Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Loss of Synchronization When Dancing

Caryl Meredith sent the following note: 

I am writing on behalf of the Spirit Light Dance Company, and am sure many other dance companies and groups in SL will be having the same serious problems with group animation synchronization as we are experiencing now.

It was suggested to me that you might be able to help bring this issue to make LL more aware, by placing this information on the Dance Queens Blog, and maybe get people to support reporting it as a bug. The bug number is 3455.

I am the director of the Spirit Light Dance Company. If you have seen our shows you know that we have successfully danced up to 20 dancers during performance in synchronization.

At the end of May we performed a show called Universal Dance and we had no problem with synchronization. A week later during a scheduled video shoot the synchronization was so bad we could not video. I have seen other SL dance groups perform since this time with the same problem. In fact it is epidemic. Everyone I know is having sync problems.

So Pia Klaar used some of the awful video to show before and after. With the help of some friends I believe this video has made its way to LL. It would be very helpful if you could post something on the Dance Queens Blog about this--letting people know that something is being done - but would not hurt to keep this in the forefront of people's minds.  If everyone who has experienced this problem could file a Bug Report. Perhaps referencing my jira titled --3455. "Major loss of dance animations synchronization" , this would be a great help and let the LL know that it is not just our company.

Here is a link with instructions on how to file a bug report...

Here is the link to the  unpublished video which seems to be getting a lot of attention.. you are welcome to use it:

Here is also two other blogs that have picked up this video today:

Caryl Meredith
Co-Director of Spirit Light Dance Company

If you are experiencing the same issue, please consider following Caryl's request and the steps above.