Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Many of you know me as the creator of the Barre HUD. Ok, Ya, guilty. Today I come to you as Rach the Blogger. I decided to offer some insight into scripts relating to dance or effects used during dance shows.  

What I hope you will get out of the articles I write is a basic understanding of scripts, plus a script that you can take home, play with, use, and understand.  All of this will be very directed at dancers and the effects they need or use.  

Most scripters that I know are private individuals. They don’t like you looking over their shoulder for fear they will lose some edge. That is totally understandable and I am the same way. But here you will get to look over my shoulder and get the explanation to go with it.

We will cover simple things such as …

What is a script,
How to create a strobe,

How to create light effects,
How to use particle effects,

How to create water effects,

How to create rotating items,
How to create a simple voice triggered mover,

How to create couples mover,

How did I get here?
One day I was at a dance show that had gone very bad. The lag was so so intense! Nothing on the region was working right. The poor dancers were doing their best to deal with it. Then they had a problem with a scripted prop. The DJ piped up in chat about how he was a scripter and he could do things so much better, blah, blah, blah! Clearly he felt he was “the man” rescuing everyone. I have to say I got a good laugh out of watching him beat on his chest like a gorilla. To me he clearly did not understand the basics even though his profile boasted his self-proclaimed superior knowledge. It bothered me most to watch the dances just take his abuse. They could not say anything because they didn’t know any better themselves. Even the owner of the show was stumbling over herself to blame the lag on the dancers. I was so amazed at the absolute lack of understanding and high flying egos that I just left the group.  I could not watch people behave this way. It was to disturbing. These types of situations can be prevented with knowledge. This is my mission.

See you on the dance floor!

                                            WELL DONE!

The Dance Groups performed at the event were performed extremely good.
I couldn't imagine the amount of anxiety of having to perform in front of that many dancers.
I thought it great entertainment value. It got me thinking would be fun and serve many function 
(i wont go into at this time) To do something with that format 4 times a year. ZZ and Danny have organized many dance fests and they always been fun.(ok not  always). But having a central Stage and one Audience viewing area will cut down confusion a Av moment and having big acts doing one or two sets (dances) could offer what we seen at the awards,which was each group presenting them self's at there best.
 It was powerful effect to see the performers hard work and experience concentrated in to there one performance.

I will write more on this soon. Diawa B.

I have a bad habit of speaking as if everyone knows what i mean.
 I am skimming threw posts and,one of mine,and noticed something I should have specified.

"ZZ and Danny have organized many dance fests and they always been fun.(ok not  always)."

What "(ok not all the time)" where times sl was not being pleasant .

 The festival have always been exciting, and good for bonding the dance community.     

Dance in Video - 30 Jan 2013

Hello Dancers!
Skyspinner here, bringing you more video inspiration for your SL dancing. What fun! Grab a friend or two and see what YOU can do!
Flash Mob SL
by andcalatun

(cannot embed this one)

Sexys Quintessa Fantasy
by Sexys Quintessa
... performed at Guerilla Burlesque in Second Life to Fantasy by Aldo Nova

Second Life "臨界-Rinkai-" IMAGE Dance movie
by Setsuna1111
,,, 2 dancers on set with dragons and effects

SecondLife で、ももクロの「サンタさん」を踊る in IMAGE Merry Christmas
by Setsuna1111
... dancers in santa dresses on elaborate set

Dance in Second Life
by Addine123
... fun tour around some venues dancing with friends

.... until next time, keep to the beat!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Improving the Cutie Awards and a Bit More

Improving the Cutie Awards and a Bit More 130129

The 2012 Cutie Awards are now behind us. From the beginning of the process to the final dance closing the ceremony, I received input from Dance Queens members concerning the process. Thank you to all of you who cared enough to identify issues and suggest solutions. 

The Cutie Awards moved Dance Queens from an organization that provides information to support SL dancing to an expanded role of recognizing excellence. The process also caused some fracturing of the group. I think most people felt that the Cutie Awards raised the bar on dance performance, increased a sense of an SL dance community and created a whole lot of fun. Some, perhaps only a few, felt that the Cuties were divisive and a sham ... an exercise in self congratulation.

Wherever you fall in your view of the Cuties, I think all can agree that the idea of recognition, the Cuties, is out like the genie out of the bottle. We now have the choice of forgetting the idea of the Cuties or trying to improve the process.

One decision that I have made is that I won't be further involved in decision-making for the Cuties. This is a personal decision on my part. I am no longer having fun with DANCE QUEENS and even the pleasure I receive from dancing is much lower. Bernard Herzog said to me during the Awards ceremony, "Your success is your downfall." He was referring to the challenge of getting on the Audience sim, but he was spot-on for the broader context of the Awards for me.

By stepping aside this may make it easier to bring together those of you with different views of the 2012 Cutie Awards. It does create a significant leadership hole. Somehow you, the dance community, needs to define how to create a better Cutie Awards or let them die a natural death. I will leave that to you to decide how and will provide whatever help I can from the experience of running the 2012 Cuties.

I am also taking a few weeks off from DANCE QUEENS to let the dust settle and decide what to do about the other things we do such as the blog, the database, the annual Dance Festival, etc. I know many of you care deeply about DANCE QUEENS and how it supports your love of dancing. Perhaps, the solution you come up with for the Cuties will set a direction for how to manage the broader group.

Please, do not send me your expressions or feeling on this. I have many, many friends here and this is the not the end rather only the beginning of a change in how DANCE QUEENS works.

Please, do communicate using the blog. You can see the people who can post on the right side. You can communicate through them or, if you want to post directly, contact me at and I will add you as an author.


Orchids Poster

Orchids Poster 130129

Diva Lilliehook sent us this poster from Orchids, the Cutie winner.

New MyAnimation Dances

New MyAnimation Dances 130129

Ramona Criss sent this note to the MyAnimation Group today ...




COME and GET it ... YOU have the chance to get this EXCLUSIVE DANCE ANIMATION only this month because will NEVER BE FOR SALE !!! Every month we set 1 animation for our Group members -> Don't miss it !!!

