Saturday, February 11, 2012

Henmations Announces Belly Dances

Henmations Announces Belly Dances 120211

Hendrik Schroeder of Henmations anounced the following today ...


Dear Customers,

we are proud to announce the Release of the second part of our Arabic Dance Series..
This package includes extreme realistic "Isis Dance" & "Saidi Dances"....
including free Silks and attachments to Dance...   these are pure fun and fit perfect to any kind of dance show!

Even we released lots more sexy Bellydances and 2 new Dance Packs.

This week we start celebrating our 5 years anniversary, we added one unreleased Bellydance for FREE... limited time only..

100s are done and much more Dances and new animated Products are coming up these days!

Enjoy your Weekend and have a nice Dance :)

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