March Gift 130316

Rogan Diesel sent this notice to the Diesel Works group today ...


There's a new gift made available at the store. 
11 Poses set as gift for March 2013. Read below.

Click on the first board after activating your group tag.

Add the location to your picks. It takes anywhere from 24-48 hours for the script to recognize that your picks contain the location. (SL Limitation) Come back after that and click on the board again.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Vista Couples MOCAP Dances

Vista Couples MOCAP Dances 130315

Vista Barnes sent this note to the Vista group today ...


Fri, Mar 15 2013 9:29:16 AM PDT

Bored?  Take a friend or your loved one and come to test the new couple animations that will be relised on the Couples Mocap HUD next week.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Celtic Dreams at Moulin Rouge

Celtic Dreams at Moulin Rouge 130314

Xanthia Lisle sent us this invitation ...



PRESENTED BY:  Xanthia Lisle & the Moulin Rouge Revue

Date:  Saturday, March 16, 2013
Time:  7pm SL
Where:  Moulin Rouge

Celtic dance is steeped in the tradition of the British Isles and is still alive and thriving in the Irish and Scottish cultures.  Join us as we bring an afternoon of history, art and romance through dance to you at the Moulin Rouge in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  Presented by Theatre Director & Choreographer Xanthia Lisle and the Moulin Rouge Dancers.

Vista Announcers Couples HUD

Vista Announcers Couples HUD 130314

Vista Barnes sent this notice to the Vista group today ...


Thu, Mar 14 2013 7:48:54 AM PDT

We have almost ready the new couples HUD

You can test in advance part of the animations at the main shop or see the YOUTUBE video presentation:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Blonde Bond Sayin' Hi!

It took me a few days to sit down and start writing this, a plethora of ideas and thoughts going through my mind. However, tonight is a quiet night. The snow is falling in the sim I'm in and it's nice to just sit and relax, taking it all in and turning my thoughts toward a reflection of one of my two passions in Second Life.

One of my passions is photography and lord love a duck, I could go on about that for hours, but the other is dance. Gorean dance. Cabaret dance. Emoteless dance. Emotes-only dance. I love it all. I started dancing years and years ago on a pole and I will always remember that first emote. "/me shakes her ass.". Yep. I admit to a humble beginning. *laughs*

I left the stripper life behind as most of us do and pursued other interests for a few years before settling down in Gor. A chance to role play. A chance to pursue interests in a lifestyle choice I happen to love. A win/win situation. And about a year and a half ago, my then Owner told me I was to write a dance.

 I had absolutely no idea. Write a dance?!?! Uhmm.....well, what's a girl to do other than leap to action.

So the dance groups were joined, the arms outstretched in pleading motion toward others to help a girlie out. "You have to have emotes".  What sort of emotes? "You have to have animations".  Where in the world do I get those? "You have to use this kind of music" Whhhyyyyy? "You have to have so many emotes, in such and such a time limit, with such and such a message". HELP!

And finally, I had it. My first dance. First dance without the use of a stripper pole. My first animations, compliments of a trip to A&M, and my first eleven emotes of me shaking and jiggling to da music. And, despite all of the questions, the hair-tearing, the craziness.....I fell in love. And aside from a short break in May of last year, I've danced pretty much every weekend since then.

One of the interesting things about me is I am a blonde in Second Life. And boy, does the hair color match the personality. I'll get on a topic and then go to another one only to come back to the original and for me, it always ties in. My friends and audiences....well, most of the time they can follow. *chuckles*

That being said, if I happen to go off on one tangent and forget to return to the original point, please feel free to drop me an IM or notecard and ask any questions you might have.

I also open up my home to anyone who wishes to see a Gorean dance. I'll discuss a bit more in depth what a Gorean dance is to me, and a few other Gorean dancers have also put in their thoughts upon the matter, but if anyone wishes to see a Gorean dance with the music, animations, costumes, etc., I again invite you to send me an IM or a notecard and we'll find a good time to do a demonstration.