➊  We are proud to announce our  NEWEST   DANCE  Style  RELEASED  :
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                    NEW COUPLE POSES

Monday, January 28, 2013

Yummy - #10 - Cute or Not So Cute? - The Cutie Awards

*Cue dramtic music*

If there was ever a topic of interest that will garner attention for the coming days if not weeks, its the Cutie Awards. How can I NOT blog about this?

I bet I was the only one eating real cuties (no not that type of eating)  (it's a hybrid fruit that's a cross between a sweet orange and a Chinese mandarin.) while being in the Cutie awards  They're so addicting, sort of like tangerines.


Did I foresee the coming outcry? Yep. In fact I heard them prior to the  awards as if,  "yeah expect it and 'what can ya do' but lets have them anyways, sort of sentiment.  Complaints of foul play, jeers to forensic nepotism, favoritism, and all from the overlooked, unnoticed, unmentioned, unnominated, and un-winners.

FAILURE - It IS an option!

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

 Everyone wants to be nominated, and win and nobody wants to lose BUT we dont want everyone to win else what's the we want losers and it means we want those up against us to lose. We have to have losers in order to have winners but nobody wants to be called or inferred to as a "loser". You can argue, "Well Yummy we didn't lose, we just didn't win" ..well...ok...if you say so.

Oh and we did have a few ties...but what if every category had ties? What if every category that had 7 entries had 7-way ties? People would call it a farce, kissing your sister.

So we need others to fail.

Like relative wealth, we want relative achievement. I want more money than you but if I can't have more than you then I want you to have less than me. I want more than you have, even if I don't need more.That's beside the point.

We want life graded on the curve. We need disparity between them and us. Usually someone ends up espousing the colloquial, "I wish everyone was a winner",... notice thats only espoused "Everyone  else deserved this as much as me",..I've yet to hear a loser say that..well they do but with a different tone as in "I was as good as the winner (if not better)". Same thing. One is gracious, the other...not so.

I initially  had sour grapes about the idea of an award ceremony. I suggested in a prior blog that just maybe just maybe we had evolved to a stage where we can say...ya know..sometimes shows are boring. Actually I only dared think it... but didnt feel it needed to be voiced publicly until I heard at least 3 others (dancers mind you) express the same sentiment while under the influence of holiday spirits.What this implied was that for the first time, not all performances were judged equal just because people showed up to perform and were nice people. Well I was countered with a comment that "NO show was boring". Oops..slapped me down. I cowered back into my favorite corner.

So I thought ok, maybe they are right. Mabye its NOT time to "compare" performances with each I conceded that it was ME and my un-rose-colored spectacles......and the next breath a few days later...WHAM BAM..we have...a show... that goes way beyond what I was hinting at...and instead of making a general statement about performance disparity...instead says, not only are we going to show that disparity exists, but we are going to NAME NAMES? We will have winners and losers, by name, and you will go down in  history as having won or lost. Well my head jerked back. WTF? I thought to myself.

 I guess they will argue that its "not the same thing, Yummy. There is something good to find in every act. Your mama told you if you can't saysomething nice about people, don't say nuthin at all". "Value can be found if you twist your head the right way"...Someone else implied that maybe 'I see too many shows and may be jaded'. Fair enough. Well its one thing to think, "I wonder if SHE was talking about ME or US? (regarding some shows being less or more boring than others)...  and yet another to say..yes we ARE talking about YOU and YOU LOST...or were NOT even nominated. Your stuff was NOT as good as.

I think if I were my younger, self-centered, opinonated, grumpy, negative, know-it-all, mizz bad-ass biatch,   this article would end with this negative tone and sentiment of,

CRY FOUL, SOUR GRAPES, FIX, CONSPIRACY, INNER-CIRCLE, RIGGED, NEPOTISM, CRONYISM, The Illuminati, The TriLateral Commission, Big-Foot, Locknessm, 11 herbs and spices,  and so on

BUT...and a BIG BUT...(don't ya love big buts)?

I experienced something else. I stepped back...looked at the ceremony as a whole, felt the ceremony as whole....the guts to have the idea in the 1st place, knowing you would catch holy hell,  the volunteer work and effort that went into it, the smoothness with which it was carried out, how gracious that many of the outspoken were to each other, the sense of community, the comaraderie, a reason to speak and hang out with others, to escape to a fun event that was different, a 1st of its kind, to sit in a sim with 100 people.... and it not crash...that was icing on the cake. You know when the lag-monster gives you a pass, you're doing something right. And Murphy was dead asleep. I suspect we had divine intervention. A reason to dust off that outfit, gown, tuxedo and celebrate with friends, or go shopping for something new.  Where else can you go in formal attire without a date and not look or feel out of place? WOOHOO!

Always love reasons to go shopping. See and be seen. The glitter theglam, the camera flashing, the candid interviews, the probing gossip columnists, the wardrobe malfunctions, the roar of the crowd, the anticipation, the scurrying of avatars to and fro. The live intermission entertainment. The suspense.

 Just so many more positives, a lovely stage, great smart program, great intermission entertainment, good organization and planning, great support and attendance, that it became obvious that this really wasn't about winners and was about reinforcing the sense of  'dance community' and getting together and sharing a common mental and social thread. The 'contest' was a 'central focal point' with all its apparent imperfections....but not then end-all to be all. I think damn near everyone accepted the show for what it was an "honest as could be  at the time given the circumstances" attempt at bringing us together and acknowledging each other.  This is SL. We can also RP winning and losing..Its not RL Its not the end of the world...and there is always next year. Nobody went away with the belief that all judging was fair? How could it be since no way in hel  could we have seen all the performances and performers and products ...just too much product. Oh yes, I tried all of the 18,000 dances in SL and came up with my choice of the best. Sure I did in my spare time.

