Monday, July 31, 2017

Special Announcement - Grand opening of Dance Queens Parcel and Show

Please join us Saturday August 5th for our grand opening of the new DQ Parcel. The events run as follows:

10am -  Opens with DJ Gunner to play some great tunes, you can dance in the dance park or tour the many places on the parcel such as the new DQ Art gallery featuring photographs from dance performances all over Second Life. These photos will be rotated periodically, please submit your outstanding photos for selection. There are also slide shows with snapshots from all types of dance events and more being added all the time. (Feel free to send me yours or Flickr accounts to chose from.) And a public photo studio for Dance Queens members. You will find a classroom, a social spot and some areas for quiet reflection and photo ops as well as a stage for those without a venue to use. In addition, the new info center has some invaluable information and a direct link to the calendar. Very useful tools if you need them and if you don't, that's okay too.

11:30am - Cordelia Cerise brings a Whymsee interactive to our dance park! A half an hour of great tunes and fantastic choreo to wiggle us, so much fun! Come jump on a standy thing, accept an invite to Cordie's hud and dance like a pro!! Seriously Fun!

12pm - A variety dance show! 12 troupes will gather on one stage to entertain you! These aren't repeats, they were created just for this event and this time only because of limited time, it wasn't a broad invitation. To avoid chaos these troupes were chosen from the Info Center Wall and systematically asked. We would like to run an event like this every 3 months to bring the community together and there is an open invitation directly after this show for all to participate, first come, first up. Just contact Web Sass to get on that list and be involved.
    I'm particularly thrilled to see people so willing and honored to be a part of such a gathering, to perform free of tips or reward, and to further some unity in the dance community. It makes me very proud to be in my position. I'm very aware there are people who don't think there is a need for a parcel, shows or events. Simply put, they don't have to participate or use the services. This is a new age maybe, a way to do things a little different or even revisit some past things that worked well. Give it time, tell me what you think, your opinion is welcome even if I cannot please everyone.

Changes will be coming a little at a time, all with the dance community as a whole in mind. In the meantime, come celebrate with us, maybe make some new friends, catch up with some old ones! Be kind to each other, as dancers we all have the same goals, to bring your craft to your audience, without them we don't have much.

Thanks for sticking through this to the end and see you all soon!

LM will go out soon as it's an opening and we are finishing up preparations.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Monday July 31 at 5pm

Cordelia Cerise brings our first "participation" event to Indie Teepee's The Future is, the festival event that brings all the excitement!

Cordie's popular session involves cool tunes, great moves and amazing themes and YOU get to be in the limelight. Arrive at our Guerilla Pit stage area, jump on a prim, accept a dance hud invite and get to know your new friends.

This theme features Indie, alternative and retro music in the theme of the future, so wear something futuristic and invite your alien friends for fun shenanigans with Cordie and Guerilla Burlesque

STARTS AT 5 PM! See you there!

Last Encore Performance of Bitch Slap by Terpsicorps ARTWerks

If you liked the movie 'Sucker Punch', you'll love this encore performance of TerpsiCorps ARTWerks' production of 'Bitch Slap' -- at the Theatre of the Nine Muses on TerpsiCorps Isle on Sunday, July 30th at 7pm.

Join the talented artists of TerpsiCorps ARTWerks in a fun evening of fantasy and dance as they plot their escape from the Asylum. Like Sucker Punch, Bitch Slap features an outstanding soundtrack of music by women artists.

Chrissy Rhiano as Domino
Darling Lawton as Madam Dobinski
Eva Harley as Indigo
Exhi Nirvana as Santana
Jess Lawton as Gio
LiLAnGeLs as Bitsy
Queenie Acacia as Echo
Zahra Ethaniel as Zephyr

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Guerilla Burlesque @ Indie Teepee - The Future is...


Guerilla Burlesque (SL) is excited to announce our next performance at Indie Teepee The Future Is….. will be Friday July 28th at 8 pm!

