Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dangerous Spam on the DQ Group IM

Dangerous Spam on the DQ Group IM 120226

Today we had an event on the DANCE QUEENS group IM that you need to be aware of. I have copied the group IM then the followup ...



[09:41] Lillian Nansen: go see my clothes that I did :)
[09:41] Yummy (lat.lovenkraft): is this one of those phishing scams?
[09:42] ℬellydancing Flower (aquilegia.gossipgirl): lol probably
[09:42] Nottoo Wise: i just tried to contact lillian and she is now off line
[09:42] ℬellydancing Flower (aquilegia.gossipgirl): it could be Reported though... LL can ban this IP
[09:42] Nottoo Wise: i will do what i always do when we get spam like this
[09:42] Ala Jansma (alamiga.anatine): oh crap
[09:42] Nottoo Wise: 1 i remove the spammer from the DQ list
[09:42] Nottoo Wise: 2 i go to the vendor and complain
[09:42] Nottoo Wise: 3 if it continues i file and abuse report
[09:43] Nottoo Wise: sorry u ahd to get it
[09:44] Yummy (lat.lovenkraft): filed an AR
[09:44] ℬellydancing Flower (aquilegia.gossipgirl): this is phishing attempt ... this avatar account must be Reported. LL can track IP and ban it
[09:46] Yummy (lat.lovenkraft): the person probably hijacked that account....that is probably not the real person doing the phishing
[09:55] Lillian Nansen: go see my clothes that I did :)
[09:55] Nottoo Wise: sorry this is continuing
[09:55] Ala Jansma (alamiga.anatine): phish!
[09:55] Nottoo Wise: the address is not marketplace
[09:55] Deb Heron: don't go to that address ..
[09:55] Nottoo Wise: if u click on it it takes u to a secondlife appearring site
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: i did it and entered my username and password
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: thinking it was marketplace
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: it is not
[09:56] Ala Jansma (alamiga.anatine): I changed my password, did it too
[09:56] Yummy (lat.lovenkraft): better change your password quick
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: as a result i fgave this spammer my password
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: i just changed it
[09:56] Nottoo Wise: if u went there change ur password immediately
[09:57] Nottoo Wise: i am incontact with concierge servie now
[09:57] Nottoo Wise: to get SL on it immediately
[09:59] Deb Heron: changed my password
[09:59] Ala Jansma (alamiga.anatine): Great Nottoo


Concierge Services

Chat Started: 02-26-2012 13:08:30
Chat Log:
LizaC: Hi my name is Liza! Welcome to Linden Lab chat support. I might be handling several chats at the same time so please state your issue and I will be right with you :)
You: hi liza
You: i run a group called dance queens
You: we just had a spammer put this on the grup IM
You: [09:41] Lillian Nansen: go see my clothes that I did :)
You: i usually find out who is behind it
You: and ask them to stop
You: if they dont i file an abuse report
You: but
You: this is something different
You: i went to the url
You: and it looks like SL marketplace
You: i entered my username and passowerd
You: thinking i would get to the person behind it
You: then i realized it is not SL
You: i immediately changed my password
You: and alerted the dance queens grouip to do the same
You: i think this is a means of stealoing usernames and passwords
You: i checked on altrervist using IP lookup
You: it is in italy
You: i hope u can catch these thieves and do something about this
LizaC: Hello Nottoo! I am sorry to hear about this issue! we advise residents to not click on links from people they do not know, and even if you do know them you need to make sure the link is valid and secure by comparing it to our official marketplace website or whatever website they are linking you to. I'd encourage you to advise the people in your group to not click on the link and of course file an abuse report so our governance team can investigate further on this issue
You: i have
You: but i was hoping a quick response would help u
LizaC: We dont investigate these type of issues through live chat but i do appreciate you reporting it to us as well so we can be alert of this issue. Rest assure that the Gteam will be able to take the necessary steps to prevent this from affecting residents
LizaC: In the mean time can i do anything else for you?
You: no ty


I have filed an abuse report.