Saturday, February 25, 2012

Q & A - Huddles Error Message

Q & A - Huddles Error Message 120225

The following question was asked on a post recently:

"i keep getting this error... what do i do??? EZ Animator: Could not recognize token on line 0: [*LMFAO]S4D_Funky_117. This may mean that this notecard is in the wrong format. Please refer here for more help: on"


When you use brackets [xxx] in a Huddles line, the HUD looks for a specific command such as the [NAME] or [REPEAT] command. The way you have written this line is to identify what I think is the name of your sequence. Try doing it this way:

[NAME]*LMFAO|S4D_Funky_117|23| ...

This identifies a sequence named *LMFAO that starts with dance S4D_Funky_117 that runs for 23 seconds.

If you had written it differently:


you would start with the dance *LMFAO and immediately go to dance S4D_Funky_117.