Indie Teepee is the cutting-edge festival event for the SL year! Our production is part of a sim wide festival of diversity and culture with artists, musicians, DJs,  entertainment and stores highlighting some of the coolest content you can see right now.

Sim setting is a mash-up between 3 new futuristic worlds. Guerilla Burlesque will present small and exquisitely rendered dance performances in the round! The acts tell stories, as works of performance art set to indie and alternative music. One hour of dance routines, each created especially for the show by the dancer performing it.
Come explore the futuristic worlds with us and see the wonderful possibilities the future can hold!

See you there!

Please check out the Indie Teepee Website,Indie Teepee Facebook page, and join us inworld or on for more announcements and information on the festival!

Photo by Chryblnd Scribe
Dancer is TheaDee

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Performance Staff Board

Performnace Staff Board

Some time ago I stand in front of a DJ Staff Board at a club in SL and thought such a thing could work for our dance group too.
I contacted the creator of the DJ Borad and he agreed to script a similar board for the special needs of our dance group. After some weeks and a lot of testing now the final Version 6 is available at Market Place

Performance Staff Board

The content of the board contains a notecard with the name "settings", which must be edited before
use. In the notecard the UUIDs of the authorized admins and the employees have to be entered. The
UUIDs can be easily copied from the profile display of the respective avatar. Corresponding
examples are already included in the notecard.

The following options are available to the admins:

A new title can be entered by clicking on the heading of the board

By clicking on a line title, a new label for the line can be specified

Clicking on a reservation place can be used to release or reserve this place for an avatar

With the button "delete all", all reservations on the board will be deleted

After a reservation or release, all other admins will be notified by IM (can be deactivated in
the NC "settings"),

By clicking on "Overview", you can display a booking plan in the browser
The following options are available to employees:

By clicking on a free reservation place, this can be reserved for the respective avatar

By clicking on a reservation of your own, the reservation can be canceled (foreign
reservations can not be deleted)
Guests will be shown a link to view the profile and a link for a tip when clicking on a profile image.

The board is set up at the Oasis Theatre

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Out of the Shadows Goes Bohemian

Attention all you Children of the Revolution!! Join us for an eclectic little trip through some free thinking, free spirited, freewheeling fun! As always, we have the incredible Pink Vampire with us to thoroughly charm you with her live song stylings.

We at Out of the Shadows invite you to come stretch out, relax, have a glass of absinthe and get into the bohemian mood!!

Show Time: Sunday, July 23rd at 2 pm, Don't Miss It!!!

Out of the Shadows

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Debauche Dancers at Mavenhurst Opera House

Sunday 23rd of July 1pm SLT

Debauche returns to the magnificent Mavenhurst Opera House with their sexy, raunchy blend of burlesque, theatrical and simply stunning dance.

Always entertaining, always thrilling, always raunchy and always classy. Debauche.

Formal attire required, thank you.

New Routines
New Elegance
Same Sexiness

Debauche Dancers at Davidoff Theater

Saturday , 22nd July, 1pm SLT

Debauche comes to the Davidoff Theater this  week with their sexy, raunchy blend of burlesque, theatrical and simply stunning dance.

The Davidoff Theater is a beautiful,  elegant and intimate theater that promises to be a great venue for our show. Hope you come join us to see for yourself.

Inanna Burlesue July Show

Somerton Club Inanna Burlesque is part of the Somerton Estate that provides an immersive and accurate environment that simulates the world of Stanley Kubrick's portrayal of New York and its environs seen in the movie " Eyes Wide Shut " by Kubrick.

Join us at our next show, the 30th of July at Noon SLT. Here is your taxi...

Terpsicorps Artwerks Presents Bitchslap

Come back to the Theater of the Nine Muses to see our Bitch Slap show, our version of Sucker Punch! We have 10 acts to entertain and delight you with performances by Chrissy Rhiano, Darling Lawton, Eva Harley, Lil Angels, Exhi Nirvana, Jess Lawton, Queenie Acacia, and Zahra Ethaniel. Please join us!

