Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DANCE QUEENS - Party Dancer

DANCE QUEENS - Party Dancer 121204

Well I am back to making dumb, but hopefully fun, dance things.

This one is the DANCE QUEENS - Party Dancer and it's made for you and up to eleven of your friends when you want to have fun dancing in sync. You may have seen the group dances palamakia and syrtakiand from AK Creations where people dance while moving in a circle in sync. The Party Dancer is the same idea and was made with the Hironics MPC. To use it just rezz the Party Dancer on the floor.

Sit on it and you begin dancing in a circle plus you get a blue menu in the upper right of your screen.

I put six freebie dances from the DANCE QUEENS Free Dance Pack in the Party Dancer. Just click on Dance 2 or Dance 3, etc. to change dances.

Then, ask a friend to join you. I asked Nottooo, dressed in all black, to join me. She sat on the Party Dancer and started dancing the same silly dance right behind me. She also got the same menu so she can change the dances too. Everyone dances the same dance. It's like an SL Conga Line. If you get out of sync, just click the sync button.

You can dance a total of twelve people with the Party Dancer. Every dancer can also change position using the Seat button. The Seats are in order 1, 2, 3, etc.

Although there are six dances included, you can override those dances using your HUD, so you can be silly with your own choice of dances. 

All of the things made with the MPC system that I have sent to you are in the Free Stuff box at Dance Central. All of the items should work whether or not you are online. If you have a problem making them work, let me know.