I have to thank Lilangels Resident for giving me the idea. She came to me for photography, and when she saw the announcement in Dance Queens about my becoming a columnist, she came to me and started asking questions. And I was pretty happy. A victi...erhmm..a volunteer to bounce examples and explanations off of. However, it wasn't really until I showed her a true Gorean dance that she looked at me and said "Wow. That is not something I could never do, but it was amazing!".

I disagreed with her about the "I could never do that". Gorean unique within the dance community, but it is not impossible.

However, enough rambling! Let's get down to what Gorean dance is and why in the world I call it unique. Stay tuned for my next post! *chuckles*

Until next time!

Kamini (Catalina Staheli)



Caryl Meredith sent us this invitation ...




OPENING:  SUNDAY MARCH 17th 2013 at 12 noon to 3 pm SLT
Formal Attire... and please keep your scripts below 100. 


Under the direction of Elin Egoyan

Why did we never see an arts event in Second Life that combines dance with an exhibition of RL paintings, sculptures, poetry, and creations of digital art?
Well the opportunity is now here!

The Spirit Light Dance Company is a Second Life group of dancers with a really outstanding dance repertoire attended by a large audience from all over Second Life and the world. They will give a performance with the theme "The Four Elements:  Fire, Earth, Water and Air"

In collaboration with this we organized an arts exhibit with the same theme The Four Elements. Specially for that purpose, a beautiful gallery has been created to display artwork and poetry panels by SL creators using this theme. There are 4 pavilions decorated into one of the Elements in which art of 23 artists is displayed. It is great to see the work of very well known artists placed next to outstanding work of new residents who never have exhibited before. Special and not often seen in SL is that a lot of poems are also displayed next to the paintings and fractals on the walls. We can conclude that art in all it forms are connected in this special exhibition.

During this grand opening around 1 pm Caryl Meredith and Klark Harvy of the Spirit Light Dance Company will dance a duet and give an appetizer for their performance later in the week when the Spirit Light Dance Company will Perform the Four Elements in their beautiful new theater--
The Theater of Light. Then a DJ will play and all can dance or just listen to the music. 

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (in alphabetic order)

Alesia Barbosa
Asmita Duranjaya
Bella Larkspur
Caryl Meridith
Elin Egoyan
JudiLynn India
Jullianna Juliesse
June Faramore
Karli Daviau
Kylie Angel
Luna Branwen
Mathilde Vhargon
Mik Frequency
Milly Sharple
Monroe Snook
Rosedrop Rust
Sarafina Destiny
Simonetta Martella2
Treacle Darlandes
Tuatha Tread Softly (rivereden)
Ub Yifu
Una Milena


The really breathtaking performance of the Four Elements by the Spirit Light Dance Group under the direction of Caryl Meridith will be performed a few days later at

SATURDAY & SUNDAY  MARCH 23rd/24th 2013 -- Watch for announcements and Landmarks. 

Here are some of the beautiful performances they have given in the past:   

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dance Dance Dance!

March 2013
Hello all you SL dancers! Are you seeing signs of springtime?  or autumn? Enjoy!
Let's see what is new on YouTube....

by MeerkatMachinima
... single dancer in a Steampunk setting with sensual music

Second Life Pinup Girls Live in Bar KINGs
by Second Life Pinup Girls Live in Bar KINGs
... performance in SL with a variety of dance steps and music

Virtual Gangnam Style Dance Machinima
by valibrarian
... non-syncronized dancers with some video effects, good feel to it

Flash Mob SL
by andcalatun
... happy group of furries dancing in different settings

(cannot embed)

and some great pics from the Cutie Awards
by Leko

bye until next time.....  and keep to the beat!
(send your video links to skyspinner.soulstar at

Monday, March 11, 2013

Variety Show

Variety Show 16-03-2013

Time for another Variety Show!
We have 7 stages filled up with the best performers.