This may be hard to fathom from someone outside the community, or even those inside the community who live an insular existance. Its hard to express. You just have to 'live it an feel it'. But...Its more than winning and losing but winning was invigorating to those who did as well as being nominated as many said they were happy (me as one ofthose) with just being nominated. Great PR. A nod to keep us going thru 2013. That what we do does matter.  We have bars now set. THIS is what a desirable performance or product or service looks like. We can say, "ok thats what we need to be like and better".

The bottom line is that it was a "good thing" even if I admit to what the naysayers claim, that much of it may have given the appearacne of omprpriety, of being a popularity contest, that there was evidence of favoritism, or being in the right place at the right time...but..what else could it be at times? How  can you support those you 'don't know and or have never seen perform?" And maybe it only appeared to be a certain way and not really that way..or it was "that way or no way"?  and am I glad we chose  'that way' versus  none.? Yes I am now that its all said and done...well probably not all said.

I would suggest to those who feel that the right way to hold awards is obvious and easy, a slam dunk, that SL is just like RL...that they put on a competing show...maybe a summer awards show from the 'other side'?   From their perspective. But people are telling me that the new show... it wont be 'us" on stage, it will be the 'thems'. (Oh and btw, will someone IM me and tell  me who the "us's" and "thems" are and which side I am on or should be on?) Oh here's an idea. What  if the only way to be in the new "summer awards show" is if you were not nominated for the Cuties awards. That might prove interesting?

If asked to "chit or get off the pot" money is on someone or someones slowly easing off the porcelain when no-one is looking..

 I think that if the alternative is to NOT have the Awards, the benefit of having it outweighed not having it with all its alledged short-comings. Just getting so many people involved at one time and in one location was a logistical masterpiece. It blew my mind but my mind is small so it doesn't take much blowing..  It's a great 1st step.

I have realized lately that there is an unrecognized talent/skill required in SL to make "events" work that requires volunteers and participation. Without it, you will have no event. That is the ability to motivate people that are extremely resilient to becoming involved. Nottoo has that rare talent in spades. You have to have the talent to motivate people to particpate as well as follow up..and yet not come across as abrasive, demanding, scolding, and aloof. I felt an initial resistence on my part as well as others step up and become involved early on in the process. I know if it was me, I'd have given up especially trying to do it while trying to parry a continue non-stop barrage of huge tomatoes. I'd cry uncle and auntie early on. I'm outta here!!!!! Kiss my donkey.

 Since I knew about the process early on and I didn't ante up, my 2 cents about what I didnt like about it...that it was "imperfect" , well my yapping carries a lot less weight  than the comments from those who DID step forward early on.

 All of a sudden, those who didnt have time, all of a sudden found the time, when egos are on the line. Its all about  'whats in it for me' and 'when is it my time?'. My time is not in the planning stages, my time is in the reaping stages....well it seems we reap what we sow sometimes.

Those who did ante up early are the ones we are complaining about. "Help us!" they cried and we said, sorry we have no time..We have an RL. We're busy. At this point, there's nothing in it for me. The benefits are not immeditate. Low on my radar. We have other priorities. You handle it. But we will find the time later to tell you what you should have done and how you should have done it.That we will surely find time for.

Well they did what they could with what they had. It was looking like a bust early on, to me anyways. Few responded, it seemed. Here was a chance to get noticed. You could even enter your own self, venue, product, or contribution and yet the cry for participation fell on deaf ears.....until...we saw a few enter and then we said WAIT...I'm not gonna let THEM steal that category unchallenged. All of a sudden a swell of ego-driven particpation emerged. This was becoming serious. Its becoming prestigious.  I know those names! I deserve to be part of THAT crowd. This thing had grown 'legs'.

In the interest of having SOMETHING, ANYTHING in the categories, people were often urged to vote for themselves as there was an initial inertia to over come. Who should I vote for? What criterion should I use? We need ot make this look like SOMETHING to get it started. At the point it seemed an unspoken assumption that, ok this isn't scientific nor will it have the face of fairness...its meant to be a start, give this thing substance... a core to build from.

Maybe...just maybe...the idea was to intentionlly  fire people up with a seemingly slanted offering, maybe not the best way but they used what they had, ...and get people saying "OH YEAH?" well that was NUTHIN, wait till you see what I/WE do NEXT YEAR! I/we gonna kick some real just wait and see. And thus, we get pumped up with a new level of excitement and motivation with new creative spirits  that will produce new spellbound product. And thats a good thing...

b**** you gon show yo ***
Then gon make it shake
If that's a ****** hater
Then gon make 'em hate

 -lil boosie-


On the note of "popularity" that implies that performers not only perform well but are likeable. This often means that they:

1) go and support other shows as audience members,
2) perform at other venues, 
3) volunteer for group and community activities when called upon,
4) cheer, applaud, and show linden support to other performers,
5) are positive and upbeat about dance and those involved,
6) just give words of moral support when others are ill or feeling down, stay in touch, express a caring word,
7) offer up tips and tricks to the masses,
9) offer to help as well as help others with technical issues.

I believe that a lot of "that type of thinking" factored in to some of the decision to cast votes. I realized that the people getting the nod were very "visible" in the community and managed to get around to different venues, meet other performers. Those people were very busy creating "product" and we can feel their passion when they perform. Its not just a "job" its an adventure. (Gives me an idea for a slogan. Wonder if it's been taken?)

So...get out and get known. Rub elbows. Show your support to others and care about the dance community and what goes on outside your own circle. I think "popularity" will always factor in as its human nature and performers, well most are human (ok all are human).

I realized that many work tirelessly and at a financial loss in order to bring "product" and when they are "not performing"...are supporting others who do perform, in one way or another. Many put on shows when they dont feel like it. Even when sick. Performers are often immobile in RL.wheel-chair bound, some are battling terminal illnesses, some have total or limited capacity to hear, or to speak, some can hardly think clearly,at times, many live day in day out with pain, while others are doing the work of one raising a family that was meant to be raised by 2, ..for many this IS their RL They perform with debilitaing illnesses probabaly we dont know it most of the time, and wade thru the greiving process of loss of love ones, be they human or pets or family or close friends. Some are battling economic downturns and general life hardships, many are saddled with the pressures of  businesses to run, many run errands endlessly and yet others have people who depend on them for sustenance. They perform thru  domestic crisis, they perform while being housebound and confined, unable to go outm often those socially-challenged, medicated, or under the influence.

