Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Make Sequences from the Database

How to Make Sequences from the Database 120227

Many of us who have been dancing for a while have gone through the challenge of learning to make dance sequences. The process is described in the Sequenced Choreography post. We are still going through the analysis of Category 4 Dance HUDs, so for now I will use the Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe as the example of how to make a quick sequence from the DANCE QUEENS database.

As you know, sequenced choreography is either for a specific song or for a specific speed of songs. The method described below is for making sequences for a speed only.


How to Make Sequences from the Database

  1. Open the database by clicking on 'Dance Database' in the upper right of any page on the DANCE QUEENS blog. This opens the Dance Database page.
  2. Click on the red "Spreadsheet" link, which takes you to the database as a spreadsheet.
  3. Now, select a dance that you like. The easiest to do is a dance that is part of a series. As an example, I want to make a macarena dance sequence, and I started with My-MACARENA-01, which is a dance from MyAnimation.
  4. Find the dance you like in the database. The dances and animations are in alphabetical order so scroll down to My-MACARENA-01|23.38|. Any dance in the database that has the loop time time already determined is entered as the dance name plus the time separated by the "|" symbol.
  5. Enter the dance name from the database on a notecard line like this:


    The [NAME] command is only to put a name for your sequence in your HUD. The name I chose was Macarena.
  6. Now choose another similar dance. If you know similar dances in terms of speed or style add them the same way. In the example I just chose the next two macarena dances from MyAnimation (My-MACARENA-02|23.81| and My-MACARENA-03|23.56|) to give:

  7. When you are done, add the REPEAT command if you want the sequence to repeat:

  8. Enter the sequence in your notecard and you have made a quick sequence in five minutes or less. If you want to adjust the times, do so.
Now, you can make sequences in a hurry.