Friday, February 10, 2012

HUMANOID Offers Sexy Dances

HUMANOID Offers Sexy Dances 120210

Marcus Adkins announced the following in the HUMANOID Group today ...


New Dance Release - Sexy Dances 2012 !
Friday February 10, at 12am SL time we release a new Dance animation Package !

see the appetizer on Youtube:

see you there!  :D


Later, Marcus sent another note ...


We just have released a new Dance Collection at HUMANOID!
see the appetizer on Youtube:
a true girls release!! Very hot, sweet and sexy.

Leony La Roc is a Burlesque Actress and did a great mix of sexy teasing and sensual moves.

Angie performed her professional Clubdance and crazy hot Booty shake dances.
Both girls did a amazing job for the motioncapture session,
and we are super happy with the animation results in second life.
We hope you enjoy our work!

with kind regards!