 They show up and entertain us when they'd rather not. They show up and show up often, rehearsing and perfecting, solving creative and technical challenges. They show sometimes when theres no show to show. They are there for us as a solid reliable bond of the dance community. They are the  heartbeat. They are there when there is really little else exciting going on in SL. They are often there when we are not there ourselves. They provide us with escape. Its those for whom I think the bell tolled at the 'very cute" Cutie  Awards ceremony and deservedly so, I might add.

You may say, "well wny not have a separate category for "Most Popular" or "Most Likeable"? But then don't colleges and businesses look at "community service" as a factor when weeding out applicants? It's not unheard of.  But yes I think it would be ok to have a category that reflects how  people feel about someones non-tangible contributions to the community in ways that translate to being a 'good likeable asset' to the community..above and beyond.

 I think many had good intent that voted. I tried to vote my conscious and I even voted for people that I didn't pesonally like as well as someone else, but DID vote for the less-liked because their talent was better in the particular category. I also I skipped a lot of categories because I had "no clue".
I felt bad skipping so many categories,  thinking I had seen a lot of shows....but the community is si vast and so much more goes on in different areas and time-zones than one can imagine.



How would I improve the process? Well I wont get involved in the "politics" of who gets to play God and how?. I will leave that for the brave-of-hearts

What seems really needed in order for the event to be less about popularity is to be able to "see and judge" the contestants performances and products either live or preferably on video. All performances would be the same length when judged so maybe they "must have a video" and that it be say 90 seconds us your us the highlights of what and who you are about or whatever your category is about.  Also there needs to be enough time for people to compile their videos and for voters and nominators to view them.

Someone suggested we have guild voting. Only those experienced in the category be allowed to vote. Maybe that has merit?  We would have guilds, "virtual groups" so they dont take up a real group slot,  and  allow only those who have a vested interest in the category be admitted to the guild. Then only those are allowed to vote for that category. Maybe too segregated of an idea?. Maybe that smacks of elitism? Maybe they each get a vote and the public can also vote but their total vote counts as 1 (or 2) guild membe(s). Just a couple of ideas. (Ok admittedly I did just talk about Godmoding when I said I wouldn't).

Also the idea came up by me and Nottoo, to disallow a person from winning 2 years in a row but it was suggested that that restriction might stifle creativity. I don't know. I still think that idea has merit. Maybe allow for 2 winners in each category. A new and a spot for a previous winner. If neither of the top 2 were winners, then select the top winner with the most votes. If one of the top 2 was a prevous winner than announce a tie between previous and top or 2nd top winner.

 I think we want to widen birth of winners, widening the net of praise and recognition to as many worthy participants as we can...goes towards strengthening, rewarding, and motivating the community to push foward with renewed vigor and energy.


But anyway...the Cutie Awards was FUN!....It had value. The only other outcome marginally acceptable by the masses would be one where everybody won something.  So knowing that, I accepted it, applauded the effort, boldness, and follow-thru of putting the show together..

After a few categories were announced, a pattern began to form and so I was able to predict winners. Its ok. Really. Because on the other hand, a lot of the people I voted for won. A high percentage... so that means I am not that out of touch with the memberships way of valuing talent and I made a serious effort not to vote for somone just because I liked them nor NOT vote for someone because I did not like them. So if there WAS a problem it means I was, in some part, part of it.

And I would be amiss if I didnt express joy in being nominated for a category, (one I had totally overlooked, so I was shocked),....and I was also selected to be a "presenter". That was nerve-racking but the process went smooth and it was just fun to be a part. I wish I could write from the perspective of someone without a dog in the fight. I dont want to appear tainted and biased but  I truly truly felt that Nottoo was genuine in her sincerity to have people recognized for their contributions. I think those that contributed the most and in more ways than just, doing their stage bit and going home, were recognized and deservedly so.

 I was amazed at all the categories and was schooled in all the disciplines that went into making the community work from the obvious to the sublime. From large clubs to small clubs. From the serious and the funny. To the old and the new. From the well-known to the not-so-well-known. The many cultures and styles. Groups, couples, singles, the non-human products, the behind the scenes people, the people that "you like as well as those that you don't like so well "...I learned we are all a part of the community and help make it what it spite of its shortcomings.


One sentiment I've heard rumblings of 1st hand from a few movers and shakers is that 2013 is focused on taking the entertainment of dancing to the "next level". It means getting tougher on people, places, things, offerings, and expectations to raise dance to new heights, now that there seems to be good healthy talent pool to draw from. It means making the hard and not always popular decisions; and the Cutie Awards sort of slammed the point home. It appears that venues are will be putting out less product in order to produce a more consistenly higher quality product. Gone ae the days of feeling you've failed because you didnt have a show for a given week. Just wait until they see the show you DO end up putting on.

What YOU DO and your efforts matter..they matter to your peers and your good deeds do not go unnoticed. And so the sentiment is "wait till next year".

People now realize, ok...there is peer recognizition...A good performance, a show of effort, does make a difference.

I'm seeing 2 camps form.

 Those who are serious and zealous and aware of the "community" and those just out to have fun and show up if and when they feel like it  and expect to do 'business as usual' because thats what worked 'last year'.  Venue leaders are asking for "more" not 'the same' and that was before the cutie awards. Now that issue has only become more exacerbated.

Well it will be good for "us" and the audiences to move us all forward to 'whats next'. There will be an unspoken desire to be part of those who will stand out, stand up, and be counted. The by-product is a more fun experience for all as well as more ways to be creative.

And here is a parting thought...if you can follow me...

I think that the voting and nominating process was maybe far from ideal, if not in reality, then surely in appearance...


