Saturday, February 18, 2012

Henmations Completes Arabian Dance Series

Henmations Completes Arabian Dance Series 120218

Hendrik Schroeder of Henmations sent this notice to his group today ...


Lots of new Dance Releases!
Sat, Feb 18 2012 1:45:51 AM PST

We just released the final Part of our famous Arabian Dance Series with another 30 Dance Animations. Enjoy all Sub-Genres of Bellydancing now including Voi Dance, Sabre Dance, Isis Dance, new Floor Bellydances, Dance Packs, the new Bellydance HUD and the Arabic Queen HUD for professional Dancers.


Dear Customers,

we are proud to announce the Release of the FINAL Part of our popular Arabic Dance Series with another 30 Animations!
Enjoy the most authentic Arabic Dances, that now cover all Sub-Genres of Bellydancing.
This includes:
Voi Dances - that look awesome together with nice silk fences or fire particles.
Sabre Dances - seriously a "must have" for any arabic Dance Show (with free Sabre attachment).
Isis Dances - this pack is finally completed.. works wonderful with flexi Isis Wing Attachments.

Bellydance Pack II - another set of 15 outstanding Bellydances, with several floor dances.
DC Bellydance HUD - Dance Control HUD loaded and configured with 30 outstanding Bellydances

DC Arabic Queen HUD - Dance Control HUD loaded with 45 Bellydances, 5 Sabre Dances, 5 Isis Dances, 5 Voi Dances and 5 Saidi Dances.

Because of HENMATIONS 5 years anniversary, theres still one unreleased Bellydance available for FREE... !

Enjoy your Weekend and have a nice Dance :)