Friday, February 10, 2012

Dancing Bots

Dancing Bots 120210

I have been spending way too much time scouring SL Marketplace. I have found three items there that you possibly could find useful ... maybe ... if you are lonely, own an empty club or need a special prop in a show. These are dancing bots of various forms.

The first are called "Dancing Ghosts" and are part of a series of dancing creatures made by Alisa Ultsch.

You can also dance with the male ghost, although it's a very stiff dance.

Next, is a robot belly dancer with lousy dance moves and no discipline. She moves around and is a bit jumpy. Also, she looks to have a terminal case of cellulite. But, if you need a few extra belly dancers, this may help.

Last is Dancing Jelly Beans. You get six of them in the pack. You look cute when you hop on, for example, here are Riddle and I in Jelly Beans. Unfortunately, although the dance in it is synced, it is not too good.

Since the Dancing Jelly Beans are modify and copy, you can remove a jelly bean and turn it into a cute costume and dance with your HUD.

If you find more dancing bots, let me know.