....I agree 99% that many if not most of the people who were NOMINATED and/or  who WON SHOULD have been nominated and/or should have won...something... and that the results would have looked and been somewhat similar even had the system been better, based upon the participation rate.

So here's to 2013 and BIG things from the big and not-so-big participants.

And let me sprinkle a little fairy dust on those places that can use it the most. *wink*

So to the question of Cute or Not So Vote is...DRUM ROLL ////// CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am going talk out of line and ask that if you can, show a few words of support as someone who is responsible for this fine blog and dance community whose name begins with "N"...(an n-word you CAN say....)she is feeling a bit low...ok very low...we should not judge DQ or Her by just 1 event...don't let her spirits flail in isolation..Don't let her do anything that approaches retreating and taking a back seat....While she, and many of the we, enjoyed the final result of the Cutie Awards, the path getting there was pure HELL for her, to say the least...and I only have glimpsed the tip-of-the-iceberg, I'm told. She doesn't want to show  it nor want you to know it, not revealing any weakness, always the pillar of strength for us..absorbing negative lobs of artillery shells day after day thru this ordeal ,so I will probably catch hell for this...

 ...but if you've ever:...

...advertised your product here for free...
...advertised and benefit from the use of this blog...
...gained how-to's or helpful hints on any aspect of dancing and related topics...
...met and made new friends from this site...
...found opportunities to join a venue or group...
...made to feel part of a community...
...aired photos of yourself and/or group or venue...
...aired videos of yourself or group performing...
...acquired freebies from vendors...
...had a laugh...
...learned something new...
...discovered new places and products...
...was entertained, moved, and/or informed by articles and opinionated blog posts

...then by all means please, PLEASE reply with a kind word or 2...even if its just "Thanks N!"

..lets not let the baby be tossed out with the bathwater.

..and this too shall pass.

 (Ok someone hand me a tissue)

THANKS NOTTOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's Yummy's taste of things...

 ...*hunkers down* and now let the tomato assault  begin.."ducks behind a her much-improved tomato-repellant cloak".

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thank you Dance Kings and Queens

             Thank you Dance Kings and Queens

Being a elected by my peers is on are beyond words. Many of you in this room have earn this honor as much as I have.  I always loved dancing and never imagined it would grow into this. My dancing was recognized by the person that gave birth to my dancing career in second life.

That person is Chryblond Scribe.  At that time she was managing live musicians and wanted to create a more show like atmosphere for their shows by using dancers on their sets.
This platform really developed my freestyle. At the time the only dance HUD was the huddles. During this time I met someone her name is Racheal Young, and she would listen to my rants about how I wished this did this and it would be cool if it did that, every now and then she would ask questions about specific wishes, then one day she told me quote I can probably make that.
To make a long story short three months later she handed me the first barre beta dance hud. These two people Racheal and Chryblond as the most amazing inspiring individuals that I've had the pleasure of getting to know.  They are 2/3 of the reason I dance. 
I want to recognize the people that are in my Second Life dance world.

Diddy Hyun.
 Her shows where the first dance shows I were to see, and inspired me to do my own.

Zhaza Zerbino,and Danny.(Pink Ladies)
For allowing me, and others to perform at her dance shows.Their support for dance in the second life is wonderful.

Ric Lyle,and Felicia Ibanez(most genetically perfect avatars in second life) of the fusion arts center.
Their personal compliments, and there joy for dance have filled me with inspiration. 

Caryl Meredith.(Spirit Light Dance Company)
She has proven that it is possible to do it all. She is simply amazing.
Her productions are the biggest and best directed shows in second life.

 AzabellaAlamar(Guerilla Burlesque,A&M )
Has more then once grabbed my hand sticking outta the quick sand as i been taking my last breath.
She's the right person at the right time..i am very very lucky.  Thank you Azzy

Klark Harvy.(Full Package)
He convinced me that white men can dance LOL, I know you'll hate this but he is kind of the male version of Diawa.  This man can dance to anything from modern jazz to a cricket in the grass.

Naiki Muliaina.(BlueMoon)
All I can think of to say is Naiki get your nose out of my butt.  LOL jk
Her support for dancers and second life makes my heart smile.

A wonderful club owner, performer, dancer, friend.

ShippyCreations.(Guerilla Burlesque)
Always there to hand me a tissue.

Ellies and,Slappy Doobie.(Virtual burlesque)
I can write a full page without stopping writing about these two.
They have set the bar in dance shows and second life.  Personally I think it's unfair for them being in this competition due to the fact that they could th win every  category in it.
If you do not believe me, you have not seen them. 

Nottoo Wise.(Dancing Queens CEO.)
The Queen.
I think of no one has done more for dance in second life.
Whether she likes it or not we become good friends.  I believe she invented dance in a life, if you don't believe me, take a look at her group photo and take a look at her shoes both are vintage 2004.  Oh I can think of no other that has a greater passion and love for dance in a second life.
Right or wrong what she does, is for her love for dance and wanting to share it with us.
I love you Nottoo Wise

SexyS Quintessa(Guerilla Burlesque,{ Euphoria })
She's been my side kick for a while now and has sat and ..sometimes worked, for hundreds of hours by my side.  She is a wonderful talented performer.

Shadow Tarber,(The Silhouette Dancers)
If you are reading this, is due to the fact that I stole for place in this competition for this year.  This woman, and her dancers, are the best new and current dance troupe in a second life.
Shadow is very special to me due to her high tolerance towards me.  How she has developed this god only knows.  She loves me or is insane as often as I am her and she will come dance with me until the cows come home.  She is my favorite dancer and a great performer.  When I grow up I want to be just like her.  I love you Shadow.

Ormand Lionheart.(My SL Brother) This...person? :oP He is a Award winning machinimist,and has won 1st place in my heart. His talent can not be describe with words.

My Dancers({ Euphoria } aka DiHards)
Sherry Noyes
Zahra Ethaniel
Your patience and support are unmeasurable.
Without you I could do nothing all of you are the best.