Thursday July 20th 7pm SLT & Sunday July 30th 7pm SLT

Friday, July 14, 2017

Fantasy Dreams Performs at The Chinese Playhouse


Five magical fragrances are stored in a Genie's bottle.The drops of these fragrances creates a perfume of music and dance performed in exotic sets, with amazing special effects, at Origen's Chinese Playhouse. Join us and see if you can choose which perfume you like the best.

Begin with a pitcher of amazing classical, jazz and pop music, add 2 cups of fabulous dancing, a big scoop of extraordinary and exotic stage sets, then top it off with mind-blowing special effects, whisk briskly, and you get an hour of SL's finest entertainment. See Fantasy Dreams perform the music and dance phenomena "THE COLOR OF MUSIC," at The Chinese Playhouse in Hollywood!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Thr Crystal Edge Dancers



Come and join The Crystal Edge Dancers on Wednesday 12th July 2017 @ 2pm SLT for an exclusive evening of GLITZ and GLAMOUR.  It promises to be an UNFORGETTABLE night of entertainment.

The show will be choreographed by Diddy Hyun & Bubble Roffo, performed by The Crystal Edge Dancers. 

If that's not enough you can dance the night away at the After-Show Party

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Harleyquin Workshops for July With Eva Harley


Sat July 15th - 10 am SLT, held in voice
Making your own Special Effects HUD
Presented by: Eva Harley
Very often we may incorporate chat commands which trigger curtains, costume assistant, fades, etc. into a Performance Director.  There are benefits to creating your own hud to trigger multiple effects at the same time, controlling them with the touch of a button.  Learn how to make your own special effects HUD - giving you additional flexibility in your creations.

Sat July 15th - 12 pm SLT, held in voice
Spot On Smooth Dancer
Presented by: Eva Harley
Everything from loading your HUD to sequences, recording, tips and tricks.  Smooth Dancer is an amazing tool for creating and recording your choreography.  Use it for your performances or transfer your recorded sequences to other tools such as Performance Director.
Requirement:  own the Spot On Smooth Dancer HUD

Sun July 16th - 10 am SLT, held in voice
Particles for Dance
Presented by: Eva Harley
considerations/how to use to enhance your dance, types, triggers, how to incorporate
resources for buying and making.  Note - we will not be making particles.
Requirements:  none

Sat July 22nd - 11:30 am SLT , held in voice
Working with Prims and Linked Objects
Presented by: Eva Harley
Learn many tips and tricks as we go through the object edit menu and the features that may help you create more efficiently.  We'll also be working with linking and unlinking objects, linked prims, all about the root prim, tinting and more!
Requirements: None

Sat July 22nd - 1 pm SLT, held in voice
Spot On Stage Manger
Presented by: Eva Harley
Everything from A to Z!  Setting and managing venue stage coordinates, considerations and packing your sets, editing a packed set, and rezzing your set from a HUD.  We'll also briefly mention how the stage manager integrates with the Spot On Choreography Design System.
Requirements:  Own Spot On Stage Manager

July 15 2pm SLT - Fusion Dance Crew Presents PURA VIDA

Fusion Dance Crew returns to the stage at The Fusion Performing Arts Center with its latest show: PURA VIDA on SATURDAY, JULY 15 @ 2PM SLT.  PURA VIDA is the 29th Fusion Dance Crew show.

The literal translation of Pura Vida is: pure life i.e. the good life. The Costa Ricans believe in pura vida which is a philosophy of love, peace, and acceptance of all peoples. A believe that no matter the challenges in life, someone else may have it worse.  For this show Pura Vida meant selecting a song and creating a dance routine that gave the choreographers a feeling of pura vida.  One routine gave the joy of being able to choreograph a dance routine to a song they love; another was creating a dance routine of lost loves who they would like to see again; to messages of not giving up; to having more  money so one doesn't have to work anymore; to coming together for a better tomorrow.

