Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Publicity: "Waking Up" by Soul Awakening

Publicity: "Waking Up" by Soul Awakening 120228

Natalina  DeVinna sent us this video and write up of the latest Soul Awakening production "Waking Up."



"Soul awakening" represent the dance film " Waking Up" .. idea was to move the show from virtual stage to the virtual reality environment of the Second life..

Idea and Concept by Artistic director - Natalina DeVinna

"Mad World" solo-dance and choreography by Ric Lyle.
thank you volunteers for creating a real crowd on the street ;oD :
Bolt Bashy, Timm Quintessa, Aria Viper, Halfpint Raymaker, aminata Potez, Ric Lyle
Felicia Ibanez, Satine Heart, Joel Zon, Bella Garnet, Granttagamemnon Resident, ctss3xxy arun, Jon Harlow, Pema Bosatu, Mariposa Rayna, Ruby Kuiper, Nicolina Cale , Katlene Niven
Monique Voir, Zap Zhong

"Waking up " solo-dance and choreography by MikhailBaryshnikov Resident
Soul Awakening Resident voice by Snordelhans who've redacted adaptation of Zen Gardner's Piece; "You Are The Battlefield!" to be found at
Thank you Snordelhans and Zen, for who you are.

Native American's dance ""Yeha-Noha -Whishes of Happiness and Prosperity"
choreography by Natalina Devinna
Dancers are : Felicia Ibanez, Halfpint Raymaker,Natalina Devinna, Ric Lyle, Soul Awakening