Thank you all very much

                                          Diawa Bellic

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Artists Wanted !

Artists Wanted ! (130126)

Isabelle Mavendorf sent us this announcement ...


Small club and dinner theater seeks dancers/actors  to  perform in original shows once a month. Some paid positions available, as well as proceeds from house tips during the shows.

We are looking for people to commit to rehearsing twice a month to weekly (depending on the complexity of the show) and then performing in front of an audience once a month (or perhaps more often).

If you are interested, please visit the club, pick up an application and join the Eclectricity group (group joiner at the club).

Go here to join the group.

Or, if you have questions, please respond to Isabelle Mavendorf or Augustus Grayman to learn more!

Notecards please, as IM's may get capped.

Additional Reading:

Eclectricity is a unique spot. Musically, our DJs cover just about ever genre through the ages. We aren't going to be locked into any one style of music or era, or be pigeon-holed into any set form of entertainment. Of course we have dancing and lots of it. We have the finest collection of couples dances SL has to offer and our solo dances are unsurpassed with over 300 of them to choose from.

Eclectricity is a small club.  Our following isn't large, but, I do hope people will enjoy the fact they can come and ask for Metalica or Flogging Molly  and hear them. Then hear Duke Ellington, U2, Madonna, Abney Park, Dar Williams and so much more at any given moment.  It's a place that looks more like an large, but welcoming living room as we want our guests to feel at home.  

There will be game nights, movie nights, concert nights.  We don't do voting contests, we will have trivia and dance contests that will challenge and entertain you.  We seek patrons who are tired of popularity contests, noisy, gesture laden chat in clubs that have all the warmth of a Las Vegas show room.  We wish and hope all will feel welcomed and included here at Eclectricity.

As of December 2012, we are adding a whole new concept - dinner theater. We'll be announcing our opening show in a couple of weeks. Our first show is a tribute to Vaudeville, so expect plenty of silliness and some great vintage music.

Please touch the reader board at the club and join our group. Pick up some free gifts under the tree.

Walk through the door at Eclectricity and you'll wonder why it took you so long to get here.  It's like hanging out in your basement with a twist!  There are no contests, no local spamming, no music we won't play.  We have the games out and ready to play.  WE HAVE THE LARGEST SELECTION OF MOCAP DANCES.  Over 300 Solo and over 100 Couple's dances.  Our DJs have no boundaries when it comes to music.  If you want to hear it, we'll find and play it.  

Hospitality isn't a lost art.  It's been here all the time waiting for you to find it.  

Sundays Radio Shows
Mondays Game Night
Tuesdays Dancing 
Wednesdays  Themed party
Fridays Dinner Theater (once a month)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

NEW Couple and Group POSES at MyANIMATION

NEW Couple and Group POSES at MyANIMATION 130124

Ramona Criss sent this notice to the MyANIMATION Group today ...


Thu, Jan 24 2013 3:16:53 PM PST

MyANIMATION is proud to announce the release of
              = NEW Couple and Group POSES =
Don't forget to get * January GIFT * :)


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sudden Massive Sim Loss

Sudden Massive Sim Loss

Beach (Atrebor Zenovka) sent us this analysis ...


My unfinished report 

I have been trying to make sense of the Sudden Massive Sim Lag events
as they affect Dance Performances

Regarding Sudden Massive Sim Lag and then my description of what happend during the last A&M Mocap Dancers Home Show

During each of the most recent A& M Home Show there was a Sudden Massive Sim Lag event (SMSLE) that interfered with the performance. Dazzler Sim was struck during the most recent Cutie Nominations Performance on Sunday. During the earliest Home show I was attentive to the show and not watching the stats. During the most recent Home show and now again at Dazzler I kept my stats window open the whole time.  


The sim fluctuations appear [to me] to begin at the point Dancers jumped off their balls at the end of a performance. 


An avatar posed on a dance ball becomes just another stationary object to the sim server
- easy for the Sim Server to track that object's rendering, physics and position factors, forces and vectors as opposed to the SimServer tracking a loose avatar standing or dancing around on the sim-very lag-inducing, constant checking to see if the avatar has collided with anything, checking, recording and sending on positions(vectors) and movement information to all the present observing viewers-   


Once the sim fluctuations began, first noticeable in huge sim ping and bandwidth use (locally) escalating, subsequent increase in packet loss also noticeable under Time Dilation in Physics FPS fluctuation, then in Sim FPS consequently noticeable in the megajump in Total Frame TIme (should be about 22, at Dazzler sim it was going up to 47000 consequently noticeable in the rubberbanding in Time Dilation from .99 to .3 to 80.0 to .3 to 0.0


The Dazzler sim did not crash, it just rubberbanded(oscillated) to ZERO FUNCTIONING before it recovered (during which time numerous avatars were logged out= those avatars did not crash, they simply got logged out of SL due to timing issues= The Dazzler sim which had been keeping their info and reporting them as present in SL had stopped such reporting until it oscillated back into full function at which time the Dazzler sim still showed those avatars as present[ghosted] even though they had got logged out by SL for failure to pony up when called on to report in thru Dazzler )



Since the pathfinding capability was added to the Sim Server functions SUDDEN MASSIVE SIM LAG has become a problem in a way not seen before and not yet fully understood by customer-Users or by the provider-LindenLab. Things the sim server used to take in its stride easily now require it to perform significant positioning recalculation. Some people have the notion that turning off Pathfinding for the region will solve this BUT IT DOES  NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Turning off Pathfinding prevents Users from accessing the SimServer's pathfinding capabilities, it does not relieve the SimServer of its duty to perform (LAG & LAG & LAG) 
and communicate (PING SIM ESCALATION & ESCALATION & ESCALATION) all those recalculations to ALL Client Viewers Currently Connected and so as to be able to report the forces, vectors, collisions, and positions if someone COULD ask it for the report.