Using our eclectic style of selecting songs from many musical genres, for this show we present, 7 dance routines to music by Zucchero, Barry Gibb, Tiana Reeves, Michel Telo, Rumer Willis, Louie and DJ Zen and Samantha James. Come experience your pura vida as Fusion Dance Crew takes to the stage for another interesting and exciting show!

Very Important Information Dance Queens Info

Greetings Dear Ones Near and Far!

I am very pleased to announce a few changes in Dance Queens.  For over a year, Dance Queens has been in stasis, as our ZZ became extremely ill in RL.  I wanted her to find everything right where she left it, when she returned.  Unfortunately, the person we rented land from for the Info Center left SL, so we lost the Info Center.  And now, after over a year, I sorrowfully feel it is time to accept that our ZZ may not be coming back.  I do think of her daily, and ache to hear from her again.  But in the meantime, Dance Queens needs to move forward.  Knowing what I do of ZZ, she would want this by now.  She is one of the most unselfish persons I have ever known, and it was a privilege to assist her with her passion... Dance Queens.

We have very slowly been poking at the creation of a new Info Center.  It was started by Sebastian Bourne and Fukuju Amaterasu, with thanks to Tray Porthos for offering us a very generous rental deal.  It has been completed by Web Sass.  It includes a social area for chatting, one for social dancing and DJ parties, an area for meditation, a platform that people can use for free to have shows if they do not have a venue, and an art gallery featuring dance-related photography.  These photos will be changed out every three months.  If you have a lovely picture of a dance that you would like to see featured in the art gallery, please submit it to Web.  The new Info Center also has a building with a wall that features logos and LMs to various dance venues.  If your venue or troupe is not represented and you want it to be, please pass a folder with your logo, LM, and if you'd like a NC giving information about your group to Web.  Check out the new Info Center and you will find places where you can have meetings, teach a class, build a set... we have tried to think of everything that might benefit people in the dance community.

If you have any suggestions for the Info Center, to make it even better, please send them to any DQs Manager.  We are hoping it will be a hub of information and a starting point for people new to dance, as well as a social place where different troupes can gather, socialize and share their creativity.  The Info Center is to serve as an anchor, a neutral place for all dance and performing arts, a place where a Manager can be reached, featuring an interactive calendar of events and a neutral place the community can gather.  It belongs to the entire dance community.  There will at times be events that will serve as fund raisers to help with tier payments, however any donations are purely voluntary and no one is obligated in any way.  Is an Info Center necessary?  Probably not.  But is it fun?  For some people, yes it is.  SL is in part for having fun, and for those who wish to have fun with the Info Center, it is here for you.

Now on to a new Dance Queens Director.  The Director will be in charge of the overall operations of Dance Queens.  This is what ZZ used to do.  I am very pleased and grateful to welcome Web Sass to this position.  She accepted it and became active as of July 1st... sorry this notice is belated!  Many people know Web as a devoted patron of dance, attending pretty much every show she possibly can.  She is known for her generosity and her desire to give and serve others in the dance community.  She has a beautiful, benevolent soul and is highly dedicated.  She has the time and desire to fill this position, and hopefully can give Dance Queens the attention and care it deserves.  Web has extensive experience in web design and blogging.  She will be assisted by several Managers.  Please understand all of these positions are voluntary.  These people are humans, working hard to promote dance in SL for the entire dance community, asking nothing in return other than to be treated with respect.  The Managers are:

Amethyst Starostin

I want to take a moment here to thank Nottoo Wise and Zhaza Zerbino for the years of service and devotion they have given to the dance community.  There have been many others who have also contributed along the way, and thanks and gratitude are sent to them all.  I will continue to serve Dance Queens as I can, mostly assisting Web with projects as needed.  I have enjoyed working with the dance community and helping others as I can.  I wish you all much love and joy in both lives.  Dance with passion!  Be good to one another.  Let us all look forward to what we may discover with future dancing in Second Life.

BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Paramount Players - Night Players

The Paramount Players do a monthly "after hours" show. Starting at 7pm slt... we bring bring you the same performance quality we do at our Saturday shows, maybe a little more skin... little less costume. Some acts do contain adult content.

What's the diff? You already know what we present at the Paramount; Night Players will have some acts that are similar - but it will also feature acts that are more - Avant Grade - acts that stretch our creative wings - - push our boundaries. Some acts do contain adult situations.

The Paramount Players - Prop-A-Ganda


               YOU ARE INVITED TO

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we the PARAMOUNT GRAND THEATRE, the Paramount Players dance for you July 15th and 22nd at 7pm slt, in our new show, Prop-A-Ganda.

The Players are dancing with props this month. Bringing the prop to the foreground of the dance.


SLURL - Adult

Understanding Alpha Mask Mode

I found this NC in a clothing item I just received, and it is so well-written and easy to understand... and explains mask modes so beautifully... I wanted to share it with everyone.  For those like me whose minds reject technology, this makes sense out of the chaos of industrial science *giggle snorts*. 

A very common thing to see in group chat is the mention of Mask Mode on layers.  I'll try to explain what it is, what it does, and why we need it. Without lapsing into speaking Geek or lapsing into acronyms. I know this is long. It's a complex subject. You should have seen it before I edited it.  ;)

When our video cards process the scene in front of us, they have to decide what is visible and what is hidden. Normally they do this very well.  If everything were either transparent or opaque with nothing in between, there would be no problem. But our world is not that simple.  We like things that are sheer, and shaded.  That's where it can get tricky.

The problem we have with layers disappearing is not new at all. We used to see it with things like a wall that has a window in it - all on one prim and done with texture. If you put a tree outside, sometimes that tree would appear to come inside.  You would see it between you and the wall, not outdoors where it belongs.  We notice it more now on our bodies because our bodies are a much more difficult thing to render than a tree and a wall.

Second Life software uses an interface, a set of instructions, to talk to your video card that is called OpenGL.  It's a pretty popular one, it has been around since 1992.  Despite its age, it's not actually outdated or obsolete.  But some of the highly complex situations  we encounter daily in SL are a bit tricky for it.  One of those is multiple layers of transparency, like tattoos and stockings, for example. OpenGL gets a bit confused sometimes. The things we do daily here were not even dreamed of when OpenGL, or SL for that matter, were born.  Fortunately, we do have a workaround.

There are 2 kinds of transparency in use.  First we have Alpha Masking. This is an all-or-nothing thing. Think of alpha layers on the classic avatar.  It's either opaque or it's invisible, there is no in between.  This is perfect for some things.  But things like tattoos and sheer stockings need something more.  For that we have Alpha Blending.  This is built in to the texture and called an Alpha Channel.  This channel has 256 possible values ranging from fully transparent to fully opaque. That's where shadows, sheer fabric, and tattoos come in.

The problem comes in when we put two mesh faces close to one another and give each one an 8 bit alpha channel (Blended Alpha).  The video card now has to decide which one is in front, and it has to combine the opacity of the two.  Due to the way OpenGL works, sometimes the card decides that the texture behind is completely hidden so it does not show it at all.  This is why sometimes you can turn the layers off, then back on again starting with the tattoo layer and they will show up.

** SIDENOTE  **  You can wear 5 tattoo layers and stack sheer clothes over them until the cows come home on a classic avatar and this glitch will never happen. The reason is because your card is not rendering those individually as it is with a mesh body.  No matter how many clothing layers you have on your classic avatar, it's all one texture, baked on the server and sent to you.