12.30pm --> The Chicks     --> stage 1
  1.00pm --> A&M Maniacs --> stage 2
  1.30pm --> The Kittens     --> stage 3
  2.00pm --> Blue Moon bar Crew --> stage 4
  2.30pm --> Pink Lady Dancer      --> stage 5
  3.00pm --> Elysium Cabaret       --> stage 6
  3.30pm --> Foxy Ladies             --> stage 7
***lets party***

Knuzzer ZZ ;o))

Friday, March 8, 2013

Didds, ZZ and Naiki Speak

Didds, ZZ and Naiki Speak 130308

Hi everyone!?

I for one welcome our new insect overlords.

Wait... Wrong speech thing hang on....

Roit! Here we go! Thanks everyone! Wow that’s encouraging! Didds, ZZ and I are stunned at the vote! Thank you! Order of the day. Well, your stuck with us for at least a year I reckon. What have you voted into power? :) 

We all feel there’s a few things we would like to see in DQ, and we are not sure where to start, Nottoos a hell of an act to follow so give us some time aye :) We know DQ isn’t going to be the same without Nottoo, but then really, DQ in 2013 isn’t like DQ from 2012, or 2011, and heck it certainly isn’t like the DQ of 2010 which was a free dance routine when one was submitted in notices every few days and that was it. :) So its not going to be the same going forward.

We all see Dance Queens as something that’s just there to help folk interested in SL dance. We would like to keep DQ running along those lines. Couple of things we have spoken about all seem to be along the lines of getting dancers together more. Be it with short shows with multiple groups in, or just holding a 'hi, how are ya' dance party thing at a different Dance Queens venue every other week. We have other ideas and are open to any suggestions. So I guess that’s the direction we will head in.

As for the big festivals and the cuties, well, we will see. Strikes us that everyone is terrified of running them, I guess Nottoo had big balls on that front :)

So yeah, that’s a big thank you to you all, and thats the direction we want to go in :)

Thanks gang!

Didds, ZZ, & Nai

Diddy Hyun, Naiki Muliaina, Zhaza Zerbino Elected

Diddy Hyun, Naiki Muliaina, Zhaza Zerbino Elected 130308

The DANCE QUEENS Leadership election results are in. Here are the results:

Eligible voters at the beginning of the voting = 569
Eligible voters at the end of the voting =  563
Total votes cast = 72
Total valid votes = 58
Votes for Diddy Hyun, Naiki Muliaina, Zhaza Zerbino = 54
Votes for Tiviyah, Bonnie Revnik, Cloe Darkfold = 4

Diddy Hyun, Naiki Muliaina and Zhaza Zerbino are elected as the leadership of DANCE QUEENS.


... and thanks to Tiviyah, Bonnie and Cloe for running and all of you who voted.


The transition of leadership to Diddy, Naiki and Zhaza begins tomorrow and will be completed by March 30. Also, thanks to the Managers who have volunteered to be responsible for various parts of DANCE QUEENS. The transition of responsibilities to the Managers will begin tomorrow.



Monday, March 4, 2013

MyAnimation March Gift

MyAnimation March Gift 130304

Angelik Lavecchia sent this notice to the MyAnimations Group today ...


Mon, Mar 04 2013 6:59:03 PM PST

An exclusive animation waiting for you in the store!


HARLEM SHAKE Released by Henmations

HARLEM SHAKE Released by Henmations 130304

Henmations sent this note to their group today ...


Mon, Mar 04 2013 1:39:32 PM PST

We just released first part of the new "HARLEM SHAKE" Dance Series! Realistic Package of the best Harlem Shake Dance Motions.. LM attached

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Diesel Works Announces Cuddle Blanket

Diesel Works Announces Cuddle Blanket

Rogan Diesel sent us this announcement today ...


Diesel Works Poses & Animations

New Release - Cuddle Blanket - 9 Couples ANIMATIONS

> 9 Custom Animations on a Mesh Blanket. 
> Height Adjustable, Synchronized Animations. Adjust by typing /1a
> 4 Blanket Textures.
> Group Discount of 10% Applies (Wear Diesel Works group tag and click lower price)


Come demo it at the store before purchasing!