Since the changes in Asset Server the access to items our inventories should be faster 
-overall loading of my inventory at logon is actually faster but my experience indicates 
finding and retrieving any individual item is really slower, somehow in the mechanics of sorting and reporting and then grabbing and dragging out(rezzing) in my viewer.


    REDUCE AVATAR RENDERING COST = take off all your clothes and become invisble =RESULT: THE TRUTH= the sim still has to place your avatar and keep track of its whereabouts and collision data so the benefit is minimal and adding an ARC report to your viewer is itself lag inducing
    SCRIPT COUNTERS AND SCRIPT REPORT BOARDS = on a timer basis , sense , read and report on either script count or render data for all avatars in range so as to make them feel guilty enough to reduce their huds, scripts, attached prims or textures= RESULT: THE TRUTH= SENSORS AND TIMERS CAUSE LAG BECausE THE SIM SERVER HAS TO monitor THEM added burden on the server CPU

    REDUCE SCRIPTS Even inactive or not running scripts do require the dutiful SimServer log those scripts in when the scripted objects enter the region and to keep checking them every frame to see if their status has changed to active and if they require some SimServer response= THE TRUTH YEP this does make sometimes an observable difference in overall sim lag


    1. Know the exact location and rotation coordinates your stage will need, rezz the copiable-disposable Stage from your Huddles or Barre Hud and use a macro Dialogue to script command it to proper location and orientation = ALL JUST BUTTON PUSHING IN YOUR HUD, no need to Open inventory, find, rezz, no need to Open Edit or Build Flyout and drag the stage into place 
In Huddles, the HUDMASTER)

    2.LOAD your Stage Rezzing Macro Notecard [Your stage was previously loaded into the hud
    3. Hit a HudButton- rezz your primslinked stage BACKSTAGE SOMEWHERE at Embarkation Point

    4. Hit a HudButton- rezz your dancer position linked pose balls BACKSTAGE SOMEWHERE at Embarkation Point 

    5. DANCERS in readiness each jump on their assigned ball

    6. Hit a HudButton- open a dialogue menu

        6a. >>hit a location button and the stage jumps to where it scripted belongs and the dancer loaded pose ball set jumps to where it scripted belongs
        6b. >>hit a curtain open button and the curtain opens

    7. LOAD your already warmed up DANCE SEQUENCE;

    soak up the adulation applause and yeehaws     whilst pocketing all thrown vegetables to make soup later

    8. LOAD the Stage Rezzing Macro Notecard and Hit a Button-Open the Dialogue Menu
        8a. >>Hit a Location Button and the Dancers posed on their balls immediately go off stage to the prearranged Disembark
        8b. >>Hit a Button and the Stage immediately DIES
        8c.Dancers now vacate their dance pose balls ONE AT A TIME IN ORDER CALLED but they do not stand, walk or dance in place, they select their prearranged pose ball from which they will observe the next dance routine
        8d.>>Hit a Button the dancer position linked pose balls DIE


        1. Enable Pathfinding on your SIm because Pathfinding Enabled Sims function more efficiently, and disabling only stops users, it doesn't save the Sim Server any effort

        2. Encourage your audience to either SIT at provided pose chairs or STAND on prearranged dance pose balls if they want to dance during the performance using either the Venue Dance ball or their own Hud animations

        3. ANy Script counting or avatar render cost checking and reporting should be done         on a separate TICKET BOOTH (like an airport scanner booth) Entry SIM (not parcel) because this activity is a high lag-inducing SimServer cost activity

        4. even Hosts, Hostesses and Coordinators or Stage Managers should be at all times mounted on a pose ball 

        5. Waiting Dancers ready for the next Routine should be mounted on pose balls,         not loose hud dancing or walking around backstage

I have utilized all the actions proposed here and they do reduce the lagtax on SimServer CPU time and make stage and dancer placement more rapid and expedient and i find them much more efficient than Inventory dragging-rezzing +Edit Move or even Place at last position rezzing from Inventory (available in Firestorm viewer); some of the HudButton pushing can actually and more expediently be accomplished with FunctionKey Gesture calling.

    As always, if you know your system has been tested and DOES WORK, then REFRAIN FROM panic-induced repetitive and redundant button pushing which only issues more commands into the queue for the Sim Server to act on The use of pose balls for audience, staff, and waiting performers radically decreases the collision and physics engine calculation burden on the sim server and may well help to stave off Sudden Massive Sim Lag.

When 6 or 8 dancers vacate their dance pose balls at the same time 
it is to the Sim Server like 6 or 8 avatars all teleported in at the same time 
(posed on their balls the dancers were just 'linked objects' to the server
and jumping off they become 'loose cannonballs' that have to be tracked actively for movement and collisions)

I hope some of this makes sense.

I can provide for demo the stage rezz and placement and die using Huddles
Barre Hud is easy sub 
Dancemaster Pro handles much of this for those fsmiliar with it
Other Dance and animation huds with which I am not familiar may well do it 
Custom Gestures called by Shift Fkey can duplicate or sub in for many of the dialogue menubutton commands 
atrebor Zenovka (Beach)    
2013 January 21

Tuty's Offers New Poses Plus a Catsuit

Tuty's Offers New Poses Plus a Catsuit 130122

Tuty's sent this announcement today ...


Dear friends

TuTy's team is pleased to present you a new set of sexy female still poses.
The package contains also a simple hud to wear, with 40 awesome and attractive poses. 

The model in the pic is wearing the latest TuTy's Stunning Catsuit that you can find at our boutique, in leather and jersey fabric.

The single package has a small hud to easily select between 12 different boots textures.

The full package contains the MULTI TEXTURE CHANGER by two HUDs, one for leather fabric, one for jersey fabric; this is suitable for those who want to combine the 2 parts of the outfits, catsuit and boots, with different colors.

You are always welcomed to try our creation at inworld store. 

Enjoy your Second Life!
TuTy's team

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Come and Dance to Stop Violence Against Women

Come and Dance to Stop Violence Against Women 130120

JeanBaptiste Eilde sent us this information and invitation ...