OK, so what is Mask Mode for?  Remember, your video card gets confused with stacked Blended Layers. But adding a Masked Layer between them acts like a full stop for the calculations.  Think of it as dividing a pile of white papers by slipping a sheet of red paper into the middle of the pile. With that marker in there, you can easily tell where the upper half and the lower half of the pack are. A Masked Mode layer acts like the red paper, telling the video card what is what with the layers.

An example of how to use the Mask Mode is to wear a tattoo on the tattoo layer and sheer stockings on the pants layer. Chances are, the tattoo will disappear. Add something on the Underwear Layer, and turn on the Mask Mode on your Lara HUD.  Your tattoo will now show up beneath your stockings the way it's supposed to.  That Masked Layer in between the two worked like our red piece of paper in the pile of papers in the last paragraph, allowing both blended layers to render properly.

This glitch has been around for years, no video card, no software, and no product is fully immune to it.  SL gives us tool to combat it, but those are not something we as end users can employ.  The best thing we can do is choose our applier layers carefully and plan ahead to overcome the problems that can crop up.  Once you have done it a few times, it will become routine. The Lara body lets you choose which layer to wear an applier on, and that helps in the battle against the alpha glitch.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me in world and I will do my best to help in any way I can!

Pinkness Pearl
Pink Pearl Designs

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Scartlet Stiletto Dance Co. Presents Final "Lost in Time" Performance

Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company ~ "Lost in Time" FRIDAY 14 July 2017 at 2.30pm slt

This will be our third and final performance of our  "Lost In Time " show.
 We are responding to various requests that we perform in on a different day and later.

We would love you to join us on FRIDAY 14 July, at the later time of 2.30pm slt

Please arrive at 2.15pm slt to be sure of a seat & to give time for things to rezz before we start at 2.30pm slt.

The show lasts approx 40- 45 mins and we would love you to stay for a while and join us for the After Show Party.

Dress as you like.... but look your best...... as you will be fame awaits you.

Please display this poster if possible and invite all your friends too.

We're really looking forward to seeing you on 14 July.

Phizz & Corie & all the Delectable Divas

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

August 5th 2017 Dance Queens Grand Opening and Show - Save the Date!

It's time for the Grand Opening of the Dance Queens parcel. More details to follow but save the date because it's going to be spectacular! Events and show August 5th, 2017 planned from 10am till at least 2pm. Stay tuned!

En Pointe Academy Dance Classes

Greeting all twinkle toes and tutu wearers!

We have booked 2 more classes for you to join if you are in the mood to learn some new tricks:

Sunday 9th of July -    Extended Performance Director Class: Smoothing transitions, basic note card macros and much more. Helpful tips and tricks to make it run as smoothly as possible.
Sunday 16th of July -   Fader Class: We explore different options to fade objects using our Performance Directors and the Glow Fader script from Spot On.
Both classes start at noon and it will be helpful if you have loaded your Performance Director with a Sequence card and dances and have a route in a mover that you can use for testing this out with ready when class starts.  If you have joined our earlier classes, this would be all ready to go. If you have missed some or need more help, please contact me, Aelva or Shadow Tarber so we can help you catch up before class:)

Hope to see you there and keep on dancing!

/ A

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Muse Dance Company Presents -Mystic India-

hand in hand we walk,
when we arrive there’ll be no need to talk,
for inwardly focused our minds have turned,
our souls merged,
our egos spurned.
one soul flowing…
growing, towards the light
shining out
one in the oneness
yet two in the world
each pure in the moment,
our beauty unfurled,
love is the way
but compassion the key
trust the great blessing
of the Kundalini Rising

Join choreographers Anu Papp and Cordelia Cerise and the | muse | dance company as they travel the journey of the soul.

Friday 14th July at 7 pm SLT & Sunday 16th July at 1 pm SLT
Audience will be limited to 45 residents, so please arrive at least 30 minutes prior.