Sunday, September 23, 2012

Want Ad: Guerilla Burlesque Dance Audition

Want Ad: Guerilla Burlesque Dance Audition 120923

chryblnd Scribe sent us this invitation today ...


Guerilla Burlesque is Idle Rogue's dance juggernaut, presenting shows every friday night at midnight and appearing around the grid as part of Idle Rogue Productions. We currently have a vacancy for one dance soloist and will be auditioning on Saturday October 6 from 10pm SLT.

We encourage ANY interested dancer to audition. Please read the attached notecard to find out how to submit your name for the audition process.


Guerilla Burlesque will be holding auditions to fill a regular soloist vacancy in the current roster. The auditions are open to both male and female dancers.

Please read

Prospective dancers will become aware of occasional auditions. In the event of being invited to audition, you should produce TWO full dance acts that showcase your concepts, skills and style. You will be asked to provide our DJ with copies of the tunes you intend to dance. You will present a routine to a panel who will confer in a private group chat during your audition.
If your audition is successful, you will be invited to return to present your second act.
You will be advised of a result at a time agreed to at the audition. You should also consider all of the following information before submitting for the audition process:
*Guerilla Burlesque currently runs a roster of 12 soloists and more than 20 backup dancers. Soloists are rostered to appear in 6 out of every twelve shows. Shows are held at midnight on friday nights SL time (12am Saturday SL time) and run for one hour. Special event shows may start at 11pm and run for two hours. There are currently no plans to produce shows at other times, however, opportunities to take the show to other venues, festivals and exhibitions may arise from time to time.
* Dancers are required to present their act at a rehearsal at 12am on the monday prior to their performance. The act is required to be finished and ready for presentation at that time, or it may not be included in the show. Dancers should primarily consider themselves as soloists once appointed to the roster. Though you may prepare an act that features backup dancers or a group of soloists, the revue showcases the premiere dancers of the troupe.
* Dancers must choose a piece of music and choreograph a set of their own animations to it. You are also required to build a stage set and costume your act. Additionally, your avatar is required to be fitted out to a very high standard at all times you are associated with the show. Please understand that dancing is an expensive hobby that might occasionally be offset by tips received during the show. It is not a pursuit you should consider for profit.
*Guerilla Burlesque dancers are paid an equal percentage of the tips received during the show. If you do not dance, you do not get paid. In the case of group acts, the dancer who devised the routine is paid the share. As a rough guide, dancers usually receive 14% of every linden paid to the tipjars as it is paid in. The remaining 2% goes to Idle Rogue, as SL tipping devices are not able to split payments to any finer degree. In return, Idle Rogue bears the costs of running the sim, theatre and show.
* As part of the Guerilla Burlesque troupe, you are encouraged to work as a member of a team. One of the keys to our success is that we keep our private lives out of our work, respect and encourage each other, and help where we can. Dancers are strongly discouraged from considering Guerilla Burlesque as a competitive environment, and if you dislike the dynamics of team performance, you may wish to consider another of the many dance troupes performing in SL.

and be sure you understand the contents. Please IM chryblnd Scribe if you have further enquiries.

If you wish to submit your name to present an audition, please drag the following notecard to your inventory, then complete it, save it, and return it to chryblnd Scribe before October 3, 2012. Please rename your card to include your own name, so that I can find your details on the day of auditions.

Avatar Name:
Avatar Age:
What time zone is your real life in?
Previous Experience in a dance show in SL:
Do you use a dance hud? Which one?
Have you been to a Guerilla Burlesque show?
Do you currently hold any other jobs in SL, or commitments that might interfere with your availability?
Please list the names of two avatars who would be willing to provide a character reference for you (you will be advised if we intend to approach your referees)

Anyone is welcome to audition for Guerilla Burlesque, however you should be aware that we present a very high quality show, and this is one of the main criterion on which we will base our decisions.

Additionally, we will consider your audition in terms of originality, professionalism, and audience appeal. You can expect to be judged on your choreography, building and overall demeanor. Experience is an advantage but by no means the deciding factor. Your knowledge of the show, the Idle Rogue sim and our operations will count in your favour.
On receipt of your notecard, you will be given an audition time and an invitation to the Idle Rogue group, to allow you to rezz prims You will also receive a template of the stage area to allow you to construct your sets to fit our stage.The sim will be closed to the general public for the duration of the auditions, please advise if you wish to have a support person present.
You must leave the Idle Rogue sim after your audition.

Idle Rogue, Idle Rogue Productions and Guerilla Burlesque are owned and operated by chryblnd Scribe, whose decisions are final.