Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to Backup Your HUD

How to Backup Your HUD 120212

DarkMoon Lilliehook sent us this helpful information ...


Friendly greetings..

I want to share a little secret with you to help make things easier. Not many know this, so i decided to let u all know..


How it works:
When you first log into the test grid (or after a password change) a fresh copy of your inventory will be transferred to the test grid.

If you ever loose inventory, LL can restore items from the test grid to the main grid.

- On the login screen press CTRL + SHIFT + G and u will see a grid selection.

- Choose 'Aditi' (test grid) and log on there.
    If you log in first time (or after you changed your password) a fresh copy of your inventory will be fetched from the main grid (you will see it in the progress bar when you log on). Do this regulary (once a month or so?) to always have a backup of your items.

- Log out
- On the login screen select 'Agni' (main grid) and log into the regular SL.
- If you loose inventory open a ticket and request that the object will be restored from the test grid. Let them know the *exact* name and the folder structure it is in.

Hope this helps you..
Have a nice day..

DarkMoon Lilliehook
DMC - DarkMoon Creations


I have not tried this yet. I IM'd with DM and asked if "no copy" items were also backed up and he said yes. I think this is a very significant note since it can prevent the loss of a HUD. If you have hundreds or thousands of dances in your HUD, this is something you should do often


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