On February 14, 2013, for 24 hours starting at midnight Pacific Standard Time, Second Life residents will join with activists around the world in a spectacular 24-hour dance event for ONE BILLION RISING, the largest day of action in the history of V-Day, the global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.

ONE BILLION RISING began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. On February 14, 2013, men and women in Second Life will join activists, writers, thinkers, celebrities, and people across the world to Walk, Dance, and Rise as a show of unity, individual strength, and the need for change.

The Second Life event will feature a four-region stage where 200 people can dance together, surrounded by an area of art installations and informational exhibits. A variety of performers will play over the 24-hour period, enabling people all over the world to attend this virtual event no matter their timezone. The regions will have a General maturity rating to allow all residents an opportunity to participate. Pictures are welcome on the event's Flickr group.

The objective of the event is to raise awareness, not to raise funds; however, information about real-world organisations will be available for those wishing to donate.

One Billion Rising in Second Life is sponsored by: Alchemy Immortalis; Bits and Bobs Animations; Cheeky Pea; The Domineaux Effect; Dutchie; Galland Homes; Garden of Dreams; Gos Boutique; Gwen Carillon Designs/Serenite; Heart Garden Centre; Kaerri; MadPea Maven Homes; Meshworx; Prime; and Spargel and Shine. In-kind sponsors are: CaLLie CLine; Fruit Islands; KittyCatS!; L'Aize Days; and Prim Perfect Publications.

For more information:
Our blog:
Our webpage at One Billion Rising:
Our Second Life Group: One Billion Rising
Our Facebook Page:
Our Twitter Stream:
Our Flickr Group:

# # #
About One Billion Rising
For more information go to

About V-Day
For more information go to

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gorean Dance Photo Exhibition

Gorean Dance Photo Exhibition 130120

Catalina Staheli sent us this invitation ...


  ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) 
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• 

Dancing Slaves of Gor
Photography Exhibition

Featuring 30 of the most talented and exquisite dancing slaves, all coming together to celebrate unity through dance. 

We cordially invite you to the Grand Opening

January 26, 2013
3 p.m. to 5 p.m.


(¯`v´¯)                                                               (¯`v´¯) 
 `*.¸.*´                                                               `*.¸.*´ 
 ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (`'·.¸(`'·.¸        ¸.·'´) ¸.·'´)  (¨*•.¸ (¨*•.¸`•.¸  
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•                          •`¯¨• ¸¸ `•. `•.¸) `


Friday, January 18, 2013


FUNKY HOUSE DANCE SERIES From Henmations 130118

Hendrik Schroeder sent this notice to the Henmations Group today ...


Fri, Jan 18 2013 3:30:57 PM PST

We just released the new *unisex* Funky House Dance Series! Enjoy this nice set of Club Dances for female and male Avatars! LM attached 

Dance Queens Dance Awards Nominees' Exhibition

Dance Queens Dance Awards Nominees' Exhibition

Hosted Shows are events organized by volunteers to allow nominated performances for the 2012 Cutie Awards to be demonstrated. One hosted show already has been given organized by Chryblnd Scribe, and Tiviyah has organized the second Hosted Show for those who choose to join in. She sent the details below ...



Dance Queens Dance Awards Nominees' Exhibitions!

Afternoon Exhibition --
Date: Sunday, January 20th, 2013
Time: 2pm SLT

Evening Exhibition --
Date: Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013
Time: 5pm SLT

Location for Both Exhibitions

This show was created to encourage community amongst the dance community, as well as provide equal opportunity for ALL potential nominees for the Dance Queens Dance Awards to show the voters what they've got, whether they have media capability or not.

Dazzlers Inc is proud to host both of these exhibitions in their theatre, opening their spacious stage to one and all to perform the acts they were nominated for and show us what they've got.  Ballet, Burlesque, Couples Dancing, Hip-Hop, Club, any genre you can think of and we'll probably have it represented over these two days.  Some groups/individuals have the ability to publish their works on Youtube or other media sites... others do not.  These exhibitions were created to level the playing field for all involved, and give all nominees the opportunity to do what they do best:

Show up...
Show off...
Step up...
Step out...
Show us what you're made of!

Featuring amazing performances by:

Sunday Afternoon:
A&M MOCAP Maniacs, SexyS Quintessa, Kyra Msarko, Chandra Meehan, Slappy Doobie, Azabellaalamar Resident, MarissaCloud Resident, Raven Daxeline, LilAngels Resident, Diawa Bellic, Tinka Bondar, and Cordelia Cerise!

Wednesday Evening:
Inarra Saarinen & Ballet Pixelle, Boo Eberhardt, Foxy Ladies, Devlin Delwood, Pocketpusssy Bikergrrl, Chewie Quixote, Charlottemarie Tigerpaw, Lillie Orfan, Bonnie Revnik, Psyche Lunasea & Yoichi Illois, Tiviyah Resident, and Dazzlers Inc!

Dazzlers CEO: Pyper Dollinger
Dazzlers COO: Tatiana Kurri
Show Organizer: Tiviyah Resident

Dance Queens Group Owner: Nottoo Wise

Music Streamed by: DJStu Nightfire (both events)

DiversionzDance Perform at "Danse Macabre"

DiversionzDance Perform at "Danse Macabre" (130118)

Dubhna Rhiadra sent us this invitation ...


DiversionzDance perform at "Danse Macabre"'  LEA26

Friday January 18th January 3pm SLT

DiversionzDance was created by Fae Varriale as a vehicle for marrying a love of contemporary dance with a love of creating immersive artwork,  and brings her first performance piece to her Danse Macabre installation at LEA26

"Electronic Performers" is a 25 minute performance that is a weaving of movement, light and music with choreography, environment design and costume realization by Fae. She is joined by dancers Deadly Deed (dancer with Independent Ballet) & Dubhna Rhiadra (founder & director of Independent Ballet, dancer with Ballet Pixelle).

"With the same haunting imagery and stunning attention to detail as she shows in her art, Fae draws you into a highly personal world from the first note of the music."