Sunday, February 12, 2012

Conversation with Darkmoon Lilliehook

I had an interesting conversation with Darkmoon Lilliehook over several hours today that answered my questions about his store DMC. Here it is ...


[00:08] DarkMoon Lilliehook: Hi there.. just watching at your website and see some things that arent correct..  sine wave wasnt the first one that released mocap dances.. they bought their mocap system from animazoo who was the first that introduced mocap to SL -- next thing: even the newer couple dances from Bits and Bobs arent made using mocap.. all these are made by hand using poser, only the new copy/trans licensed builder animations are made using mocap -- last thing i saw: u wrote that i (DMC) sometimes sell lower than the creators, which isnt correct.. we sell at the same prices, intan ready ones are a bit more expensive except the creator offers them for the same price. Would be also nice if u could write that we offer all common couple dances here.. we now also do solos and pole dances


[04:55] Nottoo Wise: hi dark :-)
[04:55] Nottoo Wise: sorry i was sleeping when u wrote
[04:55] Nottoo Wise: ty for ur note
[04:55] Nottoo Wise: and information
[04:55] Nottoo Wise: i will ask dave bellman and confirm the correction of the first MOCAP maker
[04:56] Nottoo Wise: one thing i have never understood is how u make money at ur store
[04:56] Nottoo Wise: selling at the same price as the maker
[04:56] Nottoo Wise: unless u have an arrangement with weach one
[04:56] Nottoo Wise: each
[04:57] Nottoo Wise: anyway i will correct the entry
[04:57] Nottoo Wise: :-)


[07:34:22] DarkMoon Lilliehook: yes i get a small commission, also the intan ready ones are a little bit more expensive as we need to work on them. But the dances are more to attract the customers so they come to my store, i also sell my own things like solo dance balls, dance poles, pre-loaded intans
[07:35:21] Nottoo Wise: hi DM :-)
[07:35:33] Nottoo Wise: ty i had always wondered how u made money
[07:35:33] DarkMoon Lilliehook: hi there..
[07:35:39] Nottoo Wise: if u will let me
[07:35:50] Nottoo Wise: i would like to put ur comments on the DANCE QUEENS blog
[07:35:54] DarkMoon Lilliehook: mainly with my own pre-loaded intans etc.. dances is only to get the masses here
[07:36:02] DarkMoon Lilliehook: sure
[07:36:07] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx
[07:36:12] DarkMoon Lilliehook: nice site btw.. i bet it was a lot work
[07:36:20] Nottoo Wise: hahaha
[07:36:25] Nottoo Wise: yes but i love dancing
[07:36:33] Nottoo Wise: and ive found a lot of otherse who do too
[07:37:10] DarkMoon Lilliehook: btw.. i forwarded the stolen dance list or how u call it to sine waves manager via email.. in the short past they have acted on the ones i named them
[07:37:24] DarkMoon Lilliehook: yes i do, but i prefer couple dancing lol
[07:37:24] Nottoo Wise: i hope u have success
[07:37:26] Nottoo Wise: i havent
[07:37:35] DarkMoon Lilliehook: hm?
[07:37:41] DarkMoon Lilliehook: ah
[07:37:45] DarkMoon Lilliehook: yes partially
[07:37:50] Nottoo Wise: but i havent sent an email
[07:38:01] Nottoo Wise: only IMs and notecards
[07:38:03] Nottoo Wise: five times
[07:38:13] DarkMoon Lilliehook: they dont reach the right persons
[07:38:29] Nottoo Wise: ive concluded that or they dont care
[07:39:08] DarkMoon Lilliehook: the 'boss' isnt there since a long time.. he has employees doing that.. and u can imagine how those work
[07:39:16] Nottoo Wise: hahahaah
[07:39:20] Nottoo Wise: yes not too well
[07:39:26] DarkMoon Lilliehook: exactly
[07:39:46] Nottoo Wise: anyway ty for the info
[07:39:54] DarkMoon Lilliehook: np yw
[07:39:54] Nottoo Wise: ill put it on the blog later today
[07:40:23] DarkMoon Lilliehook: did u buy all solo dances listed on the website?
[07:40:31] Nottoo Wise: not all
[07:40:36] Nottoo Wise: but i have over 5000 anims
[07:40:40] Nottoo Wise: in my HUD
[07:40:46] Nottoo Wise: and maybe another 2000 not in it
[07:40:49] DarkMoon Lilliehook: phew.. a lot rl money
[07:40:52] Nottoo Wise: hahahaha
[07:40:58] Nottoo Wise: yers but its for fun
[07:41:06] DarkMoon Lilliehook: never loose it :D
[07:41:10] Nottoo Wise: i know
[07:41:17] DarkMoon Lilliehook: btw.. 1 more thing to know for u.. sec..
[07:41:27] Second Life: NOTE ... This is when he sent me the information about the method to back up your HUD

[07:42:07] Nottoo Wise: so this works with no copy items?
[07:42:11] DarkMoon Lilliehook: yes
[07:42:14] Nottoo Wise: WOW
[07:42:22] Nottoo Wise: that is great info
[07:42:27] DarkMoon Lilliehook: with a ticket LL can restore any item from there to the main grid
[07:42:29] Nottoo Wise: people will love to know that
[07:42:33] DarkMoon Lilliehook: i know
[07:42:37] Nottoo Wise: i will share that and credit u
[07:42:40] Nottoo Wise: :-)))
[07:42:42] DarkMoon Lilliehook: thx
[07:43:07] Nottoo Wise: ok c u later xx
[07:44:53] DarkMoon Lilliehook: c u


[07:52:36] DarkMoon Lilliehook: oh and did u know that HUMANOID is AKEYO with a new brand?
[07:52:47] Nottoo Wise: ty for the friendship
[07:52:51] DarkMoon Lilliehook: np
[07:52:53] Nottoo Wise: yes i knew that
[07:52:57] DarkMoon Lilliehook: k
[07:53:00] Nottoo Wise: and also animocca
[07:55:50] DarkMoon Lilliehook: didnt knew that


After this conversation I corrected the DMC entry in the Dance Makers list. Once I talk to Dave Bellman about who first introduced MOCAP to SL, I will correct that also. I think I will leave the Bits and Bobs dances in the MOCAP listing since they generally are so well made and popular.