Thursday, February 23, 2012

Q & A - Finding Dances

Q & A - Finding Dances 120223

The following question was asked on a post recently:

"hi ty for the info, but i would like to know where i can find these 2 anims please. "waiting dance" and "sultry down body" "


For any specific animation the first place to look for information about it is the Dance Database, which you can find in the upper right corner of any DANCE QUEEN blog page. Open the Dance database page and click on the link to get an alphabetical listing of all the animations added so far. Included in the list is the maker. You can find SLURLS to the makers on the Dance Maker page also in the upper right.

The database is never complete and you can add data by contacting me (Nottoo Wise).

There were two specific dances that were asked about in the question, waiting dance and sultry down body.

I must have been confusing in the description of waiting dance. It is not a specific dance with that name, rather it is the use of a dance. This is a dance I use between songs so I look sexy while waiting. I personally like rythm6 as a waiting dance. Other choices for waiting dances are AKEYO_groove2-BE_02, AKEYO_groove3-BE_01, dance 14, wiggle dancing 1 - Abranimations, wiggle dancing 2 - Abranimations, listening 1 - Abranimations, listening 2 - Abranimations, listening 3 - Abranimations. I also send out waiting sequences occasionally to Dance Queen members in the Daily Notice.

Sultry Down Body is a NON-LOOPED dance of 2.0 seconds in length. I use this dance to transiton from one dance to another dance, if the two dances do not transiton well. As a DANCE QUEEN you avoid jumpy or jerky motions. This transition dance helps you do that. Unfortunately, I have found it only inside the Sexy Dance HUD from Abranimations. So if you want this one, you have to get that HUD and take the dance from inside it. I have made a free substitute for Sultry Down Body called DQ001 (in the Free Stuff box at Dance Central), which is also 2.0 seconds.